Common Core School Assignment FORCES Students to Make Islamic Prayer Rugs, Recite Muslim Prayers


by Gina Cassini  | Top Right News

A father in Seminole County, Florida, is stunned after discovering a indoctrination “lesson” on Islam in his son’s 10th-grade history textbook, a book that is also used as part of the Common Core standards across the state.

Ron Wagner, who said he admittedly doesn’t normally pay as much attention to his son’s school assignments as he should, just happened to read from his son’s world history book a statement which read, “There is no god, but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God.”

Wagner found out that his son is being indoctrinated in the religion of Islam in his 10th grade class from a history book used in school districts across the State of Florida.

Students were instructed to recite this prayer as the first Pillar of Islam, off of the board at the teacher’s instruction,” Mr. Wagner, who says he himself is not religious, told WFTV.

Wagner, with a little further investigation, found out that his son was given an “Islam packet” and was even required to make an Islamic prayer rug for the world history class.

Complete insanity, courtesy of your tax dollars.

WFTV reports (emphasis added):

Inside of the book is a chapter dedicated to the “Rise of Islam,” including prayers and scriptures from the Quran. What’s more disturbing for Wagner is that the first 100 pages discussing Judaism and Christianity are missing. The district blames a “defect” in the books, which are only a year old.

A “defect”? In the curriculum, without a doubt, but in the books themselves. Are they serious?

According to Wagner, Dr. Michael Blasewitz, who oversees the high school curriculum, said, “The Pillars of Islam are benchmarks in the state curriculum”

Wagner’s concerns prompted a district investigation that found the teacher never tried to indoctrinate or convert students.

That’s the same Common Core “standards” setup by former Governor Jeb Bush and funded by Barack Obama under his “Race to the Top” scheme to hook states into Common Core for good with cold hard cash.

“For it to be mandatory and part of the curriculum and in the textbooks, didn’t seem right,” Wagner said.

WATCH the interview with the outraged parent below:

Head of curriculum Blasewitz — who blamed the state’s Common Core standarss for the “lesson” — also reportedly “stormed out” during an interview about the Islam lessons, telling the news outlet, “If anything, [the curriculum] is a little imbalanced toward Christianity and Judaism.”

Yeah right. The textbook is completely missing its sections on those religions. All they teach is Islam. Thanks to Rotten Core, Jeb Bush and Barack Obama.

  • Scooter Tramp

    Liberals, by law, took religion out of schools. They cant even follow their own laws.

    • sniper74

      Actually this is part of World History. Religion is about History. Plus if you watch the video and stop reading the biased info you will hear them say that they teach the other religions as well.

      • Joe McLaughlin

        To teach history of religion is ok but to have students make prayer blankets and recite prayers is not history. You idiot! It’s indoctrination

        • sniper74

          But if they also have to recite the Lords Prayer, and other Christian things as well, then it’s NOT indoctrination. It’s part of a World Religion or World History class. There is nothing in ISLAM that says that to join their religion you have to make a prayer rug. So just because they were required to make a “Prayer Rug” doesn’t mean they were trying to convert them over. This was simply apart of the child’s lesson, probably part of the art curriculum.

          Besides, is the teacher a Imam? Since the article claims that the teacher is a woman she can’t even indoctrinate them at all….since Islam it’s not allowed. Women can’t lead men into prayer according to Islam.

          So who is the idiot now? Gee…perhaps you need to study up on world religion before posting.

          • Ron Duncan

            I saw the interview. The explanation Blasewitz gave us that Judaism and Christianity are covered in earlier years. I don’t buy it. Firstly, that doesn’t work for students moving into district who only get Islam and the rest. Secondly, there is a significant difference between teaching how a religion shaped the world in a historical way as opposed to teaching the tenants of the religion.

            Are the students required to recite Catechism? And for non Catholic, recite Calvinism vs Arminianism? Are they required to read from the Torah?

            Leave the tenants of the religions for a comparative religions elective, and then there is no problem.

          • sniper74

            Once again, you must NOT have watched the interview. They didn’t say that it was taught in earlier years…they said earlier…..AND they said that the parts were missing from the book, however, you don’t get to examine the book yourself.

            That’s what I didn’t like about this interview….they never bothered asking what was part of the curiculum for the other religions.

          • Ron Duncan

            I suggest you watch the full interview.


            Blasewitz himself explicitly states from his own mouth that it is taught in EARLIER GRADES.

            The missing pages is an example of a red herring fallacy. Even if the pages were there, it still wouldn’t be gone over as it is not part of the curriculum for that year, because it is taught in earlier grades.

            A little critical thinking goes a long way.

          • zonoz

            He said it was 68 books that were missing pages. Just how exactly, does that get missed for an entire year?

          • Ron Duncan

            Not to sound mean, but Blasewitz came off as an ass. He was intellectually dishonest, I think. He played politics when she brought up the idea that a student transferring in might not have had those (introductory) classes from prior grades teaching on Christianity or Judaism. How is it reasonable for that student then?

            It clearly isn’t. Give them equal time and dedication, or remove it from the curriculum altogether.

          • Ron Duncan

            I agree, that’s just ridiculous.

          • JSebastian

            But what evidence is there that other religions are covered in earlier grades or that they received equal coverage? You haven’t presented anything, the article doesn’t present anything either. We’re supposed to believe a quote off a TV interview?

            Proof or it didn’t happen.

          • zonoz

            If you just LOOK at the book you can easily see there is a big gap in the front.

            And what do you mean “They didn’t say that it was taught in earlier years…they said earlier”; earlier what…centuries, months, days, hours?

            And the guy from the school district said out loud that the books were missing pages!

            My daughter has had some of the same crap presented to her in school. She would not recite the prayers because she is faithful to her religion which does not condone the killing of innocents, lying, mistreating women, and Sharia Law which is about as uncivilized as you can get in this day and age.

            You can learn the history about a religion without learning its prayers or making a rug or going to confession or attending a Bar Mitzvah

          • nmpher29

            Sniper74 is incorrect. What was said was “In earlier school years”.

          • nmpher29

            Wrong. What was said was “In earlier school years”.

          • Barbara Washburn

            Exactly my point. Teach on the history and the geography of these religions but leave the religious tenets alone.

          • EQ4ALL

            You’re dumber than a box of rocks

          • sniper74

            Takes one to know one EQ4ALL. But in your case I would say your are dumber than molten lava…..just flows down hill and doesn’t actually think for ones self.

          • Kat Oberst

            Perhaps you missed the part that stated Christianity and Judaism were “somehow” left out of a brand new text book less than a year old. If NO religion is to be in our schools then WTF is this crap doing there?

          • sniper74

            No I didn’t miss that part. That was ONE text book. Did they inspect all the OTHER text books? Perhaps someone tore those sections out of the textbook. Perhaps, the manufacturer did make a mistake and not glue them in. Or perhaps, the person who did the interview just “failed” to show them and “claimed” that they were not in there. Again, they didn’t SHOW the entire book and flip page by page through the book. Plus didn’t you notice that the one page fell out when they were flipping through it?

            Perhaps the father ripped the other sections out of the book so that his claim seemed legit. Yes it seems strange, but then again, there seems to many strange things going on when you ONLY report the ONE side of things.

          • Tom Rago


          • Pat Hollingsworth

            PERHAPS!!!!!!—are you real. Not only we need to —-It’s a “must do” and soon as possible. . Common -Core is just short for corruption and indoctrination of our kids. A ny school using it as part of their curriculum needs to be shut down —de funded period.

          • Bob

            Omg, drink the kook aid

          • zonoz

            The school district rep stated 68 textbooks were missing the first two hundred pages.

            Me thinks that you are perhaps of the faith we are disgusting…err discussing.

          • Tom Rago


          • Bob

            It sounds like you never attended a school, seriously was that English? Oh yeah, I think your caps lock is stuck.

          • sniper74

            wow, your misspellings, capitalization of every single word. Makes you look like the idiot. How do you know that they didn’t have to make a cross for their class? They never mentioned that in the article or the interview. Why is that? Probably because this article is 100% biased. It isn’t after the TRUTH.

          • Muller74

            Sniper, you’re wasting your time. This is top right news, where the scared and the paranoid come to mingle. TRN once posted an article claiming the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax. Need I say more?

          • OVERIT

            The PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has been BANNED in SCHOOLS….Christian PRAYER has been BANNED in AMERICAN SCHOOLS….therefore THIS hot mess of ISLAM should be banned as well being that it is NOT PART of our constitution…………WAKE UP…..We keep losing our AMERICAN RIGHTS to this stupidity

          • overit

            You are absolutely right. Couldn’t have said it better myself (note user name…)!

          • zonoz

            I never once said ANY kind of prayer with my classmates in ANY class I took. I NEVER made a rosary or a yarmulke. Religion WAS NOT discussed except for references to the old Church of England or whatever it was that was forced upon the people just like Islam is being forced upon us now. And that the Pilgrims left to get away from.

            If Muslims want their religion to be understood they need to step up and stop the people giving it a bad name. Like ISIS, Al Queada, etc. Like the immigrant Muslims that are living on the dole and are crying that they can’t get the foods they want for free!

            You came here, we didn’t invite you. This is the USA. Learn to live here within the rules and customs as immigrants have done for over two hundred years. If you don’t like it then pack up and go back where you came from or somewhere you think you will be better served. I assure you, the vast majority of us WILL NOT MISS YOU!

          • Barbara Washburn

            There is a difference between leading them into an indoctrination of the religion and being a leader of Islam. We are upset because of the level of indoctrination of the religion. My history books taught that there were other religions and a bit about who followed them, including Christianity. It gave the history and the geography but left the religion alone. These books do not. They indoctrinate and apparently the teachers go further than the books do.

        • Ejaz

          Actually a person need to read in Arabic for anything to be accepted in Islam!
          Which non of them are actually doing so don’t believe a word of that!
          Making a prayer Rug is Universal to lots of religions.Better that then believing in the Devil like the way the Zionist’s do!You need to be afraid of all Zionists that are in Power in USA!

      • Gary Kiser

        Strange those other teachings were missing from the textbooks

        • sniper74

          I agree with that….however, they didn’t flip through the entire book, so they could have just said that to give bias to their article.

          • Ron Duncan

            The district acknowledged 68 books are missing 100 pages. Thus, no bias.

      • Gary Kiser

        One wonders if constructing a cross or menorah are part of the exercise?

        • sniper74

          But the article never ASKED those questions……instead they insisted on water boarding the person about Islam instead. Perhaps they should have taken the time to ask the questions about the other religions instead of focusing in on the ONE religion.

      • mike king

        Screw you liberal terrorist sympathizers

        • sniper74

          Wow, so because I think that an investigation into what is going on should involve logic, patience and getting the FULL answer from BOTH sides of the story with NO friggin bias you say I am a liberal terrorist sympathizer?

          1. Have a Masters Degree in IT.
          2. I am a Republican and a conservative.
          3. I have served in my Military, which is probably more than you have.
          4. I am a Christian, have been since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

          So take your Biggoted uneducated mind and go watch your American Idol or the Voice instead of reading blogs. You are probably someone who looks for a way out of Jury Duty instead of taking it as an honor. You are probably someone who can’t read beyond a 6th grade level. You probably don’t even go to church.

          Stop with this. YOU are the reason why our Society is failing. Instead of being level headed, understanding, and demanding that the FULL truth come out instead of reading a ONE SIDED article.

          YOU are the reason why everyone says we still have a RACE issue. YOU are the reason why our justice system sends innocent people to jail. Because YOU fail to stop the Biggotry and ask the questions that need to be asked.

          Why didn’t this journalist ask what Christian, Judaism, Mormon, Buddhist and Hindu teaching they teach there.

