BREAKING: Jihad Attack on NYPD? Axe-Wielding Assailant Had Possible Ties to ISIS



by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Stunning news out of New York City today, fast-developing at this moment, of a potential Islamic terror attack on NYC Police, with possible links to ISIS.

Thursday evening the New York Police Department issued a patrol bulletin alerting officers to be in a state of heightened awareness after Wednesday’s murder of a Canadian soldier and shootout at the Parliament complex in Ottawa. The bulletin warns of potential attacks on uniformed officers.

Today in NYC, a man with an axe approached a group of NYPD officers and, in an unprovoked attack, struck two of them with the axe before officers fired upon the subject, killing him.

The attacker’s name is Zale Thompson. You can see his body in the photo above. He is in a green fatigue jacket with thick black beard.

You can see the immediate aftermath of the axe attack and fatal shooting in the bystander video below, obtained by the NY Post:

The assailant approached 4 “rookie” cops at the corner of  Jamaica Avenue and 160th Street in Queens.

“The cops yelled ‘Drop it!’” said rattled eyewitness Larry Bethune, 44, of Hollis, Queens, recalling the moment the psycho pulled a small hatchet from his jacket.

“And he lunged at one of them,” the witness remembered. “He raised his arm up high and brought it straight down on the cop’s head.

“The cop went down to the ground, face first. It was horrible. I’ve never seen anything like that on Jamaica Avenue,” he added. “The cop’s just lying there with blood pouring down his face. He didn’t move.”

Another witness, Kelli Reddica, 24, recalled hearing seven shots ring out as the crazed man was brought down, and seeing the downed cop’s horrible injury.

“He looked like he couldn’t move, and blood was gushing out of his head. Blood just drenched the side of his face,” she said.


Here is a closer look at the assailant’s head and face:


Tonight, an NYPD source emailed Top Right News Zale’s Facebook page, which features what appears to be a Muslim “Salafist” fighter, along with Arabic:



UPDATE 10:42pm EST: The Arabic at the top of his Facebook page is from the Qur’an: it is the first few verses of the Fatihah, the Qur’an’s first chapter and the most common prayer in Islam. “In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds, the compassionate, the merciful, master of the day of judgment.”

Closeup of the Muslim fighter on axe attacker Thompson’s Facebook page:


Finally, Vocativ reports that NYPD and other law enforcement have looked at Thompson’s “online chatter” and found possible evidence of a terror connection:

Law-enforcement sources said that a look into Thompson’s chatter online revealed he had ties to a radical U.S.-based radical Islamic leader who advocated aggression against the American government.

Last month, Thompson, who says on his Facebook page that he graduated from the Teachers College, Columbia University in New York, commented on YouTube: “If you’re looking for ‘perfect’ Muslims who never make any mistakes in their Jihad, then you will be looking in vain! If the Zionists and the Crusaders had never invaded and colonized the Islamic lands after WW1, then there would be no need for Jihad! Which is better, to sit around and do nothing, or to Jihad fisabeelallah!”

Thompson’s comment was on a video explaining the idea of creating an Islamic caliphate, or borderless kingdom, which is ISIS’s ultimate aim.

Events are still developing at this hour, and we will update as circumstances warrant. At last report the NYPD was reportedly engaged in a “massive operation” in the area, and NYPD Chief William Bratton “does not rule out the possibility of a terror attack.” 

  • James Smith

    Its only just begun. They have given so many warning but obama and his minions have just kept pouring the kool-aid for the sheeple to drink. These people are serious and dont care about rules or their own lives. Just wait for the organized ones to start hitting.

    • francesca9

      they have practically come out and said they plan an attack in new york.

      • Pro American

        Anyone in this country that voted for Obama and has suffered racial or violence of any kind from Muslims deserve it. I couldn’t care less how many pathetic, uneducated Socialists in New York end up dead from Muzzies. If you’re stupid enough to endorse this Religion of Violence and you’re stupid enough to vote for Obama, than you get what you’ve asked for.

        • francesca9

          and you are stupid enough to vote for the communist deblasio you deserve what you get…..

          • Pro American

            Don’t know what the F u C K you’re talking about bit ch.

