BREAKING: Winner Declared In Georgia Special Election…

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

The most expensive Congressional election in U.S. history — with 90% of funds spent by the Democrat side  — has just been called.

Jon Ossoff was called the “Trump slayer” by liberals — promoted by the mainstream media, and lavishly funded by billionaire George Soros and dozens of Hollyweird celebrities.

$22 MILLION was spent by the Left. Now the results are in, and for Democrats it is a big, EPIC FAIL.

GOP nominee Karen Handel is the new U.S. Representative for Georgia’s 6th district, in a crushing defeat for the left-wing.

The votes are tallied and the race has been called:

And it wasn’t even close. After the media called Ossoff ahead and the likely winner for weeks, Handel won handily…by at least 5%.

And this after all of Hollywood gave MILLIONS to Ossoff, and even campaigned for him in the state!

Let the liberal-trolling memes begin…

Check it out (via POLITICO):

The special election mushroomed into a nationally watched barometer of Trump’s first five months in office, with anti-Trump Democratic donors from around the country sending a record $23 million-plus to Ossoff’s campaign and Handel trying to keep longtime Republicans behind the party in Georgia’s 6th District, a one-time Republican stronghold that Trump carried by less than two points in 2016. The candidates and outside groups spent over $50 million combined during six months of campaigning.

Handel’s team successfully portrayed Ossoff as “Pelosi’s guy” which painted him in an establishment light and depicted him as too liberal for the moderate voters of the Georgia district.

Speaker Ryan’s super PAC, Congressional Leadership Fund, spent a record-breaking amount on the race as well.

Ossoff has campaigned as a moderate cost-cutter and has held small leads in most public surveys of the special election. But polls have been closer in the final week of the race, and Handel was optimistic she would win the seat, which Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price held for years for the GOP before resigning to join Trump’s Cabinet. Republicans currently have a 24-seat edge in the House of Representatives.

Democrats saw the seat as a high-priority race, largely because a W for Dems in the Republican stronghold district could mean momentum for upcoming races in 2018.

Ossoff came under brutal scrutinies relevant to his personal life that made it difficult for voters to take him seriously—particularly the fact that Ossoff didn’t live inside the district.

  • Biff

    Someday, Democrats will realize that voters just don’t like them anymore. Bring on the mid-terms. BWAHAHAHA

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  • Peter Brown

    Gloating is unsightly though decorum hasn’t deterred me….this election was touted by demoRATS at a bellwether event. Well, is it possible that the extremely ugly left turns we see leftists taking again returned to bite them? Will they get the message? No.
    How low can they go? What is the strategy? They lose big, country-wide. They go to extremely dirty tricks, aided and abetted by their minions in the snews industry. What will the next round of anti-America trickery be? Yes, how low can they go?
    If this osoff hasn’t managed to find a concession speech, I know of a politician with extensive experience at losing. Call hillery.

  • Richard Schwanke

    LMAO, another election the democrats couldn’t BUY!!!

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  • 这个不错哦,我好好读读!

  • Steve Perry

    When will the Dems learn, here’s video of CNNs Don Lemon almost in tears after the latest loss


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