BREAKING: TERROR Attack at CHRISTMAS Market… At Least 9 DEAD, 50 Injured


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

The sudden, brutal truck attack at a celebration in Nice, France that left 86 people dead in June horrified the world.

Now it looks like it may be a new method of inflicting mayhem by Muslims in the West after a new attack struck the heart of Europe Monday night.

Assailants plowed a truck into a crowded Christmas market Germany’s capital of Berlin.

Two men were then witnessed running from the truck.

At this hour, at least 9 people are confirmed dead, and at least 50 people injured, some horrifically.

UPDATE: One of the men has been captured, the other “shot to death.” Police say incident was “deliberate.”

From FoxNews:

A truck plowed into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin Monday night, killing at least nine people and injuring dozens of others in what witnesses described as a deliberate attack.

The large Scania truck with a Poland license plate crashed into the market outside the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Television footage showed the truck with its windshield smashed out on the sidewalk alongside the market, with a swarm of ambulances nearby.

A large Christmas tree with a gold star on top was toppled over nearby in the street, and tree branches were crushed under the truck’s tires.

Police said a suspect believed to be the driver was arrested nearby and a passenger was dead. Authorities estimated that 50 people were injured, but an exact number was not immediately available.

Police said they are still investigating whether the crash was an accident or an attack, but the incident had a chilling echo of the July 14 truck attack in Nice, France that killed 86 people.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the Nice attack, which was carried out by a Tunisian living in France. ISIS and Al Qaeda have both called on followers to use trucks in particular to attack public places.

Die Welt newspaper reported that a Polish TV station had interviewed a man named Ariel Zurawski, who said that his cousin was assigned to drive the truck involved in the incident. Zurawski claimed he had last spoken to his cousin at noon Monday and said he suspected the truck had been hijacked. He added that the truck had been loaded with steel structures weighing 25 tons.

One British woman just escaped being hit, and Tweeted to friends she was safe…

Interviewed on FoxNews, former Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) said “clearly the Germany we all grew up knowing has been fundamentally changed as a result of the massive influx of migrants in the past two years.”

German President Angela Merkel allowed at least 1 million Muslim “refugees” into Germany in the past 14 months, with an estimated “tens of thousands” of ISIS fighters among them.

U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump has lambasted Merkel for her failure to “properly vet” those migrants, and has blasted Barack Obama’s importation of tens of thousands of Muslim “refugees” into America while his own DHS Secretart admitted we have no way of properly screening them for terror ties.


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