China Just Made These HUGE Moves to Ban Islam

Above: Chinese Muslims demand Sharia Law adherence in mass protest

by Bill Callen | Top Right News

Countries around the world are taking preventative measures in an attempt to lower the chances of another radical Islamist terror attack taking place like the ones that claimed the lives of a dozen people in Paris,  3 people in Sydney, not to mention the thousands of Muslim terror attacks around the world, since 9/11.

Top Right News reported on how Norway has started deporting radical Muslims – which has resulted in a stunning 31% reducation in crime.

But even as the United States has done almost nothing to mitigate an attack on U.S. soil,  countries like China have taken multiple steps to prevent attacks in their homeland.

So what is China doing? It’s declaring an all-out war to make sure Islam doesn’t take over, and never gains the strength to attack them. These new measures include:

– Female head-coverings are banned. Period. 

Chinese legislators have repeatedly said that burqas “are not a national dress of Muslims.” And indeed, there is nothing in the Koran that mandates this. They’re justifying their new ban based on several other countries who have enacted similar bans, like Belgium and France, based on public safety concern.

– Men are discouraged from growing long beards

– Men with long beards are banned from riding public buses.

Chinese have suffered numerous terrorist attacks from both Muslim men with long beards, and also women  — and men in disguise — wearing burquas that obscure both their appearance and suicide belts.

Above: 33 were killed in a Muslim suicide bombing attack at a Chinese rail station in 2014

– Islamic restaurants are mandated to sell cigarettes and alcohol.

– And they must display them prominently. Any business owner who does not follow this order…will lose their business. Period.

The Koran calls the use of “intoxicants” sinful, while some Muslim religious leaders have also forbidden smoking. Some non-Muslim customers have been assaulted for even asking for these items in Muslim restaurants, or for merely requesting pork in a meal.

China is simply not tolerating Islam at all. They have seen what’s happening to the West. It sees what happened in France, throughout the European world, in Boston and even in Texas. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! They see it, and they’ve decided to stop any kind of political Islamic plague before it grows out of control.

It is very sad to say that Communist China actually learns its lessons, while we put our heads in the sand. It realizes, ‘Hey, Islam wants destroy us,’  and that Islam is political in nature, not just religious.

Over here, we kowtow to the fraud of “Islamophobia” and even some FoxNews stars disgraced themselves by defending Islamic radicals and attacking “Draw Mohammad” sponsor Pamela Geller for daring to “insult the prophet.”

There is no question that Communism is horrible, and China is a piss-poor example of general tolerance of human rights. However, after seeing the butchery of Islamic terrorism, both at home and in the West, they at least want to survive, by keeping a lid on Islam before it expands out of control.

  • Derp Impact

    You guys would absolutely LOVE the United States to be more like China

    • Cali kid

      Yea, when it comes to this kind of thing, ABSOLUTELY! Muslims are the swine of the earth and should be removed from the US. China has this spot on.

      • Stan Bryars

        Your problem is that the Constitution is not an ala carte menu. It is an all or nothing proposition

        • John Smith

          necessity over rules the law you liberal pos

          • Stan Bryars

            OK, so is this sarcastic comedy or are you really that stupid

      • coppermouse

        couldn’t be more right

      • Derp Impact

        What if an atheist said the same thing about Christians?

        • David Pendleton

          Atheists aren’t going to say that to Christians, catholics or any other denomination besides muslim…..I am atheist and our groups have nothing negative to say about any religion besides islam, know why?…because they are the only ones killing innocent men, women, and CHILDREN in the name of their religion GTFO!

          • Derp Impact

            Some dead abortion doctors would disagree with you.

    • GlockG23

      In this regard, yes. And your point would be…what?

      • John Smith

        he lost his point on his way to the welfare office

    • coppermouse

      no, just in dealing with muslims

      • Derp Impact

        How do you, personally, “deal with” Muslims?

    • Elena Indigo


    • John Smith

      no you stupid ass we just want islam out of the us how can you be this stupid?

      • Derp Impact

        Well, that’s some pretty blatant bigotry.

        • Stan Bryars

          Actually it’s some pretty blatant dumbassity

          • Derp Impact

            Perhaps that too. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    • ben carter

      On some issues, that is correct, your a smart guy Derp, look around your house (if you have one) and see how much stuff you have from China.

      • Derp Impact


        I stopped reading at that point.

  • Wendy Shores

    Awesome that a country is finally waking up and smelling the coffee.. too bad the USA is too stupid to do the same.. cant wait for a President that has some balls!

    • Carolyn Burton

      The pos potus is one of them. Notice there has been a Huge increase of muslims and terroristic actions since he took over

      • Dianne Johnson

        The Muslims feel safe with Obama in the White House.

