BREAKING: Obama Takes Revenge on Gun Store Owner Who Dared to Ban Muslims


by Bill Callen | Top Right News

A Florida gun store operator has banned Muslims from his establishment, arguing that he has a right to deny service to anyone he considers a threat.

Andy Hallinan made his decision after the shootings at military installations in Chattanooga, Tenn., last week.

Florida Gun Supply of Inverness, Fla., was declared a “Muslim-free zone” in a video Hallinan posted online over the weekend.

And just one day later, Barack Obama is taking revenge on behalf of his Muslim buddies.

As Conservative Review reported, Obama’s Department of Justice today announced that it would launch a civil rights investigation into Hallinan’s establishment.

That’s right, it took five days, and the anger of millions of Americans for Obama to finally order U.S. flags be flown at half-staff on behalf the slain heroes of Chattanooga — but less than 24 hours for Obama to do the bidding of his radical Muslim friends at CAIR.

And isn’t this just what you would expect from the Obama administration: a radical Islamic extremist kills five American servicemen and the Pentagon still says no guns allowed to defend them, and suggests that recruiting offices keep their window blinds closed from now on. In other words — our soldiers are on their own.

But if there’s even a hint that a single Muslim could possibly see his civil rights violated at some indeterminate point in the future, the entire resources of the Federal government are placed at their disposal.

“I have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure the safety of all patriots in my community, and so effective immediately, I’m declaring Florida Gun Supply as a Muslim-free zone,” Hallinan announced in a video posted to Facebook. “I will not arm and train those who wish to do harm to my fellow patriots.”

“I’m not going to be asking every person who walks in what their religious background is. That’s not my business,” Hallinan told WFLA. “But I do have the right to deny firearms and training to anyone I deem as a threat.”

As George Upper of CR said:

It’s past time for patriots like Hallinan to step up and speak their consciences. If his words are truly intolerant or, as Obama himself might say, on the wrong side of history, then the free market will prove that out by negatively impacting Hallinan’s bottom line as consumers choose to stop doing business with him.

But that is probably not the case — and the Obama Justice Department may actually feel pressure to intervene before the free market proves who really is on the wrong side of history.


  • Hansley Templeton Cook, EA

    Molon Labe

    • jerseycat406

      come and take it

  • John McMickle

    Get ready to fund the mans defense. I hope the motels in that area refuse to rent rooms to any employee of the Department of Justice, make them sleep in tents.

    • Janet Dillon

      Would love to see government employees sleeping in tents.

    • Kanray

      Hell John, they own most of them.

    • Murphcon

      They can’t because they’re all negroes now.

      • John McMickle

        If you put up a sign that syas we do not rent to federal employees that covers it federal employees are not a protected class yet.

    • Robert Peterson

      Nope, that’s what the surveillance vans are for. *shudders*

      • John McMickle

        Then turn them into the EPA for idling the motor and creating additional pollution. Let two federal agencies fight it out, that would be worth watching. It may even do well on pay-for-view.

    • Dude

      There are hundreds if not thousands of mobile homes left from Katrina. Good way to start cutting back and by the way I’m sure they can get a discount from the local prostitute’s by letting them stay in the mobile homes.

      • John McMickle

        Nope they have sold some and move some to other disaster areas. They move a lot north from the storage area in Arkansas in 2008 or 2009.

    • Cuda

      we know the corporate world of hotels/motels will gladly take and overcharge the DOJ funds ( our taxes)

    • Brandimaxwell

      On Our Community o-p-r-i-g-h-t-n-e-w Competition Of Money

    • Violethamilton

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  • independent_az

    This “article” is a ridiculous load of paranoid baloney just to rile up the sheep. They gun store owner made comments that make it sound like he’s violating the law. That’s why there’s going to be an investigation.

    • 2doggz

      Shut up stupid the guy threatened muslims and that pisses that POS prez off

      • independent_az

        Get back to me when, or rather IF, you ever manage to grow up.

        • Howard Wright

          You think those savages are going to spare you because you side with them, you’re wrong. Beside, who says anyone has a right to be sold a gun when they show they’re a threat to the citizenary? Last I checked it’s against the law to do so, but because they’re MUSLIMS who have clearly shown they hate America and will attack when the opportunity arrive, some how THAT’S a violation of the law.

          • independent_az

            You should seek professional psychiatric help.

        • 2doggz

          why because i dont think like a big pussy like your self?

          • independent_az

            You came back too soon and only just proved my point.

    • Cliff_Skridlow


      • Had Enough

        That’s awesome ! Love the picture. Made me laugh my ass off.

    • o well

      Would those be the same types of comments and denial of law sanctuary cities have made? Where is the investigation. Six days to lower the flags for our soldiers. Less than 24 hours to go after a very small gun store in Florida. The president bias is immoral..

