Caught in Yet Another Lie, Obama Forced to Admit He Lived With His Illegal Alien Uncle


Yesterday, we reported on how Barack Obama’s drunken illegal alien Uncle Omar was handed amnesty by a corrupt immigration judge working for Eric Holder. Obama promised his uncle would get not special treatment.

If you believe that, you might have believed what Obama claimed in 2011 — that he never even met his uncle!

That’s right — two years ago, right after Uncle Omar, a 21-year fugitive from a Federal deportation order, was arrested for DUI in Boston — the White House claimed Obama had never met Uncle Omar, nor knew he was an illegal alien.

The problem? Uncle Omar himself testified under oath before the judge that not only had he indeed met his nephew, but that Barack stayed with Omar for nearly a month in the late 1980s while a student at Harvard, and visited him regularly until he graduated from the law school.  Uncle Omar’s landlord backed up this testimony.

Oops! Busted in yet another lie.

So today, Obama finally came clean and admitted that he had indeed stayed with his criminal alien uncle “for a brief period of time” in Omar’s apartment in Boston:

“The president did stay with him for a brief period of time until his apartment was ready,” White House spokesman Eric Schultz said in a statement. “After that, they saw each other once every few months, but after law school they fell out of touch.”

Where was the media in the past 2 years to interview Omar or his landlord or neighbors to check up on Obama’s lie? MIA, as usual, as they were with telling Americans about Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, Rashid Khalidi — or that Obama had lied about keeping their health care plans.


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