‘Crazy B**tch Got a Gun!’ – Home Invasion Attempt Stopped By Woman With Shotgun (Video)


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

“I’m not a sitting duck,” says Carla.  She prefers to keep her last name private.  Carla is a Cheviot Hills homeowner who scared away burglars when she grabbed her shotgun and fired.

Carla said her dog woke her up when he started barking. She looked outside and saw one Hispanic male in her backyard, another waiting by a car.

Carla wasted no time. Wearing her nightgown, she went outside and fired once toward the ground.  Carla says, it was just to scare them off. It worked. The two suspects ran back to a white sedan and drove off.

Carla says she heard one of them screaming, “Crazy b**ch got a gun!!”

This all happened around three this morning. Detectives say two male Hispanics broke into a home on the 10500 block of Blythe Ave. in Cheviot Hills. The burglars got inside the home through the garage. They were able to steal several items while the homeowners slept through it all.

The men hit a second home about 40 yards away on the 2400 block of Patricia Ave. That’s when their luck ran out.  As they tried to gain access to the home, 59-year-old Carla came out with her shotgun.

She says, “You have to at some point in time, take responsibility for your own safety and that’s all I was doing.”


Gina Cassini is a Texas Mom of 4, proud gun owner and vigilant patriot.

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  • Becky Burt

    Way to go Carla! Way to defend yourself and property. That is one big reason why we need to keep the 2nd amendment and defend our rights to own guns.

  • Lou Ascarrunz

    My nephew protected his family and home from a would be burglar. Around 3am my nephew heard the burglar trying to break in to the garage through a side door. He calmly got his 9mm Glock, told his parents to call 911 and stay in their room while he kneeled behind cover, and told the burglar to “come on in, I’ve got something for you” The burglar wisely left. 5 minutes later, the cops showed up. Lesson: YOU are responsible for your safety and the safety of your family. The police can’t be everywhere.

    • John Hatchins

      Meanwhile your nephew leaves his gun unlocked somewhere along with the rest of his arsenal and the deranged neighbor, relative decides to bring the weapons to some local school or theatre to take out a few dozen children.

      • Robo

        Great logic comparing a theoretical situation where a gun is used for evil to a real one where a gun was used for good.

        • John Hatchins

          >>> theoretical ???


      • Lou Ascarrunz

        Really? So you know my nephew? Or, maybe the burglar will choose an ignorant fool like yourself as his next victim? Better you than me I guess. Good luck with that. BTW, my nephew has a concealed carry permit, hours and hours of training, and his firearm is properly stored and safe. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • DanaLanders

        oh, please shut up! All of us must arm ourselves, the fight to take our country back from the invaders is coming! Coming soon, mind you.

  • Mark


  • Hemicrashbox

    Obuma will sick holder on her saying it’s a hate crime

    • Robert Dalton

      You just watch, they will charge her. You can not have people defending themselves.The whole system falls apart, you would need less cops, less jails .Lawyers lose money. No,
      they have to charge her, to save the system.

    • DanaLanders

      just wait! Holder now wants to give felons the right to vote. Another solid block of votes every time for the Dems…

  • kenan0101

    That’s why we need guns, the police can’t protect you if they aren’t there when the criminals are breaking into your home. Fight Obama’s anti-gun campaign and tell the Liberals to stick it.

  • John Hatchins

    What were they looking to steal?
    A collection of Hee Haw DVDs?

  • Carlette

    THIS is why we have the second amendment and why we have our guns.

  • Alan Armstrong

    Good for her everyone has the Right to protect themselves !

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