        • GwendolynJMcConnell

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        • Melody Szabo


        • Leo Olsen

          only few months left!

      • linda garris

        A few stores get it right banning hoodies and fsce coverings. Should ban it all and tw Obama is in cahorts w taly bringing Muslims in.we are screwed cause too many Americans will vote Hillary for free stuff. Or there will b no america 2016,or martial law and Obama remains in charge. I believe the rapture is soon. Then 3yrs of peace then 3yrs of utter desolation. Will b worse than the walkig dead cause God will allow it. Time for us to realize we need to protect relious liberty and look to Jesus the author and fnisher of our faith. Obama destroying america bcause we as Christians haved turned from God. If we were on our knees we would b blessed again. A new potus wont change anything if our hearts aren’t changed.

        • Judith Cosenza

          You are so right, the end is very near.

        • Melody Szabo

          Voting for the fascists is hardly an alternative. The political system in the USA is beyond broken. They need to get over their obsession with the founding fathers and fix it. 18th century men could not build a nation to stand for eternity, things change and so to must the constitution. Corporations need to be strictly regulated and monitored, the political system must prevent the ruling class from exploiting it, and the welfare of citizens must be the primary concern of government: pay for people to haev and educate productive children, everyone goes to college, everyone works, everyone contributes.

          • Reality

            I’d vote for anyone that would remove the Islamic threat…Stop using names you don’t understand.

          • Stephen Yount

            the founding fathers were very intelligent men 100 times more then the politicians of the last 50 years. the political system is broken because of amendments to the Constitution and thecorruption of the federal government. it’s not the federal government’s job to feed clothe and house you, provide free medical and free college and provide you with a job.

          • Joyce

            The political system is broken because our leaders are satanists who have conjured up incredible evil. Add to that the “controllers” and you have a recipe for disaster. We are on the precipice.

        • Joyce

          America will be destroyed. She won’t come back. Pray for yourselves and your family and mankind. The rapture comes at the end of tribulation and the righteous and unsaved will all perish. Until then, we must fight the NWO. Jesus does not return as a pacifist.

      • Ben

        You mean like Sept 11, 2001 when Bush was in office?

      • Ruben

        A great Teacher said something about discerning what kind of tree it is by the fruit it bears.

    • Gary Briggs

      I think you are going to be waiting a long long time for that, Maybe he will grow some when these Islamic Idiots have finally taken over and he stands against the US

      • ConsueloRBaker

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      • OGYGIAN

        He will wake up when the muslims take away HIS balls. Soon hopefully

        • Judith Laskowski

          He doesn’t have any to take.

        • Joyce

          Better his head.

    • Brian Kim

      sorry to say none of the ones running don’t here all for immigration amnesty

    • Fred Smith

      Why would you want Mooshell for Pres?????

    • bob burn

      Wendy, Can’t you tell that Obama is FOR the terrorists of Islam? Why else would he trade ‘FIVE’ top terror operatives for a traitor.

      • coppermouse

        you got that right

      • Wendy Shores

        Of course I know he is for the terrorists of Islam.. thats why I said I cant WAIT for a president with some balls.. meaning he has none!

        • Joyce

          He and Michelle both do, they just don’t know what to do with them.

        • John Go

          Then vote Trump for President.

    • Pavan Devatha

      go vote for Ben carson then. That should do it.

    • “Allah”=GreatDeceiver=Devil

      Yep.. Obama’s father is muslim and there are suspicions he is also.. so its a matter of time things get out of hand.

      • Joyce

        No one knows who his father is. Some say Malcolm X. Go to Martha Trowbridge’s terrible truths website to learn about obamanation’ s origins. Remember he lies constantly.

    • mike ripple

      All religion is a scourge born out of ignorance

  • ki-lee

    WOW yay china never thought I d say that

    • coppermouse

      me too

  • john millican

    Sometimes “freedom” is abused by those that use it to destroy other peoples’ freedom.

    • Winston Null

      you are exactly correct

    • John Jon

      Freedom only has one downfall. It gives some one the right to be totally worthless. Right on China!

  • Winston Null

    Well in this country most of these laws are just not possible nor should they be. The same rules have to govern all of us and just because I find Islam repulsive and dangerous laws infringing on constitutional rights are no more acceptable than they would be against Christians. The problem is we are not hard enough on the issue to deal with it in the ways we can. We should absolutely be profiling at airports and other public places. It is just stupid to not profile. We all know who the people are committing the huge portion of terrorism so lets quit playing a game and wasting millions of dollars with the way we implement security measures. We absolutely should not tolerate Sharia law. No particular religion or group of individuals have the authority to create their own law above the State/Fed Government law.So don’t ban Burkas, Long Beards and such, keep close watching eyes on them, profile them & always be ready to be preemptive. This is so contrary to public policy thyese days. It is just sickening.

