Chicago Little League Team Stripped of Title for Cheating – Liberals Scream ‘RACISM’


by Scott Aberdeen | Top Right Sports

Little League Baseball today stripped the U.S. championship from Chicago-based Jackie Robinson West and suspended its coach for violating a rule prohibiting the use of players who live outside the geographic area that the team represents, it was announced Wednesday.

ESPN reported:

The organization found that Jackie Robinson West used a falsified boundary map and that team officials met with neighboring Little League districts in Illinois to claim players and build what amounts to a superteam.

So they invented, in effect, a Little League All-Star team from the entire state. Grossly unfair, and against the rules. They cheated. And the players, coaches and parents all knew about it. Truly a national disgrace.

But that’s not how the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson and the Editor of Ebony Magazine see it.

To them, if an All-Black team is disqualified, it must be RACISM.

So in a bid for “worst teachable moment ever,” Jackson actually plans to “reaffirm” their stripped “championship” in a race-baiting exercise on Saturday:

Now that’s a great lesson for these youths: get caught cheating and embarrassing the entire community and country? It’s time to party!

But the Editor of perennial Black-oriented magazine Ebony truly lost her mind in a haze of racism over the incident, even channeling Louis Farrakhan’s “White Devils” language in an unhinged Twitter rant:

Actually, it doesn’t. In fact, In 1992, Little League took away the title from Zamboanga, Philippines, and handed it to Long Beach, California, after Zamboanga had also used several players who lived outside its district, from around the Philippines.

And in 2001, a mostly White and Hispanic team from the Bronx that finished third was forced to forfeit its games after a single player was revealed to be overage.

The rules are there to be fair to all players. Not to play liberal race-baiting games.

Symbolism over substance. The hallmark of liberal thoughtspeak.

“Raggedy?” Great sportsmanship there. Insult the other team that “got beat” by your cheating players, and join Rev. Jackson as a great role model

“We.” Black folks. Not Americans. Not people who play by the rules. But racial spoilsters, by any means necessary. This from the folks who put Affirmative Action discrimination in place: to settle scores and hurt the “devils.”

Pretty poor example to set for our youth, Jamilla. But then again, like your Emperor Obama, you are all about “communal” values: that the end justifies the means, so long as you “stick it to the Man.”

  • Rogers Glenn

    All I hear from so many of my people that the white man cheated that’s how he got where he is today; no matter how you look at it you clowns are sending your children the wrong message cheating is cheating no matter did it and no matter whet the reason is.

  • jln0114

    Why does the black community think they should have a lower bar set for rules and standards? Those lower self-expectations are also self-demeaning. Does the black community not feel capable of meeting higher standards of honesty? Same goes for their attitude on crime.

    • Jason

      Maybe that’s all they’re capable of. They’re raised to expect people to pander to them, regardless of reality.

      For some strange reason, being black has become some kind of entitlement.

      Either way, they lost their title, and the good guys have prevailed, so we should appreciate that.

      • David Riley

        It’s not just the black community though. This generation in general has been raised to expect everything handed to them on a platter, and they don’t have to work for it. They have been raised to believe that they “deserve” tio have whatever they want, whenever they want. They have been indoctrinated that society owes them and they shouldn’t have to put in any effort. Unfortunately, that is not how the real world works, and when they get out of schol they find that out the hard way.

        • Sherry Medellin

          Now that i agree with because i see it

        • Beth Blanton


          • pepjrp


          • Adam

            Amen to what? His comment is baseless.

          • Beth Blanton

            Why does my saying amen upset you ?

          • Adam Gibby

            Really Beth? Amen doesn’t upset me… People like you who just throw it out there without thinking do. No one said that they know everyone in the world – we all speak out of our own perceptions. Most of us are educated enough to know that we don’t know every situation, every time – but we hear time and time again about one group… Blacks.

            Before you accuse me of being racist, I have many educated, wonderful, black friends. It’s the ignorant ones you see in situations like this article focus on.

            When was the last time you heard of a Latino team who got up on their bully pulpit and complained after cheating that the decision was racist? Don’t bother you haven’t. How bout a white team? NOPE. Native American? Nope… You get the point. Calls about false racism only seem to come from the ingnorant side of the black community, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the race apologists, and their ilk.

          • Beth Blanton

            Didn’t just throw it out there I’m not liberal very conservative and can’t stand what going on with this . I don’t agree with the blacks who do this. But I know there are blacks who don’t agree with this bull crap that is going on either but the media only shows this side of it. Both liberal and conservative sides show us this. So don’t act like you know me. I hate what going on just as much as you.

          • Beth Blanton

            Actually what you said in the second and third paragraphs is what I was saying and how I read what the other person post was which is why I said amen. We might agree on more then you think.

          • Adam Gibby

            Fair enough… I didn’t mean to come off as judgementory. It seems you and I see things on a similar angle. Have a good day!

          • Beth Blanton

            I agree have a good day as well

        • Dan Legge

          Nice to hear the voice of reason here.

          • pepjrp

            Nice to hear someone, who’s point has nothing to do with this story.

        • piperchuck

          Not disagreeing with your sentiment, just the scope. It’s just portions of recent generations. Plenty of others know they need to be responsible for their choices and work hard to get ahead.

          • Adam

            Exactly – its many in the current school system. I personally know that no one in my school (and I’m 32 now) but no one when I was in school was handed a damn thing! We got second place in a tourney and that was that – a plaque on the wall in the gym for a good effort maybe but no trophies, no parties…

            Not the case with today’s kids. Everyone is a winner, Trophies all around, wouldn’t want to be non-politically correct and hurt little Jonny’s feelings…

          • soccer czarina

            There is a very small contingent at our school that is trying to fight back against this type of “reward everything” mentality….

            Right now we are fighting against the use of “incentives” to get our kids to put forth their best effort on the State-wide standardized tests they have to take since we feel that it sends the wrong message to students when you bribe them to do their “job”. Our 5th grade students were promised a field trip to the zoo in return for them “trying” to do their best, our 6th graders were promised a trip to the movies, and I’m not sure what our 4th graders were promised. They are being told before they even take the tests that as long as they “try” their best that that is all that matters and they will get rewarded. Their grades can come back and be complete crap but it won’t matter because they will have already gotten their reward. This all stems from a handful of students who think it’s funny to mark their answers in patterns or mark all “Cs” or try to draw a picture by coloring in the circles a certain way. Since their doing this brings the overall grades for the school down and affects the way the federal gov’t views the school the administration feels they need to offer incentives to all of the students to get them to simply “try” their best.

            I heard that our high school principal actually held a “pep rally” where the teachers all did a dance to “Thriller” before a PRACTICE test and he told the students that – “The score you get will not affect whether you get into college or what your grade will be in school or have any effect on you personally so you don’t need to get stressed about these tests. It does reflect on our school though and that is why you need to try your best.” They then proceeded to feed the kids candy bars and junk food all day to ensure they “kept their energy levels up” while they did their PRACTICE tests. I’m not an expert but I do know that we live in a society where the vast majority only cares about something when it affects them personally so the prevalent attitude is “It’s all about ME!” and if there is nothing at stake in it for them personally some of them aren’t going to care regardless of what you offer as an incentive/bribe.

            This entire idea of incentives started when the first year our students did well some parents and admins thought they deserved a reward and solicited donations in order to provide the kids with a “slushie party”. The following year the kids didn’t do so well and those same brainiacs got together and decided that BEFORE the students took the test they would give them an incentive to do better. Now, these kids want bigger incentives each year to do what they should be doing without the incentives – performing their best simply because that is the right thing to do….

            As I’ve explained to my 5th grader – “Your job is to go to school and learn; your “paycheck” is the grades you earn. I am not about to pay you for getting good grades like some of your classmate’s parents do – it’s not ever going to happen. If you don’t get good grades that tells me that you obviously need to be spending more time at home working on school lessons so there will be no video games and no hanging out with your friends until you bring home good grades.” My philosophy must work because my son’s grades are all 98s, 99s, & 100s. He even got 100+ for his spelling & math grades because he does the extra credit work they have the option of doing of they choose to…

          • Adam

            you sound like a very effective, and realistic parent – I applaud your efforts – My parents taught me the same way — there will be some who call it harsh… but lets call it what it is… reality!