          • Lolly

            How do you know all these ‘facts’ about Mike? You actually don’t KNOW that those things you said are true. You said some rather ugly things about him. His comments weren’t right, either, but you only have responsibility for YOUR comments and attitude. After reading all you’ve said, it doesn’t seem all that Christ-like for someone who claims to have been a Christian since they were knee-high to a grasshopper, yeah? Just some food for thought.

          • sniper74

            The facts posted are not about Mike….go and read what mike said. He called me a liberal terrorist sympathizer. So how does he know all that about me?????? He doesn’t. Anyone who says things with hatred and accusing someone of being something they aren’t IS a bigot. He is automatically assuming that I am liberal….wrong!!

            Accusing me of being a terrorist…..again wrong!!!

            A sympathizer? Yes only because of the hatred towards another religion. That’s wrong. That’s being a bigot.

            Look the word up. Bigot means…..a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

            Our entire country is this way. We have those who don’t want guns, who ignore the truths and understanding of those that feel strongly about the 2nd Amendment. Then read the entire article and ALL the comments afterwards. You will see nothing but hatred. Hatred towards another religion when they know nothing about that religion. Hatred towards our own Government. Hatred towards the school system.

            Nobody is willing to give things a chance. Nobody is willing to step back and actually LISTEN and investigate the TRUTH.

            So if you are intolerant of other religions, then you are a bigot. If you are intolerant of those that want the FULL truth…then you are a bigot. If you think I am wrong and don’t agree with me that this article is biased way to much, then guess what….you are blind.

            Like I said the entire time Lolly, I kept saying the word PROBABLY. Notice he never responded back. Chances are, I am not far from the truth. It probably didn’t even phase him one bit because he is so intolerant of changes much like you are.

          • Lolly

            How do you know I am intolerant of changes? You just keep making assumptions, and in an ugly manner, to boot.

          • mike king

            OK lolly you made me feel bad I apologize

        • Tds

          F you redneck conservatard

    • mike king

      Liberal s are scum

      • Lolly

        No, they actually aren’t, Mike. They want to make the world a better place; however, the methods they think will accomplish this goal are very different from the ways conservative think will accomplish this goal. Most of them are NOT scum, just like most of US are not scum. Be honorable in your speech, Mike. Please.

  • livin free 2010

    No American student should have to utter any of those disgusting satanic prayers.

  • Rob

    Damn right they shouldn’t! That satanic cult, has no place in the west. Keep it in the troglodyte hellholes.

  • McHale72

    Islam needs to be treated like the ignorant, child molesting, death cult that it is.

    • Muller74

      When you say child molesting, do you mean like the Catholic priests?

    • TC

      I agree it is a Cult period

      • yup

        almost as much as a cult as Christianity, but not quite

  • B-real

    Who are these people who are directly ushering in America’s destruction?

  • Sandy Ratigan

    and this is why the incoming freshmen class at Harvard last fall 20 percent failed American history/government part of admission test – The best of the best of our graduating high school seniors presumably.

    • sniper74

      No, the reason that the incoming Harvard Freshmen failed was because of their MATH. It had nothing to do with the fact that the WORLD HISTORY class taught about different religions at all. Perhaps you should go back and do a decent job of research prior to posting stuff.

      The issue with our schools is NOT Common Core. It’s the fact that most of our kids can’t do the basics…things like reading, writing and math. Why? Because for years it wasn’t the main focus. They were so focused on SPORTS. Look at any major College and University. The first thing you hear about is how wonderful their sports program is. Even the QB for the Ohio State Buckeyes said that he didn’t give a crap about education. He was there just to play Football. College and University sports bring in Billions of Dollars. But an Art Major bring in a small, very small, fraction of that.

      So until we get rid of sports, our education system will always be broken.

      • DSharabba

        Here is some FREEDOM OF SPEECH for you, YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!
        Student athlete’s make up a tiny fraction of the entire enrollment of students at a University..So what happened to the other 90% of the students that can’t read, write or do math??? ALL students decide what school they want to go to based on how good there sports programs are??

        To make such a statement as to say “until we get rid of sports our education system will always be broken is the most asinine comment i have heard in a very long time!!

        • Fhd

          F off you troll

        • sniper74

          Do some research before you blab your mouth. What you are doing is the reason why those students failed Harvard. Harvard is DEMANDING. It’s strenuous. Not everyone will pass Harvard. First thing you will find is that Harvard doesn’t use traditional letter grades in most of their classes. Their either pass or fail. Harvard use to have a policy that 8% of their students had to receive a Low Pass, but they did away with that in 2009, however, the professors are still doing that.

          Plus Harvard doesn’t have a major sports program. Do you know why? Because Harvard isn’t about sports. Most who go there dont go there for the sports programs. They go for the EDUCATION. Plus Harvard is very selective as to who gets in. But that doesn’t mean they will all pass. They have a tradition of 8 to 10% of students who start in their Freshmen year don’t make it past because they intentionally fail them.

          It’s well known that Universities give out about $1 Billion dollars in Athletic Scholarships, which is way more than any other scholarships they give out. The NCAA gave out $2.7 Billion dollars in scholarships last year. Gee doesn’t that seem like a lot of money? Especially since most of these students in most sports programs don’t even make it to the big leagues? And now the students are asking to be Unionized to make money for playing college sports. Gee….if College sports isn’t making a ton of money, then why do the players feel the need to Unionize and get paid? I really doubt that it’s because these students feel that they need it for a new pair of shoes. I bet it’s because they realize that College sports brings in a ton of money.

      • Rob

        Common core is a massive problem. It is a money maker pure and simple. It doesn’t allow exceptional students to be exceptional, it brings them down to the level of the non exceptional.

        • sniper74

          WRONG Rob, Common core is about giving the students what they need to excel. Those that do well, end up being encouraged to help those that are not doing so well. It also allows them to go above and beyond what they do. A teacher is now able to teach at the STUDENTS level rather than CLASS level. What does this do? It provides those that do well the ability to go above and beyond what they currently teach rather than HOLDING them back. The teacher is now able to give them homework, classwork, or even special projects based upon the STUDENTS ability. Those, that are having a hard time get the attention they need.

          It is NOT a money maker. Nobody is getting rich off of it. Those schools that need more funding get more funding.

          Common Core is bringing a level of curriculum to be based up. Look at how bad our schools are doing right now. Our kids suck at Math, Science, Reading and Writing. Now the CC gives the schools a PATH to lead the kids down. Again, look it up. Stop being closed minded. Read up on it. Give it time. You will see that the kids will do better.

          • Rob

            Yes it is a money maker, and it brings good students down to the level of bad ones. You yourself stated studies aren’t in yet on it, yet you claim to know all about it. Contradict yourself much?

          • sniper74

            Nope there is NOT CONTRADICTION. First you need to stop being a bigot. You need to stop reading one side of things. You need to listen to BOTH sides. Which means you need to forget what you are taught, listen to the new methods, and then you will see. Other countries teach math this way…..AND they excel at it. Japan, China, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands. ALL of them beat our kids at Math, Reading, Comprehension and THINKING. The old way of teaching doesn’t work. It never has. It makes kids dependent on computers, calculators and everything.

            Myth: The standards do not prepare or require students to learn algebra in the 8th grade, as many states’ current standards do.

            Fact: The standards do accommodate and prepare
            students for Algebra 1 in 8th grade by including the prerequisites for
            this course in grades K‐7. Students who master the K‐7 material will be
            able to take Algebra 1 in 8th grade. At the same time, grade 8 standards
            also include rigorous algebra and will transition students effectively
            into a full Algebra 1 course.

            Myth: The standards tell teachers what to teach.

            Fact: Teachers know best about what works in the
            classroom. That is why these standards establish what students need to
            learn but do not dictate how teachers should teach. Instead, schools and
            teachers will decide how best to help students reach the standards.

            What does this mean? It means that as students progress, if they excel at a subject, the school will be able to put them in an accelerated program. The only way, if a student was exceptional at a subject, the school couldn’t do anything about it. So the student was bored, caused issues in class, and became disinterested. I was this way in Math and Science. By the time I was in 7th Grade I should have been taking 9th and 10th grade classes. But I couldn’t because they didn’t offer them. Now schools are able to tap into that. Otherwise, the students can then assist the teacher and the other students.

            Again, there is no study on this, but there are schools that are not implementing this.

            My next door neighbors daughter is a Sophomore in High School and she is now taking College level Algebra and Science instead of being with the rest of her class taking regular Algebra. Another friends daughter is enrolled in Public school and when she was in Jr. High, she was bussed over to the High School, about a half block away, so she could take Algebra and English.

            Both by the time they graduate High School should already have enough credits to be Sophomores in College. Gee, how is that bad?

          • Rob

            Have you seen the garbage way it proposes math problems?

          • sniper74

            First CC doesn’t tell teachers HOW to teach. It’s a Set of STANDARDS. All CC does is say that a 5th grader should now a specific set of math, reading, writing, history, STANDARDS. It gives the ability to teach to the TEACHER….NOT the GOVERNMENT. So a teacher can teach math one way, or find multiple ways of teaching without being told they are wrong.

            The standards clearly demonstrate what students are expected to learn ateach grade level, so that every parent and teacher can understand and support their learning.

            The standards are:

            Research and evidence based

            Clear, understandable, and consistent

            Aligned with college and career expectations

            Based on rigorous content and the application of knowledge through higher-order thinking skills

            Built upon the strengths and lessons of current state standards

            Informed by other top-performing countries to prepare all students for success in our global economy and society

            The standards focus on core concepts and procedures starting in the
            early grades, which gives teachers the time needed to teach them and
            gives students the time needed to master them.

            While the standards set grade-specific goals, they do not define how the standards should be taught or which materials should be used to support students. States and districts recognize that there will need to be a range of supports in place to ensure that all students, including those with special needs and English language learners, can master the standards. It is up to the states to define the full range of supports
            appropriate for these students.

            Again, there isn’t any guidelines that tell teachers how to teach things, that’s up to them.

            Here is a good video for you to watch.Open your mind. Once you see it, then it might explain. Stop reading those articles that are one sided. Listen to both sides.


  • Baron Von Stache

    Why are prayers in public school banned unless they are Islamic prayers? Why are Islamic prayers forced on our children and called “cultural studies”? And WHY AREN’T MORE PEOPLE IN AN UPROAR AGAINST THIS!?!?!? Please, something MUST be done

    • sniper74

      I bet you didn’t watch the entire video did you? Because they said in the video that they actually teach Christianity. The person who was video taping the session never bothered to show the entire book, page by page, they “claimed” that the parts about Christianity and Judaism aren’t even in there. Since the person who was doing the interview was just water boarding the curriculum manager over the Islamic portions and NOT talking about what the other parts of the curriculum, there is no way to tell what they actually did. This is 100% biased and as someone who values the 1st Amendment of FREEDOM of SPEECH I am appalled that they didn’t do a very good job of investigating. It seems they just wanted to talk about the Islamic stuff and NOT the other.

      • Ron Duncan

        The school administration has admitted in a written report that some 60 odd books are defective, not all of them. It’s beyond the scope of the investigation though because the question is whether or not the teachers are teaching religion beyond the scope of world history as part of the coursework.

        • sniper74

          Yes I agree, however, did the journalist ask when the school found out? Did the school go back to the manufacturer of the books to ask what is going to be done about it? Perhaps they found out about the missing pages a day or weeks before school started and the manufacturer of the book couldn’t print the new books in time for class to start. What if they didn’t find out about it until the day OF the classes? I remember when I was in High School, our teacher opened the boxes of books. They were brand new, never been opened. Never inspected.

          Either nobody bothered asking about this, or they intentionally left that part out to make it seem as if the school was trying to indoctrinate the students…..which is what I suspect. There is no 100% solid evidence that shows that they were trying to indoctrinate the students… least with the evidence this article talks about and shows.

