BREAKING: Multiple Police Officers KILLED by Black Lives Matter Thugs in Dallas


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Horror came to Dallas, Texas tonight, as at least 2 SNIPERS targeted police with massive gunfire during a “Black Lives Matter” protest, hitting at least 10 officers, and killing at least 3.

UPDATE 10:33: Dallas Police are reporting that 10 officers have been shot and at least three are dead, according to CBS 11. “No suspects are currently in custody at this time.” The dead officers include two from Dallas PD and one from DART.

CBS 11 is calling the shooting an “absolute ambush” as a sniper appears to have opened fire on police from an elevated position.

One eyewitness on CBS 11 reports “absolute chaos” during shooting. He said he directed the police towards the shooter and they responded with about 14-15 shots in the direction of the shooter. He said he saw the shooter shooting down from the building. “I did not see any protesters being shot.” “One of the officers was shot through his vest,” the witness said. “I heard shots hitting the concrete.” He said he saw two officers hit by gunfire

The horrific scene occurred during a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Dallas to protest the recent shooting deaths of Black men by police in Minnesota and Louisiana. Barack Obama and the national media has ginned up racial tensions after the killings, leading to calls for “retaliation” by Black radical activists. It is unclear if such a person or persons was responsible for tonight’s carnage in Dallas.

CBS 11 reports multiple strings of at least 20 – 30 shots fired from a high powered rifle.

As the shots rang out, activists could be seen running away from the area. Police were hunkered down behind their cruisers, reportedly aiming firearms toward a Bank of America building.

“This just came out of nowhere,” one eye-witness, identified only as Corey, told KTVT-TV, a local station. “I’m still shocked and startled. … It was complete pandemonium.”

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick took to Twitter late in the evening to offer condolences to those shot during the demonstrations.


  • reality

    These black lives matter thugs will be caught and put in jail with the rest of their friends.

    • Top Right

      You are off your rocker Billy Bob. This article has multiple incorrect statements that presents a biased perspective. Not only that, but you stereotype an entire group of people who are being horribly discriminated against who ARE FEARFUL FOR THIER OWNS LIVES. WAKE UP, YOU’RE IN 2016. GET OFF YOUR BS RIGHT-WING NEWS FEED

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      • Ghost Wolf

        Billy Bob? Get off the internet Tyrone, leave western civ and return to the savage 3th world reality you should be living in. Who gives a damn what the current year is? We haven’t progressed – this country is turning into a second rate crime infested dump overrun with low IQ barbarians that can’t maintain civil society.
        We don’t need you bedeviling our country – go away, leave us alone, or expect all tolerance for your “group of people” to end completely.

        • Cheryl Phillips

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        • tjke

          absolutely right

    • tjke

      Agree, but don´t forget that the murderers CAN be muslims. These terrible murders follow the muslim pattern of murdering.

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  • James W.

    there is no proof that black lives matter are behind the shooting.
    im in dallas area and watching all the local channels and no one is reporting this

    There is now 5 dead officers… 11 were shot by two snipers in an ambush from a parking garage

    • Ghost Wolf

      5 dead and a few more that may not last the night.
      The BLM mob will still be celebrating dead cops come morning – so what does it matter whether they are directly responsible or not? The are clearly a terrorist group that uses mob violence, intimidation, race baiting, and has provoked riots and insurrections over incidents which are usually caused by their own stupid behavior.
      Perhaps if BLM would stop chanting slogans like “kill the Police” – then they wouldn’t be suspect.

      • Alan

        The protesters in Dallas weren’t celebrating the next day, were they? They actually were getting along well with the police before and during the protest. Have you heard them chanting “kill the police”. Do you have proof this ever happened?

        • Ghost Wolf

          Don’t try denying reality Alan. The average BLM “protester” is often a criminal with an arrest record with nothing but contempt for the rule of law because they don’t want to obey it and and are willing to riot every time a black does something stupid and gets themselves killed by law enforcement – all while the leftist media continues to fan the flames. BLM has been chanting for the death of cops since this misguided social justice mob action began. Should I start posting all the videos online of BLMs acting a fool and chanting for dead cops? You could look for yourself if you truly gave a damn about the truth. I applaud BLM for doing such a great job of making democrat supporters look like a violent mob – unworthy of running the government. President Trump will know how to handle this.

          • Alan

            You have never been anywhere near a BLM rally. Admit it. You know nothing about them except what you see on your right wing sites. How about this #DayOfRage they’ve been pushing. The right wing media ran with something that wasn’t even true, and many of them twisted it to say it was organized by BLM. The original video was an Anonymous knockoff. Why do you think the right wing media would do this? Because they want to fuel your hate. It obviously worked. And you accuse the leftist media of fanning the flames.

