Bus Driver Delivers Instant Justice to Bag-Stealing Thief

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

When a would-be thief tries to snatch a woman’s bag on a city bus, things don’t exactly go as planned.

But it is his pathetic reaction to it all that makes this video hilarious…


After a second failed attempt to snatch a woman’s bag in the Chilean city of Concepcion, the bus driver seized his opportunity to close the doors and continue on his way. The DailyMirror has the details, per Chilean news:

Chubby opportunist Pablo, a serial thief, was left prisoner on the bus with one hand trapped inside the door, which he had tried to force open when he realized they were closing.

And worse was to come – when the hero driver radioed police and then took out a baseball bat he kept for self defense and started bashing the criminal around the body.

The bag thief, said to have several assault, theft and robbery convictions, tried to wriggle out of arrest by claiming his victim was really an aunt called Maria who lived in the countryside and he had been joking with her.

But the driver told him in slang Chilean: “I’m badder than you” – before reducing him to tears as he continued to whack him.

The driver somehow signaled police, who were waiting at the next stop and handcuffed the thief before taking his smartly-dressed victim away so she could make a statement.

Do you think the driver went too far? Or was this exactly what this serial criminal deserved?


[h/t Mirror]


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