BREAKING: Rogue Anti-Trump GOP Elector Caught in a MASSIVE Fraud


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Chris Suprun is one of 38 Texas presidential electors.

Suprun went public with his decision to go against the will of the people of Texas by refusing to honor his pledge to vote for President-Elect Donald Trump, as he announced in a widely reported op-ed piece in the New York Times.

Outraged Texans started a petition to have him removed and replaced.

But the media has championed him as a “9/11 first responder hero” with the “backbone to stand up to Trump,” as one CNN anchor phrased it.

That’s because Suprun has for more than a decade said he was a firefighter who responded to the 3rd terrorist plane to hit the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001, “battling the blaze” and “helping save lives,” as Suprun’s Facebook page described his role.

The Texas Rangers even honored him by having the “9/11 hero” throw out a first pitch at a game in 2015:


There’s just one problem: it was all a bald-faced lie.

Turns out Suprun — who claimed he was part of the Manassas, VA fire brigade that responded to the Pentagon “within minutes” after American Flight 77 hit the building — was not even hired by the department until a month after the terror attacks.

And worse still, the department told WFAA-TV News that they were not even called to the Pentagon on 9/11 at all!

This media hero is a “stolen honor” liar!

And WFAA has turned up even more lies in his resume:

Oh, and while in bankruptcy, this married-with-kids Suprun still managed to afford a subscription to marital cheating site Ashley Madison.

Gateway Pundit also discovered that Suprun’s Twitter bio directs media inquiries to P.R. firm, Megaphone Strategies. This P.R. firm represents radical left wing organizations like Black Lives Matter and even reps CNN’s ultra left wing radical, Van Jones, raising suspicions that his entire anti-Trump crusade has been bought and paid for by the George Soros left.

Let’s see if the same national media that championed Suprun’s cause will report the sick truth about this disturbed man. I won’t hold my breath.

CNN is CENSORING the truth about this creep they championed..
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