          I am saying that there is much doubt into the article. Too much missing info. There is no way to actually come to a solid conclusion. It just seems as if this person who wrote the story is fabricating the evidence, leaving things out, just to show his case. Not very scientific and this case wouldn’t hold up in court at all.

          • Jeremy

            Clearly you misunderstood my post. I never said religion didn’t have a place in class entirely, but there’s a difference between mentioning beliefs and how that shaped history versus reciting prayers and making rugs. Since public schools are a state controlled entity, it would fall under the separation of church and state. In this case, was the same type of immersion used for Christianity or Judaism? What about Buddhism or Hinduism? The point is there isn’t enough time to cover every religion as in depth as they did with Islam in this case, so yes I believe an unconstitutional bias was shown. Did they light menorahs? Was communion demonstrated? I doubt it. Talking about Islam in the context of world history is fine, but save that kind of depth for a theology class.

          • sniper74

            You seem to be questioning things that this article didn’t talk about. Perhaps this class only lasted a few days. There are a TON of info that seems to be missing, which is exactly what I have been trying to tell people. I don’t believe that there is any violation of separation of church and state because I believe that they DID teach the info, but the person who wrote this failed to mention it. Like you ask, did they light menorahs? We don’t know. That’s my point. My point has been, judging from this article, no evidence to say they didn’t. Creating a prayer rug was probably more like an art project. They do have some fancy prayer rugs….have you ever taken the time to look. So perhaps for the Christian part of the class they had to make a stained glass window, or maybe create a picture of Jesus on a cross. Who knows? We don’t, because the journalist failed to actually take the time and investigate. They would rather create a ONE SIDED story about Islam being taught.

            There was no mention as to how long the class was being taught. There are no scans of what the pages of the book actually said other than a few snippets that honestly were so biased.

            And then you also see a page fall out. The answer is, WE DON’T KNOW. We will NEVER know because this journalist edited the entire thing to show proof that Islam is being taught.

          • Jeremy

            MY point was that NONE of that sort of thing should be covered in a general history class. Students shouldn’t be making prayer rugs, shouldn’t be lighting menorahs, shouldn’t be making crucifixes, etc. It’s one thing to TALK about other religions and their impact on society and quite another to be actively participating. That part infringes on an individual’s right to their own beliefs, regardless of which religion they are participating. Like you mention, there isn’t any way to know whether they treated all religions equally or not, but merely assuming they did puts a lot of faith in our government. Regardless, in depth immersion like that, for any religion, is not appropriate for a required class and is better suited for a theology elective.

          • sniper74

            Making a prayer rug is showing them that they take pride in their worship. Showing them how they treat a prayer rug is also about the fact they take pride in their worship. Reciting the prayer that was written on the chalkboard is showing them how they think. This allows the student to understand the differences between the religion. It shows them how they think and gives them an understanding that most religions are actually IDENTICAL. We all believe in God. Some believe that Jesus is the Son of God. Some believe that he Jesus was just a prophet. Some believe that Buddha is the only one. Some don’t even believe God exists. To know and understand that gives you a better idea as to why some countries act the way they do. Most laws are created reflect the religion of the country. Look at how Muslims treat women, then look at their laws. Gee….understanding that info gives you an insight as to what a country is like. Not all Muslims are like ISIS. Not all Muslims believe in the Jihad. Not all Christians go to church every Sunday. Mormons pay a tithing to the church and are required to do so. Some religions believe in presenting a child to please the gods. As long as they are teaching ALL the religions the same way and without bias, then there is NOTHING wrong with that. Since this article never explores whether or not there was a religious bias, then you can’t form an opinion. Unless you are one of the people who simply believes in listening to ONLY one side of the situation. In which case, I hope you are never selected for Jury duty….and I hope you are never accused of a crime you didn’t commit.

      • John Phillipson

        The point is there shouldn’t be any Islamic stuff.

        • Barbara Rich

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        • Keith Foster

          Why the hell not? If you’re going to learn about religion in school at all then you can’t just pick one and forget about the others. Isn’t there something in the constitution about that?

          • CmE

            Nope. I don’t want my children to learn about Islam. I don’t see how beneficial killing the infidels will be to my children.

          • Keith Foster

            Do you also think we shouldn’t cover topics such as Nazism or Communism in history classes? Should we just cover all the sweet, nice little topics that couldn’t offend anyone? Wouldn’t want the kids to actually learn something about other cultures, or about the dangers of fanatical belief would we?

          • Wowza

            The only problem I have with the teaching of any religion in school is, they’re teaching one interpretation of the religion. It’s the same reason I am against organized religion in the first place. It’s been interpreted so many times, it’s watered down.

          • Keith Foster

            That is always a danger Wowza. Same could be said for the other topics I mentioned too. As long as the teacher attempts to be as impartial as possible I don’t think it’s a problem.

            I’m with you on being against organized religion, though perhaps for other reasons. Seems to me that all religions are myth and legend. But that’s probably a topic for another day. (Cue: messages from people praying for my soul – or cursing me to hell)

          • hawaiigirl50

            You are being BLIND about the real reason this is being taught to your kids….it isn’t to inform them…its to conform them…you’d better wake up! Our country is being turned into sharia law right in front of our eyes…

          • Keith Foster

            Where do you get that idea hawaiigirl? I’m sure there are some Muslims who’d like that to happen but, seriously, you think there are enough of ’em out there and enough compliant Americans to allow that to happen? Never in a million years.

          • shropster

            How about using your indignation at the suppression of the health dangers of the “gay” life style? Your tax dollars fund Obamacare which pays for that lifestyle’s health costs, which covers AIDS and other subsequent health problems.

          • Keith Foster

            How about minding your own business? For your information 1) I’m not indignant, just talking and hoping to make a couple of pertinent points 2) Are you serious with that drivel about gay people costing tax dollars due to their “gay life style” as you put it? Using that logic – even if it were true that gay people have more healthcare needs, which I doubt – how about you use your indignation to complain about mountaineers, skydivers, anyone who participates in contact sports, racing car drivers. I could go on but I doubt you’ll read it anyway. Bye now.

          • Kerston

            That is why they should. Your ignorance proves it.

          • CmE

            Hmmm so… you think not teaching people about Islam’s violent and sick ideals is ignorant.. Well heck I’d rather be ignorant and while your at it… Go visit that part of the country and see how ignorant I am? I highly doubt you’d come back in one piece or if at all.

          • Vera Tabib

            The irony of the “infidels” bit is that its actually the other way around, and haters are the “infidels” in truth…

          • Animal rescue

            Imbecile we don’t need to teach our children radicalism

          • Keith Foster

            Yes, of course that’s exactly what I was recommending wasn’t it? Dimwit.

          • hawaiigirl50

            You allow the enemy in your own home as well???? Think about that!!!!

          • Keith Foster

            All Muslims are the enemy now? Pray tell, when did that happen?

          • Inspades

            Then you had better include the christian genocide committed by Muslims in Armenia if that is the case.

          • Keith Foster

            In the appropriate context, for the appropriate age group, absolutely, yes. Would you think this should be hidden away?

          • Inspades

            The powers at be are completely ignoring the ongoing Christian genocide happening today. So I doubt we will be seeing anything in the history books about the Christian genocide in Armenia.

        • bobvelon

          Amen….But they are dong it… Or children do not this….

        • Lisa

          Pretty sure they don’t have to memorize the 10 commandments and make a rosary.

      • dj

        This has started in a lot of places, a little at a time.Take a good look at Europe and Australia.There is now a Sharia Tribunal in Michigan.This is a Christian nation.

        • sniper74

          I never SAID that. I said that the class they were in was WORLD HISTORY. Perhaps you need to go back and read up on what the WORLD entails. The world has many different religion. In the article and the video it never mentions what they teach about these other religions BECAUSE they never try to get that far.

          THIS IS NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION. Perhaps you need to read up on the 1st Amendment. It’s a NATION founded upon the FREEDOM OF RELIGION. Sounds to me you need to reread the constitution. What does the 1st Amendment mean?

          It means that EVERY citizen has the right to THEIR OWN RELIGIOUS BELIEVES.

          Again, there is NO MENTION of whether or NOT they actually taught any of the other religions. Why is this? Because the author and the journalist NEVER ATTEMPTS TO GET THIS INFO. This person sucks as a journalist. A Journalist is supposed to be open minded, asking the right questions and never is biased.

          • TruthorFiction2015

            Its Freedom of Religion not Freedom from Religion… Also America was built on Christians foundations and principles affecting every sector of society LAW, HEALTH, EDUCATION etc etc… You need to get you facts right before you go off making broad statements not backed by fact or interpreted correctly sniper74

          • historian

            I agree with you.
            people like sniper74 think they can learn history by studying revisionists. they’ll never find truth that way.

          • matt

            We have freedom of religion as long as it pleases the dune coons. My friends daughter can’t say a prayer in school yet the diaper heads can pray on their magic carpets.

          • Barbara Washburn

            Perhaps you need to look a little closer at our history. This IS a Christian nation with scripture even adorning our national monuments and buildings, such as the Capital. Our forefathers believed in the God of the Bible and gave Him precedence in most of our national documents, etc.

          • cognative dissonance

            “The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion”. George Washington

          • Luposian

            Please identify the textbook you found this in. Online or elsewhere. I find it hard to believe.

          • Barbara Washburn
          • Marbran

            You do realize that this ‘phrase’ was not given within the context that you are promoting it now. Look it up. This is an obscure statement in an early treaty with Muslims, in which it was declared to them, the Muslims, that the US was not a government based upon the Christian religion, aka a theocracy.

          • Jeremy

            You seem to be all about the first amendment, but what about the part about separation of church and state. NO religions should be taught outside of church unless describing it’s impact on society in general.

          • sniper74

            AHHHH….the ole separation of Church and State argument. Something that doesn’t fall under since it’s a World History class and religion is part of History. You can’t talk about the History of the world with out it.

            Religion may be presented as part of a secular educational program. Programs that “teach about religion” are geared toward teaching students about the role of religion in the historical, cultural, literary and social development of the United States and other nations. These
            programs should instill understanding, tolerance and respect for a pluralistic society. When discussing religion in this context, religion must be discussed in a neutral, objective, balanced and factual manner. Such programs should educate students about the principle of religious liberty as one of the fundamental elements of freedom and democracy in the United States.

            So you see, that argument is not valid since it’s part of HISTORY. Like I keep saying over and over and over and over again…..this is perfectly fine and legal as long as they talk, discuss and have classes on the other religions. Which again, this article never takes the time to find out. Because they keep pushing the whole “ISLAM IS EVIL” thing. All this article and the journalist, if you can call her that, was focused on was ISLAM.

            Plus the Constitution itself doesn’t say anything about separation of Church and State. It just says that it can’t make laws the prohibit religion. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Since the School System wasn’t trying to set up or establish a religion inside the school, it didn’t violate the law or the constitution. What the Constitution states is that if a school decided that ALL they were going to teach was Islam, then they would be in violation. But if they also taught the other religions, which this article and journalist never bothered to figure out, or they tried and either left that part out intentionally or they couldn’t find any solid evidence that it did and just didn’t bother to mention this, then the are NOT in violation.

            Again, you are reading ONE side of the story. There are things that seem to be edited out or intentionally left out to make the case. We need to be looking at things like this as if this was in the court of law. You need ALL the evidence. NOT just one side.

          • Icarus

            Any time anybody makes a fuss over religion in schools, people just lose their minds. Whenever a parent finds out that schools have curriculum including things they find offensive, whether it is the Koran or the bible or LGBT or Abstinence only or whatever, it feels like it is time to form a mob with pitchforks.

            Islam has a place in World History class, because Islam has had a great deal of influence. The same with the Catholic Church/Christianity.

