BREAKING: Trump Makes MASSIVE Announcement on ‘Climate Change’ Accord Obama Signed

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

On Thursday at 3 p.m. ET, President Donald Trump will make a statement regarding the Paris climate accord from the White House in Washington, D.C.

The uncertainty over what Trump will do with the “agreement” Barack Obama signed as a lame-duck president — but which the Senate never ratified — has been dominating the headlines, and markets for the past week. The accord would cost American business and taxpayers trillions in additional costs and taxes.

It is rumored Trump will announce the complete withdrawl of the U.S. from the Paris Accord. Here’s what Trump said on the campaign trail:

UPDATE: Trump announces “We’re getting OUT.” Promises to “renegotiate” on “terms favorable to the United States and its taxpayers.”

You can watch here LIVE:

Trump on Paris climate deal

We’re watching President Donald J. Trump announce his decision on the Paris climate accord. He is expected to withdraw the US from the landmark agreement — a major step that will fulfill a campaign promise while sparking global outcry.

Posted by CNN on Thursday, June 1, 2017

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  • Greg

    About an hour before Trump’s announcement yesterday, I heard our ex Muslim-in-Chief got a hold of him on the phone.

    Obama: “Do I get to keep my legacy?”

    Trump: “Do you like your doctor?”

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    • Madame_deFarge

      Yet Comey thought Barry was truthful and had integrity. This guy has especially bad judgement. Comey misled the President, hoping he might lead him down the Primrose Path. Obviously, President Trump knew Comey was not being forthright and he should be wary. That is a red light and game changer considering the relationship they needed to keep. It could have been as easy as POTUS being mindful of topics discussed in meetings then watching them turn up in media. At that point he had to get him out of the loup without revealing his reasons. POTUS never lets his enemies know anything ahead of the end result.


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