BREAKING: Orlando Looters Face Off Against SWAT In GUN Store…


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Armed Thieves In Standoff At Academy Sports In Orlando

Orlando, FL – A SWAT standoff is underway with suspects who were looting Academy Sports at 3557 Garden Ridge Way near the Mall At Millenia in Orlando.

The suspects were seen on store video stealing guns and loading them, and they are refusing to surrender to police.

One suspect surrendered, but all others remain inside. Orlando PD says that the suspects on scene were specifically trying to steal guns during the hurricane.

Below: The site of the siege (file photo):

This is a developing story and we will keep you updated.

Earlier, groups of thugs descended on Ft. Lauderdale, to loot stores and dozens of homes in suburbs like Weston:

Police have arrested 19 suspects as of 10PM EST, with many more still at large…

  • Rita Valencia

    Bet their parents once they saw this were very proud of their child, and to think not one of them are illegal Mexican. Trump is worried about Mexican’s, LOL

    • Jeff Hodge

      Are you implying illegals are law abiding? And how can you tell none of these are illegals Mexicans, are you omnipotent?

    • Sandy

      Illegal….what part of that word do you not understand?

    • texray

      In contrast to Trump, when the family members of Americans killed by illegal aliens testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in the summer of 2015, Senators Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) and Richard Durbin (D., Ill.) fled the hearing room and returned only after the families had gone. As Mark Krikorian explained, these Americans are “all dead because federal, state, and local governments have abdicated their responsibility to protect American citizens from foreign criminals.”
      (national review dot com)

    • Paul E Esther

      Rita “ILLEGAL”? How blatantly ignorant can one obviously Illegal Alien be?

    • indyjeepman

      I don’t GAF about the “mexican” part. I do GAF about the “illegal” part. And to be honest, that has been the President’s concentration as well in spit of your spin that you’ve placed upon it. You just feel targeted because the largest group of illegal aliens are from Mexico. My response to you is too damned bad.

  • Kimberly Griffith

    I think during times of emergency…there should be a shoot on sight order especially for people stealing weapons.

    • llred

      That was pretty much how it was in Texas. Several sheriff’s told their communities if someone was attempting to loot their homes, etc. to shoot them. I think 3 were shot and killed. Didn’t really hear about a lot of looting. A few cases, the worst being the thugs that pretended to be victims and tried to steal one of the Cajun Navy’s boat. Weren’t successful.

      • Guy Daley

        Trying to steal Cajun Navy’s boat? The first thought that came in to my mind were the Somali’s and their piracy tactics. Oddly enough, guess what we do? We import that culture by the tens of thousands from Somali. It seems to me, only Americans that were bribed would allow that.

        • llred

          Don’t think these guys were Somali, just the run of the mill looting, black thugs. As far as the Somali and refugees being allow over, that’s the work of the dark forces behind the government. Things are NOT what they seem and we, the American people have been lied to and deceived by every president way back to, well almost before the ink was dry on the Constitution. As Woodrow Wilson said ” “Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” And, believe me, after 20+ years of research, I have discovered it’s true.

          • Guy Daley

            Didn’t say they were Somali. I said they used Somali piracy type tactics. After every natural disaster take a wild guess who the opportunists generally are.

          • TerryNNewsome

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        • FreedomFighter
          • Guy Daley

            I read the article you posted and its not a lie in the sense that SOME civilian rescue group was targeted. I don’t care what they call themselves, Cajun Navy; Louisiana Cajun Navy, the point is, it was a CIVILIAN rescue group as opposed to the typical government provided rescue. The main difference is that one is a VOLUNTARY group and the other one is financed by taxpayers.

            So its not a lie. Some VOLUNTARY rescue group was shot at. I really don’t care what they call themselves.

          • FreedomFighter

            Was not the Cajun Navy though. I am a member and we don’t take people telling lies about us lightly.

          • Guy Daley

            I got it, I GOT IT. As if you’re the ONLY volunteer group in the world that makes a difference and you want to protect your reputation and honor. I GOT IT. You’re too damn petty as far as I’m concerned. You knocked your reputation down a couple of notches with me.

          • FreedomFighter

            LOLOL!!! Well fuck you too!!

          • llred

            You’re a member of the CajunNavy and you don’t take people telling lies about you lightly, but you sure don’t have a problem telling someone, who was NOT telling lies about you, to fuck you. IF you are a member of the CajunNavy, I’m sure they are real proud of you for that.

          • FreedomFighter

            I told you it was a lie and I even proved it. What is it with you idiots?

          • llred

            Well, just keep it up, you are giving a great impression of the CajunNavy. First to tell a guy to fuck you and now you call us idiots. Nice, so impressive. Sure hope the men in the CajunNavy that actually go out and rescue people aren’t as rude and have such a lack of respect as you. I’m through with this conservation.

          • FreedomFighter

            I only fed him what he was asking for. You want some too? Keep it up and you’ll get it.

          • Why do so swear?

      • FreedomFighter
  • ShellyG

    Why the hell were guns left in the store when evacuation orders were clear. SMH

    • Bill Gregg

      My thought as well. Looked up Academy Sports and found that they aren’t what I would call a “gun store.” They carry all kinds of other sports equipment and apparel. Not the kind of place where I would expect to find someone very knowledgeable about firearms.

    • Guy Daley

      Why the hell were evacuation orders made? They were unnecessary. You talk like the store manager left the store unlocked. I think you’re braindead. If a thief expects that LE will not respond, then they have all the time in the world to break in. And that’s exactly what the news reported. Emergency crews would not respond if wind speeds were over 45 mph. That was ALL OVER THE NEWS.

    • Bobinms

      That’s right. Don’t blame the looters. Blame the store. They should have done more than just lock their doors!! Right!!

  • Marie Bredbenner

    Absolutely disgusting! Men, women and children looting. This was well planned on their part. They should be treated as the thugs they are. Aren’t these the same people that cry about “white privilege”? I guess this is part of the reparations they deserve for things that happened over 100 years ago. Really?

    • Guy Daley

      Oh yeah, this is part of “black privilege”. They will attack in the night or the moment your guard is down because, they are “oppressed” and its their right. This theme has been DRILLED into their head, by black religious leaders, black politicians, the media, etc, etc. Look how many times the police have stood down during riots so that they could run around and loot at will. The best way to get back at whitey for not being allowed at the front of the line based on color, is to steal from him.

  • Deplorable_Pam

    Not one fucking white boy in the bunch. But nobody can understand why poc have so much “contact” with the police.

    • gary

      Shocking, isnt it SMH

  • David Berthiaume

    Next report I want to read is….Looters at academy sports shot and killed…

  • Danna

    I’m glad they got caught. Since don’t care about others losing everything. But will do anything they can to hurt others-taking anything they can thinking it will never come back to them.

  • gary

    SHOOT THEM ALL! preferrably in the head!

  • Itsjusme

    All white guys to be sure…….right?

  • altos

    The only good looter is a dead looter

  • Jay Mooser

    Notice the color on the majority of them???

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