          • Bishnu

            The second they force a child to participate in a ceremony, they are no longer “teaching” they are indoctrinating. Then they shouldn’t be forcing children to participate. You know, like so many others that didn’t want their children to pray to God (Christianity) in school? Well, guess what! I don’t want my children praying to “Allah” either.

          • sniper74

            But that’s just it, they were to recite it from the chalkboard. The teacher wrote it down on the board. There was no forcing them in a ceremony. They were not forced to bow down on the prayer rug and face east and made to recite it. They had to stand up and read from the chalk board.

            For your info, the word Allah means “THE GOD”. So when I pray to my God it’s MY GOD….not yours. THE GOD is ALL it means. It’s not a special god. It’s not like their gods name is ALLAH. The translation of God into German is Gott in Greek it’s Theos. In Spanish it’s Dios. In Russian it’s bojh. Al means THE, and Ilah means God. So when you go over seas into a foreign country and go to Church and pray, they will be doing it in their language.

            So if you tell me you don’t want your kids saying Allah either then that means you don’t want them to say God. Wow.

            Besides, a prayer ONLY works if you BELIEVE in it. So if you don’t believe in prayer, guess what, it won’t work. Same way with Curses.

          • BIshu

            Does that mean Obama himself has violated that amendment? Sounds like it to me.

          • vetsickofit

            Christians were being prosecuted in England. These were the pilgrims. Also thieves were sent to the Americas. THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON CHRISTIAN BELIEFS…..DO YOUR RESEARCH. Yes we have freedom of religion HOWEVER, MUSLIMS DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROPOGATE THEIR RELIGION IN OUR SCHOOLS!
            BO has opened the door to these terrorist islamists. I HAVE A REAL PROBLEM WITH THAT! FOR YOUR INFORMATION, THIS IS A CHRISTIAN NATION! You have been brainwashed by BO for too long!
            HOW DARE YOU DEFEND THIS ATROCITY GOING ON IN OUR SCHOOLS! You really need a REALITY CHECK. These are murderous thugs that refuse to assimilate with westerners! They want to import their shariah law. I, for one, will NOT STAND FOR THIS.
            Common Core must be eradicated along with BO!

          • Keith Foster

            “Christians were being prosecuted in England”
            Actually this is almost entirely incorrect. There were lots of Christians of many denominations in England. How could they all be being persecuted?
            It’s true that the puritans felt that they were being persecuted – rightly or wrongly I don’t know; I wasn’t around at the time. Some other denominations were of the opinion that the only way the puritans were persecuted was in the sense that they weren’t allowed to persecute other sects in the way that they wanted to.

          • Nicole

            I’m sorry, but did you even watch the report? It seems not, because they clearly state that the sections on Christianity and Judaism (100 pages in total) were MISSING from the WORLD HISTORY text book. (Missing out a rather big chunk of the ‘world’ there donchya think?) The curriculum manager confirmed this fact and claimed it was a ‘defect’ in the books.

        • Bret

          This isn’t a “Christian nation”. Who told you that? This is a secular society. There are many Christians in the U.S., but that doesn’t make it a “Christian nation”. There is no official religion in the U.S., and the founders were quite opposed to the notion.

          • Bishu

            It was founded on Christian principles, I believe is what they meant. That much is documented and true. Sad tale for what’s happened since though.

      • Beverly Wells

        To have them recite islamic words praising their false god, making a prayer rug and having them bow on it; this is acceptable to you and should be to others?. Where were the words for Christianity, since you claim it too is taught? Why is it always the islamic religion that takes precedence?

        • yup

          are you implying the Christian God is not a false one as well? (also note that the two religions refer to the exact same being [god])

      • Kypat

        I don’t want any of Islam taught to our children. I am beginning to believe that Islam is not a religion but instead is a murderous, lying cult.

        • Marty Crandall

          I don’t want or believe in Islam, and I don’t want are kids learning any thing about that nation, they are killers and that wouldn’t be bad but its a lot moreI shouldn’t have said that they are the devil you don’t do the things to are baby’s like they have

          • voxon123

            You don’t want but you sit and do nothing to change it

          • Marty! You’re killing me! The words “are” and “our” are two completely different words with different meanings. The most important thing I want you to take away from this reply is that those two words have completely different pronunciations. I say this because I think you know the difference between the two, but I believe you may be typing it the way you pronounce it. The word ‘are’, should sound a bit like the letter R. On the other hand, the word ‘our’, should sound more like the word ‘hour’, or if it helps, phonetically it would be similar to awer. Depending on which part of the country your were raised in, your pronunciation may vary a little, but NO MATTER where you were raised, the spelling of the two words never change. So, now you know, and knowing is half the battle. On to my second point. Islam is NOT a country. No matter how much you want it to be, it will never be a country. So, OUR kids ARE not learning about any type of nation or country. OUR kids ARE being forced to learn about other RELIGIONS. Which would be fine with me as long as I know that they are also having to learn every other religion in the world as well. Then they would have to add a new class in schools called either Religions, or Religious History. So there you have it, now you have been taught something today. Also, your sentences all run together with no punctuation. To me, punctuation is more important than correct spelling and it is essential for comprehension. That being said, I had to read your comment several times before my mind would allow me to comprehend what you were TRYING to say. Reading your comment is the equivalent to fingernails on a chalkboard. I found a couple of links that might help you out. The first one should be a good website for you to read through and brush up on some things you might have forgotten from elementary school. The second one links to an affordable book that you can purchase on Amazon. Plus, after you’ve read through it a few times you could either use it as a reference book or pass it on to someone else that you think could benefit from it.



          • Maurice E. Gilbert Sr.

            Wow; you turned a two or three sentence “correction” into a diatribe on English grammar; we all know that some folks are just not good spellers, but you went way over the line – to the point of being obnoxious! Because of that, your comments became meaningless and a waste of space.

        • Thc

          Yep, spread the irrational fear and hate

          • Marbran

            What is irrational about hating Islam? Please, educate us.

          • Thc

            Everything, no one needs to hate anyone. If you have to hate, hate the extremists. While you’re at it hate the extremist Christian sects/cults too

          • Marbran

            So, basically, you have no response. Good luck with that.

          • Animal rescue

            Yea that makes a lot of sense. Shall we also all wear flowers in our hair listen to “Imagine” on our ipods and think happy thoughts? Not the way of the world pal. Wish it were.

            we have to protect ourselves and if that means trying to be polite to people that despise Christian values then too bad. The contempt they have for Americans way of life breeds hate.

          • Keith Foster

            It’s pretending that Islam doesn’t exist that’s closer to your hypothetical flowers-in-hair happy hippy scenario.
            Let’s also not teach about some of the biggest players of the 20th century, Nazism/fascism and Communism. Better to put our fingers in our ears eh?

          • Rylee Johnson

            America is a secular country, not a Christian one.

          • Animal rescue

            It’s a Christian nation not a rainbow nation

          • seaMo

            You are wrong. read the constitution.

          • Janet Bosley

            wrong Rylee , you’ve been brainwashed by the secular err socialist rewriting of liberal democrats.. Read the Declaration of Independence .. See how the Christian writers SEALED the US Constitution ” IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 1787 ” not in the year of a pagan god… America was founded by Christians .. the Christian writers proclaimed God is Lord of the Constitution of America .. and if you live in the USA check your states PREAMBLE .. ALL 50 states proclaim God is God over their state and they are referring to God of the Bible

          • seaMo

            They were escaping religious persecution. What sense would it make in establishing a mandated constitution?
            Don’t mention Paganism. That’s your stupid peoples’ easter and xmas.

          • Adam Scott

            Have you not studied Islam? It began life by raiding, raping, pillaging, and converting by the sword after Muhammad died. The man spent his last days on Earth killing Christians. There are no extremists, there is only Islam.

          • Rylee Johnson

            Same stuff as the Bible, but you must have read the cherry-picked edition of the Bible. My condolences.

          • Adam Scott

            I don’t remember God condoning the murder, rape, and pillaging of any other culture. War was made against other peoples, yes, I know this to be true, but also in the earliest books in the Bible Hebrews were forbidden to hate, as well as harm the innocent.

          • seaMo

            Steal a bible next time you’re in a hotel.
            You’re no better than anyone.

          • Adam Scott

            Um… ok? Not exactly sure why I would have to steal one, I own 3…

          • seaMo

            I put them in my trunk as use for toilet paper. The silky pages are marvelous

          • rwksict

            You can’t steal a gift.

          • seaMo

            Gift? I put them in my trunk as use for toilet paper. The silky pages are marvelous

          • James

            The OLD testament is the history of the Hebrew people…some allegory..some ..literal…..The law was harsh..and PERFECT..that is why Jesus fulfill the law ”written in stone”. Those who Follow ME…shall be freed from the law of Moses…But Jesus said..He did not CHANGE the law for those who will NOT follow Him…get educated about Jesus…then post a credible response…Anyone who denies under the law….whatever that law is…Islam has the OLD law…so be it! Until they leave Muhammad..they are under a law of REVENGE!…Jesus made it clear..either believe or shall die..once..with or without a Redeemer…your choice..if you are of sound mind…then judged..BUT if you believe on shall not be judged!..For His works where edification for OUR HEAVENLY FATHER!…With His blood our sins were washed away…are yours? Please..humble yourself before Jesus..confess you need His grace..and have ETERNAL LIFE!

          • seaMo

            Fuck your stupid story. You are no better than a $cientologist.

          • rwksict

            Same stuff as the Bible? Are you serious? Perhaps you should read it before you post comments out of ignorance. There is NOTHING about converting by the sword. Period.

          • seaMo

            Christianity has NONE of that bullshit, right?

          • Adam Scott

            Yes, that is correct. Christianity does not, the new testament preaches peace, not war. But in Luke 22:36 we are told to arm ourselves.

          • seaMo

            Fuck you, and your stupid religion.

          • Rob Goulet

            Now that comment “hate the extremist Christian sects/cult too” is the crux of the motive. There’s really no time or reason to go into specifics, but everyone will find the truth. Some will before and some after the final culmination of their time on planet Earth.

            It’s not rocket science to see that there are much higher “forces” working toward an end game of one world conquest and we’re in this deal together, ya’ll!

          • Vera Tabib

            I believe Marban is not referring to “anyone” here but to the hating religion of Islam, so lets get that straight. We, as Christians, are not called to hate the sinner, only the sin. And yes, it is a cult because you can’t leave it…

          • Janet Bosley

            hate evil teaching and practices . hating the evil taught and practice by ;pagans is what we ( Christians ) are to hate because these people are in bondage to it… and if we don’t we give the impression we except it then it will be forced on our children and they will slaughter their own family just like muslim Hadrain had the boys doing he kidnaped … muslim Obama is kidnaping the minds of our children programing and converting them to his “Civilian (MUSLM ) Army an army larger than America’s now standing Army … Obama boasted of having such a civilian army when campaigning in 2007 but few got the message within his message

          • seaMo

            FUCK OFF AND DIE!

          • James

            If you speak against Jesus….you may without any harm…If you speak against Muhammad..or draw a use the word HATE like a fool would deny what I stated.

          • Animal rescue

            Not a thing irrational about it

        • Rylee Johnson

          Then you’ll raise your children to be closed-minded, and they won’t be as likely to thrive in life.

