Brutal School Fight Caught On Video, While Teachers Stand By And Watch


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

A brutal attack of a male student on a female student at an Indiana high school is creating controversy, as teachers stood by and let it happen.

But the issue has taken on a racial component, with some parents saying that White teachers face reprisals from Black students or parents if they intervene — after a near-epidemic of Black-on-White school violence Top Right News has documented in recent months.

Three fights broke out at Northwest Community High School Tuesday in Indianapolis, Indiana, on May 5. All the fights involved Black-on-Black student conflicts.

One of the fights was captured on video (below) and features a male student beating a female student in a school hall way.

Students gathered to watch and a teacher yelled at the students to stop fighting. The staff member briefly touched the boy’s shoulder, but he stopped – before the boy grabbed the girl by the hair. Other students broke up the fight.

Students, and some parents, criticized teachers for not putting an early stop to the fights.

But the IPS teachers’ union said they don’t want to put teachers at risk of harm.

“We’re not going to get in the middle of fights. That’s not what we’re here for,” said Rhondalyn Cornett, president of the Indianapolis Education Association. “We’re here to educate the students. We do what we can to keep everybody safe, because that’s our job, too — we understand that — but I’m not going to ask people to injure themselves and put themselves in harm’s way for a fight.”

And on Facebook, there was a racial divide, with some White parents saying that if the White teachers try to break up fights, they face possible assault, or lawsuits from Black parents, so they stay out of it.


Students say fights are very common at the school.

“Fights happen every day,” Northwest freshman Jada White, 15, told Indy Star. “They don’t even do anything to prevent them.”

But what happens if White teachers intervene with Black students? TRN has documented the results in at least 5 cases so far this year, with brutal assaults of White teachers by Black students — and even a Black parent on one occasion — when teachers attempt to discipline the students.

Last month in New York, a White teacher was beaten unconscious by a Black parents, who was assisted by her daughter and other Black students, when the teacher disciplined the student:


In January, a 64-year old White teacher in Houston was assaulted and pushed to the ground after taking away a cellphone from a large male Black student who had been showing hip hop videos to fellow students in class:

That same month, another White teacher in New Jersey was assaulted for also removing a cell phone from a Black student showing “pornographic photos” to fellow students, and a White teacher was brutally assaulted in a gym by a tall Black student, who threw her onto a gym floor, fracturing her arm.

So can you really blame these teachers for staying out of these fights?

  • Curmudgeon52

    Armed teachers is the answer. Most people pay close attention when you jack the slide of a semi-auto hand gun. If they don’t stop for that the loud bang that follows should end all problems.

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    • Cindy Lee Garcia

      Great idea

    • Tom Simmons


  • sgb1

    If one of those teachers had intervened there would have been riots, protests and the school would have been burned down.

  • HarryTheCat

    The teachers didn’t stop it because those student were just celebrating their ethnic identity, doing what they were genetically destined to do. To stop it would have been…..rrrrrrrracist!

  • NorCalOffspring

    I thought black lives mattered? Those double standards amaze me

    • David Pendleton

      Look at all the black on black murders in Chicago…black lives only matter when another race is involved apparently..

      • Herman Vogel

        It’s an Agenda Thing…so Yeah. If it’s between two Blacks, regardless of gender,,,It’s OK. sad, huh.

  • william rose

    and you want these kids coming to our schools. what kind of a man beats a women like that

    • Marshall

      Ray Rice?

      • jimnbubba

        Stonewall Jackson

    • David Pendleton

      Floyd Mayweather

    • Cindy Lee Garcia

      Only a freaking coward

    • calypsodancler

      He’s no Man

  • NorCalOffspring

    Animal control needs to dispatch this lost cause

    • Slien_Anderson

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  • Denny Lockard

    I don’t see this as just a racial problem, exclusively. It is a break down in our entire society. Teachers, you are not only teachers. you are role models. And you are entrusted to create a safe environment for your students. How can you stand by and let students be injured? If a gunman would start shooting in your school, are you going to protect your students, or hide in the closet, because you don’t want to get involved? The students fighting is a result of young people that have no respect for the law, rules, others, and most of all themselves. Mall fights, (Western PA) school fights, and looting and vandalism in peaceful protests, is rampant. If we don’t get involved, we will be facing total anarchy. Home, neighborhoods, schools, or police; at what level do you want this to stop?