            These kids getting everything are in for a shock when they ever get a job… IF they get a job… their boss isn’t going to care that they “tried” to get the proposal in on time, or that they “tried” to book their CEO’s flight but just didn’t do it…

            There are no trophies for losing in the real world, just a lesson, a demerit or strike on your HR record… or just a simple firing… unless you belong to a Union… but that’s another story 🙂

          • Cedric Ian Anthony

            *Applause* Well said. now if we had copies of you for all the parents in America we would be in far better condition for the future.

          • Eric Hartsell

            They do have a lower bar set for rules and standards? Have you never heard of affirmative action?

          • mack

            It is more valuable to teach a child honesty and character, as opposed to winning at all cost.

          • Adam

            Winning at all costs is a terrible thing to teach, WINNING is a great thing to strive for but cheating to get there isnt.
            That is the message that the Little League taking away this teams championship is sending – and rightly so…

            Its the media yet again blowing this out of proportion…ALLOWING someone to come on camera and INCITE more ridiculous views is just POOR! Even allowing this story to get any racism traction is appalling.

            This editor of ebony magazine should be removed from her position as she is clearly not a good journalist but a glorified blogger and race baiter.

            And well, Jesse Jackson probably needed money to pay for more attorneys fees so that why he popped his head out of the gutter. Wonder if he paid back all his taxes yet?

            Moral – It is tragic that these kids have been stripped of something they worked hard to have the opportunity to strive for – because they didn’t cheat all year (or at least that is what I had heard) just in the post season – which is even worse since it shows the parents and coaches didn’t have any faith in their abilities – it is them that should be banned from these events indefinitely – a harsh precedent Needs to be set!

          • Rw Farrow

            Adam for president!!!! Very well done, Adam.

          • Adam

            Thank you Rw!

            I wish!

          • pepjrp

            The editor will never be removed. She is revered as she plays to the base of that racist periodical.

          • Adam

            Sadly, you are correct.

          • John Best

            Now that $$$ is involved, sportsmanship has been kicked off the bus.

          • BlindOldUmp

            Maybe it started my senior year in HS then. I beat 2 sophomores for a position on the 2nd doubles team. and was entitled to play but the coach placed the sophomores instead. 4 years of working my way up the ladder and no letter. The letter did not go to the team manager. Ah well.

          • Adam

            If you beat them for the position and your coach still placed them, then shame on that coach – there should be no reason for that. My father is a soccer coach and would never have done that – positions are earned, never given

        • LR

          ya, it is the black community. These things have happened to whites as well as most any other race in this Nation. Not a single time have I nor anyone else heard or participated in the kind of blatant false blame and Fake feelings of racial or personal offense or condemnation on such a wide sweeping scale! we must put responsibility where it lies! letting just a small portion of Americans get away with this kind of BS is injurious to all the peoples of this land!

          • David Riley

            Oh I see. So because neither you nor anyone you have ever heard of (not black) has done something like this, then it has never happened. Brilliant logic. Because you are friends with everyone in the entire world huh?

          • John Best

            But it has happened to other teams.

          • TruStJ

            That was sarcasm

          • pepjrp

            Some on here can’t quite follow that. Please go slower.

          • pepjrp

            Wrong again Dave. Did those teams who cheated have a number of individuals play the the race card??? Did the White magazine’s editor of “Ivory” make racist and bigoted comments?

          • Adam

            You know what they say… the squeaky wheel gets the grease… and though it is a small percentage in the black community… that small percentage’s squeakiness is deafening…

            I personally know many fine and upstanding African Americans – I will just call them Americans. But it is the ones you hear about that are out of control (Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton) These people LIVE on racism and will do everything possible to see that it stays around.

        • Bob438

          The White House is driving this attitude.

        • phil

          Teaching them to cheat, maybe one day they will
          grow up and become a congressman and learn how to cheat on a larger scale and
          end up in prison, they could use Jesse Jackson Jr. as someone to look up to or
          through the bars

        • Papa Doc

          Thank you for at least attempting to not be “that guy”… This is not “the black community” as if we all think exactly the same. Thats like me saying why does the white community go into schools/movie theaters with trench coats and mass murder everyone. Thats an ignorant statement friend. I know a lot of people IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY who agree with the ruling. They dont want to teach their kids that cheating is.. ok. And before we talk about it “not being like that in the real world” lets look at the real world. Did the Patriots get stripped of their NFC title/Super Bowl? How about Mcguire & Sosa.. did they vacate all those wins? I think we should teach our kids to be honest.. but when you’re in a dishonest world it comes off as hypocritical.

          • David Riley

            It’s almost always a very small percentage of any population that makes the rest of the group look bad. But people STILL haven’t learned to look past the color of a person’s skin to get to who they really are. Stereotyping people based on the color of their skin, their ethnicity, their community or any other large generalized grouping such as that never works, because there are ALWAYS gong to be a few bad apples in any basket. I agree that is very difficult to teach your kids “right” when they are constantly being bombarded by so many examples of “wrong”. I have never had kids of my own, but I had stepkids (my ex-wife’s kids) and I struggled with that problem as well.

      • Sherry Medellin

        That is a heartless response

        • Edwin Sandy Hardy

          Oh really? How? What’s your problem?

          • johughsie

            I’ll bet Sherry Medellin is one of those #BLACKLIVESMATTER sucks.
            Yoo hoo Sherry Medellin – #ALLLIVESMATTER, even yours.

        • ozarksunshine

          Facts hurt huh? Go whine elsewhere.

        • DILIGAF

          Truth is neither harmless or reaffirming, it is simply the truth.

        • betterthanu

          True response. Are you an idiot. Go back to that pole

        • Hack

          Heartless response or the truth? How about the kids they beat along the way that were playing by the rules but were eliminated by cheaters?

          • toobored54

            Sounds like the NE Patriots…….

          • Jam Bone McGinty

            you mean Colts….

        • Wiggle D

          If the state of the world is painful, then they should be obligated to work and attempt to change that?

        • Charlie D Evans Jr.

          Maybe it is but it is true.

      • steve

        that’s what I say!

      • TruStJ

        The soft bigotry of low expectations.

        • Joe Lovell

          Nothing “soft” about it.

          • TruStJ

            I agree, it’s way worse IMHO. It’s brainwashing, saying, “well we don’t expect YOU (black)
            to meet EVERYONE else’s standard.”

      • Charlie D Evans Jr.

        You guys should click on Sherry Medellins name. It will show you her other post. You will see this woman is nuts. Her post are all over the place. She post on one story than contradict what she says on another post. LOL

        • Adam

          I’m afraid that is pretty common with people all over the place on these pages… Sad, isn’t it?

      • JayR

        “All” No, not all. You’re just generalize to prove a point that you don’t have. lo

        Not all feel the same way.

    • Jk

      This is not the “black” community. It is a group of parents/coaches who cheated who happened to be black. It was wrong and they should be stripped.

      • Sherry Medellin

        You know something? Outside of the race factor………i agree with u on the point about the adults acting the way they did……At the end of the day it wasnt the decision of the kids to cheat….if in fact that is what happened

        • pastrami

          I’m afraid the kids on the team had to be aware of the cheating simply because they knew they weren’t all on the same team during the season, and that players were added from outside their community. They had to have been counseled how to answer certain questions.
          This makes it an even worse lesson for them from coaches & others they should be able to look up to.
          Yes, it’s the kids fault too, though that was offered up by adults in charge.

          • Kenneth Clark

            Very good point pastrami.

          • retired_geek

            Counselling on how to answer questions? Well, maybe.

            But if going into the play-offs someone had sat me down and said “You know that position you have worked hard for all year? Well for the play-offs we are going to bring in a minivan full of All-Stars and you will be sitting on the bench”

            I would have screamed like a stuck pig. And my parents would have raised Hell too.

