Comedian George Lopez Just Posted This Gruesome Tweet to Donald Trump

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Comedian George Lopez tweeted an image that shows Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán holding the severed head of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The Mexican-American actor and comedian, who has been a vocal critic of Trump’s candidacy, tweeted a gruesome photo showing the infamous drug lord standing on a mound of human skulls and money carrying Trump’s head.


The image included Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

After a Twitter user gave Lopez a taste of his own medicine in the form of a photoshopped image showing Trump as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator character carrying Lopez’s head, the comedian fired back with a vulgar response.

He then urged his followers to get out and vote for democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Last July, Lopez led a chant of  “Donald Trump … F—k that puto!” at a show in Phoenix, Arizona.

The star of two cancelled sitcoms and an ill-fated talk show added: “This country is better with Latinos in it.”

  • Jeff Allen

    fuck lopez

    • fillybuster

      make it a double.

    • Arthur M.

      No thanks….not even with another dude’s junk! Ha ha! Lopez, the misguided and delusional turd, was never funny. Just the same old boring typical type of so-called humor.

  • birdbrain2

    What is the matter with this Lopez guy is he afraid that maybe Donald Trump will deport him also. Maybe this Lopez guy is actually an illegal.

    • Brenda Rapp Sabo

      🙁 Actor and comedian George Lopez was born April 23, 1961 in Mission Hills, California.

      • birdbrain2

        So why is Lopez acting like an illegal gang banger? Is Lopez one of the ones that will leave when Donald Trump becomes POTUS? Is so then why does he not leave now as the USA does not need his sorry rear end here any longer.The USA needs only productive members of society which does not include Lopez. By the way I would love to see his birth certificate published.

      • doornazi

        then he is not Mexican

      • just wondering

        Glad you cleared that up. God what would we do without these flaming liberals?

        • Lisa A. Watson

          Enjoy life!!!

          • just wondering


  • Judy Cordes

    That’s not even funny, but then neither is lopez.

  • zrodfx

    ‘Puto ‘ is a Mexican slur meaning faggot.

  • zrodfx

    A brown , acne scarred, Mexican turd

    • Sybil Mullins

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      • The Truth

        Lol your friends mate sucks dick for a living.

        • JRD

          brilliant response, you have the mentality of a 6 year old.

          • The Truth

            and your point is…..

  • Harriet

    Haven’t seen you around for years Lopez. You become a has been? Trying to be relevant with this vulgar post? Not gone work. Sooooo go back into the shadows.

  • kevinh5

    This little racist PUTO is nothing but a grease stain on mankind. One more reason drop kick all Mexican illegals out of the USA ASAP!

  • Rob Davis

    I just called him out on Carnival Cruise Line’s head Cruise Director’s Facebook page (John Heald). You should too:

    Carnival has him as their comedy club spokesperson. We need to make sure he loses this gig over this threat.

    • Karee Bearance

      will do!

    • Brenda Rapp Sabo

      REPLY received

      • Rob Davis

        Nice job. Screw Jorge Lopez.

  • JoeW6558

    Trump 2016 MAGA

    Fence it!
    Defend it!
    Deport it!
    Stop the 30 year invasion and secure our border(s)

  • Tim

    George, i didn’t realize what a DummFuk you really are, it’s people like you that proves that Trump is right and will push him right to the top… Trump 2016…

    He’s got my vote…

    • Jessie Bolado

      Never will beat Clinton.

      • Karee Bearance


      • maineman65

        Which is too bad, cause if anyone deserved to get beat it is a Clinton

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        • Sue Boclair

          Hillary Clinton will never step foot back in the WH unless President Trump and First Lady Melania invite her, and I don’t see that happening any time soon. Her career in politics is over! YAY!

      • Tim

        You must live in Arkansas…. When 2 people get a divorce in Arkansas at least they still are brother and sister….

