BREAKING: Munich Gunman Shouted THESE WORDS While Executing Children in McDonalds


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Terror has once again come to Europe, this time in Germany, As TRN reported earlier Friday, at least one gunman shot and killed at least 8 people in a shopping mall in Munich. Investigators are looking into the possibility that a ninth body found is that of one of the shooters; and are hunting for accomplices.

But one detail is being censored in reports by ABC, NBC, Bloomberg, the New York Times and the Associated Press: what the gunman was shouting as he massacred the innocent civilians.

The man was shouting “Allahu Akbar” as he slaughtered little children eating in McDonalds.

Thankfully the conservative DailyMail reported it:

A gunman shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ opened fire at children in McDonald’s before rampaging through a shopping mall, killing at least eight people.

Munich is in lockdown tonight, as a major police operation is ongoing around the city’s Olympic Park, with the force warning people to stay in their homes and avoid public spaces.

A ninth body has been found tonight and investigators are looking into the possibility of it being the attacker.

Terrified shoppers were seen running for their lives from the Munich Olympia Shopping Centre, in the district of Moosach, after hearing gunshots.

Witnesses said that the gunman screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’ before shooting at children.

A woman named Loretta said she was in the McDonald’s when the man with a gun came out of a bathroom and began shooting.

She told CNN: ‘I come out of the toilet and I hear like an alarm, boom, boom, boom. He’s killing the children. The children were sitting to eat. They can’t run.’

Loretta said she had been in the bathroom at the same time as the shooter, with her eight-year-old son. She said the man yelled: ‘Allahu Akbar!’  

Butchering little helpless children who could not even run…that’s what this cowardly Muslim savage did.

CNN was forced to report it after a witness said it live on the air:

The Bavarian capital of Munich has suffered the most from Angela Merkel’s disastrous importation of 1 million Muslims — including thousands of ISIS terrorists.

This was the second Muslim terror attack in the past 4 days in Munich. As Top Right News reported, a 17-year old Afghan refugee seriously wounded 4 Germans with an axe on a commuter train outside the city on July 18th.

Politicians in Munich have been among the few to strongly denounce her policies, but today they were helpless to stop the result: innocent young lives sacrificed on the altar of political correct insanity.

Our prayers for the wounded and families of the fallen.

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