BREAKING: Military Coup in Turkey… UPDATE: Military Claims It Has Seized Power from President Erdogan

Above: Turkish Army troops blocking a bridge in Istanbul

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Barack Obama was once asked who was his “closest friend” among world leaders. He did not hesitate when he answered: President Tacip Erdogan, the Islamist president of Turkey.

Now Obama’s BFF is in big trouble, as Turkish military units have launched a coup attempt against his government.

UPDATE: The Turkish Military claims it has seized control of the nation’s government.

SkyNews reports:

The Turkish military claims to have seized control of the country amid reports of tanks and army jets in Istanbul and Ankara.

An announcer on Turkey’s state broadcaster TRT has read out a live statement, reportedly on the orders of the military, saying the country is now being run by a “peace council”.

It comes after the NTV broadcaster quoted the army as saying: “Power in the country has been seized in its entirety.”

Although elected democratically, Erdogan and his Islamist party has moved the nation rapidly towards Sharia law and dictatorship since he gained power in 2003 — a violation of the secularist requirements in Turkey’s constitution as established by Kemal Ataturk nearly a century ago:

 It is in Turkey’s constitution that if the government veers from the reforms brought about by Ataturk that the military should overthrow the government. This movement towards a more religious government in Turkey is counter to Ataturk’s reforms. If the military can manage this coup it will take out the radical Islamic elements that have taken over Turkey’s government.”

Erdogan has been accused of funding ISIS in his effort to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Erdogan even jailed two journalists who offered proof of his weapons sales to Islamic State-linked “rebels.” And his son has reportedly made billions illegally selling ISIS oil on world markets.

Erdogan has spent years replacing military generals with loyalists, but it seems they have been bypassed:

The Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has confirmed that military action is taking place, describing it as an illegal “attempt” by a faction of the army to seize power.

A Turkish state news agency is reporting that a top general is among several people being “held hostage” at the military headquarters in Ankara.

The Prime Minister is denying the claims of a successful coup:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is safe, according to a presidential source.

According to Turkish media, the military statement said it had taken action to: “reinstall the constitutional order, democracy, human rights and freedoms, to ensure that the rule of law once again reigns in the country, for the law and order to be reinstated.”

The military statement went on to say that “all international agreements and commitments will remain. We pledge that good relations with all world countries will continue.”

Mr Yildirim has called for calm, saying security forces are doing what is necessary to resolve the situation.

He warned that those responsible for this “illegal attempt ” will pay the “highest price.”

Turkey is a NATO country. It is unclear if Erdogan’s friend Obama will attempt to take any action to defend him.



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