        • Rattschidtt

          A virgin in Arkansas is described as a girl who can outrun her brothers

        • Stargzer

          Well, Hillary was born in Chicago — and raised in the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge.

          My, but how things change over time!

          From Wikipedia: “Raised in a politically conservative household, Rodham helped canvass Chicago’s South Side at age thirteen following the very close 1960 U.S. presidential election, where she found evidence of electoral fraud against Republican candidate Richard Nixon. She then volunteered to campaign for Republican candidate Barry Goldwater in the U.S. presidential election of 1964. Rodham’s early political development was shaped most by her high school history teacher (like her father, a fervent anticommunist), who introduced her to Goldwater’s The Conscience of a Conservative, and by her Methodist youth minister (like her mother, concerned with issues of social justice), with whom she saw and met civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. at a speech in Chicago’s Orchestra Hall in 1962.

          From solid Republican to Flaming Democratic Liberal!

          • Tim

            Sooooooo what’s this have to do with George Lopez’s behavior?

          • Phydeux

            That was her way of rebelling against her parents, I suppose.

        • Jimbo Velasquez


      • JRD
      • SandyT

        Never, huh? LMAO!

      • Panama Mack

        How does that crow taste Bolado?

      • Herbert Lubitz


      • Nunya

        Really now? Does the sweet taste of crow offend thy delicate palate?

      • Sue Boclair

        Wanna bet? 🙂

      • Ken Vanek

        He did! HAHAHHA

      • SF.Spring4040

        Well … define ‘never’? Lol

      • Bird

        Hahaha…. bet you feel pretty stupid now (June, 2017); you can now refer to him as President Donald J. Trump, leader of the United States of America!!! Love it! … You were saying? hmmm?

      • Lois

        Never say never.

      • Caren Wierenga


    • CatherineDGales

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  • chickief

    Freedom of speech is 1 thing but a physical threat is another!

    This isn’t funny!

  • Cindy Cron Baker

    Just not THAT Latino.

  • States Rights

    Might need to start buying more ladders, at least 75 footers, that wall is going to be tough my beaner amigos.

  • Golfer1113

    Typical liberal. He can post anything he wants and you are supposed to live with it but if you do the same it is wrong. That is the liberal way.

    • Stargzer

      Yep! If you can’t stand the heat, you’re supposed to get out of the kitchen, not shut down the stove and stop baking!

  • Stephen Welsh

    Don’t think this country is fucked? Look no further than the comments below.

  • American Native

    All Mexicans should be given 40 days to exit the fucking country, then it’s Beaner Season.

    • Jessie Bolado

      American Native, you do mean the illegal sort, correct?

      • olddog

        MESSicans aren’t AMERICANS. It’s one or the other..just like AfriCANT-DO NUFFINS…Can’t be AmeriCAN-DO..IMO.

  • hk770

    George lopez is a bigoted, hypocritical, gutless pile of shit. He hates whites but sucked their dick like its the cure for cancer, to get his career. But even all that cracker cock couldnt save his shitbag career that his own stupid fucking mouth ruined. He is a pathetic washed up loser.

  • Jessie Bolado

    What a wetback. Glorifies a drug kingpin that’s murdered thousands. Him and The wetback drug lord belong together.

  • lvref702

    This country is better with Latinos in it. It’s also better with Europeans, Africans, Asians, Australians, and whoever the else wants to come here legally. That was the comment Georgie. You are pure trash. Not because you’re Latino, just because you’re an idiot.

  • Karee Bearance

    And now we know how isis will get into our country, people like this horrible man will welcome it

  • jhk

    I am not a Trump supporter, but Lopez just lost a fan!

  • Nelson Stanley

    Moslems and Mexicans – 2 sides of the same coin !’n

  • The Truth

    Deport him Danno!

  • Dana Davis

    George is illegal too? Holey crap! Deport him!

    • Brenda Rapp Sabo

      :*( Actor and comedian George Lopez was born April 23, 1961 in Mission Hills, California.

