CNN Takes Radical Muslim Side in Texas Attack – Then Pamela Geller DESTROYS Their Argument


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Two Muslim terrorists, aligned with ISIS attacked a Texas free speech event yesterday, intending to commit mass murder using AK-47s and explosives, because 300 Americans dared to criticize Islam. Thankfully, the Garland, TX police were able to gun them down to prevent mass bloodshed.

Guess who CNN is siding with?

Do you really need to ask? Thankfully, organizer Pamela Geller was having none of it, and instantly slapped down CNN’s ridiculous Islam-appeasing talking points.

THAT’S the way you shut down those who surrender to the Muslim free speech police.

Well done, Pam!

  • CNN is such a joke now. Just a sad parody of its former self. Their just MSNBC lite now.

    • MarieRPrice

      ➢➢➢➢GET PAiD @ h0me with Google W0rk@nd4::



    • Rose

      That’s WEIRD. CNN is exactly the same.

      CNN isn’t the one that changed.

  • Luvmylab

    I’ll never understand why Allison left FOX for CNN.

    • HarryTheCat

      Probably got booted for being an idiot.

  • Otter58701

    CNN = Commy News Network

  • Julia Thurlow

    I would have liked to have seen the rest of it. I wanted to see Pamela slap Allison around some more. What a joke that anchor is. She just doesn’t get it and I don’t understand why.

    • Ferrari fan

      nothing like an epic beatdown through the calm use of logic.

    • Rose

      People make the Eternal Choice, then they make the small choices that support the Biggie, and justify it.
      Alison “doesn’t get it” because she closed her own eyes, because she already rejected the Other Pasture.
      She doesn’t understand how any sheep can stand the grass over there, because she would rather throw up than eat “that grass”.
      The grass she has where she is, and the voice of her shepherd is to her liking. She loves her shepherd’s voice and intends to always cuddle near him, by his cookfires and drink her water from his hand.

  • Hood Roberts

    Congratulations to Ms. Geller for standing up to the death cult known as islam. Every real American should despise islam. This is one of the many times I lament my totally inartistic ability. If I had any I would have drawn and submitted the most vile and outrageous drawing possible against the death cult of islam. It in no way is a religion. These sub-human muslims are nothing more than spawns of Satan. Another idea I had was a drawing of a puppet muhammed being manipulated by Satan with muhammed, in turn, manipulating the strings of all the little spawns of Satan. If only Richard the Lionheart and his boys had done a better job and slaughtered every single one of these sub-humans the world would be a much more peaceful place. Another article mentioned that spawn of Satan, Keith Ellison, tried to get douche canoe Kerry to prohibit a speaker from coming over as he would be insulting islam. (apparently there is some act called the religious freedom act. If this country were run by real Americans our response would be — No violation as America does not recognize islam as a religion.

    • Wiggle D

      The worse the drawing, the better. Edit: Truth be told, you could be doodling Ganondorf from any of the Zelda games can could be doodling Muhammad for all we know. We aren’t allowed to depict him, so we have no idea what so ever on what he really looked like.

  • Davey Dunn

    piss on obamas quran pigs

  • john

    cartoon news network

  • Mark Muylaert

    Not surprising that a CNN host would side with the terrorists.

  • Con10tious Adventurer

    First of all he’s entitled to his opinion!!! Perfect opening statement!!

  • lawngren

    The news media continues to be an enemy of America, an enemy of freedom. Bravo for Pam Geller. Hers was a very well-reasoned response.

  • Golfer1113

    What does this idiot news commentator say about them stomping on our FLAG. Ron White said it best “You can’t fix stupid”. I bet she fights for their rights when it comes to our flag. Get her and all like her off the news and get people with some common sense in there.

  • Jazz

    SPOT ON Pam!

  • catman

    Ridiculous. CNN anchor first says one thing, then backtracks, then goes left, then right..reminds me of a boxing match where the only defense is “bob and weave”. “Labeling” an event organizer, based on comments by the key note speaker, is ridiculous. Free speech does not mean “what you say is what I think”. CNN, what idiots they are.

  • Douglas Moose

    It’s ironic to hear a news anchor condemn a free speech event.

    • Rose

      She must think her news never offends anyone who hears any of it.
      “Her stink smells better than anyone else’s stink”.

  • Larry C Mason


  • Tuco

    GO, PAM!! 100% spot-on correct about Islam, our First Amendment and the spineless drivel offered up by the lamestream media about Islam. Keep up the good work, but watch your six.

  • styne20

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    • Happy Tree

      She sure gets an odd amount for a lap dance.

  • Mary York

    Watch Fox news it get to the facts and 100 percent better!

    • Rose

      If you were paying attention, you would know Fox is doing exactly what CNN is doing. A couple of hosts at CNN have even defended Pamela Geller, even though they are still raging Leftists.

      Meanwhile, Hannity, O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Martha MacCallum, Juan Williams, (prolly Shep Smith, I dunno for sure about him), Geraldo Rivera, and others have already insulted Pamela Geller.
      There are No box seats on the fence in the Issue of the Constitution. Those that want it both ways are definitely on the other side AGAINST the Constitution AS CURRENTLY RATIFIABLE and as Ratified by the Founding Fathers!!!

  • Lee22

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  • Mary York

    I really do not trust any of the news , there are very few real new stations they only say what they are allowed to say and I am sick of the way the government and news are changing our America. There has always been those in government who tells us false statements and cover things us in order to get all of America to be in agreement to fight a war. That has always been war with another country now we have a President who is starting wars within our own country. Obama can leave the White House being proud that the biggest black voter turn out was when he was elected President but he knows that it was the white voters that put him in office and if he leaves the White House he will be leaving as the most hated man ever to hold office as well as the most undeserving person to hold office. I would not discount Obama starting a war ( all his actions are causing a collapse in many area of our system,) If our system collapse Marshall Law will be called out and just maybe Obama wants to go down in history as being the President to stayed pass his term and was able to change EVERYTHING in America, as we know it.


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