  • formercanuck

    There are easier ways…. Have items I your store that are not ‘liked’ by Islam.

    A). Dogs
    B). Bacon/pork
    C). Alcohol

    • Ann

      Best post ever.

    • Susan

      Just put up a sign in the window that all guns are oiled with bacon grease each and every day….

      • Howard Wright

        You win the Mensa internet award for that brillant posting.

        • p.j.


      • Bob Zinkhan

        Bravo !!!

      • Too clever

        Hello genius, how are you this fine morning. That shhhhhhh was BRILLIANT!

      • csrdrunner

        Loooooooooooooooooooooooove it.!

      • A P

        Susan……….LOVE IT!

      • Danny Gay

        Sounds like a great idea.

      • loverofcats


        • Rodaryl Johnson

          Trump ’16

    • jerseycat406

      ya know what as goofy as that sounds I think its a really good idea, make sure you send it to him

    • Richard M

      Christian items….Bibles, crosses and such like.

    • John McMickle

      How about just wrapping the door handles in pig skin.

    • csrdrunner

      Post sign: Door entrance is covered with pigs blood!

      • p.j.

        Just as the Angel of Death passed by the bloodied posts in Egypt….so will the Muslims pass by this store just reading and seeing the blood!!!

    • William Anderson

      and naked woman

    • Ryan

      Also says in the christian bible that you cant have pork. ignorance is ignorance

      • chrisitnesalt

        Ummm, Ryan, you need to go back and read the WHOLE thing! Duh.

      • p.j.

        Thats in the old testament….lol

    • p.j.

      E. Freeze dried Swine blood
      F. Ladies with their faces and ankles showing ***blush***
      G. Bibles
      H. Pages from the koran all painted in red, white, & blue

  • John

    ironic that this is a “civil rights” issue to the Obama administration.
    “you MUST sell them a gun…” while trying to take that right away from
    millions of others (now including using the SS administration?)

    • Howard Wright

      It’s not irony, it’s treason. This shows how he’s on the side of those who seek the Islamic caliphate while against Americans who want to defend themselves against it.

    • Chris

      You are exactly right!!!!

      • csrdrunner

        Exactly, exactly right!

    • Don Sebold

      right on

  • Elizabethwyoung

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  • Brian Alexander

    Anyone else see the irony? Obama and his liberal cronies think law abiding American citizens shouldn’t be able to own guns, but it’s a Muslim’s “Civil Right” to purchase one.

    • Howard Wright

      No, I don’t see the irony, I see his treason. If this doesn’t demonstrate how he’s on their side and against America, then I don’t know what will.

  • Liberal Smasher.

    Give away a free pound of bacon with every gun sold.

    • Heylottylotty

      Find a source of pork leather and order gun straps for every long gun sold. Install safety straps made of pork leather on all hand guns. Display the “original” “pig skins” (footballs) in prominent places around the shop.

  • des

    damn right —





  • Had Enough

    Pretty simple folks….Obummer is going to defend his scuzlums to the end. In his eyes, they have more rights than we do.

    • Heylottylotty

      Rude is never a good substitute for Aggressive wording. Does this “item” mean the author wants to have carnal knowledge with Islam? That IS what it says. I see the intent but…. really???

      • Had Enough

        If you are referring to me as being rude….you bet your ass I’m rude when it comes to defending MY country ! And whomever doesn’t like it well than I have four simple words for you…

        • p.j.

          I’ve about had it with political correctness. Had Enough…you go for it!

        • jmk

          You aren’t “defending” your country. You’re cheapening it and pissing on the Constitution.

          • Had Enough

            Not sure if you are mentally challenged or if you can’t read and write English ! Your interpretation skills are obviously way out in left field. Doesn’t really matter to me one way or the other. You are entitled to your own opinion.

          • jmk

            And you are entitled to your opinion but you are not entitled to break the law because you don’t think it applies to people you don’t like.

            But how adorable that you tried to impugn my intelligence… it’s like watching the Dunning-Kruger effect in action.

        • thenearesthippie

          Could you post a picture of your ass? So I can make sure it’s Donald Trump white. For all I know, it might be Ted Cruz or Bobby Jindal or Ben Carson white.

          • Had Enough

            If you really must know ….its WHITE POWER, WHITE PRIDE WHITE !!!!! Does that clear it up for ya ???

          • thenearesthippie

            Not really. Could you put it on a t-shirt?

    • jmk

      If an atheist business owner refused to allow Christians into his business, we would be able to hear the screams of you hypocrites from space.

      Either we ALL have civil rights – and yes, that includes people you don’t like – or none of us do.

      • Had Enough

        I could care less who was refused service and I’m not going to debate it either way. It’s his right as a business owner and frankly I can’t believe he even allowed their camel jocky asses in the store to begin with.