      • msmadness

        Two points. 1. How long do you think it would take an independent investigator to determine if the book was missing the pages on Judaism and Christianity and what the Common Core curriculum says about them? 2. While it’s impossible to teach history without discussing the impact of religion, do we really need to have students participate in religious practices and rites of each religion? Show me where teachers lead class in reciting the Torah, or taking the class to Mass, and I’ll grant you the “missing” parts, but won’t budge on the fact that NO religion rites should be required by students (thought we’ve been through this with prayer in school)>

        • sniper74

          Well that’s the thing that this article and the “journalist” and interviewer never bothered to even ask. Instead they kept trying to push the whole Islam thing. So no wonder why he got up and walked out. Because he could see that nothing he was going to say was going to really make a difference because it was about one thing and one thing only. The journalist wouldn’t make it as a detective and honestly, the school that gave her the degree should immediately revoke her degree

          Now I do agree that they don’t need to participate in religious practices and rites of each religion, however, as I have pointed out before, the teacher can’t be an Imam since she’s a woman and in Islam, women can’t be Imam. That means, even if she was leading them in prayer, it wouldn’t be valid nor allowed in Islam.

          You want to see proof that the teachers were leading the class reciting the Torah or Mass? You wont find it here because this is so biased upon the fact that the parent noticed the Islam stuff. How do we KNOW that the they didn’t have to recite the Torah or go through Mass? Because the interviewer and the journalist didn’t bother to find the whole truth. They focused on ONE part of their teaching. That’s what I have been getting at and EVERYONE seems to be missing my point. Why wasn’t there an investigation into what the teacher actually teaches?

          I too agree that religion rites shouldn’t be required. But if it is, then it has to be balanced and equal. That means ALL religion has to be taught….not just Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

      • Guest

        Really? If your kids school was indocuring Islam to be a part of your childs life, wouldnt piss you off? The teacher is makeing her students

        • A non e-moose

          I’m guessing you mean “indoctrinating,” in which case I don’t see it. Are they being forced to pray 5 times a day? Are dress codes in line with the Koran being enforced? Is there a requirement for Halal lunches? If not, your argument is bullshit. Every time the Pledge of Allegiance is recited it’s indoctrination since the addition of “Under God” in the 50s. You going to get upset over that? No, because you’re biased.

      • Marbran

        There is NOTHING redemptive within Islam. It is a misogynistic death cult. Period. I challenge anyone to convince me otherwise. I have read the Qur’an, hadiths, and sura. It is all there, for anyone to read.

        • sniper74

          that doesn’t matter if it is or not. It’s still a religion and still garnishes the same as any other religions. I don’t agree with the Mormons, Scientology, the 7th Day Adventist, nor the Jehovah’s Witness. However, they are the same rights as I do and that’s the way our country was founded. If you don’t like that, then you are free to leave at any time.

          • Marbran

            Your argument has no merit. Those ‘religions’ you mentioned aren’t advocating the death of infidels, or the stoning of women, FGM, etc. Try again.

        • Keith Foster

          Maybe. I think it’s definitely worse that Christianity. Talking of which, someone once said something similar about Christianity.
          “I have examined all the known superstitions of the world, and I do not find in our particular superstition of Christianity one redeeming feature” – Thomas Jefferson

      • Matibob

        That is still irrelevant. My child will never be instructed in ANY form of Cameljockey 101!

      • John Richardson


      • Neeuq1492

        The video is no longer available. I tried to watch it…it’s gone. How appropriate and so quickly. I hope this situation was handled properly. Our children need to learn a lot more history about our country, our laws, our artists, our country has enough history and historic people who made it history. The United States of America is not for sale, last time I checked. Let’s keep it that way…💯🇺🇸🗽💚🦃🎄🎅🏼 Happy Thanksgiving, by the way The American Indians brought the 🦃 to the first Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas, the birthday of our savior Jesus Christ 🙏🎄. And Happy 4th of July, our day to celebrate our independence. 🎆🎇 and we can’t forget Lady Liberty 🗽. Then St Patrick’s Day 🍀. Presidents Day, not now. I could go on and on…America, greatest country on Earth, we should have kept it a secret…now we’re a target and have been for awhile. We can be great again. It’s going to take our fighting men, the best on Earth, on land, sea, air and a president who loves America and who loves her citizens. That man is Mr Donald Trump. If you took the time to read this and you don’t want you children, grandchildren on thier knees on the floor on a mat learning Islam in our public schools…you need to VOTE…it’s very important you do so. That’s our 1st amendment, our vote is our voice..

      • James

        . If you want to close your eyes and see conspiracy, go ahead. Christians are getting fed-up with aclu and your ilk denying with cross words. We know what islam is…the root is militant and if you suggest that Jesus was..then we know what tree you were born…Claimed? It wasn’t denied..buster brown

    • Phill

      Because you are being ridiculous

      • Baron Von Stache

        Really? Please do expound on that statement

        • Phill

          Because it is a history class, not an Islamic conversion program. You people are all so scared of Muslims that the second someone mentions learning about their culture, something that might actually help everyone find common ground, you run screaming. That’s what is ridiculous.

          • Baron Von Stache

            Learning and reciting prayers is not history. Making a prayer rug is not history.

    • Miki Paulo

      Even if it is not your child this is being forced upon any citizen of the schools district and city may sign a petition to stop this. The petition must simply be started by a parent within the same school district.

  • Kellie Arnold

    Learning the history of other religions is one thing…this goes way further than that. Now way in Hell would I allow my son to participate in this.

  • Waigirl Hawaii

    1. Common Core is NOT curriculum, it is a set of standards with the goal to prepare students to be college ready.
    2. The textbook companies are erroneously labeling their books as Common Core History, Common Core Math, etc.
    3. The district is at fault here — choosing a textbook which requires the student to recite the prayer and make the prayer rug rather than just reading about different religious practices.
    4. Bottom line – like scooter tramp said, everyone shouted to take religion out of schools – which really meant take any mention of Jesus and Christianity out of school. I know this because my daughter could celebrate anything other than Christian holidays. Once she mentioned Jesus, it was

    knocked down. (We took her out of public school and put her in a private Christian school.) So religion is NOT out of the schools, because they are teaching everything else rather than using a comparitive religion approach where all are presented equally.

    • Wiggle D

      If it is trying to prepare them for college, I gotta say it’s tanking hardcore.

      • sniper74

        Actually you haven’t given it enough time Wiggle. Florida just changed over to Common Core in 2013. Just like Science, you can’t base all your facts on 1 year of study. It will take years to figure out if it will actually work. But honestly, if your lack of understanding how to do a proper study goes to show, our kids are probably better off with Common Core.

        So stop judging things and let it work. Common Core is supposed to give students the ability to think, understand, comprehend, and be open minded to other possibilities. You seem to be close minded.

        • Wiggle D

          I have seen it first-hand with my 7 year old nephew trying to learn math. It doesn’t work.

          • sniper74

            Really? Hmmm…perhaps your 7 year old nephew didn’t pay attention in class as to how it works. Did you actually attend the class or ask the teacher as to how they are teaching math?

            Why is it that America is the ONLY country that uses ROTE memorization of math AND scores the lowest? Hmmm…perhaps it’s time YOU open your mind to other ways of DOING math. Perhaps you should sit down with the teacher, learn how she is teaching it and then help????

            Maybe it’s YOU that has the issue and NOT your nephew.

          • Wiggle D

            Trust me, we have. And my nephew isn’t a dunce and neither am I. Stop white-knighting this failing and incorrect method. 2+2 doesn’t equal fish because you think it does. If Common Core is the way to go, why is Japan not using it? Those kids are supposedly on the ball with math.

          • sniper74

            You fail to understand it then. You are one of those who sees articles that says that they are being taught that 2 + 2 = Fish. But you apparently haven’t actually sat down with the teacher. They still teach the same math….it’s just different. Instead of having the kid use his or her fingers to figure out things, they use other methods. Instead of doing memorization, they teach the basics of understanding how numbers work together to do things.

            2+2=4 in common core. Japan is actually using Common Core. Where do you THINK they got how to teach math? Perhaps you need to stop watching the Walking Dead and do some research on Common Core.

            Reform math has manifested itself in classrooms across the United States
            mostly in lower grades, in the form of “discovery-oriented” and
            “student-centered” classes, in which the teacher becomes a facilitator
            or “guide on the side” rather than the “sage on the stage” and students
            work so-called “real world” or “authentic problems.” It also has taken
            the form of de-emphasizing practices and drills, requiring oral or
            written “explanations” from students on how they solved a problem
            (besides showing their work), finding more than one way to do a problem,
            and using cumbersome strategies for basic arithmetic functions. Math
            reformers say such practices will result in students understanding how
            numbers work—i.e., math is about “understanding,” not simply “doing”.


          • Waigirl Hawaii

            What is being labeled as “Common Core Math” is just another method. I have read reports from teachers who are seeing great results with their students, they are thinking “deeper.”

        • Tom Rago


          • Phill Hartagan

            Let use all caps to prove that you are a moron.

          • sniper74

            Common core has nothing to do with illegals. Perhaps you need to go take some college courses so you can learn where the caps lock is on your keyboard. You are the idiot. Perhaps you need to go get a GED or something.

    • jillocity

      preparing students to be college ready? here’s what one of the writers of the Common Core Math section had to say:

      Zimba acknowledges that ending with the Common Core in high school could preclude students from attending elite colleges. In many cases, the Core is not aligned with the expectations at the collegiate level. “If you want to take calculus your freshman year in college, you will need to take more mathematics than is in the Common Core,” Zimba said.

      • sniper74

        That’s actually because the schools are still trying to figure this common core thing out. Our Public School system has a problem keeping good teachers. They end up firing teachers every single year and most of them are good teachers. But this is also the parents fault. They should be encouraging their kids to take more Honors classes. I know two kids in my neighbor hood that are taking college level algebra in High School. By the time they graduate they will have enough credits to by pass College Freshmen. They will be sophomores when they attend College.

        Our school system is to focused on the simple basic courses. High School is just a Nanny for teens. But this is because the way they teach doesn’t give the students the ability to think, observe, and be part of their education. Common Core will change that. If a student excels at something, the school system will be able to give them more challenges.

  • Kachina

    Pull Your Children out of Public Schools!

  • Chris Parkins

    Where are the atheists, isn’t Islam a religion? What about separation of church and state? They fight over God being in the pledge, prayer in the classroom. But it’s ok to resite a prayer of Islam?

  • Raymond A Cattaneo

    The silence of Americans on this is incomprehensible and it will be to late like what happened to France and England .wake up !

  • Danielle

    What other religious studies are in the 10th grade curriculum? In 10th grade, at a Catholic School, we spent the year studying World Religions. We each took a Hindu god or goddess and made a poster presentation so we could learn about them. When we studied Judaism, we compared the ingredients of different snack cakes (Hostess, Drake’s, etc) to learn what was Kosher and what was not. We had twins in my class who grew up in Saudi Arabia until they were 8, and they brought in an alarm clock that was used for calling those of Islam faith to prayer. I don’t see what the issue is (although recitation is ridiculous). So long as they studied the other major religions of the world in the same class, and did the same amount of work, I think this is a great way to make kids more aware of what is out there.

  • none

    bendover and kiss the devil and your arses good by

  • vee buck

    My son is a minister if they force his son to do this there would be a protest like you wouldn’t believe……………….he would flunk this class for sure

    • sniper74

      And your son is the reason why we have so much war, anger and violence in the world. It’s because your son is close minded and views that his religion is the ONLY religion. But if you lived in another part of the world and practiced a different religion you would be thinking the same thing. Hmmm….Muslims think that their religion is the ONLY religion. Christians believe that too. Perhaps if we would just eliminate ALL religions then we would finally have peace.

      Stop trying to be like Hitler and his one sided beliefs. Our country was founded upon the freedom OF religion. One must learn about the other religions to understand what makes your religion special.

  • Jesse

    This is news of a religious takeover. If anything, it’s supposed to be imbalanced towards Christianity and Judaism b/c that’s where our history lies. Requesting that food be halal is one thing. I support that. I grew up strictly religious (Christian) and schools made accommodations for my religious beliefs. I think schools and government agencies should have to do this to a certain extent. Sorry but religious freedom and all.
    I want to see the rest of the book though before I start jumping to conclusions as to whether or not this needs to be criticized. Anyone know where I can read this online?