    • John Smith

      your wrong winston do you think its ok to allow the muslims come into this country and take it over?. you just stepped on your own statement because profiling is also illegal, if they are all being watched and one slips away lets hope its not your head that gets removed

    • kat747

      Agree with you except for the first sentence. For national security banning those costumes are possible and should be. Do you realize what can be hidden under them ? Bin Laden could have hidden in plain sight right here in the USA in a hejab complete with an AK-47 at his side.
      To further prove the point of “not possible”, I never thought it would be possible for Mr. Sealed Records to sit in the Oval Office or that the USA would have a President who so hated this country that he would try to destroy the US Constitution with his Executive Orders.

  • kat747

    China makes their laws.
    When in China, you obey THEIR laws.
    The US Constitution & Courts make the laws in the USA.
    When in the USA, you obey OUR laws.
    You can obey the laws or GET OUT.
    If you have an IQ of 5 or more, you understand all of the above.

    • Shawn Farmer

      I agree!!!

    • TEB

      hey brainiac it is CONGRESS that makes federal laws in the United States, not the courts. The constitution is not technically a law it is a set of guiding principles & ideals, and with the bill of rights, rights that all laws are supposed to be held up to. With those principles superseding any laws passed, which is then how the courts can find some laws to be unconstitutional.

      • Debbie Forthun Kitchen

        TEB, please explain Constitutional Law & Case Law?…kat747 never segments it to federal…I find there are so many know it alls on here that you step on yourself trying to belittle someone else when you could just make a point without being nasty…brainiac? really?…try simply adding or clarifying details of a statement as this is not a competition

        • TEB

          oh get over yourself, I separated out federal because i was talking about the US congress vs law that comes out of state congress, or law that is made at the county levels by county ballot or country commissioners not to mention law made by cities. Courts do not make laws, courts can overturn laws but they do not make them. I was trying to keep it simple. I don’t need the thought police to tell me how to express myself. You are offended by my brainiac comment and yet this is a person who says you can “obey the laws or get out” but has no idea how our laws are made! If i wanted to be nasty, baniac would not be my choice of word that is just a smart ass comment vs any number of nasty derogatory words I could choose if i wanted to go that route.

      • Frederick Fassbender

        Not true. Look at the recent decisions made by Supreme Court. California prop 8 was about gay marriage that was voted down by the people of the State. The the court system ok’ed it. They made law.

        • TEB

          No, in that case the people of California made it law by passing prop 8, and the courts upheld that law.

  • Guythunder

    Hey OBAMA are you watching this.? Even China has balls keeping Islam’s from moving into there country that’s more than I can say for you. The people in the USA would be better off if all of the Muslims where sent home, I know that our grandchildren would be better off because they will be the ones fighting these Muslims here at home.

  • BT

    I think this is probably the best way to deal with the psychos from the ‘religion of peace’.

  • Stan Bryars

    So America should be like China?
    Ever hear about what these guys do to Christians?
    How about university students?

    Any of you China fanboys have any idea at all what would happen to a Chinese citizen that made comments about China being stupid for not acting like the U.S.?

    Any f you assholes get past 6th grade?

    • John Smith

      your so stupid no one here wants to be like china in a communist way but on the other hand no one wants to be ruled by sharia law either we can rid ourselves of the problems of islam without becoming communist. outlawing wearing burkas on public transportation could also include any other face coverings thats common sense as far as the beard goes thats pointless they know how to and will shave and if it will save innocent american lives im for it

      • Stan Bryars

        If there is an intelligent comment in there at all I cant find it

        We are ruled b the Constitution, any deviation from that for any reason moves us closer to China

        • John Smith

          where as what you believe we should do moves us closer to sharia law your the one that lacks intelligence

          • Stan Bryars

            OK, so adhering to the Constitution instead of succumbing to religious prejudice moves us closer to Sharia?

            And you think I am the one lacking intelligence?

            And dude, try adding some commas and periods in your rants. They are the written equivalent of taking a breath.
            When people read your barely coherent posts they get a visual of a wild eyed deranged hayseed with drool spilling down his chin as he spews out his third grade educated view of the world.
            You’re (hint) not going to be taken seriously if you come off as someone off his meds

      • Silentpies

        We can also just fight them back, you know like the crusaders did, but nah you’d all rather sit there praying that they don’t kill you instead of fighting these scum. You have weapons ffs If your government won’t protect you then you need to protect yourselves

  • coppermouse

    round them all up and send them back to where they came from if they like sharia law so much, and if they are American let them pick which country they want to be sent to.