  • Jim

    A death threat to an active candidate of either party should evoke a response visit from the Secret Service.

    • Stargzer

      Ehhh, more of a wish than a threat. Unlike the idiot who posted a photo of Chelsea’s college dorm and circled her window, and then said they should take out their athletic frustrations on her bruised, battered body. Bright Boy was surprised when the Secret Service showed up to question him. How did he pass the college entrance exams in the first place?

      • JRD

        Hopefully the Secret Service will pay George a visit and straighten his dumb ass out.

      • Jim

        A threat is a threat. Both instances should be investigated. (My original post did say EITHER party).

  • Monica Jean Potts

    Lopez is not a man. No man would take his then wife’s kidney so he could survive ,and then divorce her, he has always been a POS in my book.

    • Stargzer

      Well, there were 5 years between the donation and the divorce. Maybe she should have had a clause to repossess the kidney in case of divorce … I’ll have to remember that!

      • Monica Jean Potts

        Why,Do you need a kidney?

  • Ryan Barnicle

    Let’s be honest. Mexico is the colon of North America.

  • JimmiJames

    Lopez is just a racist spic a-hole!

  • David Carpenter

    I don’t care if you are Hispanic. If you are an American citizen and identify as Mexican, then I have a problem. This is what Teddy Roosevelt was talking about. We don’t have room for hyphenated Americans…..Mexican-American, African Americans! Be American or get the hell out of my country! Comedians think it is great to crack wise on racial issues, usually it’s because they are very racist themselves. Because they are not white and crack jokes about white people they get away with it and nobody thinks about it, it’s funny. White comedians, unless Jewish, don’t get away with it so much. This Lopez is not so funny. Everything he touches goes to crap. All his tv shows suck and get cancelled. Be American or get out!

  • JRD

    This country is better with latinos in it just not George Lopez he is an embarrassment to everyone, especially his mother.

    • Stargzer

      Well, his father deserted him when he was 2 months old, his mother when he was ten years old. He was raised by his maternal grandmother and step-grandfather.
      He’s still a mean one; give him a couple cases of chill pills.

      • JRD

        The father sad, the mother however had ten years to find out what a disgusting person he was and ran away. George is a sorry example of what a person can be.

  • Deborah Hewitt

    These are not political cartoons anymore. They don’t even represent any policy or ideology. How are we supposed to teach our children about America’s political process when we can’t even get past racial hate tactics. This is disgusting.

  • Rattschidtt

    Talentless hack trying to gain relevance he lost after his FIRST show was cancelled. He’s the “Carlos Mencia” for this generation.

  • I would say that more than half of this has-beens comedy was racist, aimed at whites in particular. But that is true of most minority comedians. But do not let a white comedian be racist. That’s a sin.

  • RetFedCop

    What do you expect from a wetback who’s country is made up of vicious gangsters, murderers, child rapists and Marxists! That’s PRECISELY why we need that wall!!!! We need to keep that violent trash out of our country!!!!!!

  • Tony

    Gonna be hard for his picture to come true…Last time I checked another Hollywood liberal had ratted out El Chapo and he was in jail….Apparently the dumbass is incapable of reading the news.

  • marcus tullius cicero

    …insolent and ungrateful mexicarn!

  • Stargzer

    Ya know, this is the kind of stuff that led to duels in the 19th Century, like when Alexander Hamilton came out on the losing side of a duel with Aaron Burr. Burr got tired of the innuendo and insults, and back then you couldn’t sit around slinging mud from home on your computer in your jammies; you had to defend yourself when you were called out.

  • another_engineer

    Lopez the mexican n1gger has always been a scumbag.

    Don’t you remember when he took a kidney from his wife then divorced her?

    before that he said he got pleasure in seeing white guys punched in the face.