  • Herman Vogel

    So where are all the Atheists, the ones that HATE Christians, Hate prayer and HATE the Bible on this..oh yeah, those Cowards ONLY attack Faiths the can’t or Won’t fight back and THEY know it. Shameful AND Disgusting.

  • Terence Roder

    Home school as state schools are nothing but indoctrination camps for the Brave New World. Like 1984, where the Ministry of Peace waged war, the religion of peace wreaks carnage and death.

  • Beverly Wells

    I’d find myself a lawyer from the ACLJ and remove my child from the public school system. This is off the chart madness!

  • Charlie

    Imagine a teacher asking children to recite the Lord’s Prayer…. The outrage would be heard across the globe!

  • Ernie Williams

    These are the same people who call for the separation of church and state if Christianity is even mentioned anywhere near a school now telling us our children have to learn about a government sponsored religious belief, it’s time we take our country back… by force, if necessary.

  • Derwood Kirby

    So, King Hussein, what does that word called Taqiyya mean?

  • Suzanna Smogoleski

    when i was in school they never ever taught religion in history or religion in any way shape or form… But this worries me that they are trying to teach this subject in school now cause kids are easily persuasive to begin with… If there friends are wanting to do this or be this way then they want to follow along with their friends… I am not trying to be prejudice against another religion or group of ppl but when something goes against majority of ppl’s morals and belief’s then there’s something wrong here…

  • Lumph

    Islam is no longer a religion, its a movement that goes against every grain of our North American culture. Make a prayer rug?! Are you kidding me?

  • Me

    About people want to say Christians shove their religion down everyone’s throats. Wtf are they doing here with Islam??? But they are worse, they are bypassing parents and brainwashing children.

  • Native American

    ..go to the schools and get copies of the books they are teaching from investigate!

  • Barbara Washburn

    I’m telling you, people better start standing up or they are going to lose their parental rights and the state will take the children from the homes and indoctrinate them. They’re already telling you what you can and cannot feed your child at school.

  • Coletta Childress

    You have to know Seminole County to appreciate this “no-no”. They have a research panel, but they do not have time to research a text….. Sounds like other school districts I know.

  • JSebastian

    These ragheads better be careful.

  • Kypat

    We all need to let Jeb Bush know that we do not want him as our President. Common Core has to go.

  • Wowza

    No religion should be taught in our public schools. Period. It would end all of this debate!! There are colleges for teaching religions.

    • sniper74

      It’s part of World History. You can’t teach history without teaching religion. One must understand the basics of a countries history without first understanding it’s religion. After all, religion does have a bearing in creating laws and government structure as well as holidays and what they value.

      • Wowza

        Okay. That’s cool. As long as they’re teaching all religions equally then.

  • yoshi

    Hey sniper , If my child can not say a Christian prayer in public school or even read his bible during free time why should he have to study other religions in school .

    • sniper74

      Ahh….you are one of those that can’t seem to see that this article is one sided. They never asked if they did teach or have to recite the lords prayer for the class. They just went in there accusing the school of indoctrinating instead of trying to find out the truth. Would you say sorry for blaming the school if you found out that they did teach Christianity in the class? Because I have a feeling they did, but this article either left that out intentionally, or they never actually took the time to investigate whether they did or not.

  • yoshi

    Doesn’t my child then have the right to refuse to have other religions forced upon them at school

  • yoshi

    I say religion needs to be left at home not in school
    school is for reading writing and arthmatic, World history has been taught for years without having children recite prayers from any religion . I know because I went to school and was never forced to learn about other religions.

  • yoshi

    teach my kid to read write add subtract and how to understand the economy and financial , political system under which he/ she lives leave their religion to me thank you very much. This is our law no religion in school which part of separation
    of church and state did you not get

  • yoshi

    there are many more important things the school should be concerned with then teaching religions of any kind. we have kids who can not read or write cursive, they can not balance a check book ,do not know how to open a bank account or buy a house or even interview for a job . I could go on and on this is ridiculous and should not even be a topic when so many basics are not being taught

  • cozmofox

    Muhammad was a murdering pedophile, and people who buy into his crap deserve the pain that they get.

  • Josh Podliska

    You all disappoint me in attacking Islam, you all really do. It’s not indoctrination, it’slearning about something you don’t know much so we don’t become like you.

  • Jeffrey Lee Pennington

    video not there or not playing for me

  • Jeffrey Lee Pennington

    why does that always happen when the story is about islam can anyone say conspiracy

  • Passn8ldy

    What happened to separation of church and state???? Why can Christians not (of their own free will) pray on school property but students are forced to learn Islamic prayers?? I checked this on Snopes and while it doesn’t mention Florida schools it does say in CA and MASS students were taught an Islamic “creed” which was their way of getting around using the word ‘prayer’ but they weren’t forced to recite them. What would Muslims do if Protestant religions insisted on the same courtesy. Make the Muslims learn the Lord’s prayer – learn the many prayers recited by Catholics, etc. What’s the difference? Folks – if you have kids in school you need to pay attention because this is being done under the guise of of “social studies”. Look at your children’s books. Talk to your children. THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED NOW!!!! Our kids are vulnerable and they soak up new ideas and learn quickly especially the younger ones. Don’t let the system get by with doing this to our kids. Islam is the third largest religion in the US – after Christianity and Judaism (according to Wikipedia). Muslims only make us 0.6% of the US population but they are receiving more concessions than any other religious group. Prayer was totally stopped in schools years ago – so why is ANY religious training allowed in any public school?

  • Georgia Smith

    An equal part of all religions should be taught in our schools. It would help our children to better understand other believers of other countries.

  • Toni Welnhofer

    There shouldnt be any Islamic stuff. I wasnt taught anything about the islamic religion, or Christiany in school. Religion wasnt allowed to be tauht in school. I had to go to Sunday school and after school relgion classes at the church. And I dont recall the church teaching Islam either. It taught the bibe, and if Islam was in there, it was breif. This is the results of allowing common core into or schools. Every State should be banning common core. And burn its literture, in my opinion. Its being used to convert our children. And if 1 chater is allowed, then more will fill your childs teaching with more materials. There another parent who found out what his daughter was being taught in a 8th grade level, and he was banned from he school, he didnt pose any violence, he had quesions that the school didnt want to answer. This is serious parents, how low of a grade are they starting this crap? SMH

  • Toni Welnhofer

    ***This site isnt letting me repy to any of the comments.. Hmm it doesnt want my negative opinon on another parent did was ask the school questions on what his daughter was being taught and he wasnt any violent threat, and he was banned from her school. This common core is bad. In this article it tells you that The teacher was having the students recite Islam prayers to remember and to make their own prayer rug? If I were this guy I would be outraged too. Common core needs to be abolished in our schools. Its grooming our children and Obama i behind it all, notice how sneaky it is in our schools. Our State should throw this out and ban it from our schools and NOW!!

  • nicole

    Learning about a different culture is not “indoctrination,” nor is it “complete insanity.”I know my comment probably won’t stick out amongst the others, but if you are reading this, ask yourself: Do you know anything about Islam? Are the sources you’ve trusted for your information on Islam unbiased, or biased? Have you spoken to someone, maybe a neighbor, maybe a coworker, who practices Islam?
    Christianity is deeply rooted in American culture. Most of the principles of Christianity are common knowledge in American culture, just as the principles of Islam are rooted in the cultures of other parts of the world. To learn about world history, religion must be included, because religion is important to the way people live.
    It is easy to get angry, to shut out the unfamiliar– especially when we feel threatened. But if you are reading this, I urge you: consider understanding others rather than rejecting them. Consider opening up to others, rather than fearing them. Consider the benefits of learning about another culture–not because you want your children to join Islam (which is not the point of learning about it), but because you want your children to understand it.

    • NMKZ

      Well said- bravo!

  • Bobnews

    Is there anyone out there who is awake? We are losing America at an astonishing rate and we will not get it back in a life time. Now go back to sleep.

  • calypsodancler

    I am at my breaking point with all this crap..Time to join my local militia.

  • 1truGod

    John Adams


    The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity. I will avow that I then believed, and now believe, that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God.1

    Without religion, this world would be something not fit to be mentioned in polite company: I mean hell.2

    The Christian religion is, above all the religions that ever prevailed or existed in ancient or modern times, the religion of wisdom, virtue, equity and humanity.3

    Suppose a nation in some distant region should take the Bible for their only law book and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited. . . . What a Eutopia – what a Paradise would this region be!4

    I have examined all religions, and the result is that the Bible is the best book in the world.5

    John Quincy Adams


    My hopes of a future life are all founded upon the Gospel of Christ and I cannot cavil or quibble away [evade or object to]. . . . the whole tenor of His conduct by which He sometimes positively asserted and at others countenances [permits] His disciples in asserting that He was God.6

    The hope of a Christian is inseparable from his faith. Whoever believes in the Divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures must hope that the religion of Jesus shall prevail throughout the earth. Never since the foundation of the world have the prospects of mankind been more encouraging to that hope than they appear to be at the present time. And may the associated distribution of the Bible proceed and prosper till the Lord shall have made “bare His holy arm in the eyes of all the nations, and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God” [Isaiah 52:10].7

    In the chain of human events, the birthday of the nation is indissolubly linked with the birthday of the Savior. The Declaration of Independence laid the cornerstone of human government upon the first precepts of Christianity.8

    Samuel Adams


    I . . . [rely] upon the merits of Jesus Christ for a pardon of all my sins.9

    The name of the Lord (says the Scripture) is a strong tower; thither the righteous flee and are safe [Proverbs 18:10]. Let us secure His favor and He will lead us through the journey of this life and at length receive us to a better.10

    I conceive we cannot better express ourselves than by humbly supplicating the Supreme Ruler of the world . . . that the confusions that are and have been among the nations may be overruled by the promoting and speedily bringing in the holy and happy period when the kingdoms of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ may be everywhere established, and the people willingly bow to the scepter of Him who is the Prince of Peace.11

    He also called on the State of Massachusetts to pray that . . .

    the peaceful and glorious reign of our Divine Redeemer may be known and enjoyed throughout the whole family of mankind.12

    we may with one heart and voice humbly implore His gracious and free pardon through Jesus Christ, supplicating His Divine aid . . . [and] above all to cause the religion of Jesus Christ, in its true spirit, to spread far and wide till the whole earth shall be filled with His glory.13

    with true contrition of heart to confess their sins to God and implore forgiveness through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ our Savior.14

  • Paul Smith

    If you’re sending your kids to a public school, get them out…. the unions can’t indoctrinate them if they don’t have a chance……

  • kathy kalb

    What is going on! BS But the kids can’t say the Pledge Of Allegence? Everyone needs to contact there schools, and pulled their kids if they don’t stop this!

  • Marbran

    The last year before I pulled my daughter from HS (2013) and home schooled her, her history text had four pages about Islam and Muhammad, yet just two short paragraphs about Christianity, and this was a World History textbook. Islam is being foisted upon us, folks, and we’d better start pushing back.

  • bigsurprise

    OH HELL NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miki Paulo

    Schools do not own your children! Watch their curriculum & keep your kids home when such indoctrinations take place. Refuse to allow them to complete their assignments. Reinforce your faith with your children & assure them that even if their grades are docked you will continue to fight for them!!

    Then call the American Center for Law & Justice…They will sue school district to protect your children’s religious rights & enforce the no religion taught in school laws. Might as well use their throwing prayer out of school against them!

  • disqus_UCVriaqaYX

    Fact is, if the class were required to recite Corinthians off the board you guys would be losing your minds. But no, because it’s Islam it’s ok.

