BREAKING: Second Dallas-Area Patient Exhibiting Ebola Symptoms – Had Contact with Duncan [Frisco, TX]


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

An afternoon news conference has been called in Frisco, a suburb of Dallas, to discuss a possible second case of Ebola.

The patient claims to have had contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, referred to as Dallas ‘patient zero,’ according to CBS 11 Dallas:

It is not clear how the patient had contact with Duncan or if the patient was one of the about 50 people being monitored by federal, state and local health officials.

The call came in shortly after noon from Care Now, 301 Main Street, Frisco, where the patient was “exhibiting signs and symptoms of Ebola.”

CBS 11 has confirmed that the patient checked yes to one of the screening questions regarding travel to West Africa.  The facility is in contact with the Centers for Disease Control and is holding everyone in the facility until receiving clearance from the CDC.

The patient is being transported to a nearby hospital by Frisco firefighter-paramedics.

First responders are also examining clinical staff and other patients.  It is unknown how many other people may have been exposed to the patient.

UPDATE 3:47pm CST: Massive response at the urgent care center where Patient #2 is being held. Other patients also being held at the facility.

UPDATE 4:04pm CST: Patient has been transferred to Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas

UPDATE 6:31pm CST: The patient was identified as Dallas County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Michael Monnig, who accompanied county health officials Zachary Thompson and Christopher Perkins into the Dallas apartment where Thomas Eric Duncan had been staying when he fell ill with Ebola.

Officials say it could take up to 48 hours to determine whether Monnig has Ebola. Our thoughts and prayers are with Sgt. Monnig and his family.


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