          • LR

            But it wasn’t you and they weren’t your Parents. These parents apparently already knew of the lies being told by the coaches, So at best what would have happened is that the child who ” Blew the whistle ” would most likely have been punished!

        • sg

          the kids knew the boundries

        • OnMyHonor

          But regardless- i agrer that its not the kids who cheated. But the TEAM was illegal. Therefore, the TEAM was stripped of the title. Individually, they were not completely responsible. But I am sure that others (parents & possibly some boys) that some knew they were playing illegally. They were mad because they were caught.

          • no, getting caught doesn’t seem to matter to the “racist!!” crowd. It’s the fact that they were held responsible for their actions that ticks ’em off.

          • pepjrp

            Some were even more angry, because they see it as Whites did this bad thing to them again.

        • Greg

          Not the kids, I’m sure they are of the age of understanding what’s right and wrong, kids aren’t stupid! Wrong is wrong I’m sure the kids know it also, so just because they are kids it’s ok, and it’s ok for the losing team kids to deal with the loss that came to them unjustly. That’s what wrong with society today,that and if you don’t get caught it’s ok! Morality starts in the Home!

          • Tired O’Libs

            Spot on Greg, I just love being lectured about ethics and race by a guy who extorted Anheuser-Busch and Coke. Then raises a son with his ethics!! Oh wait he’s still in a prison cell! Morality does start at home but these parents have been listening to the Race baiter and that’s all they know, unfortunately for people like Jamila Lemueix ignorance is NOT bliss its a way of life!

        • Hack

          Wasn’t the kids fault for “cheating”….???? really???? Did you ever play any sports or do you just sit around and feel sorry for people?

          • OnMyHonor

            The kids didn’t draw the boundaries. The COACHES drew from outside the boundaries. I’m not saying that the team wasn’t cheating. But it started with the adults who drew the team outside of their legal boundaries. You can’t fault the boys themselves for the adults initial underhandedness. They re-drew illegal boundary lines & recruited outside those lines. THAT is not on the kids’ heads.

            Now, I am sure they (at least some kids) knew. I am not debating that cheating didn’t occur. And i am not saying that they don’t deserve their title taken away. What I am saying is that, the kids were pawns in the adults’ game. That was their part. The team- led by willful illegal decisions of the adults- was absolutely wrong. The kids didn’t get there, in that situation, by their own accord

          • TruStJ

            Oh jeez you’re arguing if they should be tried as adults?

          • TN Toad

            Watch the movie 8 men out. one of them didn’t cheat but he knew about it and was held responsible and punished as the actual cheaters.

          • Precious Anyanwu

            So based on a movie,the children knew what was going on and cheated. Even in the example you gave the majority cheated and one didn’t. We can’t say the children knew because the fact of the matteris, we don’t know that. I guess they are guilty until “proven” innocent. Yes the title should have been stripped but read how this group has called these children future criminals and all sorts or terrible things. Saying the entire black community acts this way or that way is crazy. When I was reading this entire thread I thought “Wow these are people’s thoughts in 2015, and racism doesn’t excist.” And just in case you didn’t know,
            1) affirmative action helps mostly women not minorities
            2) jesse jackson is not the spokes person for all of black America
            2.5) that goes for Al sharpton as well
            3) as much as I would love to believe racism does not exist, It does. Taking the title, not racist, but a lot of the comments on this tread are very.

        • dr rl

          Jesseeee Jaaaaackson probably was on the search committee looking for the better atheletes so he could once again advantage his own ideologies at the expense of the American way of life! WHAT A GREAT “CHRISTIAN” ROLE MODEL! NOOOOT!

        • Charlie D Evans Jr.

          Sherry it has already been established that is what happened.

        • bigwhitepecker

          You sound like you date black men.
          Go away.

      • TruStJ

        Well lets see, Jesse Jackson and Ebony magazine said it’s a “black thing.” So you should take off your PC stained glasses and wake up.

        • Mark Allen

          Well if jesse and ebony say it, then it must be the truth.

          • TruStJ

            If they wouldn’t have made the charge, no one would be talking about racism, just another team cheating and getting their trophy yanked.

      • phil

        Teaching them to cheat, maybe one day they will grow up and
        become a congressman and learn how to cheat on a larger scale and end up in
        prison, they could use Jesse Jackson Jr. as someone to look up to or through
        the bars.

      • soccer czarina

        And yet it is the “black community” de facto leaders who are crying “foul” and “racism”….. I can guarantee that come Saturday there will be plenty of members of the “black community” at Jackson’s “Reaffirmation of Championship” party and they won’t be there to protest his party. They will be there to cry about “white privilege” and how the “white devils” are racists for punishing black youths who “achieved” something – it won’t be acknowledged that the team CHEATED only that they were BLACK. They will liken this to segregation, Jim Crow laws, and slavery. Watch and see….

        • Judylynn

          I bet this will be a “peaceful” Riot !

        • pepjrp

          Exactly, Jk missed that and tried to down play it.

          • r8706

            If that is a downplay, it’s a rightfully played downplay, as the article and commenters are intensifying by the inclusion of the entire black community, as well as liberals.

    • pastrami

      The black community doesn’t think any such thing. Jackson, and the black people tweeting may, but just how do they so automatically represent “the black community?”
      Values vary within every community and every group & you can be confident there are many black people just as outraged as anyone else about what this “team” did, and just as angry with Jesse Jackson.

      • rockyracoon

        That may be very well true.

      • Vohn Busby

        That very well maybe true! However, the minority will stand together, so that they won’t be a labeled a sell out.

      • Betty Fuson

        i agree with you pastrami

      • Basketball Jones

        While I agree with all of your comments, I believe JJ has been the face and voice of the black ‘racist’ community for many years. The media loves this low life and gives him every opportunity to espouse his racism/victimization at the drop of a hat. If it’s seemingly ‘controversial’ about the black community, the lefty media can’t wait to get a sound byte from this cretin.

      • TruStJ

        Ideally you’re right, however, JJ, Al, BO, Holder, Oprah are big mouths with a huge black following. They know this and manipulate the black community into thinking THEY have their backs, when in fact they are only sticking the knife in it.

      • mack

        Thanks, from a christian, not a black christian, or a white christian, just a christian.

    • OnMyHonor

      Pretty much hit it right on the head, there, friend!

    • Tim Thomas

      Hopefully some one will come out and stand up to this ignorant display of a human.

    • Mark Tallman

      Well, look at their role model: Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Enough said.

    • LvnFree

      Because they have been taught that they can have the bar lower and it will continue to lower if they fail.

    • betterthanu

      They have been told that since the great society. The KKK could not have done a better job ruining blacks than the Democrat Party

      • Rodney Davis

        The KKK was the democrat party, still is

        • G. Hall

          Rodney too much Fox and obviously failed history since grade school. While the South was Democratic (the exact opposite of the Democratic Party today) after the Civil War the KKK arose from disenfranchised Confederate soldiers towards the Norths Republican (totally different party from todays GOP) Reconstruction policy and the freedoms and rights given to the blacks. You know….this history lesson is much to complex for your Republican mind, so we’ll just have to settle on….you watch Fox news so what could be the outcome of truth and real history in possibly teaching you something? Not worth wasting my time.

          • TruStJ

            Nope, Democrats are same as they’ve always been. Insidious in nature. They are the party of racism, just now they’ve turned it on whites. They have essentially put the AA’s into slavery, this time to the welfare system. They have destroyed black families, told them less is expected then they’re capable and then said it’s all the greedy white men that did it to them.

          • Adam

            That is a lot of conjecture there about Fox News…

            you must watch that upstanding news station… you know the one that has fine reporters like…. Brian Williams…

            “I mis-remembered”…


    • Drphloxx

      They think that they’re entitled.

    • Joe Lovell

      Because that is what they have been taught for the past 50 years. Johnson’s “Great Society” and so much of the affirmative action legislation taught them that they are less than all other races and so they get special treatment.

