BREAKING: MSNBC Host Claims to Have Donald Trump’s Tax Returns

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow announced on Twitter Tuesday afternoon that she has gained access to President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Maddow promised to release the returns on her show on Tuesday evening at 9  p.m. ET.

“BREAKING: We’ve got Trump tax returns,” Maddow wrote.

Trump’s tax returns have been a point of contention since he refused to release them during the presidential race last November.

Last week New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristof urged “Deep State” employees in the IRS to leak President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Responding to a remark by a far left Vox editor that “the IRS never leaks,” Nicholas Kristof tweeted, “But, if you’re in the IRS and have a certain president’s tax return that you’d like to leak…”

He listed the paper’s Times Square mailing address at the end of the tweet.

Kristof was encouraging illegal activity by politicized IRS employees.

Less than a week later, it looks like they may well have done just that.

Unauthorized release of private tax returns is a Federal felony — one count for each year and/or schedule of returns.


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