  • Anakha

    George is very racist and he continues to show his true colors. We want Americans here – legal ones, not those who violate our borders, breaking our countries laws and then demanding privileges and rights they do not have being foreign citizens. George doesnt give a damn if people break the law, when they are latinos – he acts like they are entitled. No respect and quit watching any show he is in. Shame he earned his money from OUR country.

  • joejmz

    Yes, this country is better with LEGAL Latinos!

  • another_engineer

    Same rectum that took his wife’s kidney and then divorced her.

  • just wondering

    Last time he will ever get audience rating. What an idiot and Trump is being chastised for inciting violence.

  • Gwyn Faile McCoy

    I knew there was something about George Lopez I didn’t like, now I know. Won’t be watching anything with him in it anymore!

  • margo1942

    LOPEZ IS A PIECE OF CRAP AND NEEDS TO BE ABDICATED! oh i forgot he is not anyone of importance so it can’t be done.

  • pignut

    we the people will never watch or support any tv show that includes lopez again. he is done

  • Paul Galis

    I thought he had moved to another country ke he promised. He even said something bout a property in escrow. What happened George? Did you let your mouth write a check that your ass couldnt cash?

  • nancy follistd

    Lopez is a racist! He is a piece of💩!

  • InTrumpWeTrust

    I’m so glad these idiot liberals are taking the high ground.

    F’kn classy,

  • William Patrick Bower

    If Mexico is so good… why are you here?

  • FrankTucson

    Hey George, some of us Americans know what you and your Mexica Movement scum want and have in store for white/black Americans and the United States as well. You all can deny it all you want like most of you cowards, but you and your compadres display your hatred everyday. Come’ mierda!

  • Alan House

    Lopez….you’re convincing me that maybe it’s not such a good idea for you and your invading tacos to come here…….at all.

  • Angie MacGeil

    Well you and yours didn’t leave. You just can’t leave it alone. Hope they come for you and put you deep in a hole, deeper than your lowest low.

  • Joe American

    Lopez is nothing but a 2 bit bitter BITCH. Rumor has it he is allegedly under investigation for inappropriate acts with under age Mexican boys. No shock there.

  • Dan Welsh

    I do not have a problem with latinos, just george the looser

  • Jimbo Velasquez

    Hey, hor-hay, join the “freedom train”…..back to mexico, PENDEJO!!!!

  • Erolas

    Old George has teally turned into an asshole. I remember when he was funny about 20 years ago.

  • HLH

    it might be better with latinos in it but much better off without you in it.

  • Jeffrey Jacks

    This country would be better with one less Latino in it and that Latino is George Lopez.

  • disqus_XiPHq3JlXk

    This was posted in 2016, and the secret service was ‘where’?

  • Badkarma060

    As an American of Spanish decent, let me be the first to say…George is a jerkoff. Trump/Pence 2020!!!!

  • Anthony Horton

    In a world over run with wars, murders, the poor being left to help themselves and dying of starvation while being homeless, people dying of diseases and cancers. as basically the world goes straight to hell in a hand basket, what does people occupy their time and energy on ? Bitching about politics, pictures of celebrities with severed heads who think their funnier then watching two flies fuck !

  • Shoshana Brand

    What is he doing in the U.S anyway? He loves Latinos; he’s a failed actor; he obviously is fond of Socialism. Venezuela is your place, Lopez!

  • Firestar45

    “The star of two cancelled sitcoms and an ill-fated talk show added: “This country is better with Latinos in it.””
    That must explain why Mexico is so great that Latinos can’t flee from fast enough.

  • bpgagirl22VAnow


  • William Hallett

    The more these scumbages insult and belittle Donald Trump, the more POPULARE he becomes!!!

  • Rebecca Gee

    What an ASS!!!!!!

  • Rev. Bob Celeste

    He needs to heed the advice of Gene Autry and self deport.

  • Gerald Barnhill

    Will take that head of you and stick up your ass your just another pathetic loser.


  • Robert

    Who the heck puts this ~~OLD ~~news on Facebook all the time. This is dated 2016 🙂


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