  • GlockG23

    You GO, China!

  • Shawn Farmer

    mohammad was not a prophet, he was just a horny pedophile who made up islam and allah!!! It’s all fake!!! islam is more like a cult than an actual religion!!!

    • jojo

      ha ha ha ha ha yaaa you got my point…Indian Hindus make a roll of Koran and shuffle lt into Allah’s ass (Donkey)…

    • Melody Szabo

      All religions are the product of sociopaths looking for an easy life.

      • Wake Up

        WRONG IDIOT!….Just ONE!



    • shulkman

      Shall we start with beheading Scott Duggar?

  • Peter L Marzullo

    Remember,China is a Communist country and we do NOT want to be like them. That being said,we here in the USA need to step up our efforts,i.e. wake up and smell the coffee,to keep our citizens safe and I believe we can. It may take enacting some new laws similar to what China and other countries have done and I believe we can do that without infringing on the rights of PEACEFUL citizens and giving up our liberties. It’s obvious that our government has been infiltrated from the top down (and you all know what I mean by that) but it is not too late. Individual states have the authority and ability to enact laws to keep their people safe while protecting their freedoms and liberties. While the federal government has to do certain things like securing our borders,providing some resources,etc. if we wait on them or look to them(the federal government)to keep us safe in our home towns and cities it WILL be too late and we will be in for a whole world of hurt if they do it their way because their way will be a national police force and some type of Martial Law. Remember also,this is AMERICA,the land of the free and home of the brave. We can do this!

  • Maggi

    I’m sure things would get better if we had the kind of people living today that were around in the 60’s. You know the kinds… that left their homes and marched on up to Washington and protested bs? Nothing will ever be accomplished sitting on our assess bitching about all the injustices going on around us from our smart phones and computers. It takes physical action. If I was stronger and physically capable it still wouldn’t matter because so far all I’ve heard for years is talk. We have become an extremely lazy nation but if you look at all that’s going on with the government and Monsanto and immigration and many other things, it’s like watching a horrible conspiracy of the downfall of our society so just let that sink in… we are like a run away train with no breaks right now and something needs to be done quickly. Y’all ready to get that RFID? Because it’s coming to and for some already started. We either need to separate our nation into two different societies. One side controlled by the government the other a utopian society that produces and manufactures it’s own goods and supplies. At this point we’d be better off with no government than the bs we have now.

  • Matthew Heyns

    You guys are applauding religious discrimination and intolerance? How very sad.

    • Wiggle D

      Islam and Muslim-ism is a death cult. If so many people didn’t take the religion as an excuse to blow people up and burn and enslave their wives, none of this would be necessary. It’s sad, but every country must protect themselves from this bs. Though, I gotta say, Japan went about it better.

      • Matthew Heyns

        “Islam and Muslim-ism?” What the hell is “Muslim-ism?”

        If the law in the US were to say you must not pray in church, or anywhere in public, like saying grace over your dinner in a restaurant, because a few people are “neo-nazi White Christianists,” (read that as skin-head type white supremacists who are anti-Jew, anti-Muslim and anti-Catholic, among other anti-‘s) who blow up federal buildings (read that as the Murrah Building in OKC), how would you react?

        You all need to chill out a little. Yes, there are radicals, but they are few and far between. IS, al-Quida and the like, despite the publicity their actions elicit, are but a minor token of Muslims as a whole. Most just want to live, work and worship as they see fit in peace.

        • Wiggle D

          Few and far between? Love, ave you been hiding under a rock?

          • Matthew Heyns

            There are 1.3 BILLION Muslims in the world. Four times the entire US population. How many are radicalized to the point of violence? Maybe at most a few 100,000, which might sound like a lot, but percentage-wise, it’s insignificant, less than 1%. We have to remember that most people of all faiths, most people living under any given government, most people of any ethnicity, gender, political affiliation, and any other demographic you can imagine, just want to live and work and raise their families in peace.

            Laws and regulations should not be put in place to punish the many for the evils of a few. This has often been done throughout history and has always had bad results.

          • Silentpies

            It only takes one terrorist to get into a position of power say maybe president one day, he will leak more into to the army general positions. A Muslim president could be possible as they breed like rabbits, once there numbers grow all it takes is that one radical to make things look real bad very quickly.

        • Silentpies

          Oh you’re in for a big surprise one day, you blind blind fool,from 1999-2010 Russia has killed 17,000 radical Muslims(terrorists) in Chechen, and they’re having problems in another state, but sure their clearly isn’t that many and they clearly won’t recruit/intimidate many other Muslims into fighting will they? Bliss is ignorance I guess.

