BREAKING: Paris Terrorist a ‘SYRIAN REFUGEE’ Who Arrived in Greece in October


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Reports are emerging that one of the terrorists involved in last night’s Paris massacre was a Syrian refugee who arrived in Greece last month — a stunning indictment of those who supported the mass influx of Muslims into Europe.

Of the at least 7 Muslim terrorists who carried out Friday’s horrific attacks in the French capital, 2 passports have been recovered: one from Egypt and one from Syria. The passports went on the Interpol database, and a stunning report emerged from Greece this morning, as the Guardian reports.

Greek journalist Yannis Koutsomitis tweets that the country’s Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection has confirmed that the terrorist found with a Syrian passport on his person was, “registered as refugee on Leros island in October.”

The Syrian passport was discovered on the body of one of the suicide bombers who staged the attack outside the Stade de France during the France v Germany soccer game.

Koutsomitis also drew attention to a quote by Greece migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas, who on September 9th said, “It would be “foolish to believe that there are no jihadists among the refugees that cross into Europe.”


And as Top Right News reported in September, Syrian ISIS operative claimed that more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen have already been smuggled into Western nations – “hidden among innocent refugees”.

And that was before the latest wave of more than 800,000 Muslim so-called “refugees” flooded into Europe over the past 2 months. Critics asked how many hundreds, or thousands of them are trained ISIS agents bent on terror in the West, pleading for the migrants to be turned back…but it fell on deaf ears.

If confirmed, the report will be a devastating blow to Angela Merkel and other European leaders who have opened the borders to hundreds of thousands of migrants despite ISIS’ vow to exploit the crisis to infiltrate jihadists into the west.

Migrants disembark from the catamaran Terra Jet at the Athens’ port of Piraeus. (9/1/2015)

Migrants disembark from the catamaran Terra Jet at the Athens’ port of Piraeus. (9/1/2015)

Earlier today, Merkel’s gave a bizarre and disturbing response to the Paris mayhem, by calling for people to express “tolerance” towards the migrants.

Numerous experts have warned that rolling out the red carpet to migrants from the Middle East would substantially heighten the risk of terrorists being able to cross into Europe, although such concerns were dismissed by many at the time as fear-mongering.

Now those chickens have come home to roost. The real question now is: will Europe finally learn? And what about the United States, where Barack Obama and John Kerry have already announced plans to take in 200,000 so-called “Syrian refugees”?


  • abaton7

    What a shock.

    • CARL


  • disqus_w6R77UQW8f

    I’m loaded and ready for Obama’s “refugees”.

    • FreedomFighter

      I stay loaded always!

  • lamba444

    This should surprise no one with their eyes wide open, we have one in the WH, they have infiltrated like the roaches they are into every nook and crevice of the leftist administration in this country and the EU.

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  • Dr. Jim Heyman

    Is God tolerant of unrepentant sinners without limits? Satan is the ultimate terrorist. He is the one behind this evil religion and those who freely choose it.

  • Tim

    Where are the women and children, what a joke, these aren’t immigrants, refugees…..wake up! Open the door, and reap what you sow…..time to band together, stop letting this administration lead you on this racial bs propoganda, while being blind sided by a real threat that wants to take your way of life. These refugees don’t care if your white, black, brown, green or purple……they seek to destroy and cause death and destruction.

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    I am ready to do anything to keep put these animals down and buy down I mean DEAD. [ GOD BLESS AMERICA ]

  • CARL


    • we need to call for obama’s resignation…i alread did, contacted both my senators. do it!

  • Dronerg

    Syria have been at war for over 5 years, anyone with a grain of sense would question WHY NOW, WHY SO MANY YOUNG MEN, WHY SO FEW ELDERLY OR FAMILIES, WHY ARE THEY SUDDENLY FLOODING INTO EUROPE? I think we in France got the answer on Friday night. It will happen in other cities, there is no doubt about it. The do gooders have proven how stupid they are accepting these people. My answer… send the bloody lot back where they came from. Had the shoe been on the other foot and the UK, or France etc., were in crisis who else would have accepted the population as refugees? STOP THE ROT NOW. Shut the borders and kick them all out again.

  • lorenvpf

    And Obama is opening the gates for the bastards to America. Seems suspect to me.

    • he already did…10,000 arrived in new orleans in the last few days and the governor didn’t even know about them. that is what Jindal is saying. No vetting, no info, nothing. does that make sense????

      • FreedomFighter

        Let’s not stretch the truth here guys. there are only 14 Syrians that came to Louisiana, One is in Baton Rouge, 7 is in Metarie, and 6 in New Orleans. There will not be anymore coming and if the 14 that are already here try something stupid, they will be alligator food.


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