          • Ghost Wolf

            The media has been fanning the flames since Trayvon Martin got what he deserved for being a paranoid, aggressive punk that ambushed and attacked George Zimmermann instead of being a man and saying “can I help you sir?” – like a civilized person instead of a primitive stone age hunter with an IQ less than the black average of 85. I watched the media brazenly lie and use altered sound bites to manipulate blacks across the country to riot and commit viscous hate crimes against whites. Many whites have been killed in retaliation but little was said about that, because to the establishment media – white lives have no right to exist in peace.
            The media finds a story about a black moron that got himself killed then makes them look innocent and it’s all the fault of white racist pigs instead of the criminality and lack of discipline among black youths.

          • Alan

            Us poor white people have it so rough, don’t we? You sound like a scared little bitch. you are one of those people that are sick of hearing people talk about racism, but you continually whine about the “liberal” media.

          • Ghost Wolf

            White men have to do most of the work to pay the taxes for the police state that robs them and the third world savages that dispossess, rob, attack and terrorize them in the streets while the media brainwashes whites to accept the destruction of the nation their forefathers built by handing it over to stupid people and foreigners incapable of maintaining a first-world civilization.
            This “lil bitch” is actually a large man, a martial artist, marksman, hunter, and mad as hell hoping to one day glory in driving away the barbarians that threaten the existence of my nation and my race.
            You know how blacks online often say “I dare you to say it to my face crakka” – well I’m that dog and I will because I no longer give a damned if I live or die in the sh*tty world being created by people like you.

          • Alan

            You’ve been brainwashed by the right wing media. Again how is it ok that they promoted this “day of rage” that was all a lie and never happened. They fanned the flames and you continue to worship them. Look I know there are biases in the media. All of them that is our reality, but unlike you, I choose to form an objective view. The world isn’t perfect, and there is plenty of blame on all sides. You don’t do most of the work, and you know it. I’d be willing to bet you do very little work. You spend to much time on message boards to be a hard worker.

          • Ghost Wolf

            Brainwashing occurs in the school system and the mass media to unwitting fools that are indoctrinated by political correctness. That’s not me – my awareness is far greater than that.
            It’s true I’m not working as hard these days because fortune has turned in my favor and I no longer have to struggle and worry about money anymore. I’ve seen with my own eyes for decades what leftist/globalist politics has done to my country and I truly hate them for it. I wish to live in my own nation with my own folk but because I am white I am not allowed that right like the rest of the peoples of this world – no, I’m a racist for not wanting my land overrun with foreigners and my descendants forced to live in the second/third-world dump my country is being reduced to.
            The real “days of rage” will be at the Republican convention where democrats will continue to make asses of themselves as they riot and attack the political process like the violent, brainwashed naive turds with big eyes they truly are.

          • Alan

            You have a little lack of perspective. We are far from third world. I’m sorry everything is so tough for you. I hope you find some peace in your life. You sound like a very angry person.

          • Ghost Wolf

            And your act is old and jaded – the way I used to think. I can tell I’ve come further in the search for knowledge than you. There are many places in the US that are very much second-world right now that were thriving when I was a kid. Now they are dangerous, ghetto ruins. As more third-worlders pour into the US, they will make large swaths of the country into their own image and squeeze whites out of existence. If you wish to see the future of the US, you need only look to South America where everywhere you go, the city streets are covered with garbage, human waste, graffiti, and low key civil war, kidnappings and crime are commonplace while children dig through landfills to survive. Add millions of Muslims to that and you get a close approximation of Hell on Earth.
            I may move to Alaska and watch the lower 48 burn.

          • Alan

            Look at the name of this article. It was only one person, that wasn’t a part of the BLM rally. Is this fanning the flames?

  • hypnotic

    This is what you get when cops think they’re above the law. People will defend themselves, their race and their family. Cops should remember that once and for all.

    • Ghost Wolf

      Guess what blacks get when they can’t live under the rule of law since many have no other purpose in life but druggin, screwin, and committing crimes? You must think this successful ambush of police was a victory eh? That makes you a guerrilla supporter.
      Guerrillas not killed may have to be put on reservations or deported to Gitmo.
      Police wouldn’t be as paranoid and dangerous if black communities didn’t make them that way. While working in black neighborhoods they are thankful to make it home every night. Since the black community has proven they don’t want to live under the rule of law, they should live in a separate nation/country where they can make their own laws appropriate for their behavior – and leave other races to live in peace without being subjected to black crime rates and ignorant behavior.

    • Alan

      Ridiculous statement.

      • hypnotic

        What’s ridiculous there you idiot? haha


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