          • GreenGuyD

            the irony of this statement by yourself is beyond comical lol.

    • harriet

      It is a political movement too! Shariah law has nothing to do with realty!

    • Kimberly H.

      “Religious indoctrination and intolerance”…Sounds JUST like Islam.

    • scarcia

      They are faggots,man.

  • Wiggle D

    You really think that by banning the symptoms, you will ban the cause? If you do, you got another thought coming.

    • Silentpies

      Atleast China and Russia would fight back at them, our leaders would probably turn our own troops on us or flee like the coward he is

    • Kimberly H.

      I think by banning the symptoms, you oppress the cause. Which is really what they need.

  • Tim

    Rabid dogs need to be terminated…

  • caucasianknucklehead

    Vlad the Impaler had it right all along……..

  • gippy76

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  • jay2010master

    When it comes to Islam, there are times that a country’s dictatorship is a better form of government. I wish we had that here in the USA.

  • Jecolon

    Okay….I have been addicted to china’s movies and now this? Okay, when can I move there? No gays, No perverts, No muslims, etc, etc. OMG…they even have 98% of Christians now. OMG…they even have people elected now. OMG…they are allow to do things they have never done……yep…they have change. So what if they have the government strict about “some vile freedoms” – I happen to like it. If you rape a child there- you go to the gas chamber. You have sodomy- you go to jail. If you rape a woman- you go to jail. No wonder you can walk the streets at night. Yep…give me a communist country and give me my faith. We are done here. Except of course their pollution- they got to do something about that.

    • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

      you do realize that sodomy includes cunnilingus as well as blow jobs right? so yeah, feel free to be thrown in jail for enjoying sex

    • Yuxiang Zhao

      I am a Chinese. Threre are many Christians in China and Islam is banned. People will be fined if they covered themselves by hijab. But we did not banned gays and cunnilingus. Actually we enjoy lots of freedom. Now I studied in UK, I feel that Uk is of no difference with China apart from some restrictions on Islam.

  • WeimMom

    Obama IS an islamist, why are so many blind to this fact! As long as he is in office, the U.S. will NEVER do anything to stop their takeover.

    • InfinityPixel GAMING

      For all of you people here, since you hate Islam so much, go vote Donald Trump! Those Muslims have killed so much of my (Chinese) countrymen/women. I’m not going to let these barbarians take over my homeland! Chinese once, Chinese forever!!

  • Bacchus

    The problem is NOT radical Islam. The problem is the Koran. The koran is the book of the DEVIL.

    • scarcia

      Shut up,inbred.

  • Johan Madilla

    good job china China takes a step in the right direction! U.S. and Europe continue to fold!
    I’m very glad to see China take a stand against these inhuman scum. Get rid of them all. If only the States and Canada would smarten up now before we lose innocent people.

  • Murali

    Bold decision indeed. Good Luck China.

    • Silentpies

      If I was Muslim I wouldn’t fuck with China or Russia they would become extinct pretty quickly also Japan really suppresses Muslims their is said to be just 3,000 Muslims out of a population of 123,000,000 they can’t pray in the street not allowed to spread Islam also they don’t have citizenship and likely never will.

  • You can’t blame Obama for what is happening, who is really to blame is congress. Obama has a long list of things he should be impeached for and even tried for treason. Congress and even the military have duty to remove him for even a small part of what he has done to America.

  • Ann

    Everyone get pet pigs and walk them everywhere they go. Let pigs into stores and in time, they muslims will go away.

  • retired_geek

    China is deporting Muslims? One has to wonder if the floppy-eared clown in the White House has thrown down the welcome mat for them…

    • Kimberly H.

      Not if we elect Republican for President.

  • Bacchus

    what no pork? shame

  • Vance Freeman

    What weak-minded, brainwashed morons here!!! I can’t believe some of the commie crap!!!

    • InfinityPixel GAMING

      Shut up

  • Frank Loftice

    Great idea, to bad we don’t have the balls to do the same.

  • Gufo

    US cannot and will not do the same, until we keep a muslim gang in the White House.


    Tired of seeing barbarians insisting of living with civilized people so they can destroy everything that is GOOD and wreck everything. Their goal is to dominate first by population in targeted areas then insist on more and then attack you. Anyplace they get a big enough of a population the TRUTH always comes out.

    They are trained as soon as they can walk and talk to LIE to us and then KILL us, Even if it takes 100 years that is the GOAL!! Wake up I fell for the lie it was only a few extremist as well, The only one’s NOT extreme are just waiting to gain control before becoming extreme. That is a RISK too great to brush under the carpet as ME or my future people simply being called names, Think I would rather be called a NAME than allow our heads to get whacked off by an inbred that THINKS sex with little kids is okay.