        • Keith Hinkley

          you are a complete idiot…you clowns blame obama for this crap? what about Bush? What about Clinton? seriously, you sheep who get fed this rhetoric and go “all in” are seriously not that intelligent. you right wing nuts need to just go back into church and stfu about’ve proven your kind is clueless at it. They rely on all you dumb sheep jackasses…don’t you get it..they stir up the pot of morons and whip them into a frenzy. That would be you Prp are a fake patriot with zero intellect

          • David M

            Clearly you’re blind to what’s happening in Iraq and our neighbor to the north. Obama failed to follow through with the war on terrorism, he pulled out of Iraq to soon, failing to make sure the country was secure.

            He backed the so called Syrian freedom fighters, and then when the media raised the concern about ISIS and other radical muslims in Syria and Iraq he referred to them as the Junior Varsity, clearly obama lacks experience and the fortitude to take on the war on terrorism. Now we are seeing attacks on innocent citizens in the U.S. and Canada.

            Bush foretold that the war on terrorism would be a long, long battle. Obama missed that message when he support the JV, only to repeat Bush’s prophesy that the war on terrorism would be a long long battle.

            The only sheep I see are people like you, or perhaps we should more appropriately call you ostriches, you bury your heads in the sand and pretend these things don’t happen!

          • metrolivia

            I thought the American nation wanted the troops out of Iraq when he came to power it was one of the things that got him in. You need to make up your mind..what it is you want him to do.

          • David M

            Let me try this again, it seems my reply didn’t get posted.

            When you talk about the “American nation” you’re talking about a people of many ethnicity’s, religions and backgrounds.

            Some American’s wanted the troops out of Iraq, these citizens don’t understand or refuse to understand that you can’t leave a job unfinished. Iraq was an unfinished job.

            Just as many American’s understood that leaving Iraq was a mistake and that Obama doing so was going to result in a Vietnam type situation. If you don’t remember, when we left Vietnam the communist Khmer Rouge took over and thousands of Vietnamese were executed.

            Sooo, those American’s who opposed Obama’s pulling our troops out of Iraq are now saying “told you so” because now we have to deal with ISIS.

            It appears you’re not from the U.S. and don’t understand that we have the freedom to not following the President blindly. Remember Obama did not win reelection in a landslide. He only won 51% of the popular vote, hardly a mandate from the American people, hardly overwhelming support for his foreign affairs policies.

          • Allen Michael

            You are so right! Obola voters got dope and chains, other than what he said he would offer!

          • Keith Hinkley

            we never belonged in Iraq in the first place…don’t you get that? we should have gone straight into afghanistan where the threat really was. Iraq was ruled by proxy and we should have left it at that. if we had, we wouldn’t even be in this mess. Bush had to go into iraq to avenge his father not finishing the job….it was a big mistake based on a lie. they had no weapons at all that would have threatened us.

          • Connor

            David M while I wholeheartedly disagree with you and your opinions, I’d really like to say thank you for presenting them in as intelligent a way as I’ve seen thus far. Although I disagree with you, I really do appreciate that you’re elevating the discourse by taking the time to write out proper replies that have genuine thought put into them.

            That being said in hindsight the majority of Americans being polled today view the war in Iraq to have been a mistake and that we entered into it under false pretenses. Additionally polls of Americans showed that by 2008 and continuing into the following years the majority of Americans no longer felt the war was worth fighting. I fall under that category as I feel like it was never a realistic possibility to bring stability into such a volatile region without needing to maintain a presence to prevent future conflict, which would result in a never ending occupation by the US.

            Now I can admit that Obama (and many others not only in the US political arena, but the world at large) underestimated the power of ISIS. However despite the recent tragic events in Canada and here in the US, the negative effects of prolonging our stay in Iraq and the region as a whole as well as the potential negative effects of re-entering the region now to recommit to an un-winnable battle are far greater than the absolutely tragic loss of innocent lives on the home-front.

            I for one think it’s time the US stop policing the world alone and start getting the rest of the developed nations to start pitching in. The burden is too great and there is no guarantee that any of our efforts would prevent a major attack or similar small attacks on our own soil. These events are truly terrible, but it would be foolish on our part to dive right back into what was a terrible war that dragged on for far too long without any real resolution in response to what are (and I truly hope I don’t sound too callous in saying this) minor incidents in the grand scheme of things (at least when compared to what many are suggesting which would amount to a full on war in Iraq again).

