CNN Anchor Says Michelle Obama Has the Power to Sign Bills Into Law (Video)


No wonder Michelle Obama thinks she is our Queen, able to decree school lunch policy and threaten Congress when they try to rein in her disastrous edict.

This CNN anchor believes Mrs. Obama signs bills into law!


COSTELLO: That was Mrs. Obama back in 2010 when she signed the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act into law. Well now some members of Congress and the food industry want to roll back that initiative and loosen requirements to cut costs. Today the First Lady takes the unusual step of delivering White House remarks speaking out against that House measure and in another twist, a one-time ally of Mrs. Obama’s initiative is now a critic.

As Breitbart noted, this isn’t the first time Carol Costello has generated face palms across the nation.

CNN’s Carol Costello, America’s worst morning anchor since Soledad O’Brien disappeared into the money-hole of Al Jazeera America, is at it again…(T)elling her viewers last week that Climate Change is real because it’s in the Bible (no, really)….Costello has been a longtime embarrassment for the one-time Most Trusted Name In News. She’s attacked Billy Graham, constantly obsessing over left-wing identity politics,ridiculously biased, and just not very bright. Her inability to grasp even the basic concepts of Christianity is breathtaking and yet constantly on display.



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