    • jimnbubba

      If you don’t see this as a racial problem you are BLIND

    • Libralee

      Easy to say but definitely not easy to do. Years ago all you had to do was tell a student to “sit down” and they followed directions……….Today, NO adult has authority according to young people, so no, it’s not the teachers fault

    • Wiggle D

      Watch the entire video. It explains why. And no, it’s not the teachers’ fault. These kids are just a paycheck to the trash of our society and it starts at home.

  • odinsthunder

    Other than maybe the football coach, teachers have no business breaking up fights with older students. The police are regularly injured breaking up fights and THEY are trained to do it, teachers aren’t. The real problem is that the fighters seem to think they have a cultural right to fight and abuse others without repercussion. Typically nothing happens to them. If they were criminally charged and thrown out of school there would be a lot less of it….

    • allconservative

      I agree, but once they are in the street they would be an even bigger problem.

      • jimnbubba

        They are already in the streets, the schools are just selling places for them

        • allconservative

          IKR, I live in St Louis, they try to run the streets here.

  • allconservative

    seriously? they have to decide if any criminal charges should be filed? hell yes, that boy should be locked up.

  • lexingtonnchick

    Sorry but I would teach in a school with these animals. Let Oprah and Obama and his rat pack teach them.

  • lexingtonnchick

    and to the kid in the ROTC uniform who walked by and did nothing- take that uniform off you wuss

    • adobong_paksiw

      Was he black ? then yeah he is their wuss. any other skin color ? nah, he was smart.

      • lexingtonnchick

        Yes he was – you see him in the video just standing there.

    • avengeflipper

      He would have been kicked out of the ROTC if he’d caused injury.

  • Not Anonymous

    Black community are scum in most cases. sounds harsh but its just true.

    • Steve Shortt

      Yes it is true. We should of put them back on the boat after we emancipated em

      • Cloud Tobin

        You facist bastard i will rip off all your fingers cut your balls and slit your throat upwards

  • Joseph Thibault

    The teachers are paid to teach not break up fights

    • Wiggle D

      In fact, they will be terminated if they try.

  • adobong_paksiw

    Why don’t I feel disturbed ? Why am I not outraged ? Oh, wait, those were people ? Lol. Seriously, you blacks brought it on yourselves, pretty soon this country will have black school districts with their own black only schools employing black only teachers and your own black only police departments with black only cops and black only prosecutors with black only penitentiaries. Let’s see if your teachers and cops will do any better. And let’s all sing hallelujah what a forward movement race relations have made in America (sarcasm…obvious?). Martin Luther King must be really proud.

    • Cindy Lee Garcia

      Well said

    • paul

      very well sad in there own way they are spreading racism

    • Tom Simmons


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  • dee

    Lock that little bastered up . Then draft his rearend into the marines. If this generation of thugs realize their rearends are going to be drafted rather than get time out in a juvenile facility, They will think twice before getting into mischief.

    • Libralee

      That’s not such a bad idea! Bring back the draft, give these “kids” something to do while they are growing up! This is for ALL races!

    • calypsodancler

      Agreed! I say blacks perform MANDATORY military service to qualify for ANY government assistance after serving.

  • jimnbubba

    There has to be a end to these animals getting away with this crap ,and the president backing them

  • LB

    Thanks to Obama administration and liberalism for ruining our schools, Can you just imagine the lawsuits if that white teacher had pulled that black couple apart?

  • john

    what do your expect from porch monkeys

  • jm

    My wife knows a person who was a teacher. When she disciplined a child in elementary school the child the next day handed her a bullet and told her their mother says to leave them alone. This was like 20 years ago in PA and you can guess the race. So no. If I was a teacher I would not even be a witness to this, nor would I be teaching in a public zoo, I mean school.

  • Libralee

    I think if this teacher had intervened and tried to help the female student, he would have been jumped by more students and severly injured! Teachers don’t stand a chance anymore and they CANNOT protect their students.

  • NorCalOffspring

    Let his video be a reminder of what police officers have to deal with

  • Herman Vogel

    Arm the teachers with stun guns and Pepper Spray along with training, Expel the student, Charge him with aggravated assault ON school property (2nd degree Felony) and everyone that stood by and watched gets three day suspension and a reduction on their grades. The last part is how OUR school stopped this in the 60s and it will work today as well.