          • Pro American

            Poor Keith, how does it feel to get so upset when someone doesn’t agree to your indoctrinated narrative?? You’re so pathetic, I hope that you are one of the next victims of your “peaceful Muzzie” friends and more New Yorkers end up dead. The less National Socialists in this Country, like you Keith, the better. Keep practicing your Sieg Heil to Obama!

          • Keith Hinkley

            hey bud, keep letting Rush Limbaugh feed your uneducated ass all the rhetoric that your little pea brain can handle. I’m a moderate, not a lib. its people like you who stray way far to one side or the other that only prove how easy your little mind can be manipulated

          • Pro American

            Hey Keith, keep drinking the “moderate” cool aid, which is nothing less than Socialist indoctrination. I don’t listen to entertainers, I read from both sides of the fence to find the truth in the middle. You remind me of the idiots I know personally who believe everything they hear on MSM. So, go back to your mommy’s basement and jerk off some more.

      • Rachel

        They have? where? Do you know this for a fact?

        • francesca9

          read more than once on the internet….isis plans to attack one of our cities and new york was mentioned as the most likely one that was talked about.

        • no2unions

          Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi specifically mentioned New York.

      • Alan Gomez

        And they’ll all die too.

  • Mike Lanphere

    You have to carry a gun these days. This kind of thing is only going to get worse, especially with the current President.

    • francesca9

      that’s what i say, nowadays you need a gun. look at this ax attack, that policeman could not even protect himself. who is going to protect us if they can do this so easily.

      • Merrill Henderson

        First off, the tag line is grossly misleading, it was a hatchet (easily concealable) and not an axe. Secondly, the commonly taught tactics at most academies are that if someone is closer than 21 feet, the time it takes to perceive a threat, remove and fire your weapon is more than it takes for the attacker to reach you. The first officers reached (regardless of being a rookie or seasoned vet) never stood a chance.

    • gc83

      Good luck trying to get a CC permit in NYC. They don’t exist!

  • Ed Woodson

    POTUS will probably call it “Workplace Violence”.

    • David M

      Yup, after all the police were on duty in their place of work, the streets of New York. Obama is such an idiot, can’t believe so many ignorant people voted for this community organizer.

  • Mike

    “he had ties to a radical U.S.-based radical Islamic leader who advocated aggression against the American government” So why are we not killing this prick also? It is time to outlaw these assholes and their fake religion!!

    • Bro Last

      did the guy went to thank him yet?

  • crgregg

    Well I wonder how ovomit going to explain this one away… Dumb ass

    • Jake Stein

      He’ll call it a case of workplace violence.

    • Rachel

      It’s called “Blowback”

  • Alohajonny

    Look at all the pavement Apes

  • Brandon Brooks

    Now it’s gonna take a permit and a waiting period to get a hatchet in ny state. They’ll say to leave the hatchet stuff to professional lumberjacks. Next the ones with hammers on the blunt side will be deadly assault hatches. They’ll ban hatchets that can be swung more than 10 times.George Washington could never have imagined the power of modern hatchets. If you think I’m crazy, just know I lived in dc when they banned machetes, and there is a growing number of brits that want to ban kitchen knives. Nyc has already banned ownership of most modern folding knives(they say they’re gravity knives, but don’t stop the sale of them)

    • Allen Michael

      Wouldn’t doubt it! Escape NY if you can!

  • Henry Munoz

    And this is when I wish we had news outlets like Canada who didn’t even mention the murders name and instead did an entire piece on the soldier whose life was taken and the bravery of the men who stopped him. Here we are learning everything about the killer and not even a nod to the police mans name is that was brutally attacked or who the man was who put him down.

    • brenda chafin

      they can’t publish a name of a victim until the family has been notified and grant permission.

    • Rachel

      Yes they did. They announced the Killer’s name & background many times in their media.

  • JoAnn Barrick

    Well this is EXACTLY what old Barry BOY wants ! He is eating this stuff up ! Just loving it ! His dream is finally coming true !! He is dancing his jig I’m sure !

  • SMH

    This is just sidewalk violence, move along. Nothing to see here. Meanwhile, Holder and his Injustice department are frustrated that information is getting leaked that makes the gentle giant look like the guilty thug that he was.

  • pjm

    I hate all this workplace violence.

  • Imtoooldforthis

    I dead terrorist 299 million to go. My prayers are with the officer and his family.