    Anyone not against this CULT is a traitor or fooled and blinded. It is them or us there is NO in-between they do NOT think like you do, They are NOT looking to have tea and debate with you and if you DO debate your seen as stupid by them for doing that, Wake up.

  • Serenity Maria

    why do i love this so much?

    • Kimberly H.

      Because they deserve it.

  • Indian

    This is a very good step by China. All countries should follow suit against these barbaric animals who use religion to justify their barbaric acts.

  • Patriot2016

    We need to do this in America and every other country. Force these maggots back to their own shit hole. Evil cult. Scum pig bastards.

    • scarcia

      In your dreams,faggot.

  • Juan Dough

    good, another country that is waking up to the truth, and as soon as america gets that slimeball fleabag muslim of a president out of the white house and fumigate it. hopefully we will follow suit with angola and china.

  • wb



  • davidkachel

    Every last muslim in America needs to be dumped back into the middle east. These are people who’s religion is simply a murder cult. They have got to go!

    • Ben

      It sounds like a nice idea but an impossible goal. Someone can say they aren’t or they might not be one day, then “convert” to it the next.

      • Ben

        Besides, why would you want to dump terrorists in the Middle East? What has the Middle East, in the abstract, ever done to you? There are millions of innocent people there too, you know. On the one hand, the major ruling religion in in that region is the problem … but why would you want to foster it by simply sending people there where they will be embraced and supported? There’s really no solution. You can’t bomb them out of existence. Why? With every bomb dropped, you support their cause and it brings in more people. Even if you killed every last man, woman and child in the Middle East, the religion/terrorism would live on by those outraged by the genocide.

        • scarcia

          Because he is a douche,that’s why.

  • William Bailey

    Communism is maybe “horrible” in you’re opinion, but I’d prefer to live in a communist state which would make sure to remove any freaking muslims-potential-terrorists (MPT), and in which I wouldn’t be fu!king frustrated of all the burqas wearing women’s in my country.
    I live in France, and people’s trying to resists islamisation are rare, the others that REALLY think that islam is peace are so naive, that they’ll be like “Wait, I granted you political/economical/”war” asylum in my country! YOU CAN’T CHOP MY HEAD OFF! NO PLEASE!!!!!”, and then, boom, head chopped by those which they helped.
    Yes, islam is the biggest threat humanity ever faced, it is WORST than the Missiles Crisis, because there, the danger is not a weapon, it’s the infiltration of every of ours countries by fanatics that try to enforce fucking SHARIA fucking LAW in our fucking “Democratic” countries.
    In France, it’s just like our president try to protect the murderers and condemn the innocents.
    Lets take an exemple, a vigilante which would murder an Islamist (which murdered hundred of people’s in a public square before being taken to prison, and then freed 5 years laters because he acted “good”) would be thrown in jail for the rest of his life, for “killing” (It is only possible to kill living things, and as monstrous as Islamists are, I’m not sure they live, I’m sure that they are freaking monsters in their mind, freaking sociopathic scums that all deserve death).
    Now, I’m talking about islamists, not about muslims themselves (Even tho they are still a great danger, because if they over number us, we’ll be definitely islamized), but the true problem aren’t muslims themselves, a lot of them are REALLY good people’s. But those good people’s are “fake muslims” in their theological logic.
    Because they refuse to chop our heads off. So they won’t kill the “unbelievers”. So they won’t obey their fu!cking Qoran and so they aren’t muslims and so they are to be chopped off by the true psychotic Islamist scums.
    Yes, islam is a bigger danger to every nations and especially Europe than Nazism was.
    Yes, nazis we’re monstrous basterd, and some consider the worst of their kind, but trust me, soon they would be ranked 2nd (Or 5 millionth because of the amount of different islamist terrorists faction), after you’ll see how terrible it will be, the way we’ll have our heads chopped by those ‘sychos, the way they’ll crucify our children’s, the way they’ll force you’re children’s to shoot a bullet at you’re face because they would successfully have islamized them and that you refuse to believe in their BS islamist crap, the way they’ll god darn it BEHEAD YOU FOR 15 FUCKING MINUTS WHILE YOU FUCKING SUFFER IN AGONY FOR FUCKING EATING PORC OR SIMPLY DRAWING A PORTRAIT?
    I’m still waiting for “Moderate” muslims to accuse the ISIL psychos of their crimes, because at the moment, it seem that those moderates support ISIL.

    • Silentpies

      So instead of fighting them you’ll just let them do all that stuff? I’d rather die killing as many as I could rather than just doing nothing but be a little pussy

  • Seeker6j
  • John Donohoe

    I would much rather live in China than in any Middle Eastern Islamic shit hole.