    • Midwestmike

      “Does the black community not feel capable of meeting higher standards of honesty?”

      Short answer to your question; NO

  • Al Parsons

    You cheat, you gaet caught, you lose! End of story!!!

    • Yangon Bill

      Actually, when you cheat you are already caught, even if no one ever finds out, YOU know. When we start instilling this personal integrity in our youth, then we will resolve the problems.

      • Integrity, common sense and personal responsibility. If we could just get back to recognizing those three things are GOOD things, we’d have a chance at getting back on the right track.

        • Adam

          Very much agree – INTEGRITY is doing the right thing when no one is looking!

    • sg


  • Gstephens

    It’s all the white man’s fault. After all, if it had not been for slavery, these unfortunate young men would not have been in America to cheat on so silly a game. We owe trophies to them all and our apologies for assuming all should play by the same rules. I’m sure Obama and Holder will chime in on this soon. Of course, Jackson and Sharpton are jockeying for race baiting position.

    • Clark Blount

      The real pity here is that Jackson and others like him get away with obvious racism and stay in the spotlight time and time again. When will we lose the double standard and put Jesse along side David Duke and the rest of the race baiters instead of giving him a national soap box to whine from?

  • Vinita Thonen

    Isn’t that business as usual in Chicago?

  • JPM

    Of course the Liberals will scream racism, that’s all they know how to do. It doesn’t go our way your racist.

  • Derwood Kirby

    We shoulda picked our own cotton.

    • Tarantula2

      Interesting if you think about where they’d all be today if their ancestors had stayed in Africa. I remember Mohammed Ali after the Rumble in the Jungle (Ali v Forman Oct 30 1974, Kinshasha, Zaire), when he came home, a reporter met him as he got off the plane and asked: “what did you think of Africa champ?” Ali: “sure glad my grand pappy got on that boat…”

  • gator53


    • Kiwi73

      Pretty much this. The coaches and parents should have to explain to the kids that they, as GROWN UP ADULTS, decided (premeditated, conspiracy, master plan) to cheat at LITTLE LEAGUE.

      They took this away from these kids because they had no faith in them to begin with.

      • Leslie Greer Kauo

        Exactly. The adults did this. They need to makean apology to the kids.

      • jimbo

        The kids knew! Yes, ban that coach, and all the officers of that league that signed off on this team, for life. I am surprised it took so long for this to come out!

      • Marie Smedberg

        Kids are not stupid; they had to know what was going on. I don’t fault them for saying nothing—it’s hard for kids to publicly stand up to adults. But the parents should have gotten involved right from the start. Now look at what happened. They lose something they worked hard for. Tough life lesson, huh?

        • Kiwi73

          Who were the kids supposed to go to to report it? The Coaches or parents that were all involved? The parents were involved from step one.

          You talk about it as though the kids had an outlet to report to and simply didn’t. As children, what did you expect them to do?

          The coaches and the parents orchestrated this entire thing (regardless of the kids knowing or not) because they had no faith in the kids that they had without cheating.

          It is a tough life lesson when the adults around you lie and cheat because they think you aren’t good enough to win at something that’s supposed to be fun.

    • Sherry Medellin

      U hit the pen on the point! Couldnt have said it better myself. Just wish we could live in peace without dicrimination and racism. It is so tiring.

    • Vicki Johnson

      How could they NOT know ? You KNOW who your team mates are, and where they are from……….

    • Jimbo

      The kids knew too!

  • Gordon Harvey

    JamilahLemieux is a really special kind of stupid. Nigga Please!

  • down_with_BongHit_Barry

    Black conservatives have to be shaking their heads. I join them in their sorrow. This kind of sick behavior in adults is a heartbreaking thing to see, particularly when they’re in a position to influence young people. Jackson should be in the hoosegow along with his worthless son. His son’s fate should be an object lesson in what following his example will do for black children.

  • odinsthunder

    Chicago’s thug mentality has been around for over 100 years. It doesn’t matter what color they are. Leadership starts at the top and it’s rotten all the way down. Everybody know what was happening and nobody objected. That in itself is a tragedy, but really not unexpected for Chicago. For the race baiters, all was OK, except they got caught. Play by the rules and this stuff doesn’t happen, but, that’s not the Chicago way….

  • Mike Nipper

    “We can’t have a single damned thing”…..Really? Do white people have their own magazine? Is there a dating web site just for whites, like “where black people meet”? etc. etc. etc.

    • Kiwi73

      Can we give “them” Alabama? Maybe see what they can do with it. Right now, it’s sort of a mess.

      • 1grayrebel

        And you can kiss my Alabama ass!

        • Kiwi73

          Is it cute?

          • 1grayrebel

            Damn right

      • 1grayrebel

        I bet you even look like one of them scrawny little birds!

      • xmrax

        just take a look at what they did to all the country’s that they got in africa

    • David Riley

      NAAWP (National Association for the Advancement of White People)? [Imagine how racist THAT would be!!] United Caucasian College Fund?

      • Sherry Medellin

        That is funny! I am not being racist but i am white and never had it easy! Worked for everything i have and that isnt much yet! Still working on my vision and all the while being the only white woman in a boder town i have gained my respect through my efforts to change the lives of others! Kind of sets the way for mentaliy change!

      • DILIGAF

        How about a Congressional White Caucus?

  • Leory

    I saw this coming a mile away. Black people do everything they can do to make people hate them. Then if you do, you’re a racist. Everything is racists to a racist.

  • Kiwi73

    How are we expected to take seriously the actuality of racism when wolf is cried over a non racist action.

    They cheated. Which, by the way, doesn’t go a long way in NOT perpetuating racism and stereotypes.

    • Thank you. Cheating is terrible, no matter who you are or why you do it.

      • pastrami

        And destructive of he soul.

        • Yep. Those who cheat and don’t get caught do tend to rationalize it until they are no longer concious of wrongdoing, et cetera. May God help this country, especially as we are going in a worse direction than I thought.

      • Marie Smedberg

        Used to be that cheating was OK unless you got caught. Glad the pendulum is starting to swing back to where it belongs.

  • Kathy

    Why do they think people have such a terrible opinion of them when they lie cheat and steal and think it’s okay because of the color of their skin when you lie cheat and steal it doesn’t matter what color your skin is it’s wrong and to teach these children otherwise is wrong!!!’but hey they’re black so they can get by with it!!!!!

  • Dustynhot

    Ironically, nothing has been mentioned about all the kids who were left off the team in favor of bringing in “ringers.” I assume that they, too, were Black. If so, how would Jesse and the Ebony editor respond to them?

  • William Stearns

    To scream that the rules don’t apply to us or that we should be given lower standards or special treatment is the very foundation of inequality. Equality now, the cr of ll minorities since forevr means an equal standard for everyone. Not one set of rule for one group and another for a different group. That is discrimination and racist. Treating a group as equals is the opposite of racism and as such should be applauded. This team cheated, end of story. I live in Chcago and was very proud of this little league team until today, now they remind me of the infamous “Black Sox” This blow ranks right up there with allowing a team of cheats to not only play in but win the Super Bowl!!!!!

  • Nellie rickey

    If they all went in with full knowledge of the rules they were bending they must understand they got caught with their hand in a cookie jar…

  • David Riley

    I was thinking about this at work tonight. The biggest problem with constantly throwing out the race card is this: eventually people will get so tired and pissed off about being called racist over every little slight that they will BECOME racists. Self fulfilling prophecy. Either people will get upset and start ACTUALLY hating minorities, or they will just figure that if I am going to be called a racist for every thing I do and say I might as well act the part, what do I have to lose? Either way it is going to backfire and create the very situation which people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and others have accused us of, and supposedly are trying to eliminate.

  • mamabear1966

    Nigs will always be Nigs and stick together. What do you expect? This is how they beat the ‘white privilege’ that takes away EVERYTHING from them! Note the sarcasm there! Cheaters will always be cheaters and they are teaching these kids to cheat. That’s why Nigs will always be Nigs because they’d rather cheat their way to something instead of earning it. Kanye West is a huge NIG!