  • PUGGYSusan Galati


    • dnhook

      Caps lock – OFF

    • Rachel

      It’s blowback from bombing in Iraq & Syria. You can’t bomb Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, etc, for 20+ years, killing millions of innocent people & expect NO repercussions. Yes, it’s repulsive & wrong-to say the least. But wake up for God’s sake!

  • PUGGYSusan Galati


    • Rachel

      why are you yelling?

  • PUGGYSusan Galati


    • Rachel

      stop yelling you dummy.

  • DanaLanders

    Where’s Obama and the White House? Crickets once again. The police officer who will more than likely die (I, pray that he doesn’t) is white. Let’s see what this racist p.o.s. has to say now!!

    • Allen Michael

      Expect to keep hearing crickets. He’s probably only on hole 2!

  • DJack Klingler III

    Wow how pathetic are all of the onlookers everyone with their phones in their hands jockeying for position as if they had nothing better to do than video tape. LOSERS!!!!! Get a life. SAD AND PATHETIC THE STATE OF IDIOTS TODAY!

  • mitchcumsteen

    exterminate all of those radical bastards……..

  • mitchcumsteen

    infiltrate every Mosque in North America and seize all of their documents and computers…

  • Brad Tjapkes

    Why is it I can’t find this story on any other news site? Not on Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS.

    • Rachel

      It was on Fo, but oddly, they played it down.

      • Rachel

        Fox, that is.

        • Steve Marinos

          It is election time. No bad news will make it to the media, especially for the democrats. All hell will break loss on Nov. 5th.

          • Steve Marinos

            Through the media

  • Jim Bolla

    The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist. Need to clean house!

  • Jerry Verdugo

    Looks like the cops are going to have start wearing helmets!!! And, later, knife proof vests!!

    • Steve Marinos

      Their Kevlar vests will stop most knifes. But the skull will not. Obvious , this is a well thought out attack. No one just comes out with a hatchet and does the job this well without practice, and guide lines. This is not the last we have heard of this cell.

      • Jerry Verdugo

        I haven’t thought about the skull. Yeah … I agree that this person intended to do what he did. You don’t suppose Prez. O’bomb let these people in on purpose. At least the “Blacks” riot by looting and burning things down, but a direct attack on humans? Hmm… I think things are going to get pretty “hairy” in the near future!

  • Ginger Woods

    Why don’t you see this on any news program as Breaking News?????

    • Rachel

      Yeah, it was weird.

  • Jake Stein

    Welcome to Obama’s America: Ebola, Amnesty for illegal criminals, scam health insurance, a path to a one party system with a dictator at the helm. Thanks Dems for the decline.

  • chitral

    This is like the ‘The Following’.

  • gregzotta

    Welcome to ObamaNation! People need to be aware of their
    surroundings. This is just the beginning of attacks on our shores.

  • Amanda Demko Zellers

    Obummer won’t say this is a terrorist attack. These are his people!!!!

  • Anubis13

    Of course it is terror / jihadist related. The warning bulletin has been out since September and as everyone knows it has already happened in Canada. More than likely won’t be the last which is sad, but reality in todays world.

  • Dee

    How about the officer who was injured? No one is saying how he is.


      both were injured, one critical

  • Alan Gomez

    All this talk form this towel head but all he is is DEAD…

  • michelle

    do we even mention if the cop made it?

  • Jay7027

    My prayers for the officer and his family. Wow this is shaping up to be some weekend here in the Big Apple. Ebola and ISIS. great…

    • Steve Marinos

      I don’t miss NY at all. Ever since 9/11, I realized how open to attack everyone is there. I feel for those there now. NY is always in the cross hairs.

  • Mike Leahy

    I want to thank the Dems personally for the slaughter that’s about to come and has already started. the good thing is that these people don’t know Dems from the Republicans soooooooooo keep your eyes open Dems. The war is on. Oh wait I forgot all the Dems are tree huggers and don’t believe in guns. Call the cemetery and reserve a spot and remember you brought this on yourself

  • wanda fadule

    i would never vote for hillary she helped obama murder 4 of our american men

  • Minuteman

    The real problem is obvious. They don’t have any hatchet control laws in NY.

    • Steve Marinos

      Hatchets are banned in NY. LOL

  • Minuteman

    Home grown terrorists and the organizations that create them–right here under our noses–aren’t the problem. The REAL problem in America today is the Tea Party. Just ask a liberal if you don’t believe me.

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