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‘I Kill Crackers!’: Black Woman Attacks White Customer With a Knife, Shouting Racial Epithets

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Female Vet Takes Action to Stop Protesters Defacing the Flag, Takes 4 Cops to Arrest Her

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Doctors Refused This Thug a Heart Transplant – Until Accused of Racism. It All Ended Badly Yesterday

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You Won’t Believe Who is Now Saying ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Was ‘Built on a Lie’ and That Officer Darren Wilson Was ‘Justified’

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Michael Brown’s Mother, Stepfather May Be Facing FELONY Police Charges Against Them

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BREAKING: Suspect Arrested in Connection to Shooting of Two Police Officers in Ferguson

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Michael Brown’s Mother Just Said Something Horrible About the Two Cops Shot in Ferguson

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“Unarmed Black Teenager” in Wisconsin Shooting Was Robbery Convict Who Violently Attacked Officer

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Maryland Teacher Knocked Out, Bloodied by Black Student Who ‘Misinterpreted’ This Word as ‘Racist’

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Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson Just Got Some GREAT News That Will Make Al Sharpton FURIOUS

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