BREAKING: Obama Delays Executive Amnesty for 8 Million Illegals Until After Midterm Election

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by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

The polls have spoken, and Democrats are running scared.

Americans overwhelmingly oppose any amnesty for illegal aliens. So the White House announced this morning that Barack Obama would delay the amnesty decree La Raza had been demanding until after the midterm elections.

The decision is a clear reversal from late June, when Obama, angered by House Republicans’ refusal to take up the Senate “Gang of 8” amnesty bill, vowed to use the power of his office to make changes at the end of the summer.

The AP reported:

Abandoning his pledge to act by the end of summer, President Barack Obama has decided to delay any executive action on immigration until after the November congressional elections, White House officials said.

The move is certain to infuriate immigration advocates while offering relief to some vulnerable Democrats in tough Senate re-election contests.

Obama faced competing pressures from immigration advocacy groups that wanted prompt action and from Democrats worried that acting now would energize Republican opposition against vulnerable Senate Democrats. Among those considered most at risk were Democratic Sens. Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Kay Hagan of North Carolina.

National Council of La Raza (“The Race”) President Janet Murguia had Friday demanded immediate action by Obama. She will have to wait a little longer, until a backstabbing, “lame duck” amnesty this fall. Marguia has made her displeasure well-known:

Democrats are running scared as Obama’s engineered “crisis” at the Southern border has caused great anger among the American people. More than 280,000 illegal aliens, mostly from Central America, have been allowed to cross the border and turn themselves into border agents without deportation, and tens of thousands have been relocated across America without the consent of local officials, crushing school districts as the new year begins.

The Investors Business Daily/TIPP poll, which was conducted August 23-28, found that 73% of Americans oppose any presidential immigration action without Congressional approval. The poll found that only 22% said that Obama should “sidestep Congress and act on his own using executive orders.” Even 54% of Democrats opposed Obama’s action.

In 2011, Obama signed the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) which gave instant amnesty and work permits for up to 1.2 million illegals who claimed to have been brought her as children, despite lax documentation requirements that resulted in a staggering 99.5% approval rate — with massive fraud making a mockery of the process.

The issue is now politically toxic. It remains to be seen what political damage will be inflicted upon Democrats in 2016 if Obama unilaterally acts again.

  • James Berry

    Unless an overwhelming number of pro amnesty politicians are defeated in this coming election, we’ll have the very same problem as before.

  • Logan1967

    Let me get this straight….she’s demanding we take care of ILLEGAL people that crossed OUR border ILLEGALLY??!! What about all the LEGAL people…WE deserve to be taken care of FIRST!!!!! Twisted world we live in.

    • Berry J Griffin

      But obama promised. She was promised.

      • Lynn

        Well he shouldn’t have made a promise that he can’t legally keep! There is a process in this country that he is thwarting. The legislative branch makes the laws, not the executive branch. Just goes to show you how little he knows about our system. He’s pathetic.

      • Michaele Carvell

        Promise our ass,they broke laws,we didn’t

    • SouthronCross

      If the Reps get control of the Senate, they should move to ramp up deportations, abolish the ‘anchor baby’ designation, and, finally, close the border.

      Then, I woke up. Because we all know the Reps lack the requisite courage to do all of that.

  • Marisol Arnold

    It is that sense of entitlement thing going on.

    • Lynn

      Agree…That’s what is killing this country. Not just with the whole illegal issue but even with American citizens who seems to think that they are entitled to everything for free…housing, healthcare, phones, EBT cards, etc. These aren’t ‘entitlements’. They are handouts! They need to be called what they are. If you never worked for these things, then you aren’t ‘entitled’ to any of them, esp. if you aren’t even here legally. We need to stop calling these benefits entitlements and call them handouts which is what they are. People need to stop being so shameless. It’s disgusting.

  • ShellyG

    Let’s hope the house still rejects the Obummer’s amnesty. We are under attack from Isis and they are coming in through our open borders. We cannot allow this, our safety is at risk. As it is, our schools are suffering. Most people are working at a poverty level. Millions are on government aid because there are no jobs out there and we cannot afford to support millions more coming here for handouts. Illegal is illegal and should not be rewarded on my dime!

  • Kim

    why is our president worried about meeting the demands of illegal people?? That would be like him being worried about meeting the demands of cons in prison!! Why doesnt he worry about meeting the demands of law abiding citizens instead?

  • cactusue

    Still does not change my voting and will vote Republican this time. Tired of being manipulated and everyone else should follow and vote for those candidates who want a secure border and no amnesty.

  • Bo Treat

    la raza demanded?! since when do we do what the mexicans ask say or demand?!

  • nancyetanner52@

    How arrogant to call yourself ” the Race” after entering another peoples country and trying to manipulate their laws. How arrogant of you to say ” you’re tired of waiting while thousands upon thousands jump line everyday by illegally crossing our border. While others wait legally. We have laws. Enough with the lawlessness and entitlement you think you deserve above all other immigrants. “Thy shalt not covet thy neighbor”

  • Not Anonymous

    Why in the F-K do they deserve amnesty?

  • Not Anonymous

    other than crossing the boarder? Go back home!!!

    • lisa

      Let me guess the 22% are illegals

  • Carlos Valdés

    This bitch lives on the backs of those illegals, she must have an illegal maids, gardener and then charge them for the La Raza services. that is why they want them here to make money of them.
    La Raza it is a kind of low class term for Lineage, people of class in Mexico will not use the term cause is like The Hood, LOW CLASS.
    They do not deserve AMNESTY, you enter the country Illegally you leave the country in handcuffs and with a record that you will not be allowed back…
    To HELL with LA RAZA

  • Lenay L Henkes

    Let’s secure our borders, with high voltage electric fencing! I think it would cost less in the long run. Our border patrol hasn’t done a very good job at keeping people out, but high voltage fencing would.