  • Tova

    Might be a good idea for parents to sit down with their children and do their own research and learning together. Why leave it to the schools and trust them? Why leave everything up to govt? Take care of your own house and children. You might learn a lot, both you and the children.

  • Peggy

    These parents need to show up at school and DEMAND that teacher be fired and then start getting involved in who is hired to teach–get off you duffs and correct this wrong now

  • Peggy

    If GOD is not allow in school neither is this–if violates the rights of Christian students–so get ahold of the local or national Civil rights adm and put a stop to this–and loose an idiot teacher their job, never to be hired again or teach again.

  • smedley butler

    I’m no fan of Islam or Sharia as it combines religion and their legal framework and may other reasons. That’s my opinion. I was raised as a Christian my right under the Constitution. Another person has the same freedom to their religion, whether Christian, Islam, LDS, Hindu or Satanist. It’s a catch 22, the Constitution provides for the freedom of religion however it applies to all Americans. I get it, I am biased and I understand why people don’t like Islam being taught in schools, it goes against our tradition and if we don’t like it then we need to get together as a community and vote on the people on the school boards and put people in place that share our values or possibly home school. We were sick and tired of the public school system so we homeschool.

    it’s a battle of ideas and values and if you don’t like it then you’re going to have to get out and stand up and vote with their dollars and vote in elections. the problem is that we are getting beat because we’re not fighting hard enough and we don’t like it so we complain but it comes down to taking action.

    Wiith all that said, the more I learn what really is going on in politics and how the world really works, the more I’m a become “awake” the more a question all religion.

    My advice is to turn off the main stream media unplug and free your mind because it’s all lies and crap meant to control us and whip up sentiment for any agenda.

  • liberally lucid

    Lol..y’all believe anything before actually knowing. Such uptight people believe that we’re losing our country to outsiders. Well guess what we’re a country of outsiders. Anyways just keep on breathing because another day is tomorrow



  • VJ

    I was reviewing this same 10th Grade World History book from Pearson publishing today in Lake County, FL – near Seminole County. The real dangers are the external extras available on internet sites provided by the publisher. My book was new and complete, but there is hardly anything in it about Christianity or Judaism. (thus the claim that 80 pages on Christianity & Judaism is false – there is not that much there) . Most sections are focused on geographic regions or countries, and none are labeled as being developed by Christianity or other religions,. But, in contrast, the only 30+ chapter (10) to focus on one religion, Islam, is covering history of Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Spain, etc. The Chapter is on how Islam developed the areas, rather than how the regions evolved over time. It is really clear there is a whitewashed version of Islam in the book, and the few places where other religions are mentioned, they are downplayed or issues are discussed in negative terms.

    I will soon have a detailed analysis at . I am also reviewing the 6th grade Pearson publishing book always mentioned as the source of coverage of Christianity. It ALSO contains a 30+ page chapter on Islam while no other full chapter is dedicated to Christianity or Judaism (there are smaller sections).

    Why would Islam get covered in the 10th grade, while other religions are covered in the much younger 6th grade? A staffer said that was because Christianity started earlier, which is the timeline of the 6th grade book, while Islam started in 600AD which was the period covered by the 10th grade book. Sounds logical, but the 6th grade book also has a full Chapter 18 on Islam which extended way into 1600 or the timeline covered by the 10th grade book. So, both books provide TWO full 30+ chapters on Islam, without any full chapters dedicated to other single religions. Additionally, there is NO discussion on the many violent actions like beheading and anti-female actions taken by Islam over the years. There is no mention of the 500+ battles started by Islam to expand their territories. They use the term “Islam spread” rather than describing Islam grew by beheading, taxing and harming non-believers. It is a fairy tale version.

    The 6th & 10th grade World History books from Pearson are labeled Florida Sunshine Standards. They have a section in front that lists the SS standards line by line with numbers from the State, and then list the book section. In the 10th grade book there are clearly 5-10 of the FL Sunshine Standards (which are 99% still Common Core) that specify Islam learning objectives in them, and those numbers are listed on almost every page to tell you which SS standard is being met by the section, thus Chapter 10 on Islam lists many SS standard numbers there. However, the 6th grade book lists general SS standards but they used Islam as the full chapter topic to illustrate the general standards. So folks who say the Islam issue should not be discussed on Anti-Common Core sites are wrong – they are clearly defined as a Common Core (or Florida) standards.

  • VJ

    Here is the book and the earlier 6th grade World History book which also has a full 30 page chapter on Islam, while no full chapters on any other religion, only smaller sections. This is from my analysis of them this week in Lake County, FL (Florida has only one school district per County)

  • Leonardo Riera

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!! Christ is being kicked out of our schools, but it’s OK to do islamic prayer? And this is part of the Common Core? Need to check this more, but in any event: Where are the parents of these kids?

  • Billy Bob Merkowitz

    What kind of Homework Assignments will his son get, when the class studies Homosexuality?

  • Karen Schroeder

    Over 20 years ago I thought my Ex’s Step brother and his wife were crazy for Home Schooling for their kids… Book Smart 100% Steet Smart… Not so much and I worried about them in the Real World…. But I have seen many people I deal with every day that have kids in Home School and their kids are doing great socially and are smart as whips… so now I think unless you can afford to send your child to a Private or Regilious School… there should be a way to have a “Home School” program where you can hire tutors that can teach up to 5 families and can rotate home to home all week long so at least once a week each family feels at at home… I know that thats alot of trust… but that is what back ground checks come from and there should be a registry of trustworthy private teachers should be on… And with only 5 families they can get together and agree what ALL the kids will learn…And if they do not agree with the teacher they have the voice of five to replace themand not have to fight a school board if a teacher starts to introduce “Prayer Rugs” into daily education…and if you want the “Prayer Rug” you have the choice to walk away with your kids and find the teacher for your kids… but not everyones kids….

    • Karen Schroeder

      OOPS that was as for what they learn… If they do not agree what the majority wants taught and if the teacher dose not want to teach it those are who can move on… Parents today should be able to control their childs Education… This Common Core is CRAP…give any Japeneese one of these questions and it would be like WHAT? And look at the records… they are SOOOOO Far ahead of any American in the school room

  • DUH

    I would already be suing the school, the supeintendent and the teacher individually.

  • Keith Foster

    How about you prove me wrong instead? Neither of us is really in a position to do that. I suggest we look at the facts and make rational assumptions based on those facts.

  • Keith Foster

    Have you?

  • A. Wolfe

    Where oh WHERE are all the HYPCRiTICAL LIBERALS who whine and complain about ANY reference (even by students) about CHRISTIANITY, but they allow islamic indoctrination to be in the school!!

    Liberals are FRIGHTENED of Islamics and thus their whole ‘anti-religion stance is baseless, when they refuse to stand against the TERROR religion

  • Guest

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  • Guest

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  • Carpe Diem, tomorrow’s 2 late

    You apparently are not as up to date on what’s going on in schools as you think you are. Daniel is correct, MANY schools are forbidding Christian prayers in their schools. You need to develop a better understanding of what’s really going on in this country.

    • Tyler Sherlin

      You’re either lying or misled. If you’d like your assertion to hold any weight, please provide me with a credible source or sources.

      • Carpe Diem, tomorrow’s 2 late

        I am neither lying or misled. I’m also not going to dig around and post links that any intelligent individual could locate on their own. Do a simple Google search and you will see many examples of the 1st amendment being ignored in our schools in regard to prayer along with the termination of employment of teachers and expelling of students who try to practice their 1st amendment rights.

      • hawaiigirl50

        You are ignorant!!! And blind. You have no clue what’s going on…so don’t even argue with people who do keep up with current events and know the truth!

  • The whole issue is used to rile you up!

    Get it? Got it?

    The oldest tactic in warfare used by the Zionist and their masonic / illuminati

    cohorts is the divide and conquer tactic! YES?

    Are you falling for it?

    YES, the communist (Zionist/Satanist/masons/illuminati/kabbalah/Lucifer the light bearer religion)

    folks control OUR USA and want to cause a divide and hatred among the people.

    THEY want to focus your hatred toward the other folks while they themselves

    are the enemy! They did 911, planned WW1 & WW2, and so much more!


    Wake up people, the clock is ticking !

    Rick Miracle, the truth seeker

  • Carpe Diem, tomorrow’s 2 late

    And you know this how? Do YOU attend these classes…more importantly, do YOU have kids in U.S. public schools that are teaching the (B.S.) common core curriculum?

    • Tyler Sherlin

      I know this because of my understanding of the 1st amendment. Anyways, you’re the one making the claim and the burden of proof is yours.

      • hawaiigirl50

        You can’t back up your statement buddy because you haven’t been keeping up with the news!!! That’s quite evident! You are just running your mouth about something you have no clue about!!!

      • Rylee Johnson

        Yep! Freedom of religion! Three cheers for the Bill of Rights.

  • Matibob

    Keeping drinking that Koolaid Chas. Open your eyes and refrain from sheeple antics. Your life DEPENDS on it. Or perhaps you are in the category of too ignorant to live……Actually never mind. I now see that you are a mere troll. Perhaps you should consider altering the moniker on your multiple accounts. It is rather telling.

  • JustSayin’

    You know, I have been really watching the state of FL for a awhile now, and I have to say that it isn’t the good state it used to be. FL has changed, for the worse. Its not just this news story, but many, many reported over the course of just the past 8-10 years alone. It didn’t used to be this way.

  • hawaiigirl50

    Just do research…the schools will stop your child from praying if they catch them doing it…I guarantee it…haven’t you been keeping up with all the news and reports on this very subject????

    • Tyler Sherlin

      Source your claim or youre lying.

  • hawaiigirl50

    They are FORCING it on your children!!!! Wake up!!!!

    • Carpe Diem, tomorrow’s 2 late

      Don’t waste your breath hawaiigirl… he has no children. He’s a 26 yr old child himself.

  • Alleged Comment

    I thought they was a separation of church and state that the lieberals say exist and they will be enforced?

    If this is a lie (and who doesn’t believe it is not) then bring back God, Bible and Christian prayers back to school then.

    And don’t forget America the Beautiful and God Bless America songs.

  • quiethinker

    Dear Naive Tyler: First we ignore, then we tolerate, then we embrace. If you don’t think this is a plan to get us to think this is a religion of peace, you must be very young and naive. No religion is schools is fine….we just taught that they were….not that they were wonderful, when they are cutting off heads!

  • Devilry.

  • PlanetKiller
  • t.v.

    I would Never let one of my children be exposed any longer to the Blasphemy and the slander of the true G-d of Israel by the Islamic godless satanic worshipers whose Allah is Satan!!! These are Not cultural studies but the indoctrination of worshipers of Satan himself!! The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth will put these people in their proper places eventually!!

  • Inspades

    Allowed versus being forced as part of a grade are two different things.

  • LoneWolf

    Take God out of schools and just about every other place in the nations – and replace God with satan/allah. There you have it, and it’s working out splendidly, isn’t it?…….

  • redroksaz

    This is beyond foolish. Do Americans not realize that this proclamation of “faith” that the Muslims proclaim every day as they face Mecca is a proclamation that the land belongs to Allah and Islam?

    Are these books going across America and are school children proclaiming this throughout our land? If so, we are claiming that this land belongs to Islam. Are we crazy? Are we so foolish to think this is a game? Have we just woken up from a long nap and have no idea what is happening in the Middle East? These books need to be destroyed and the land cleansed from wherever this prayer has been proclaimed.

  • shropster

    Christian prayers and Bible readings are not allowed to be led by an educator. But that prohibition doesn’t seem to apply to that 8th century Queen of Hearts that would scream “Off with their heads” and “death to the infidel”

  • shropster

    The same treatment of Christianity and its traditions are not allowed.

