Caught on Video: Ferguson Activists Planning to Target White Areas, Police and their ‘Children’


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

The Ferguson protesters who looted, vandalized or destroyed over 100 business in August and September, are gearing up for their biggest “outburst” ever after the Grand Jury fails to indict Officer Dennis Wilson in the coming hours or days, as is widely expected.

And this time, they are making plans to focus on White areas — and are threatening to target police officers, and even their families.

As Progressives Today reportedAnarchist leader Lisa Fithian held several training sessions this month for Ferguson activists.

At least 600 “activists” have already been trained. Fithian was a key organizer of the violent demonstrations that caused the shutdown of the 1999 World Trade Organization meetings in Seattle, Washington. She is a self-described “anti-capitalist revolutionary.”

On Saturday one of her trainers told the attendees that they were going to target white areas.

“Personally, I think we DONT need to be on West Florissant. I wanna advocate that we go on South Florissant because the people on South Florissant don’t look like me. The people on West Florissant look like me and they’re with it. So… I really don’t have anything to protest on West Florissant. So if I’m in the area I’m going to Ferguson Police Department.”

And she is not alone in targeting police.

Here is Palestinian Muslim agitator Bassem Masri  threatening police officers and their families directly:

“You will never be safe, never in your life. None of you. Not you, not your children – none of you will be safe.”

How is this not a terroristic threat? Why isn’t Masri put in jail for this?

Where is Obama and Holder to speak out against this clear, race-based plans of Ferguson activists? Can you imagine what would be their response if White neo-Nazis were caught on tape planning to target Black families?


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