  • RDH1988

    What about the teams these kids “beat” that had black kids on them too? Don’t those black kids count? Didn’t the brown kids count? And we KNOW they didn’t think the white kids counted. Pathetic that they figure they can’t win unless they cheat…that is NOT what little league was about!!!

  • Birdbranze

    I recently heard some talking head refer to this latest generation as Generation Obama. Perfect! Baby Boomers gave way to Generation X, Gen. X gives way to the 0’s. Generation O is a bunch of kids who are and will continue to Demand Their “Right” to lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. After all, the potus did it, why shouldn’t they. If you have nothing but actors (who make their living pretending to be something or someone they are not) and politicians (who get paid by those behind the scenes to pretend to be something or someone they are not) for role models, what can you expect? Generation 0 is not even raising their children for the most part (arguably a good thing) themselves, they get Grandma and Grandpa to raise them. This is indicative of the spoiled nature of the generation. They take everything, except responsibility.


    Next they will boycott bakeries because they only make and sell white bread.

  • Sherry Medellin

    I wonder why it took them6 months to investigate. And why arent issues like these checked beforehand? That on the analytical side of it.

  • Sherry Medellin

    My blood runs red just as everyone else. . No one person or race is better or less than the other!

    • betterthanu

      That is such bullcrap. That bus a liberal lie. Sorry there are greater and lesser cultures. It is just true. Your inability to see truth is your mental illness

  • Sean Canova

    This story is an example of why libs don’t want people to show ID when they vote…it would be tougher to cheat.

  • GoneFishing

    Shame on both those ‘responsible’ and the race-baiters for trying to deep six the true reason.

  • Gloria Yount

    What ? Blacks want to be treated as equals but yet they think they can cheat & don’t have to follow the rules like whites? I don’t blame the little boys in this but the adults who put the team together by cheating. And what’s bad is instead of using this to teach all kids (of every race) not to cheat at sports, these adults like Jessie Jackson want to act like idiots & play it up with the race card.

  • This is sick.

  • David Sneade

    Look at the leaders and parents and what they are saying . Then when they are adults they wonder where they went wrong .Its root cause is that they are taught at a young age it is okay to lie,cheat,and steal and if you get caught then cry racism.

  • theicemancometh11234

    next will be an all black little league championship -where they all can cheat

  • FL Grandfather

    Fair is fair, PERIOD. Get caught breaking the rules and you lose, PERIOD. Race-baiters should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES…PERIOD!!!

  • Mike Bustle

    Race has absolutely NO part in this.

  • rob

    jesse, al, eric, & Obama — Their rules are to lie and CHEAT to win and if you don’t win, it is racism.

  • Beth Blanton

    Sad I thought liberals where for children apparently only if the children are minorities

  • Kenneth Clark

    I am tired of people using the color of their skin to get what they want. Rules are set forth for ALL to follow so there should be absolutely no exception.

  • Tim Thomas

    This man has done more harm to his race than any white man could of ever done. But yet the ignorant low educated fools continue to follow him.

  • Tim Thomas

    One point I would like to state. Everyone including myself says the black community, or their community. The media does it. We all do it. It is NOT their community. Their are white people who live in these neighborhoods. You see their ignorant asses protesting right along side of the fools. Let’s stop calling it their neighborhood. It is our neighborhood and they are Americans who have shown they have no respect for anyone else. They should be treated as they treat others.
    Act like an animal, get treated like an animal.

  • Marie Smedberg

    Say, Jesse, do you only play by the rules when they work in your favor?? Some life lesson you are teaching these kids.

  • RHaav

    I just don’t get it. How can a whole team, all of the kids parents, coaches, their extended families and parents of the kids that were brought in on the scam agree to cheat? Is there something in the black mind that says it’s OK? I remember a time when I was 11 or 12 years old when I stole a combination lock from a hardware store and my dad found out. He took me down to the store and I had to hand the lock over to the owner and apologize. To this day I realize that stealing, cheating, and being dishonest is wrong and I have done very well in my 71 years and sleep well knowing that I am far from perfect but am a pretty good guy.

  • Pat Lanier

    oh yeah, bring out the race card!!! Why is it fair for a Black team to win by cheating, but not for a White team to win by playing fair? This race baiting is ruining everything good in this country and teaching Blacks they are not as good as anybody else, that the only way they can “win” is by cheating.

  • Mark Tallman

    Typical of Jesse Jackson and his Monochrome PUSH organization. According to him, Ebony Magazine, the parents (who should have known better), and the kids who are also old enough to know better, cheated. Period. End of story. I guess it is anti-Asian when Taiwan had several titles taken away after it was found they used players much older than the age limits for this level of baseball, as I recall as old as 16. I guess it was racism a number of years ago when an ALL WHITE team was stripped of its title, for falsifying birth certificates. If I recall that was in New Jersey.

    The rules are the rules and this team broke those rules. Want to bet Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Eric Holder will start an investigation? Barack HUSSEIN Obama will claim, if he had a son, they would look just like the kids on the cheating team….

  • Mark Tallman

    In most cases, all-Black teams usually get MAJOR sponsorship from firms such as Nike, Addidas, etc. It looks like a Rawlings logo on the jersey. I believe Rawlings should stand up and set this right as far as what this team did was WRONG!

  • Dave Otter

    i just gotta say ENOUGH HAS ANYONE THOUGHT TO TALK TO THE KIDS!!! they didn’t cheat !!! their lying cheating coach and other ADULTS DID!!!! a teachable moment would have been for the little league to have JRW players voluntary give the vegas the championship.

  • guest022

    racism. it’s not us, it’s them. and it always was. the so called racists were right all along. we just forgot all the reasons why they cant live up to the same standards we set for ourselves. it’s not racism, it’s realism.

  • Mark Allen

    This is so funny, they got caught cheating. But I guess if the president doesn’t have to pay for it ,why should the little leaguers.Good job obama for setting the standard that our kids can look up to.

  • Fred Smith

    I bet Jackie Robinson is turning, no spinning, over in his grave. I’m sure he is real proud of a bunch of adults cheating and putting his name on it. I can see him and MLK saying “What in the hell happened to all the good work we did on earth”.

  • Pool Buoy

    Cheating is terrible. Taking away from kids for what cheating adults do is worse. Attempting to play the race card is really bad. But the worst is all the obviously racist comments here by ignorant, clueless, trashy white people. As a white person, I am embarrassed and humiliated by how low so many stoop just because two black people took a wrong position. Of course, the comments here merely serve to JUSTIFY that position!!!

    • JR

      Cheating is Cheating no matter who does it. This isn’t a black/white thing. This is a right/wrong thing. I’ve been around youth sports for 25 years and believe me when I say, everyone in that organization knew what was going on, including the players. Not blaming them because obviously this is an adult issue. But Little League did what they had to do and they did it to protect the integrity of their brand, not because it was a black team. I do agree with you though, that racist comments (ON BOTH SIDES) have no place in the argument as to whether this team should be stripped of their titles. Sports are the ultimate meritocracy in our society. The most talented rise to the top regardless of race. All sports organizations MUST protect a level playing field and then, may the best man (team) win.

  • Lee Lee

    ya,,,Affirmative Action sports

  • Norma Kinsey

    Quit using race as an excuse. if being black means your not capable of doing the same school work, following the same rules as others. then maybe what you really want is not the same freedoms as other Americans but to be reinstated as slaves to be taken care of by the master. why most ppl vote democrats since they promise to take care of you without your need to work for it. To many in history died giving you the freedoms you have. quit throwing them away.. Use that color to mean something other than poor pitiful me.

  • Lianne Mathias Vlasin

    Jesse keep your racist nose out of it!!! No where has it been said that the kids cheated, it was the coach & parents where the blame lies. The adults knew they were doing wrong & no amount of racist remarks from you will change that. I am very upset on behalf of those kids who played their hearts out only to have the championship that THEY WON, NOT THEIR PARENTS, taken from them. If Little League wants to punish someone find a way to punish the parents that KNEW they were doing wrong not the kids.