  • Joey

    Please show me into the New Testament where Jesus said to stone, burn, or cut off anyone’s heads. They were called Christians because they are Christ like. Wasn’t it in fact Christ of said those with out sin cast the first stone?

  • Joey

    learning about them and chanting their prayers or making a prayer rug are 2 different things entirely

  • ippon

    In the study of Islam are they teaching about honor killings, stoning of
    women, conversion or die, or pay a tax to islam, the complete lack of
    rights to women, sharia law…etc. if so, then i see no problem with this.

  • John Richardson


  • Janice la Pinta


  • Janice la Pinta

    Because that really isnt true.

  • Janice la Pinta

    no one can stop anyone from praying. anywhere, its done from the heart, silently.

  • Rylee Johnson

    -_- I’m pretty sure it’s just to open students up to faiths other than Christianity. Trust me, Myuslims don’t want to take over this country. It’s good to know that Christianity isn’t the only faith, and that Islam doesn’t just mean war. But then again, you’re Conservatives, so I doubt you won’t read this. Feel free to believe what you will, but ignorance won’t make this country any less likely to be ridiculed.

  • Rylee Johnson

    ooh, so true.

  • Rylee Johnson

    For the record ISIS doesn’t count as a normal Islamic group, they’re radicals. Kinda like the KKK is a radical Christian organization. Get the picture?

    • Kathryn Evans

      That’s why the picture says FUNDAMENTALIST Muslim – a Muslim who follows the instructions of the Koran to a “T”. We’re not talking about those who don’t. And the KKK are not “fundamentalist” Christians, either. They are historically Democrats who are actually a Masonic cult.

      • Janet Bosley

        a muslim is a muslim there are no other kind of muslim … and those who live their life opposite of the Bible are not Christians .. not one verse in the Bible that makes mention of KKK Christians..

    • Vera Tabib

      Ok then why don’t “moderate” Moslems protest the hijacking of their religion? Because they can’t. Number one reason is that in the Qu’ran it is a mandate to “kill the infidels” and number two they know they would be targeted by these killers…I am not afraid of them and will stand for Christ no matter. Truth will prevail and so will love and all haters will die and go to hell. That is biblical, its true…

  • Rylee Johnson

    yeah, and christianity’s all fluffy and violence-free, am i right? /sarcasm.

  • Rylee Johnson

    I’m sure the kids weren’t forced to, and the author spun it all out of proportion.

  • Rylee Johnson

    Oh really? None of my old schools had that rule.

  • Rylee Johnson

    So’s Christianity, what with the paedophile priests and such.

  • Tamera Barrow

    The bottom line is this…remember, it’s OUR job as parents to teach our children ultimately what we want them to believe, be it Christianity, Judiaism, Islam, Catholocism, etc. We teach them by talking, going to church, and showing them how to make good life choices for themselves. Teach them to be open-minded, but firm and steadfast in their beliefs. Then trust THEM to make the choice.

    • James

      Wrong! Sounds American..but it is PHONY….The Qu’ran is NOT acceptable as a book from god..or in our schools it is a MILITANT philosophy wrapped in a liturgical binder…..Jesus said..he came to separate the mother from the daughter..etc…He divided the families who rejected His Truth!..You have one life..and it’s short..choices are simple..the RIGHT ONE>>>>JESUS…no other”religion”offers anything but philosophical nonsense without a Redeemer with EVIDENCE!…So being ”open minded” is a good thing short term..but deadly as life goes on..many atheist believe that in the last moment they can be saved..Look what Jesus said..ANYONE who causes a child to stumble coming to HIM would be better off with a stone around his neck and cast to the bottom of the sea…..what does He mean….you are FOR him..or against Him…atheist..Islam..Jews any others who perverts what Jesus said..KNOWING what He really said and meant…but not believing NOT saved!..They are called the anti Christ..they must repent and TELL The WORLD..if they are WORLDLY..they were wrong…like Bill Maher..dawkins..well known and publicized .etc…why?? Because they caused many TO STUMBLE! The man on the cross was saved because he HEARD Jesus…being beside him..He knew that the man on that cross was the GREATEST MAN he ever heard or saw…whereever you go Jesus..I want to go with you…paraphrased………….That man did not deny his guilt..he denied JESUS”S GUILT!..Don’t mean to lecture..but be a Believer with an open mind FIRST!..Not an American!..the ACLU would have us for diner if we allowed your thinking to be AMERICANIZED!..then we would become Marxist state!..equal gods and no one is a truth teller..except Marx and his ilk…..Chritopher Hitchens of this world!

  • Joseph Pietrouchie

    Hey folks.. We have heard nothing but years of separation of church and state.. So how to explain why they are teaching any religion. That is up to the individual religious groups to do. So follow what you say, when it came to Christian holidays, etc. I think they are using the line, that we are teaching other religions also, as a cover to teach about Islam. So once again, separation folks.

  • Siafuyu

    The question is, “what the hell is anybody doing about it”? Pissing and moaning

  • Marilyn Bland

    Keith, that teacher who had his students make up a recital of the Islamic prayer and do a school project of making prayer mats took it a step too far. You don’t hear about any teachers asking their students to say the Lord’s Prayer or get out a Bible while teaching Christianity do you? That might offend some Muslim students who are in the classroom. It sounds like you are defending people who chose to move to this country, but who also don’t respect and honor our traditional customs, and traditions but belly ache and complain about anything that isn’t conformed to their beliefs here.

  • Amber

    When prayer is banned in our schools, and our children aren’t even allowed to speak about Our Holy Savior, Jesus! This is outrageous!. Sounds like conversion to me when you are required to make an Islamic prayer rug and quote prayers and scriptures from their Quran! Our children should not be forced to participate in this activity under the disguise of religious history! Parents beware they are trying to slip the old Trojan horse in our schools and we should be standing up against it!

  • Scott M. FotoPlex Levine

    If I want my child to learn religion in school, I will send him to a learning institution where that is part of the curriculum. I want my child to be prepared for the REAL world and having to make a living in a country that has been dumbed down and declining. I want his education to be comprehensive and worldly. I want him aware of what is happening in the world around him. That does not mean he needs comprehensive religious instruction. My eldest chose a path for himself in a technical field which will position him to be valuable, sought after, and establish his family well and provide for them. I raised him o have an open mind to people and the world around him, but to be SMART enough to look out for himself. Thankfully, in depth indoctrination into Islam or Christianity factored ZERO in his class curriculum!

  • Cinci

    Wait a minute, aren’t you the same group of people who are always fighting for freedom of religion? Or did you just mean freedom of ‘your’ religion? You said people should have the freedom to pray in school and now you are complaining that they are not saying the right type of prayers?
    What is the right religion? Judaism? Catholicism Protestant? Mormon? Islam? I suspect you do not really want freedom of religion; you just use those words so you can have the right to teach the children what YOU believe.

  • BC

    I good friend of mine is a interpreter in the Seattle area and they are teaching this to first graders and the chirstanty is “missing” too. Also said if they don’t recite prayers and dress up they get punished. If this was at my kids school is have almost every parent there protesting and not have my kids go there, a strike in a sense. Iam all for teaching differ cultures but at 1st grade reciting prayers??? This is against the constitution. Stand up and pay attention to what’s going on with your kids.

  • Vera Tabib

    All of what is now in the control of Islam was once Christian; Christianity was in Jerusalem, our first and foremost Holy City, Israel, Lebanon, Greece, Turkey, Asia minor and all around the Mediterranean. None of these were converted by the sword. On the other hand when the early Christians rejected Mohammad, that began his reign of terror and persists to this day…The crusades were in reaction and for releasing Islam’s hold on those in these regions…

  • Vera Tabib

    Excuse me but I guess you don’t know much about why Jesus came and that there is nothing of the sort in the New Testament that he died for…

  • Paul A. Bridge

    These compulsary islam lessons must be banned.

  • Janet Bosley

    islam is a cult … muslims worship allah who is none other than satan

  • Janet Bosley

    exactly Mac ..muslims are the only people who force people to bow to islam or die .. Christian do not force anyone to believe as they do and if they don’t they murder them…

  • James

    Crusades?? Show me where Jesus said..kill thine enemy..ever heard of WOLVES in SHEEP’S clothing? Take Hitler…many atheist say he was a Christian…do you believe the atheist Or Jesus?..Look at Stalin..he was supposedly a believer until DARWIN!! So..humble yourself..learn what a deceiver is……Think Richard Dawkins is righteous? Christopher Hitchens?They talk more about JESUS than anything else…Look at Tyson…..They have a problem with Jesus…and YOU??…Look at reason for crusades…not just the murdering…no one can MURDER in Jesus’s name….NO ONE!..They can defend themselves…it must be JUSTIFIED with RIGHTEOUSNESS!

  • James

    Brother…what you said is ABSOLUTE TRUTH!..The worst enemy of Muhammad is JESUS!…Salvation is ONLY through the Christ..Jesus…Savior for those who believe on His name as the Redeemer! The Qu’ran is a militant philosophy wrapped in a liturgical binder..a religion made by man..Not God!

  • James

    Great post!!

  • James

    He had nothing against was the love of the wealth….the LOVE of money is the root..not the money..Jesus knew the poor would be with us..was it the spiritual poor? Yes..and the NEEDY…Poverty begets poverty..Jesus knew it..if you don’t don’t eat..know who said that?..Jesus was all business about helping the poor..WE DO..loving…WE DO…caring..WE DO…….forgiving..WE DO help the truly needy……The American Idea you suppose is being taught is FALSE..There is NO way American Schools that will teach AGAINST ISLAM…why??? FEAR OF’t be a deceiver by using AMERCAN ideas as a reason when you deny the OBVIOUS! That would make you a LIAR.and deceiver….Jesus made it clear….be wise as the SERPENT!..Not using some phony mantle as a justification for allowing a murderous BOOK called the Qu’ran to be taught as being equal to Jesus’s teachings..Not in American…You can be muslim..but you are free because of CHRISTIANS being dominant in this country..So Muslims..humble yourself thankful that followers and believers of Jesus don’t lay a hand upon you..lest you provoke us to self defense!..Which Jesus permits with mercy for those who show mercy..but those who do shall NO mercy be shown to JESUS TAUGHT!

  • James

    You are a silly little troll who has no idea what Jesus taught..Hush you silly little brat!

    • Altreg01

      But I hate gays and muslims and refugees like all the rest of the conservative christians, maybe THEY dont know the teachings of Jesus. This silly little brat knows what our conservative christian leadership preaches…Huckabee, Trump, Rubio, Cruz, Palin etc etc etc

      • rwksict

        Perhaps you’re unaware that disagreeing with someone’s lifestyle or religion is NOT HATE. Nor is wishing to protect our nation and its people by not allowing potentially violent, hateful “refugees” inside our borders.

  • Shaghayegh Hend

    oh fuck off. They were teaching the basics of every religion and the pages were torn out of that ONE book. They should be teaching about all religion or none at all. When i was in school, we never even got to the chapter about Islam but learned about Christianity and Judaism. People want to complain about anything these days. get the fuck over it

  • rwksict

    Perhaps you’re unaware that Christianity starts with the New Testament…

  • BGills

    Oddly, Atheists are conspicuously silent on this particular subject?

    Public education has traditionally ignored, or just plain avoided, any teachings to do with the actual practice of religion. In recent years Atheists have made it their unending quest to eradicate any mention of God, or religion in our public schools…
    They have steadfastly blamed ‘religion’ for everything, and have habitually exerted their influence on the content of textbooks in our public schools, but here they have nothing to say? In fact I’ve never once heard any Atheist voice even a single critical word of Islam… Just Christianity… Hmm?

  • Baberaham Linkin

    Can you provide the citation/source of the kneeling-prayer photographs?

  • Quantcast

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