BREAKING: U.S. Border Patrol Chopper ‘Down’ at Texas Border, ‘Fired On From Mexico’


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

America’s Southern Border is reportedly a war zone tonight.

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) helicopter was shot down or forced to initiate an emergency landing in Laredo, Texas due to receiving gunfire from the Mexican side of the border, according to an exclusive report by Breitbart News:

The helicopter was interdicting a narcotics load and working alongside agents from the U.S. Border Patrol, who operate under the umbrella of the CBP. The helicopter was operating in the Laredo Sector of Texas, immediately across the border from the Los Zetas cartel headquarters of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

The helicopter was in U.S. airspace and participating in the interdiction of a narcotics load coming from Mexico into the United States.

A federal agent who spoke “on the condition of anonymity” said:

“U.S. Border Patrol agents were attempting to intercept a drug load. A law enforcement chopper was assisting Border Patrol agents. The chopper received gunfire from the Mexican side of the border. The chopper had to do an emergency landing due to the gunfire.”

Border Patrol agent and National Border Patrol Council Local 2455 President Hector Garza confirmed that he received unofficial reports on this matter that indicate the information provided to Breitbart by the unnamed federal agent is accurate.

This is hardly the first time Mexican forces – government or cartel – have fired upon U.S. agents or citizens across the border.

As Top Right News previously reported in June 2014, a Mexican military helicopter flew into the U.S. and shot at Border Patrol agents on the ground in Arizona.

Then last July, U.S. Border Patrol agents on the American side of the Rio Grande were forced to take cover Saturday night when high-caliber weaponry was fired at them from the Mexican side of the river.

Those shocking incidents followed a stunning report of invasions across the border by Mexican troops, who have shot Americans and even landed helicopters on ranchers’ land and held them at gunpoint.

So what has Obama done about these acts of war from our hostile Southern neighbor?

Absolutely nothing.

In fact, as TRN reported, the DHS in 2014 confirmed that a shocking 525 armed Mexican police and soldiers have illegally crossed the American border 152 times since 2004. They were confronted 81 times by Border Patrol and other law enforcement agencies and 131 Mexican cops and soldiers were detained — but ALL were later released. No charges were ever filed — in contrast to U.S. Marine Andrew Tahmooressi, who was held by Mexican authorities for months for accidentally crossing the Mexican border.

Our prayers go out to any Border Patrol agents on that helicopter, and will report any new developments on this page as they come in…



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  • Leland Whitehouse

    O.K. Senor Obama, now what have you got to say ?

    • ValleyCounty

      He’s on his knees begging forgiveness from Mexico, for our officer being in their line of fire …..

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      Let’s go play 18 rounds.

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  • Sherri Smith-Watson

    Not only has the administration done nothing about these acts of war but they have probably invited the perpetrators to move into our Country so we can give them welfare, tax refunds and food stamps (provided they vote Democrat of course).

    • Twodogs Playing

      Make no mistake about it, this isn’t a Republican vs Democrat war that has been going on in America, it’s a race war!

      • Bobinms

        For some people everything is “race” except La Raza.

      • Bob N

        I don’t see where it’s a race war when border officers are black and white and hispanic and the Mexicans are shooting at them all. Twodogs Playing, it’s time for you to grow-up, not everything is racial.

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        • Jerry Callender

          NO one knows that Mexicans are shooting at Border Patrol.
          Every report I’ve ever seen shows scared women and children, and the occasional truckload of farm workers.

    • Jerry Callender

      …and you’ve shown yourself to be a vile racist –

      and most likely,

      you claim to be ‘christian’.

  • John Cesaro

    lets see Laredo texas; right across from a major Mexican drug cartel headquarters. the mexican gov’t does nothing about it. why don’t we napalm it

  • Rosey21

    It’s quite obvious, from the time Obama took office, that he intends to bury this country. How? By doing nothing and contributing to the efforts of subversives to gain access and control in our country. His campaign speeches were centered around transforming America. No one ever seemed to get that and reactions to that heard now after 5-6 years is about everyone being so surprised at his lack of leadership or what his intentions are. If I were Texas (practically a small country within itself), I’d stop waiting on this good for nothing president to get off his ass and start delivering some serious whoop ass!

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  • Nevir

    Can we get some retired Marine Scout Snipers with .50 cals on the boarder ASAP?

  • bubba2001

    When is *OUR* gov’t going to realize that Mexico is *not our friend* just like everyone else in the country? They’re always the *last ones to know!*

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  • Lisa

    We have a war on our soil yet that asshole in office is scratching his ass and smelling his thumb. I pray to God that the next on has some balls and won’t put up with any bullshit,,, God help our Country

    • Jack Acosta

      Brave words for a POS that wont have to do any of the fighting.

      • Lisa

        Are you talking about me or him?? Because I served 20 years in the Corps

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