  • Melody Szabo

    China has 1400 years of history in defending itself against Muslims. The only reason it is not a Muslim dictatorship today is there were never enough Muslims to kill all the Chinese. Way to go China!

  • Sujeet

    Vary well china , you woke up quite early not sure when India and West will open there eyes !!!!!

  • watermark02

    Why don’t we ban racists like you instead?

    • Kimberly H.

      Who’s racist? Muslims are a race? 😉

  • Vishwas Patil

    Possible in China. Not in any democratic country. If America and Europe becomes Muslim next century, China will be the only saviour of non-Muslims.

    • madethatway

      And Russia. China and Russia together will probably be the ones to wipe out the threat.

      They (thankfully) aren’t intimidated by the West’s limp-wristed policies of political correctness, only getting a job done.

    • Silentpies

      Russia puts them in there place so does Japan- Japan very rarely give Muslims citizenships, there is no praying in the street, no stupid face mask they’re not allowed to spread the religion or they be deported and there’s 3,000 Muslims out of 123,000,000+ in Japan. Russia has banned 12 of there translations of the Quran including the Quran itself from being published in Russia. Russia has cameras in every mosque recording 24/7 in Chechen where they were fighting Muslims who were causing trouble terrorists they raid Muslim houses there many times a week searching for illegal qurans and guns etc I don’t know if this is true but apparently they’re sneaking in a Russian Quran so to speak slowly and basically saying this is what you will relate Islam to.

    • Silentpies

      Oh, and Norway is deporting the terrorists there apparently 30% drop in crime rate what as uprise huh?

    • Silentpies

      Poland has been taking in christians not Muslims apparently, Finland won’t take anymore either, so……

    • Silentpies

      There’s a country can’t remember it’s name has banned Islam completely, there’s also Israel so no China isn’t the only hope

  • Kjeld Hesselmann

    Agreeing with the Chinese Communists would be the last option for me – I thought so until I learned about the harsh measures against the Moslem Ramadan. Making Islam unlawful has my greatest sympathy.

  • DatBus

    If our national media throughout Western society wasn’t so busy sucking up to Islamists we might be able to save ourselves from the Islamization of the West. At this point I am not hopeful. How to get the message out to people who have no idea this is even happening around the world? CNN sure isn’t dealing with it.

    • madethatway

      China, Norway and Russia, it seems, are the only ones (so far) with the balls to take a stand, put their money where their mouths are, and deal with this barbaric cult.

      If I were a Muslim, then I should be very, very, afraid of pissing off at least two of those three countries – and their friends.

  • Janet Dillon

    A few countries have actually woken up to this highly radical group. We need a leader who will do the same and apparently Trump appears to be the only one willing to do so…

  • madethatway

    Angola came up with a great solution to Islam by banning it, deporting Muslims, dismantling their mosques – and it didn’t even require the use of bombs.

    I don’t know why politicians in the west are such cowardly girls when it comes to confronting this Criminal Organization of Murder & Hate posing as a ‘religion’, but unless I’m mistaken (wouldn’t be the first time), the more countries who follow in Angola’s footsteps, the sooner Islam will cease to exist.

  • Vishwas Patil

    USA too stupid? Afghan fanaticism and terrorism started and supported by US to counter Russia. Culminated by 9/11, followed by Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Syria destruction at the instance of Saudi; the support based on commercial considerations. Such wars and world sufferings helps America remain super power! If not Muslim terrorism, something else will crop up tomorrow in the world game of Super Powership. Meanwhile, we suffer.

  • Kimberly H.

    They need to go one step further: Islam needs to recognized for the Sect it is, it’s no ‘religion’!

  • Stephen Yount

    China laughed at the purple lipped sissy liberal , Barack Hussein Obama, they knew what he was about, a gum chewing be boppin,shucking and jiving liberal and Islamic sympathizer. I applaud the Chinese government taking steps to protect your own culture and ethnicity. When you lose your language borders and culture you lose your country. These Marauders celebrate death,they can celebrate where they belong in the Middle East.

  • Angie Sunshine

    President Obama started this whole thing by closing a major Prison called Camp Bucca that had a leader in the prison that Obama let go cuz the prison had no idea why he was in there to begin with that started the Isis group. Look this up. Obama obviously wanted this terrorism to spread into a blood bath.

  • Sam I Am

    What few muslims I actually know tend to be more educated and are mostly affiliated with the “religion” much the same way as catholics that only show up for Christmas and Easter services. I suppose they would be considered “apostate” by their brethern and simply play along as need be to keep the peace in the family. We all know how that works.