  • John

    Play by the Rules… if you can’t don’t play. Jesse Jackson, it’s has nothing to do with you so shut your dam mouth… you’re one of the reason Racism still exists in America.

  • CitizenMM

    Cheating is…cheating, not racism.

  • Chris Mazzaro

    I would expect nothing less from Jessie Jackson that piece of crap

  • xsuitman

    I have been coaching Travel and High school Ice hockey for over 25 years. From small town to International Tournaments (World Pee Wee Tourney Quebec included) Every year some team some place Local or otherwise has the same issue of loosing and getting a tittle stripped for unauthorized, underplayed,overage, underage and just illegitimate players. Half the time knowingly other half innocent ignorance to the rules. OH BY THE WAY VERY VERY FEW BLACK LATINOS OR OTHER ETHNICS. SO i guess it must be white on white hate??? Funny since 2008 the RACE CARD has become the only reason why some groups Loose or get shut out! Hummmmmm I see a pattern….

  • Peter Sandholm

    Let them keep it! Hell, we let the Patriots play in and win the Super Bowl after they were caught cheating. What the hell should we expect!

  • Sally

    Af-Ams have a love/hate relationship with racism. I suspect the meter tips in the direction of love. What would the community do without this convenient excuse for those shortcomings? Lacking something outside themselves to blame, they may have to actually accept responsibility for their actions. I still say racism is here to stay. Liberals depend on it. And, as a sidenote, stop making heroes out of your thugs, rioters, liars, cheaters, and murderers. When you elevate malcontents to honored status, it makes you look morally foolish.

  • justtheusa

    What is news about their reaction? It’s always that way when this happens to blacks. They can’t accept that they were caught or broke the rules, they’re black and have to have different rules that acknowledge that they are … It’s their culture. And these are moments Jackson and Sharpton live for. blacks don’t want equality, they want preferences because of their color and this proves it. By the way, why weren’t their any Whites on the team (it didn’t mention any) That would make this a racist team by not including Whites or Hispanics and other ethnic groups.

  • Hack

    No better time than the present to teach a life lesson to those kids!

  • Basketball Jones

    Let’s see…they don’t want to play by the rules set forth by the Little League Association and now that they’ve been caught, they scream racism. Always the victim and never the perp. Thanks to race hustlers like that POS pictured above this will never end until the black community stops letting these low life bottom feeders speak on their behalf. Does it really surprise anyone that this happened in Chicago? How long do you think it will be before that liar occupying the WH will chime in?

  • MKD23

    Brian Williams was just suspended by Nightly News for 6 months (without pay) for lying. JS…

  • kittykat

    I have to wonder…what would Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, this Jamilah lady, and all the other race-baiting, entitled blacks do with their lives if they were white…

  • Chief72

    rules broken! how is that a race thing?

  • Eddie

    That’s what the word racism means. Cheat, lie, steal, rape and or pillage your community and it’s cool. But if you get caught you have an automatic out. Just scream racism. That justifies any and every thing. If you break the law and get caught, no problem just yell racism. The perfect way to get you off the guilty hook scot free. There is no right or wrong anymore, there’s only racism. Just ask al sharptongue ! Looks like white folks are going to have to come up with a word to cover our wrong doings. The queers hijacked the word GAY…blacks have hijacked the word RACISM…now we white folks need our own word….I wonder what it might be ?????

  • Oingo

    It’s shame that people don’t see that people like JJ do more to reinforce and confirm the negatives

  • William L. Hans Sr.

    It’s not a black thing, white thing, yellow thing, green thing or whatever. It is a CHEATING thing and a learning thing…”Cheater’s NEVER win” should be the lesson. Let’s stop this race crap and do what is right, that is what this is about …Jessie Jackson and the publisher of Ebony Magazine are just showing up where the damn cameras are to get their spotlight moments…where the hell is Al Sharpton? He loves to pander around the cameras too. So people stop the hate and teach the kids right from wrong.

  • Oingo

    Cheating is not limited to any one race or culture. It is sad that there are people that think that by JJ making into a race issue it is somehow going to improve the situation. The team not get the undeserved title and the negative publicity will do nothing positive. It also may subject the players on the team to undeserved abuse. JJ just reinforces the negative stereotypes

  • Esteban

    Holding black people to any kind of standards is RACIST. They aren’t capable of achieving at the same level or under the same rules as any other group of people.

  • Li’l Tommy

    We all Celebrate MLK’s Birthday in different ways.. JJ celebrates by Yelling “RACISM”!!

  • retired_geek

    I have no problem with the taking back of the championship title when cheating is discovered, no matter if the team is white, black, red or purple. Right is right.

    Bur wouldn’t it have been so much better if the Little League organization vetted the players for age, home address and whatever. It’s so much better to cut the head off a snake before it bites than after.

  • Bob

    So they should get to keep the title because they will be heart broken over losing it after working or should I say cheating so hard for it? What about the kids who were heart broken over their chance to play in this title game being destroyed by a cheating team? I wish someone from someme other teams preferably a mostly black team would stand up and say how mad they are to have been beaten out of their dream by a cheater.

  • fatlip

    So just like black on black crime. No big deal to their community. How many black kids had their dreams stripped because of this black teams cheating? I guess no big deal. One day the black community will stand up for integrity and eliminate racism since it seems that’s where it is embraced.

  • whytoldbear

    What do yoi expect from a culture that worships and Emulates “gangstas” and pimps??

  • Jake Hobart

    Blacks are the most racist people on earth.

    • johughsie

      Jake –
      Well – we allowed this to happen so…… I notice that the people that cry “racism” ARE black. If they are not black – the others that are crying & screaming for equality are the other protected classes – illegal aliens & LBGT

  • Ray Butler

    The kids know who’s in their hood better than anybody. Don’t think for a second the kids didn’t know too. As for the black race-baiters, just ignore them & let them scream to a brick wall. We don’t owe ANY race the permission to lie, cheat, steal, murder or evade arrest. Either they want equal treatment or they don’t, & either they ARE equal or they aren’t. Giving them hand-ups to make them equal only feeds their hunger for more hand-ups. Time to strip their excuses away & make them earn their rewards like everybody else- THAT’S fair & equal play.

  • alnga

    It is hard to understand why you would train athletes to cheat and then complain when you get caught. Chances are good the this team may have done well without cheating but chose to for insurance.

  • Brad

    All I see Jesse Jackson doing is trying to keep the race issue going so him and Al Sharpton will have something to do. This is not a race issue it is the right thing to do. Kids learn from those adults around them and if this is ok then why is it not ok to just go take whatever you want. I am from Mississippi and you never hear of this kind of crap going on here. You know why because we don’t see BLACK or WHITE. We see RED, WHITE and BLUE. We are all Americans. Not African Americans. I don’t know of anyone that is from Africa. And really don’t give a crap about race. God made us all in his image. So to all the folks that want to keep play the race card I think your the ones that are racist.

  • Midnite Oil Rod Shop

    Its Chicago, those of us from the rest of the state would not expect anything less…..

  • Hugh Richard Williams

    Everything is racism it seems. You commit a crime, you go to prison, that is racist. I bet they were laughing their ass off when they pulled off the scam. Now they get caught and they are mad.

  • Dieter Gould

    Rules, are rules… You abide by them! The team had players from different districts to fill a void within their own team? Or, we’ll put together the best team we can find, and win! The parameters are set, plain and simple… Why teams have to through in a ringer just to win, is nothing new! I remember many kids back in the day whom were over the age limit, that were signed up. Just so, the league could have enough people to play soccer! And, yes! Age does make a difference! So, if the team was caught having kids that were older, or from different districts. Just so the league is guaranteeing that everyone can play. I don’t see why not… But, when a championship is being played, well that would be a different story!

  • Jimmyjack James

    As long as Obozo is in office the Monkeys will be on their BS high horse. When he is gone. Things will go back to normal. If it is black,it lies,,steals,,kills,,and milk Whitey for all it can get.

