Dads Everywhere Cheer Phil Robertson’s Advice For His Granddaughter’s Boyfriend


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

She’s already well-known from the hit A&E reality series ‘Duck Dynasty.’ And now 17-year-old Sadie Robertson has become an even bigger star as a fan-favorite on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

Sadie spoke about her experience on DWTS and the unusual life she leads as part of the Robertson clan in a Boston Herald interview. Mindful of her family’s reputation for firearms, the reporter wondered if the “tough men” in the family intimidate potential boyfriends, while looking out for her. Sadie sighed, and said:

Every time you bring a boyfriend over,” Sadie explained, “Papaw Phil says, ‘Hey, nice to meet you.’ Then he says, ‘Keep it in your pants, brother.’ It’s so awkward!

Oh man. Blunt, but very effective.

The young Robertson is currently dating 18-year-old Blake Coward. So far, she said, there have been just a few meetings between the young man and her protective grandfather.

“My boyfriend lives in Alabama,” she said, “so Papaw Phil has only met him a couple of times.”

During their first meeting, Sadie noted that “the only thing he had to say to Blake all day was, ‘You hurt her, I’ll hurt you. I’m watching you like a hawk and I’ll break your legs if you do anything to her.’”

Coward, she said, took the advice in stride and promised to abide by Phil’s rules. As for the rest of the family, Sadie said her boyfriend of 10 months is “fitting in nicely”.

“Basically, we’re best friends,” she said. “He’s a great guy who really has a heart searching for God. He’s not perfect but he strives to be; and that’s all I can ask for. He’s really good at being kind.”


Sadie also touched on her brother’s recent engagement and the role her father plays in selecting her wardrobe for the ABC competition series.

“That annoys me when people say they’re ‘daddy-approved,’ she said. It’s not that it’s a rule, it’s just out of respect — not just for my dad, but God.”

Sounds like dad Willie doesn’t need to worry. Young Sadie already has terrific values to last a lifetime.


[H/T: Western Journalism]



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