California State Senator Who Authored Gun Control Legislation Arrested for Conspiring to Traffic Firearms


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

A California state senator who authored one of the nation’s toughest gun control laws asked for campaign donations in exchange for introducing an undercover FBI agent to an arms trafficker linked to a Muslim terror group, according to court documents unsealed Wednesday.

The stunning allegations against State Sen. Leland Yee were outlined in an FBI affidavit in support of a criminal complaint. The affidavit accuses Yee of conspiracy to deal firearms without a license and to illegally import firearms. He was arrested Wednesday.

Yee is also accused of accepting tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions and cash payments to provide introductions, help a client get a contract and influence legislation. He or members of his campaign staff accepted at least $42,800 in cash or campaign contributions from undercover FBI agents in exchange for carrying out the agents’ specific requests, the court documents allege.

Yee discussed helping the agent get weapons worth $500,000 to $2.5 million, including shoulder fired automatic weapons and missiles, and took him through the entire process of acquiring them from a Muslim separatist group in the Philippines to bringing them to the United States, according to the affidavit by FBI Special Agent Emmanuel V. Pascua.

He was unhappy with his life and told the agent he wanted to hide out in the Philippines, according to the affidavit.

“There’s a part of me that wants to be like you,” he told the undercover agent, according to the affidavit. “You know how I’m going to be like you? Just be a free agent there.”

The introduction with the trafficker took place at a San Francisco restaurant earlier this month, according to the documents. Yee said he wouldn’t go to the Philippines until November.

“Once things start to move, it’s going to attract attention. We just got to be extra-extra careful,” he said, according to court documents.

The affidavit names Yee and 25 others, including Raymond Chow, a onetime gang leader with ties to San Francisco’s Chinatown known as “Shrimp Boy,” and Keith Jackson, Yee’s campaign aide. Jackson is accused of multiple counts of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud.

Chow and Yee were arrested Wednesday during a series of raids in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area.

According to court documents, Yee performed “official acts” in exchange for donations from undercover FBI agents, as he sought to dig himself out of a $70,000 debt incurred during a failed San Francisco mayoral bid.

Yee is also accused of accepting $10,000 in January 2013 from an undercover FBI agent in exchange for making a call to the California Department of Public Health in support of a contract was considering.

The agent who discussed arms with Yee presented himself as a member of Ghee Kung Tong, a fraternal organization in San Francisco’s Chinatown that Chow reportedly headed. It was among the sites searched Wednesday.

Firefighters were seen going inside with a circular saw and later said they had cracked a safe. FBI agents were seen coming out with boxes and trash bags full of evidence that they loaded into an SUV.

Chow is accused of money laundering, conspiracy to receive and transport stolen property and conspiracy to traffic contraband cigarettes.

Yee is the third Democratic senator to face charges this year. Sen. Rod Wright was convicted of perjury and voter fraud for lying about his legal residence in Los Angeles County, and Sen. Ron Calderon has been indicted on federal corruption charges. Wright and Calderon are taking a voluntary leave of absence, with pay, although Republicans have called for them to be suspended or expelled from the Legislature.

Yee has been at the center of many legislative controversies. He was the principal author SB 374, his recent attempt to outlaw popular semi-automatic rifles. He also was a co-author of bills granting drivers licenses to illegal aliens, and tying the hands of law enforcement from turning over illegal aliens to Federal authorities for deportation. Yee’s district contains several notorious “birthright tourism” centers which catered to pregnant Chinese nationals paying to have children here as U.S. citizens in order to obtain a lifetime of welfare benefits.

CBS has more on this shocking story:

  • fafhrd

    That’s part of the problem, right there. Democrats believing in their own message about gun control, didn’t realize that he was doing anything wrong. He didn’t realize that gun dealers have to be licensed!

