BREAKING: LOOTERS Swarm Into Florida Cities…

by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

After Floridians fled to safety ahead of Hurricane Irma, and volunteers from 30 states rushed to the Southeast to provide aid, some moved into the abandoned areas to take advantage of the storm victims’ absence.

While Irma was still battering the Sunshine State with strong winds and rain, mobs of looters swarmed into abandoned Miami-area towns to brazenly raid local stores.

WPLG caught one group of looters hitting a mall in Ft. Lauderdale right in front of news cameras:


Another huge group frantically raided a Foot Locker:

Incredibly they kept at it for over an hour, despite having their faces and license plates filmed — until cops arrived and they bugged out.

And reportedly this looting has been planned ahead of time on social media (h/t GatorTimes):

But thankfully police quickly got on the trail:

And it didn’t take long for them to nail some:

Something tells me they didn’t loot any work boots.

UPDATE: Arrests of idiots are piling up — up to 11 at this hour…

Gotta catch ’em all!

Nothing worse than parasites who take advantage of those who are down.

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