    That being said, history shows that the ideology that is at the core of Islam is simply the culturally manifested psychosis of the illiterate, malignant narcissist that concocted it and who then recruited legions of savage thugs to push it along with the promise of plundered wealth and conveniently sanctioned mayhem, murder, rape, etc., etc. Oh, and let’s not forget Muddy’s personal 20% cut off the top. Of course, the spin doctors of the era tried to sprinkle in some flecks of humanity to make for a more palatable read of what was mostly the nonsensical ravings of a lunatic mind. (Thank you for the quip, credit “Young Frankenstein”.)

    Tragically, while born innocent, muslim brainwashing is extremely immersive and spans cradle to grave with numerous penalties at the ready for those who would dare to question the gibberish. Even without the latter, it would be hard for anyone to come to realize and accept that their whole way of life is based on lies and well crafte manipulation.

    Even so, any sentient adult with so much as a room temperature IQ and a smattering of ability for critical thought would see the so called “prophet” (Piss be upon him.) as nothing more than another nut-job ala the likes o fCharles Manson, Jim Jones, David Koresh (sp), etc., etc., who managed, unfortunately, to get some real traction. If it makes anyone offended evan a little bit less so, same goes for Smith’s LDS and L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology. Truth doesn’t play favorites. Cheers.


  • Santa Claus

    Islam is a plague on mankind.

  • Lottario

    You can tell an article is purveying a fake story when the first sentence contains a made up word (preventative). Did you orientate your intrical French benefits too?

  • Al Hope

    All Non-Muslim countries should ban Islam. Muslim countries should also ban Islam. Supremist theocracy has NO place in the free world and the world must work to decrease the acceptance of dangerous ideologies.

  • Joyce

    Wow. Why is the USA not doing this? Because we have a Muslim traitor in the white house.

  • GreenGuyD

    Most of you are angry racists lol. I’m glad we’re gonna accept those refugees, and I hope they land smack dab in middle america to help rebuild lol. Go America!

  • Yaakob Ali

    China is on the right track. Raping beautiful german girls because they are unable to defend themselves is not islamic at all. The rapist should be trial using syariah law, which is death by beheading. They know that german law cant harm them.

    • Yaakob Ali

      If i am china, i will use islamic laws on islam, thats is the only way to control their brutality.

  • euheide

    They must deport all Muslims because they also tried banning Islam in Albania but Muslims keep existing and multiplying nonetheless until one day they are a majority and then the shit hits the fan. The Chinese must deport all their Muslims just like all other non-Muslim countries.

  • Will Yeskon


    ***** WAKE UP !!!! ******


    We are talking about Sharia Law creep

    It Starts with HALAL CERTIFICATES ,The first step to Sharia Law

    ******* DO NOT BUY ANYTHING HALAL *****

    understands Islam before you support it , Do not think at anytime you are different Even Muslims do not understand sharia law, but because they are brain washed praying 5 times a day from the ages of 3 years old what would you expect

    You need to go and educate yourself on Islam . read the Koran 47:4 , 9:123 ,66:73 ,9:5 ,2:190 and then tell me should we have Muslims in western countries,

    The USA if not already will end up like England, Sweden, Norway, France, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

    —- just Google Islam and after that lookup the history of Iraq , Iraq WAS a Christian country Now look at it >> Iraqi Christian are begging for help <<Covert to Islam ,Pay a protection tax or LEAVE DO you want this were you live

    understands Islam before you support it , Do not think at anytime you are different

  • Manfred

    Ist this real ? Are you serious ? I am speechless as i am german.

    You know the world has been turned upside down when _China_ protects their people better than Germany !?

  • Rayan

    please china start rescuing apostates too…

  • pcrunamock

    one more place where China is ahead of us

  • Jutdanangsax

    At last some countries are beginning to realize that we are at war. I am not surprised that it is places like Angola and China that are starting to take action against the contagion, in the west, absurd notions about democracy, equality, multi-culturalism and tolerance prevent us from taking effective action even as the death-cultists are murdering us. They know this and use it against us, they laugh at our tolerance, considering it a sign of our decadence, their taquiyaa allows and encourages them to smilingly lie to our faces. This is all part of their ‘soft’ jihad, do not be fooled by ‘moderate’ Muslims, there aren’t any. Cultures more vigorous and self-confident, people who still like themselves and believe in and unashamedly value their cultures are having to point out the glaringly obvious to us. I only hope that we learn from them and begin to act before it is too late. Don’t forget, they will never, ever show us the kind of fairness and decency we have shown them, if and when they were ever to become a majority and have power over us they will enslave and oppress us, that is and has always been the essence of Islam – we are at war!


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