CNN Anchor Playing the Race Card on Trump is STUNNED by NFL Legend’s EPIC Response


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

The liberal media is going out of their minds watching business, technology and cultural leaders streaming into Trump Tower to meet the President-Elect — and then emerging with praise for the man they tried so desperately to demonize and defeat.

So instead of reporting on the great reception Donald Trump is getting, they keep trying to get these folks to bash him, by using the same tired narrative that failed to help Hillary win.

Today on CNN, Brooke Baldwin tried to play the race card with NFL legend Jim Brown by trying to bait him on the lack of “diversity” in Trump’s cabinet picks.

When you look at the pictures of this cabinet here, Jim, do you see? You have the majority — white men in Mr. Trump’s cabinet,” CNN host Brooke Baldwin began her racially charged question. “Critics have said this is not diverse enough. Yes, there are women, yes there are minorities represented, but not a majority. Does that bother you? Is that a big deal to you?” she asked, obviously attempting to cause racial tension.

But Brown would have none of it, and literally left her speechless with this epic response:

“I’ve lived all my life in America and I’m 80-years-old. So I have seen discrimination at its worse. I understand slavery — I study history.

The only thing that I’ve always done, I’ve tried to make sure that I was a decent person and that I worked outside of myself to make things better. So I don’t always look at black and white.

I’m going to say this to you, and I don’t ever say this, the three greatest people in my life were White, okay? My high school coach, my high school superintendent, and my mentor — I never had a father really. My great grandmother raised me.

But I was in this country where I got help from people that were not of my same color. So I don’t come out of the box, I don’t come out of the box as racial. I look for good people and people that will be like-minded and help and help me try to do good for other human beings.

Race card…DENIED!

Baldwin — left temporarily speechless, quickly ended the segment, perhaps not wishing to see her race-baiting narrative further crushed.


Brown also said he “fell in love” with Trump after meeting him because he believes Trump will truly help inner city Blacks, and that Trump “has my admiration”.

Media narrative destroyed by Trump yet again.


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