    • Sheryl Rayburn

      Ah Yes, But first we need a Concrete Canal filled with water – that runs all along the US / Mexican Border. Then Overwhelm it with lots of starving Alligators. The Electric Fence should run about 100 Feet in Height with RAZOR Wire firmly secured to the top. If any one can successfully Swim the Canal without first becoming an Alligator Bait; get Electrocuted by the Fence after being Wet, Severely Maimed by razor wire and survive the Final 100 Foot Drop . . . . Then maybe they should be granted amnesty?

      • Kathy

        Piranhas would do nicely also

  • Sarah Mahala


  • DanaLanders

    Blah, blah, blah! The Dems are running scared! lmao! Someone ought to tape this woman’s mouth shut!

  • Michaele Carvell

    Asshole democrats are afraid of losing their jobs,but it took the people that obeying all United States laws to put some asshole politicians in office for far tooooooooo long,especially Michael Madigan whose been in office 66 years far tooooo long WE NEED TERM LIMITS,AND IT NEEDS TO BE ON THE BALLOT

  • Alana Marie Woolard

    I do not understand where she thinks she has the right to force legal citizens to abandon all principal and laws just to accommodate her and her illegal minions? Why doesn’t she go to Mexico and protest the government there to take caare of their own people, create jobs, etc.! Pretty sad state of affairs when illegals have more rights than legal citizens! What is our Country coming too? We the people need to get her back! Vote Republican this time around! The Democratic Party needs to get back to what it used to be, the “Blue Collar” working man’s party! Dems, how could you let the Socialists hijack your party? You know what Dem stands for now to most people? Freebies, abortion, socialism, etc.! Wake up!

  • David Hamm

    Send the Lawless home.


    The Race does not run USA- A real American does not give a rats A__ what she thinks–

  • aquafuji

    Hey Ovomit don’t do is any favors. You allow this national council of la raza Janet Murguia to push a political agenda by allowing 280,000 illegal aliens. Oh wait that’s not very pc, I mean to say invasive aliens to enter and take away jobs, get free medical, food stamps, welfare, cell phones, and a place to live for free. All the while veterans like myself have had to live on the streets, many are still there and I may end up back there, because they are stealing our jobs on top of hand outs. Janet Murguia first you should have to live on the streets, and then your sorry @ss needs to be deported!!! Along with Ovomit, Biden, Pelosi, Reid and every other traitor to America, the constitution, and we the people!!!

    • Kathy

      I read an earlier article about ranchers in Texas looking for veterans “for security”. If you’d like the info, I’ll try to find the story again. Even though I’m not a veteran, if they armed me well enough, I’d consider saving this country with firepower…..let’s face it, if we don’t get the right people in office in November, we’re gonna fight or die, especially when the “Dictator” takes his dream title

  • Ted

    La Raza wants POWER and along with Liberal Democrats are killing this nation. They want votes anywhere and anyway they can get them. From Illegals to the dead, they take their votes.

  • Ron Yeary

    “Janet Murguia had Friday demanded immediate action by Obama.”

  • Ron Yeary

    “1. Let every person be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. 2. Therefore he who resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves.” (Rom 13:1-2).

  • Diane Frank

    really their tired of waiting…then take yourselves HOME and make your demands there

  • Tinaw1969

    I couldn’t even finish listening to her. Turning my stomach! Why should we worry about illegal aliens? We need to take care of our citizens. Not to mention, it will be a slap in the face to every single person that came here legally if he gives these people amnesty.
    We have laws that are already in place. Our system is not broken, it just needs to be enforced! Enough of this crap!

  • Christine Cuneo

    Americans overwhelmingly oppose any amnesty for illegal aliens. We don’t care what you want.

  • common-sense-needed

    You don’t want to wait ??
    Wow what an effin’ surprise, you don’t want to follow the Law of the Land either like other LEGAL immigrants..
    Illegal is Illegal …

  • BigBossDan

    I find it offensive that Oblunder thinks he can fool us by putting off what we all know he is ultimately going to do until after the mid term elections. Republicans know he wants amnesty and that it doesn’t matter if he does it now or later, we know he’s going to do it. I’m thankful he has underestimated the conservatives in this country. After the midterms the house AND congress will be Republican and he won’t stand a chance of dodging impeachment. We Americans have dodged a major bullet. We should be thankful for this small reprieve. Don’t let this calculated maneuver effect YOUR VOTE in the midterms. Oblunder is trying to persuade the votes by holding off. Don’t let him fool YOU.

  • June Smith

    Our kids are getting sick in our schools. Coincidence that this is happening at the same time illegal alien juveniles – who should have been deported – are here and now in our schools?

    ‘Unprecedented’ virus striking kids

    A respiratory virus is sending hundreds of children to hospitals in Missouri and possibly throughout the Midwest and beyond, officials say.

    Enteroviruses are common and responsible for what many experience as an intense “summer cold.” What is unusual about this outbreak is the number of children hospitalized. EV-D68 is rare with only about 100 cases report since it was discovered in the 1960s.

    The unusually high number of hospitalizations reported now could be “just the tip of the iceberg in terms of severe cases,” said Mark Pallansch, a virologist and director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Viral Diseases.

    “We’re in the middle of looking into this,” he told CNN on Sunday. “We don’t have all the answers yet.”

    Ten states have contacted the CDC for assistance in investigating clusters of enterovirus — Colorado, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Kentucky.

    Enteroviruses, which bring on symptoms like a very intense cold, aren’t unusual. They’re actually common. When you have a bad summer cold, often what you have is an enterovirus, he said. The season often hits its peak in September.

    • FrankHarting5555

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