    • Toni Welnhofer

      Thats the thing, they are screaming gun control, but like Kathy Giffords Husband gets denied a m16, while he’s campaigning for gun grabbing. Its a hugh hipocrisy!!, Its unconstitutional, Their breaking laws we have abided by for generations. The criminals are not just in your neighborhood, their running our country!!

  • Angelgreg

    3 Democrat politicians. Do you see a pattern, here?

  • Tammy Owens

    Dems are full of themselves and think they are above the law….Thanks Obutthole!!!

  • Freedomrequiresresponsibility

    Wait until Holder finds out and all of the evidence against Yee magically disappears.

    You heard it here first.

    • Daddyd2x

      I hope you’re wrong but I fear you are accurate.

  • kjatexas

    What goes around comes around. He’s only one of many dirty Democrats, only difference between him and the others is, he got caught. Probably been doing it so long, he got arrogant and figured he’d never get caught. And was he figuring those weapons would be used by islamists, against Americans here at home? That makes him a traitor.

  • Lea Dority Meadows

    Its just like Obama taking guns from American citizens, hoarding up ammunition, starting the “civilian army”… He, too, ought to be in jail.. there’s a reason behind his madness and one day it will come out

    • Toni Welnhofer

      That reason for his madness will come out sooner than we relize. The POTUS has been transporting muslims in the country by the thousands. And given food stamps, medical benefits, and free houseing. One military pilot has quit his job becuz of it and told us the truth about our POTUS. He needs to be arrested next!! He’s been getting away with murder, fraud, & treason for long enough.

  • Viking_61

    Here we are worried about Putin and Crimea… The biggest threats to America’s future are embedded right in our own government. Starting at the top, then probably 1/3 of the Supreme court, and a couple hundred Senators and Congressmen.

    • Toni Welnhofer

      You hit that nail square on the head. every single one of the Dems & repub. need to be investigated…and I still say that theres something fishy about that missing plane. I wanna see film footage of them diving into the Indian Ocean. to confirm its flight 370. Cuz like Bin Laden, its very suspicious!! Yesterday there was an article that it landed in veitnam. OK now, make up your minds, is it in the ocean, or is it in a hanger in veitnam?
      The lies are stacking already. Why would the China Prime Minister confirm that it is the m370 plane in the ocean when they havent dived to confirm it and show us its the missing plane. Im having a hard time believeing any of it, and feel theres more to this plane than they are telling us.

      • Horst Manure

        634 landing strips in 26 countries i could be any where. USA have satellites flying over head every 15 minutes with less than 1′ resolution..Ok I am happy with all that

  • Wayne

    I am really hoping the FBI investigation finds that anti-gun groups bribed this A-clown to push gun control legislation.

  • Mauricio Carvallan


  • Mauricio Carvallan


  • Mauricio Carvallan

  • Mauricio Carvallan


  • Toni Welnhofer

    Good, if it takes arresting a corrupt politician one at a time, so be it!! They all are corrupt except a select few.We the Ppl need a all new govmt. I hope all 3 senators dont get lost in the system. its time they pay the piper, and leave our tax dollars alone.

  • William 1

    So is Obama next-he’s done worse than thi?

  • William 1

    Anyone who votes for a democrat is guilty as an accomplice as is true of crooked Republicans and ya can’t trust any of them-vote Tea Party!

  • George Murrey

    What is it with these dems, haven’t they learned you can’t get away with it? But I’m sure the sheriff of our land will help him get off the hook, just like he did with those thugs in Philiy and fast and furious.

    • Harry_the_Horrible

      Because they DO get away with it most of the time?
      Some of the crookedest politicians in the country have been happily ensconced in the US House and Senate for decades..
      Crime pays.

  • Daddyd2x

    Wait until they dig a bit deeper…I’m sure they will find sooo much more dirt on soo many more. The news of a corrupt politician is not shocking to me.

  • Steve Morra

    Typical elitist politician; the law applies to you not me. How dare you!?!?

  • Michael Collins
  • Michael Collins

    Should be tried for treason.

  • Demopublicrat

    And we have the war on drugs…

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