        • jmk

          Strangely enough, our nation’s laws do not reflect your bigotry or ignorance, regardless of your opinion. The country operates on the basis of “equal justice under the law,” not “oooh let’s pander to some right-wing nutjob’s bigotry and cowboy-wannabee delusions.”

          Sorry for your loss.

          • Had Enough

            I can’t say what I want to here but to some it up….you are WEAK ! Go away….

          • jmk

            LOL It’s just so cute the way that you can’t think of a response, so you weakly call me “WEAK.”

            It’s all about projection with you folks, isn’t it? Every time. Unreal.

            And while I appreciated the comedy of you mangling the phrase as you try to refute a comment that references your ignorance, just for your education, it’s spelled “sum”… the phrase is “sum it up. Not “some it up.” LOL

  • Dan Malek


    • ally cat

      Great post!!!

    • p.j.

      Name the date and time, I will be there to show my support brother!!

    • Dan Malek

      The only problem with trying to catch the DOJ there is they don’t say when they are coming. They just like KING TOWELHEAD AFRAID OF THE PEOPLE. ID LOVE TO TELL THEM TO GET FUCKED!!!! IM HOPING THE OWNER WILL BE NOTIFIED AND POST SO WE CAN BE THERE!!! HAVE TO REMEMBER THEY GOVT CANDY ASSES!!!!

  • Michael

    Just tell the prospective customers that all your guns have been coated in pork grease. The true “American” will buy the others will leave the stores.

  • timothy c sullivan

    just get a couple of pet gard pigs

  • ross mcglockness

    Why don’t about 5000 of us show up armed outside his establishment? Think that will send a message?

  • Davey Dunn

    obamas a muhammad pig

  • Davey Dunn

    top right news is for islam

  • A Double

    What if this owner had said, “Im not going to sell guns to black people because they’ll use them against other black people and white people in criminal settings”

  • Jacquilinearent

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  • Mary Michael Adams

    Obombya is a tyrant and we need to remove him from office. His time is done! We the PEOPLE NEED TO SPEAK UP.

    • jmk

      We did, genius. We elected him…TWICE. What more do you wingnuts need to learn that your hatefulness is not universal?

  • Dr. Karl Stalin

    Free with every purchase…

    • csrdrunner

      Must EAT before purchase!

    • Had Enough

      Get you sum…

  • dorelliun

    I’ll fund his defense. Obama needs to go.

  • Don Liv

    What a waste of DOJ resources. No time to investigate the numerous government Scandals but plenty of time to harass a business who wants to keep weapons away from Islamic militant terrorists.

  • James Thompson

    The gun store owner is generalizing and this is a textbook civil rights violation. If he had a case by case policy, instead of a blanket ban of Muslims, then he might avoid the federal government battering that is about to happen.

  • Glenn Martin

    First, piss off Obama. This IS NOT a presidential matter, it’s a business one. If the muslims don’t like it file a complaint with the BBB.

    • jmk

      Were you the guy advising Woolworth’s to hold firm to their lunch-counter policies back in the 50s? How’d that work out for you?

      • thenearesthippie

        History! No fair!

        • jmk

          I know!! It’s so unfair to expect them to know stuff!!!!

  • Dan Williams

    Time for Americans to get out the old sling shots and start slinging bits of pork at muslims.

  • A P

    WHAT A JOKE! Obama will NOT protect our military and it took days to lower the USA Flag in honor of the fallen military yet he can respond to this store owner immediately! I do not call him POTUS. I call him POS!

  • loverofcats

    I hope this store owner doesn’t end up like the bakery people in Oregon!

  • Patty Lynn Bugger-Partida

    disgusting!how much more evidence do people need to see obama is islamic!!!

    • Had Enough

      Or an asshole….with ever you prefer

  • Kentucky red

    Figures! Just more tyranny from obama!

  • Frank E Richardson

    Stop selling guns, sell a ham sandwich for $600, get free gun

  • Baroldo

    People don’t realize that Obama is on the side of our enemies.

  • Had Enough

    Hey Obummer here is a news flash for you…it’s the store owners privilege to refuse service to ANYONE he chooses. Just an FYI DUMB DUMB ! Stop making an ass out of yourself. You already accomplished that.

    • jmk

      You cannot – under the law that applies to everyone – refuse to serve customers on the basis of their religion.

      Or do you not like having civil rights?

      • Had Enough

        I disagree with that because any business owner has the right to refuse service to ANYONE regardless of their nationality !

        • jmk

          If you refuse to serve an entire group of people, you are breaking the law. Period.
          You can refuse to serve individuals. You cannot exclude an entire group of people based on their national origin, sexual orientation, religion, gender, age, disability, or race.
          If you do, you are engaging in a pattern of discrimination that is in violation of any one of a number of civil rights laws at the state and federal level.