  • toothii

    So rules mean nothing to those of the Black Community? Why am I not surprised. I feel badly for the kids, but their parents and coaches should know better, apparently not! Rev. Jackson, not that anyone really wants to hear from you…this is NOT RACISM it is BAD PARENTING! For once in your miserable life, tell the truth and blame the real culprits. These kids deserved BETTER!

  • disqus_GYXQ8Ms8Zk

    Jackson and Sharpton both do not have a clue about the difference between right and wrong. It makes no difference whether you are red, yellow, black or white. If you are an American living in the United States of America then you have got to adhere to the same rules and the same laws that everyone else in this country has to live by. If you can not grasp this requirement then leave OUR country and reside somewhere else!!!

  • Imtoooldforthis

    Play by the rules or don’t play. Jesse Jackson is telling the black community that it’s okay to cheat because you’re black and if we scream loud enough we’ll get our way. Go home and shut up Jesse. You wreak havoc whenever you open your mouth.

  • Renita Lee

    I have been a Little League and Babe Ruth Coach for 17 years. The rules are clearly stated, we all take an exam before being allow to coach so it is confirmed that we know the rules. They even wear a patch on their jerseys at the LLWS that says ” I won’t cheat”. Give me a break, racist?? really??? They cheated and it ended up in being stripped of the title. Just like any other team that has cheated in the past. The coaches knew if they got caught, that would be the consequences. Anyone that has ever been involved in Little League knows that is the consequence for cheating. The rules are the rules, no matter what color you are!!

  • Chris Reidt

    It’s not racism you damed fool! It’s cheating. If it were the other way around, Jesse and The Gang would be screaming that the all white team cheated and demand that the championship be GIVEN to the all black team. Another question, if there was just one white or hispanic kid on the team, would this even be a discussion?

  • Christine

    The Adults should apologise to each child and admit their part in cheating and make it clear that this is not a correct choice to make. For Cheating the Adult need to be punished for their actions. The team should still loose the title so the children can understand just how wrong cheating is.

  • MakeAllDrugsLegal

    There probably all on steroids, lol. Where are the white players on the team ? Thats racism at its best. Why doesn’t JJ & Sharpton complain about that. Wait it wouldn’t help there end game.

  • KIM


  • psw2001

    They think they won, because they beat the other teams they played against. How much sweeter their victory would have been if they didn’t cheat. They would be able to keep their trophy(s) and be able to hold their heads up high nowing they are truly winners, and not just a bunch of cheaters.
    (I’ll bet it was the “adults” involved with the team, that should be the ones getting punished. It is almost always the “adults” obsession to win that usually causes the most cheating in kid’s sports activities).

  • Tarantula2

    They weren’t cheating…since they’re a protected class of oppressed victims of a racist and unjust society, they needed the special advantage to make up for all the years of bigotry and injustice. It was affirmative action little league…

  • joe

    I’m sure most of the team is in jail now

  • Carol

    Stop whining. If you earned things the right way, there wouldn’t be problem. No, you want special favors. Screw you.

  • Mark R.M. Holmstrand

    The very successful Anchorage, Alaska team did this too about 10 years ago.


    Wow, a man of color holds the highest office in the US and blacks wanna still cry racism..!#$

  • Mike

    Don’t you think the kids knew who was from their neighborhood and who wasn’t? I sure did when I played Little League. Or did the “black” coaches lie to the kids? We need more facts before Al Charlatan weighs in with his usual racial vitriol. Jesse had to play the race card because this was in Chicago and he has to deflect from black on black homicides whenever he has the opportunity.

  • Jim

    Chicago is the armpit of America, full of bleeding heart Liberals which is why nothing good ever comes from there. Only Crime, Crooked Politicians, Thugs, Lies, Crooked Politicians, Mafia, Poverty and did I say Crooked Politicians??

  • greg

    Again am I the only one tired of people using the words racist or racism as a crutch.

  • Lawrence Lutz

    Only some people will turn this into a race issue. This is a class issue. A bunch of classless parents and coaches robbed kids of a legitimate chance to play the game fairly. They robbed kids living in the district the chance to play. They robbed the other teams the opportunity to advance due to cheating. It’s not because they’re black. Get over yourselves. Poor sportsmanship.

  • JayR

    FYI: Jessie Jackson or opinions by other black individuals doesn’t mean all or most African American’s feel the same way.

  • shadowmerlin

    Doesn’t “white privilege” mean you have to play by the rules when others don’t?

  • Carol

    Take the color out of it PLEASE…Rules are rules regardless of color. How fair was it to the rest of the teams for them to basically stack a team as they did just to come out on top. Not at all. I was involved in coaching for years and I played by the rules. I love to win too but by the rules. I always taught good attitude, good sports, and play your hardest first then WIN. But the bottom line is, Shame on the parents and the coaches for allowing this. What kind of example did you set for these boys. “you can go through life and cheat your way to the top”!!! Shame, Shame on all that was involved. Would all this really be going on if the tables were turned. Stop all this racist crap just because they got caught do something they NEW in the beginning was against the rules..Come on people. WRONG IS WRONG NO MATTER THE COLOR!!!!!!

  • Colleen Mitchell

    Cheaters are cheaters – black or white. But the “Rev” is a race baiting bigot so all he sees is color – not honor, not morals, not principles. He is a festering ooze, a boil, and outdared, irrelevant blight on our society. He needs to shut up and go away.

  • William Prince

    niggers just being niggers, no story here

  • Bob

    Where’s Rev. Al Sharpton? He must be on vacation

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    “Not everyone is willing to embrace liberty; liberty requires not just effort, but risk. Some people choose to delude themselves and see their chains as protective armor.”
    ― Terry Goodkind, Chainfire

  • mxer

    We have to re-write the laws, one for blacks and one for the rest of the world and then there will be no more rioting looting and protesting.

  • Martin Woodward

    How about we make this guy the ambassador to South Africa and when he gets there revoke his citizenship and seize his bank accounts and disperse them to the poor

  • David Farmer

    It’s a shame the parents of this team did this to their own children by Cheating! What an example set by their parents. Hopefully the children have learned Cheaters never prosper. Unless you’re the government!

  • matt

    Just. Who are the real racists here cry baby blacks

  • westriversd1

    Not one, not one white boy was good enough to play for this “all star” team? Nuff said.

  • mrhappybean

    Get out the fire extinguishers, here comes another “peaceful demonstration”.

  • Dwayne

    My former community of Walpole, Massachusetts sent their team years before. The kids were all from Walpole. No one cheated and they did well. We teach effort, trust, learn, heart, and never give up. Nice to see that these coaches and parents do what I have seen them do in years past with football. The Harvey, Illinois traveling football team used older kids who were not even on the team. They had aome kids on the team make weight and age requirements, then they would go and switch those kids’ football jersies with older the kids. And yes, Harvey is a black community. We are a mixed community. It amazes me that the parents allow it let alone the coaches.

  • Mike

    The only thing I disagree with in this article, is that the players of JRW had knowledge that they were cheating. I’m sure they knew where their friends on the team lived but I really doubt they are complicit in knowingly cheating. This is all on the adults on this one. Otherwise the rest is accurate.

  • Lon M. Dugan

    Way to go Little League! If a “White” team had done this, there would have been a loud cry of the team being racist if they had not been stripped of their title. Why is it racist to enforce the rules?

  • blobclark

    Simple, be the team “white , black or zebra striped purple”…. the rules of little league were broken. As mentioned in the story , other teams have lost their titles for such infractions in the past. This is not racism, this is the rule of law. I simply do not understand such thinking, to break the rules must be ok for the negro race. The rules are for everybody , regardless of race – caucasian, mogoloid, or negroid.

  • John J Eberhart

    So blacks think it’s alright to cheat? But if whites did this they would scream racist. They scream racist at everything whether it’s right or wrong. No stqndards for thedm except what they make up.

