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‘I Hate Everything About This Country’: Rapper Reveals She Hates ‘Fat White Americans’ and ‘Racist Conservative White People’

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Knockout Punch Over Spring Break at a Panama City Beach…With a Twist

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suspec t-ferguson

BREAKING: Suspect Arrested in Connection to Shooting of Two Police Officers in Ferguson

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Los Angeles Police Shoot Armed Illegal Alien Kidnapping Suspect Live on TV

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Girl Brutalized by Teens in Brooklyn McDonald’s; But How Other Patrons Reacted Is Beyond Belief

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College Professors Say U.S. Flag Symbolizes Racism, Should Not Be Displayed ANYWHERE on Campus

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A Hearing-Impaired Man’s Sister Teams with Samsung and Creates a Captivating Ad That’s Leaving Viewers in Tears

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American Gun Owners Rise Up, Force Obama to Back Down from Latest Gun-Grabbing Scheme

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Obama in Contempt of Court? Texas Judge Orders New Hearing for Violation of Amnesty Injunction

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This Alligator Never Saw It Coming, And Neither Will You. This Is INSANE.

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