Citizens Film Illegal Aliens Brazenly Crossing Rio Grande in Makeshift Raft (Video)


On Black Friday, a group of Americans witnessed over a dozen illegal aliens crossing the Rio Grande.

A Harlingen couple, who asked reporters in the video below to conceal their identities, said they and others around them were outraged at what they were witnessing.

What was more shocking to the couple is nobody was stopping them…

“I noticed two, what appeared to be males in the water there,” the husband explains. “I guess on the west side of the bridge headed northbound from the Mexico side of the water.”

Caught on video by the couple, men crossing the river with a line, which they tied up on opposite sides. They used the line to move the boat instead of using oars to cross.

The couple was once again shocked when they allegedly noticed a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle pass by. However, the way agents responded surprised them even more.

“I tried to get his attention and he went 20 yards down the river,” the husband said. “He just turned around and went back.”

According to the couple, the illegals were about to reach the U.S. border when Border Patrol passed.

Border Patrol did not stop, according to them.

The couple said over 20 illegal aliens crossed the river in a makeshift raft.

The raft went back and forth twice to get everyone across — and in all that time, with Border Patrol boats nearby, they were NOT apprehended.

“Plain daylight, 2 p.m., 100 yards from a custom checkpoint,” the husband said. ” You see twenty plus possible illegal aliens crossing the U.S., it’s very disturbing.”

Once the illegals noticed they were being recorded, they angrily started yelling at the couple in Spanish.

The couple decided to go to the Customs checkpoint and report it.

The couple said they spoke with U.S. Customs about what they had just witnessed and then got back in the line to cross the border into the U.S.

They expected to see and hear sirens indicating authorities were searching for the undocumented immigrants, but they claim that never happened.



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