Chris Christie: Opponents of In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens are ‘Cold Hearted’


Chris Christie to 81% of voters: “♪You’re a cold-hearted snake♫…”

by John Urban | Top Right News

Just hours before he became embroiled in a mega-scandal over political dirty tricks in Fort Lee by his office and staff that threatens to derail his presidential ambitions, NJ Gov. Chis Christie made a well-publicized appearance to promote his signing of in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

As unpopular and controversial as was that decision, Christie as usual couldn’t help but throw his (ample) weight around, accusing of heartlessness those who opposed giving a tax-payer funded handout to those breaking our laws just to be here.

Surrounded by Hispanic Democrat politicians, students, and amnesty advocates, Christie praised his own signing of his state’s so-called DREAM Act on Tuesday, hailing the new law as an economic “investment”and an example of “bi-partisan action”.

Christie made his appearance in Union City, which is 80% Hispanic and considered one of the most corrupt cities in the nation — home base of scandal-plagued Democrat Senator Robert Menendez. The appearance rewarded the Democrat mayor of Union City, who endorsed Christie for re-election last year. (To see how Christie “rewards” those who declined to endorse him,  see what happened to the mayor of Fort Lee).

Of his handout to illegals, Christie said:

“Our job, I believe, as a government, is to give every one of these children who we have already invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in, an opportunity to maximize the investment for their benefit, for the benefit of their families, for the benefit of our state and the country,” Christie said.

And then the ever-nasty Christie couldn’t help besmirching the character of those who opposed the bill:

 “Even if you’re cold-hearted about this, you can agree with the common sense of the economics: An investment made should be an investment maximized,” he said.

Get that? If you have a problem with handouts for those here illegally, providing an incentive for illegal aliens to come to New Jersey, and hurting New Jersey taxpayers an students to make it happen, you are heartless.

And to this former Federal prosecutor, a handout for those who are violating Federal immigration law, is fine and dandy, so long as he can use it to pander for votes.

But as Christie is in full Hispandering mode, he might wish to remember what happened to the lst GOP candidate who accused those in his own party of heartlessness for opposing tuition breaks for illegals — it derailed him. Rick Perry said in 2011 GOP debate that those who opposed tuition breaks for illegal aliens “had no heart”. He was booed soundly, and his standing evaporated within days.

That is because 81% of voters oppose in-state tuition for illegals. It’s a political loser, as will be Chris Christie, if Republicans are foolish enough to nominate him in 2016.

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  • 4MeNoRinos

    where is my FREE tuition for my kids who were born in the US to Legal citizens, oh that is right we had to pay for our kids to go to college. Freebies only for the lawbreakers. This makes me sick

  • pat

    My son has tens of thousands in loans, where’s his break??? Maybe i should have changed his last name to Hernandez or something. Until Americans stand up and do something drastic these politicians will continue to go against the will of the people. Of course, then we are called racists when it has nothing to do about race, Illegal is Illegal and when they are illegal and sucking up government benefits that our states try to keep quiet, suppressing wages, not to mention alot of jobs are being posted as “must be bi-lingual”. I guess we are turning into the United States of Mexico. WRITE/EMAIL CALL YOUR SENATORS, GOVERNORS AND WE MUST PROTEST BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

  • tkedo

    My husband and I are legal citizens, and tax payers since I we were 16 years old. Between my husband and I we have put in our fair share, and not once did either of my kids receive handouts. Why would you think that I would agree to give handouts to illegal aliens? I am not heartless. Come on…let us get realistic We need to take care of our own first…my kids are struggling to pay back student loans working low wages jobs, having to pay for health insurance, rent, auto, daily living expenses. I frankly do not want any of my tax dollars being handed out to those who have not even put into the system! I am not heartless…just realistic! Enough of throwing our tax dollars away on illegal aliens…they are sucking the life out of America! Take care of our own first! It will make us stronger and once we are back on our feet…then we can help others. Until then, America needs to help their own first!

  • Evony Master

    I cannot stand his policies either but I think their opposition to them is clouding the objectivity of some on the right in regards to the lane closure incident. I sincerely doubt Christie knew about this for one simple reason, it makes no sense to get “payback” because the guy didn’t support him when his reelection was never in doubt anyway.

  • Gailypooh

    if this is true I have a new outlook for this man. I really liked what he stood for and the way he stands up. but we pay enough out and not enough to our own people, if you want to come to this country to go to college more power to you, but my kid had to take out 50k in loans and so should you..that was his first year, you will take our money and then go back to your own country and never invest in our economy.. i completely disagree.. cant say that I like him anymore after this…

  • bobfairlane

    Chris Christie is anti-white scum.

  • Kevin Blankenship

    I guess now we know he is running for President!!! He is courting the illegal sympathy voter!

  • 4MeNoRinos

    Nevada DMV issues 549 driving authorization cards in first week.

    just what we do not want in all states. Nevada was foolish for doing this, for many reasons. I am not sure you can post links here in the posts. But this article is at the Las Vegas Review Journal

    • Go ahead and post the links. No problem.

  • Joseph Morabito

    Really John, you had to throw in “ample”? My, aren’t you clever and witty.
    I sure don’t want a “President Hillary” in 2017, but you sure seem hellbent on getting her elected. You people need to remember something —we in the middle do the electing, and as long as you keep pushing unacceptable candidates, we’re going to end up with nightmares like Obama.

  • maclll

    Nice, as a tax payer and a citizen, I can’t afford to send my kids to college here but this state can not only allow illegals in state tuition but it can also afford to give them scholarships. We are one Hell of a screwed up society.
    I’m a cold hearted tax payer Governor. I’m tired of seeing those that don’t contribute sucking on the state teat.

  • Paul Baker

    Damn RINO.

  • 44219

    thank you Governor for encouraging illegal aliens …….. you idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RonKeffer

    and he is thinking about running for President. Not on my watch. why doesn’t start a foundation with his own money and fund all the illegals he wants. He should be chastised for using public funds….

    When are we going to get enough

  • Mohammed’s pink swastika

    Look, people… The sooner that you come to terms with the fact that the GOP has been co-opted by the Democrat Party the better off we are all going to be.

    They are not RINO’s, they are Democrats!

    They are not moderate, they are capitulating.

    They do not adhere to the rule of law, they are criminal’s.


    We are not right wing extremist’s, we are constitutional centrist’s

    We are the people that make this country strong.

    We are putting you on notice, You work for us.

  • mary

    Hey Christie…not as cold-hearted as your constituents are about the bridge closing………maybe Obummer will come to the rescue….you can all have one big group hug!!!!

  • David Dunn

    get his ass out of office

  • Scott D Hann

    I hope you get impeached, fat ass.

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