BREAKING: Multiple Police Officers KILLED by Black Lives Matter Thugs in Dallas


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Horror came to Dallas, Texas tonight, as at least 2 SNIPERS targeted police with massive gunfire during a “Black Lives Matter” protest, hitting at least 10 officers, and killing at least 3.

UPDATE 10:33: Dallas Police are reporting that 10 officers have been shot and at least three are dead, according to CBS 11. “No suspects are currently in custody at this time.” The dead officers include two from Dallas PD and one from DART.

CBS 11 is calling the shooting an “absolute ambush” as a sniper appears to have opened fire on police from an elevated position.

One eyewitness on CBS 11 reports “absolute chaos” during shooting. He said he directed the police towards the shooter and they responded with about 14-15 shots in the direction of the shooter. He said he saw the shooter shooting down from the building. “I did not see any protesters being shot.” “One of the officers was shot through his vest,” the witness said. “I heard shots hitting the concrete.” He said he saw two officers hit by gunfire

The horrific scene occurred during a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Dallas to protest the recent shooting deaths of Black men by police in Minnesota and Louisiana. Barack Obama and the national media has ginned up racial tensions after the killings, leading to calls for “retaliation” by Black radical activists. It is unclear if such a person or persons was responsible for tonight’s carnage in Dallas.

CBS 11 reports multiple strings of at least 20 – 30 shots fired from a high powered rifle.

As the shots rang out, activists could be seen running away from the area. Police were hunkered down behind their cruisers, reportedly aiming firearms toward a Bank of America building.

“This just came out of nowhere,” one eye-witness, identified only as Corey, told KTVT-TV, a local station. “I’m still shocked and startled. … It was complete pandemonium.”

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick took to Twitter late in the evening to offer condolences to those shot during the demonstrations.



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