    • Wiggle D

      Loonies are running the asylum. You can’t whip little a(_$#343s anymore

      • Herman Vogel

        Yup, only the Asylum is our Federal Gov’t and the Loonies are in the DOE and NEA.

  • David Carmichiel

    while i have often said you can teach a dog tricks the school boards are another pile of dogshit altogether. where was school security or the cops why were these students not suspended or evicted from the school?

  • calypsodancler

    Nothing to see here ..after all its black on black and therefore just a social interaction..keepin the biatch in line!

  • Skyrunner01

    Hum. Anyone see the common denominator in those incidents?

  • ansst

    Call the police.

  • paul

    this is what happens when you charge teachers with assault they dont want to get sued or assalted

  • AsktheWhiteGuy

    Gladiator school. Make them mean, and keep them mean as hyenas. Give them Michelle Obama’s disgusting school lunches

  • dawn

    Actually, back in the 70’s this started when they were forced upon us to be in OUR schools. Lock downs, riots, babysitting and not able to educate because of these “people.”

  • dawn

    These people are not wanted in the majority of communities and schools across America and around the world. Gee, whose fault is that. THEIRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dawn

    Whites aren’t used to the violence these people commit. It’s not in most of our homes and definitely not in predominantly white schools. They absolutely prove that Values and discipline is lacking in black communities. NOT OUR FAULT!

  • Mike Fedie

    I don’t care what color they are. What is horrible is that this boy thought he was tough beating up a girl. What an idiot.

  • sansured

    HOW TO FIX: #1) Abolish the Department Of Education. #2) Return responsibility of education to states & communities as Founders intended. #3) Design state & local educational systems as meritocracies that reward excellence and achievement. #4) Facilitate private sector investment and innovation, encouraging competition that links profit to performance. EVEN A ROUGH APPROXIMATION OF THESE STEPS WILL, IN SHORT ORDER, PRODUCE THE FINEST EDUCATED CITIZENRY ON EARTH.

    • Wiggle D

      #5 – Let teachers defend themselves and their students by whatever means neccessary.

  • Gordon Harvey

    Someone should have stomped a mudhole in this bitches head.

  • Ithamar

    Shut these state run, socially degenerate, indoctrination centers down!

  • Russell

    Animals will be animals!

  • Brian T Fix

    This is no surprise to me. The minute a white teacher would intervene, we’d have another riot like in Baltimore or Ferguson as it would be considered “racist” by Sharpton and his crew of cronies.

  • Kathy A Quijas

    Parents are mad because teachers didn’t break this up? Maybe you should have raised the little bastard with more respect at home and then this wouldn’t be happening in the schools!

  • YelowJezamin

    15 Years ago, one of my good friends quit teaching and went into retail. The principal and superintendent had told all teachers that they were NOT to intervene, call police, or do anything in any way to stop violence, drug deals, or anything else on campus – even rape. My friend ‘foolishly’ challenged this rule when she intervened while a 9th grader was trying to force one of her 3rd graders to buy drugs.

  • william C

    Teachers are afraid to step in for 2 reasons. 1 – the thug beating the other person would probably attack them too. 2 – if they did step in to stop it, they would probably face assault charges from the families of the thugs. It is a no win situation.

  • JT

    As a teacher ( NOT a member of a union or a union state) we have been told not to intervene. If we’re hurt who’s going to take care of us? And if we inadvertently hurt a student we know the district will not back us. We just have to call the authorities. We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  • jay2010master

    You know what I say. Give the teachers guns and the first shooting will set the stage for all the kids to get back in line with the norm of society – obey the laws instead of being savages. If we trust our teachers to educate them, then we can trust that if they are in harm’s way they should be able to protect themselves and others.

  • Aggie Carlson-Chiarillo

    Teachers are not allowed to put their hands on any student, black, white, green, yellow it does not matter = no hands on students. The kids should be taught at home to not fight. It is the parents who are neglectful. A male student beating up on a female student, well where are the rest of the boys to put a stop to it, standing around cheering him on. Parents take responsibility for your kids and teach them at home. School is a place for learning the 3 r’s readin – riting, and rithmetic. Not how to behave properly that is your job as parents. Do you get it now!!!!!!?????

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