BREAKING: Last Words of the French Truck Terrorist Were Just Revealed… Media CENSORS Them


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

The people of France — and the world with them — are mourning the 84 dead, including 10 children, killed when a man drove a huge truck right through hundreds of Bastille Day revelers watching fireworks in the idyllic Mediterranean city of Nice, shooting at his victims as he mowed them down.

Two Americans are among the dead. 188 have been admitted to hospitals, with 48 in critical condition and 25 in intensive care. French President Francois Hollande describes 50 of those injured as “between life and death.”

We’re learning more about the attacker himself as well, who has been named as a 31-year-old Tunisian Muslim immigrant named Mohamed Bouhlel. Bouhlel was shot dead by police after running over horrified victims for over a mile.

And in case his name isn’t a tip-off that this wasn’t some right-wing Christian gun-loving nut job, witnesses claim he shouted — wait for it — “Allahu Akbar” — before opening fire on officers.

Sadly, of course all of us know by now these Arabic words meaning “Allah is greater” — meaning greater than your God, you evil infidel.

As Breitbart reports, French authorities are treating the incident as “an attack”; French President François Hollande declared it an “undeniable” terrorist attack. So far, however, we have yet to hear leaders come out and put that word “Islamist” in front of the words “terrorist attack” — no doubt for fear of being politically incorrect and risking accusations of rushing to judgement.

And of course Barack Hussein Obama has refused — once again — to utter the words “radical Islam” to describe the attack, merely labeling it “terror.”

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