  • stone8

    When blacks are caught violating ANY rule, law etc, they cry racism as that is how they have been raised. Do what you want and if caught , play THE card.

  • Proudusagirl

    —> I do not care what the color of your skin is: Winners never cheat and cheaters never win.

  • Davey

    Not that I know all of the facts of this, but this was written terribly and this author is clearly messed up in the head one way or the other.

  • Jimbobway

    It doesn’t matter anymore. They were exposed as cheaters and reafoong th does not change anything. The cat is it of the bag

  • Joe Maniscalco

    jln0114 – Yes they do !

  • shetaz71

    This is just a slap in the face to those black players who fought so hard to play pro ball! Jackie Robinson, Shoeless Joe.. I’m sure they are shaking their heads right now at the fools who think its just fine to cheat when playing ball. And to Jamilla~~ U can have anything u want as long as u play by the RULES and EARN it. It doesn’t matter what color ur skin is or what ur race is. Little League isn’t about color or race. You, Al Sharptongue, Jesse Jackass and the rest who think its OK to cheat to win, need to crawl back into the hole u just came out of. Its people like u who dumb down ur own race. Its people like YOU who make people like me dislike what u seem to think u stand for. All of u make me sick.

  • jtak101

    Minorities claim they want “equality” when what they actually want is “your rules don’t apply to us”…Jessie made himself a very lucrative career by lying and cheating, of course he wants these kids to learn from him.

    • bigwhitepecker

      I agree. If it’s not white, it’s not right.

  • bigwhitepecker

    This is why blacks shouldn’t be allowed to participate in events with humans.

  • Chris Delay

    Cheater’s, are loser’s. PERIOD! I don’t freaking CARE what color the skin is. When you do not play by the rules, you deserve to LOSE! It doesn’t matter if the kids did their best, if the coach cheated, they all lose. Moral’s are moral’s.

  • Joe Seba

    and plainly the author here is lying. The team obviously (and I’m
    sorry to use that word because Republicans won’t understand it) did
    not recruit from the entire state of Alabama. That is simply not
    true. But, what they did clearly violated the rules. However, though
    it’s not a blatant lie, the statement (and lie) that “…the
    players, coaches, and parents all knew about it” is nothing short
    of a despicable statement. They ALL knew? How do you know? And, to
    demonstrate what an ignorant moron the author here is, nobody ever
    used the word “racism” in protesting the decision. Nor did he
    (it) bother to describe the make up of the opposing team. I can’t
    blame him. I can’t find that information myself. Are they all black?
    A majority? Half? Tell me. But it has to be “liberals” that he
    selectively quotes protesting the action. Just flagrant Republican
    race baiting. Using his logic I can refer to him as a bigoted racist,
    can’t I?

  • John Sullivan

    Because The Rev Jesse J is an all together excellent example of how adults should behave and how real men behave in this world. Lets examine how well he functioned as a parent – Jesse Jr can you please address this matter for us? Um no sorry – I forget they don’t have internet access in prison… Enough said – He is a race baiter who is looking for something simple after his last 5 -10 epic fails along said the fat rat AL. Effing ass clown

  • Randy

    How long Father must we have before we don’t have to but up with the race card and liberals.How long Father how long ?

  • Dude…

    Cheating is color blind…

  • kay

    amazing how blacks don’t care its cheating all they know is how to play race card. if they don’t get their way they scream and yell. editor calling other team raggedy. No wonder black kids are in trouble so much they have no one to teach them right from wrong. and as far as Reverend, Jackson is about as much so as my cat. He is nothing but a bigoted racist who preaches hate and racial division

  • Jill Kennard

    What ever happened to teaching honesty, hard work, character, ethic’s and the value of that rather than that cheating, lieing, and pandering. It’s a shame for the kid’s to suffer because of adult ‘s but that needs to happen so that every person involved learns thay can’t cheat,and lie their way to the top with out having issues.

  • Sons of Liberty

    I coach baseball at the Babe Ruth League level. I know good and well how coaches manipulate the pre-season draft just to get the blue chip players. Anything to win…they seem to think they are Major League managers.

  • I didn’t know Cheater was a race, or a color??? Thanks Jesse Jackson!

  • Gio

    You had me. I thought you where smart and I agreed with your points then you had to bring it back to politics when you said ” just like your emperor Obama” you lost me . Come on how… It’s not even worth it.keep blaming Obama

  • Ivan

    If Obama had a little league team, it would look a lot like JRW…

  • davewoo

    Useless group of non=Americans. All they want is everything. If they can’t have it they cheat and lie, i.e., Obama. And if they get caught cheating, it’s because they were black..they are allowed to break the rules. And Ole Jesse Jackson trying to get relevant again!!

  • Norm Ash

    Rev Jackson just needs another made-up crisis to tie his name to. He’s such a narcissistic jackass. I’m surprised his butt buddy and tax dodger, Al Sharpton isn’t there, too.

  • luk_home

    Jesse, the boys are good, no doubt. who can dispute that? no one. but as a team the adults in charge USED them to form a TEAM OF GREAT PLAYERS to achieve a goal. the adults broke the rules and the children in the long run take the brunt of it. sad, but true. it’s called child abuse. the decision is not against the black children it’s against breaking the rules everyone should follow.

  • art anderson

    Another example of racism against whites. Every time people of color get caught not following the rules, or don’t get what they think they should, they throw the race card. Shame on them and anybody who condones this behaviour. We know who the real racists are. They always seem to want something without earning it

  • Just have to understand – first world countries established the “rule of law”. Those that race bait do not understand this concept. Rule of law establishes a baseline standard. (No we have not always used it fairly) That establishes rule of law for society.

    MLK has to be rolling over in his grave – watching what has become of the black community he tried to lift up out of darkness….

  • haroldcrews

    If a meritocracy is “racist” and de facto white supremacy then that means the only alternative to white supremacy is black supremacy. Suddenly white supremacy appears rather respectable.

  • william T

    Of course your article focuses on how this is all part of the Liberal agenda and nothing they say has any merit…look at the conservative blowhard politicians who cry foul at every election and tell me that they deserve the right to represent any common sense american…

  • Smirv

    Why the hell does EVERYTHING have to be about race. I wish the adults of this country would grow up and stop whining like little 2 year old’s

  • bobo

    instead of lttle league, how about letting them form a spear chucking league

  • r8706

    By what grounds is this article associating people who are calling out racism with liberal views? There is no affiliation with liberal views in this article – aside from the mentioning of “Liberals” in the headline. Even if the ONE person whose posts are screencapped trying to call it racism is a liberal, it is unethical journalism to make such a generalization. One person’s view does not account for a whole group’s. If you want any more proof of this, try thinking of yourselves being generalized as Americans in the eyes of other countries based on Obama’s views (as most of this is a conservative audience).

    I would agree that this case (at least as presented by this one source, as I have yet to check others) sounds like it has no grounds as a racism issue, however, it is abhorrent the hypocrisy that too often exists in both articles such as these and their comments sections. Turning a blind eye to the reality of racism and blaming it on liberals is the easy way out from having to deal with the problem. These cases are all individual and media consumers need to dissect the facts before coming to a conclusion instead of being spoon-fed by subjective writers that try to incite their readers.

  • harry tircel

    its too bad that the kids had to be punished, the parents were the real cheaters,…Jackson, please go home and stay there

  • ScooterKat

    “We can’t have a single damned thing.-Jamilah

    No, you can’t have a single damn thing if you cheat to get it. Your Jamilah are the epitome of lowlife racist scum. You’re not worthy of licking a dogs asshole.

  • blackandbeautiful

    These KKK blogs are hilarious!!!!

  • recordhound

    here it is, 2015, and it’s still all about the color of one’s skin. sigh….

  • candy225

    If that was an all white team won the 2014 Little League Championship, no one would be investigation them for cheating. Now, the first all black team to win the Little League Championship that when someone (Chris Janes) come out and start investigating them for cheating. It looks racist to me!!

    I will bet there have been an all white team who have won the Little League Championship have cheated and gotten away with it for being white.

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