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Fired McDonalds Employee Trashes the Restaurant (Video)

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Road Rage Psycho Caught on Video Terrorizing a Child

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You Won’t Believe What This Border Patrol Agent Says at a Checkpoint (Video)

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This ‘Old Man’ Gives a Young Beach Bully a Lesson in How to Treat Women

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When This Object Flew at His Car at 75 Mph – His Split-Second Reaction Saved His Life

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BOOM! Dutch Mayor Tells Freedom-Hating Muslims Off Like Obama NEVER Would

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Detroit Thugs Get More Than They Bargained For From This Pistol-Packin’ Grandma

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Drunk 17-Year-Old Girl Punches a Guy Sitting on a Couch. It Does Not End Well

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Video Shows Exactly Why People Get Miffed When Cops Turn Their Lights on Just Before Blowing a Red Light

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Little Boy Caught on Video WRECKING A Dollar Store In Florida

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