          Facts…how do they work?

          • thenearesthippie

            “Facts…how do they work?”

            To the detriment of wingnuts.

  • Frank Loftice

    I support him completely and if the government tries to shut him down or file ANY charges against him then the time has come for white America to come out in support of him. Enough of this bullshit already. It’s time for country wide white America to stand up and be counted. Let’s pick a date and march to his store in a show of support for freedom of speech and the right to deny service to anyone. Enough is enough is enough is enough. We need to grow some balls folks. I’ll bet Donald Trump would march with us. Let’s do this.

  • Ass Hat

    This story is false. They don’t cite a source and the only other places reporting “Obama’s revenge” are dumbass conservative clickbait websites like this one and “Conservative Tribune.” What a joke. Yet, people still fall for this crap.

    Look, I’m not Obama’s biggest fan either. But like him or not, the TRUTH is more important here. And this story is not the truth.

    Stop falling for this bullshit, people.

  • Brian Beard

    Why are they going after him? There are quite a few gun stores and ranges in this country that have done this. Why this guy in particular?

    • Ass Hat

      They aren’t going after him. This article does not cite a source and I searched or 10 minutes and cannot find ONE other site reporting on this other than clickbait sites like this one. There is no mention of it on or anywhere else.

      This story is 100% made up.

    • Auggydog

      Hallinan offended his Brotherhood. He is very thin skinned to put it one way.

  • Ashamed

    What does that have to do with anthing? And you wonder why republicans have a racist image? Congrats

  • Gingerfrei

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  • Sharon Vest-Elmore

    why is he even commenting on this at all he is the President of the United States this is a little business he needs to do the affairs of the United States not the little people stop taking sides mr.president do your JOB

    • jmk

      Well…he didn’t. So there’s that.

      The story is bullshit.

  • Bill Jacobs

    Anyone who posts or reposts this blatantly inaccurate and deceitful article clearly has not investigated its validity first, and they are purely responding with a knee-jerk reaction induced by their own ignorance.

  • Jon Paul LeJeune

    There is no inherent “civil right” that says you are allowed to go shopping in a privately owned store. There is, however, the rights of the owner to refuse service to anyone.

    • jmk

      Ummm, incorrect. If you are open to the public, as a public accommodation, you cannot ban people based on their race, sex, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or national origin.
      Before you spout off on the law, maybe find out what it actually says, mmmkay?

  • Valerieuff

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  • David Vanderwall

    All Muslims should be banned from coming to America. If they leave America they can’t come back. Plain and simple. If they are already here they need to be placed on the FBI watch list.

  • antoinettewreeves

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  • csrdrunner

    The Missouri rodeo clown had it so right when he came out with the face of oVOMIT, he needs to do it again, the clown in our White House is JOKE and CHAINS not hope and change he professed while campaigning.

  • patsy

    just turn on the no vacancy signs

  • norarcarr

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  • Biel_ze_Bubba

    Dylann Roof or John Russell Houser? Come on in and buy a handgun!

  • Msgr_Moment

    Jeebus! You Jade Helmed the wrong part of the country! Thanks, Obama.

  • jesstifer42

    I was directed here from another source aghast at the level of “discussion” on this site. I’m beyond amazed.

    I hope you know that you are all horrible, horrible people. And I also hope none of you claim to be Christian. Because he weeps.

  • Crysta

    Wonder how quick the fundies would be up in arms if Walmart decided to make their stores an “equality” zone, and required anyone who wished to shop there, to both buy, and WEAR the rainbow flag pin… (and all the proceeds of the flag pin sales to be donated to planned parenthood)

    They could LEGALLY do this, as they could qualify it as part of a “members only” rule.

    *happy grin*

    Now imagine if Target, McD, BK, Wendys, Publix, WinnDixie, and more did this… Imagine if Microsoft and Apple declared that 10% of their OS sales were to be donated to Planned Parenthood!

    Waiting for the flame war to begin!

  • young34
  • Bobby Tucker

    I’m ready to help defend him.

  • ran

    Florida Gun Supply, of Inverness Fl, reminds me of the Ultra Right Wing zealots in Europe’s
    Oscar Wilde: Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.
    I almost expect to hear an “Ethnic Cleansing” speech.

    And the troubling part, this company appeals to many Ultra Right
    Wing zealots in the USA.

    Even if Florida Gun Supply closes, the Ultra Right Wing zealots will still be here.

  • Shaghayegh Hend

    judging someone by appearances? what a loser..I think he has a right to deny anyone he wants to but why lose the business?

  • Scotty

    But I feel sorry for the call girls they call in……

  • Scotty

    Hey Joseph, EASY son. I am a 67 year old woman and I camp 6 months out of the year. What is wrong with a tent??>??


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