BREAKING: It’s Official, Trump-Hating ‘Comedian’ George Lopez is Leaving U.S….


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

As TRN previously reported, 22 Hollyweird celebrities said they would leave America if Donald Trump won the election.

Now it looks like the first one has confirmed they are indeed “outta here.”

Trump-despising race-baiting comedian George Lopez, has made no secret of his hatred for Trump, due to Trump’s criticism of Mexico and his plans to build a wall on its border.

In fact, last February, Lopez posted a vile tweet portraying (now captured) Mexican druglord “El Chapo” holding the severed head of Trump…

Well it looks like Trump has the last laugh, and with The Donald set to become America’s 45th President, an angry and profane Lopez can’t get out of America soon enough.

Rumors spread in L.A. this weekend that Lopez had bought property abroad. And he confirmed it when cornered in the airport by TMZ on Monday afternoon…

The comedian became vulgar when he was asked what he thinks about celebrities like Oprah and Dave Chappelle on SNL saying they will give Donald Trump a chance.

“I’ll give him a chance to suck my ass,” Lopez said. “Listen man, I’m in escrow so don’t worry about my residential status. I’m already in escrow, motherfucker. And I’m not going to tell you where I’m going to go because it will drive up real estate prices ’cause by the end of the year no one’s gonna wanna be here.

Adios idiota…you will NOT be missed.

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  • Bob Powell

    Well Bye,and please take some other assholes with you.

    • josettepeters

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  • Woman from WI

    Enjoy your new home and take Rosie with you and the rest of your Trump hating jerks!

  • Laura Mullen

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass. C ya! I hope you’ll take a few more with you.

  • hyna

    One, Trump haters’s out how many more, oh yeah.. love it..where are the other celebrities who wants get out too, come out and be counted..

  • Larry Worsham

    But I’ll be willing to bet he’s not dragging his ass back to Mexico, is he? If it’s so much better there then that’s where he should go but you know he’ll not go there.

    • shirleybrown111
    • shirleybrown111
    • galocke

      I would assume he’s high-tailing it to Venezuela. Isn’t that the country that leftists consider heaven on earth?

      • Ray Sulich Jr.

        I’ve been there twice, trust me when I say It isn’t even close to heaven on earth. Heaven on Earth would be Hawaii. Venezuela is more like Hawaii’s toilet bowl.


    Grab Lena and Sarah and take them with you… this is what I call a good start. All you crude jackasses are free to go.

  • joe m
  • Moipaman

    I tweeted him if Trump was gonna suck his ass he better pick a spot cause he’s all ASS!!

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      • 4406pak

        Get over her you posted the same crap on my post …I’ve got the KY warmed up so get over here n bend over I’ll drive.Tell me if it hurts I WON’T stop but tell me anyway …

  • Biff

    “I’m in escrow so don’t worry about my residential status”

    What does that mean? Does he have to buy property in a foreign country to change his residential status? Can’t he just sneak across their border in the middle of the night and say “I’m here!”? Other nations have enforced immigration laws????

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      • whaddacrock

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        • Criminy

          It is a month later (Dec. 15, 2016), and I just Reported the same post. Evidently, Reporting something is only to make us feel better. No one cares to delete the post or ban them.

    • RonKeffer

      c’mon….I have never seen anyone who would enter Mexico illegally. That is the wrong direction….there are no benefits

  • Jim Quinn

    He won’t go anywhere, no money in anti Trump humor, every one he will perform for, will expect it for free..

    • shirleybrown111

      He won’t go anywhere, no money i

    • shirleybrown111

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    • shirleybrown111

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    • Grace Handy

      He’s moved to Canada.

  • Jesse

    Least he’s a man of his word. Can’t say the same for Trump.

    • 4406pak

      How so …

      • Jesse

        Well, first he was going to deport all illegals. Now he’s giving some of them amnesty (or work visas depending on who you ask). He was going to register all Muslims. Now he’s just not letting certain ones come here. He was going to get rid of Obamacare. Now he sees it as a work of genius. Let’s not forget the fact that crooked Hillary (something I’d never say in a million year because I still don’t know why she did it) was going to go to jail. Acceptance speech, “We owe Hillary a debt of gratitude for her service to this great nation.” Donald Trump’s entire election was based on lies. He lied on every one of his opponents during the election to make them look bad. You can justify it by saying, “He was just saying what he needed to say to get elected.” Know who does that? Liars. George is keeping his word and there’s a lot more honor in that than lying.

        • Karen Millhouse

          You have absolutely NO IDEA what Trump is going to do. He isn’t even in office yet. And of course he said that about Hillary; he has to work in DC and whether you like it or not, a certain decorum is required. It is better to keep your enemies closer. Finally, every single race is filled with candidates who make promises they don’t keep! EVERY TIME, because it happens in every election. It is when they DO keep their promises that a small miracle has occurred. So cool your jets and at least give the man some time to get his cabinet in order and figure out his plans. No matter WHAT he does, it will be better than anything Clinton would have done.

          • Lenny Hawley

            So true. Hillary was just Odumbo’s marionette. He programed her to do where he left off.

        • 4406pak

          Where are getting your info Maher or cnn ? LOL

        • Lenny Hawley

          Jesse you must be Hillary’s protégé because so much shit rolls out of your mouth. You need to carry around a roll of toilet paper like Hillary does. I’m surprised she hasn’t told you that yet. Odumbocare a work of genius? What the fuck kind of drugs has Hillary been giving you? He’s only keeping the part that says you can’t be denied because of a pre-existing condition. The rest of it was created by a fucking moron named Odumbo. With those big ears flapping in the wind, it’s no wonder he couldn’t stay grounded and been a better president. Hell, he didn’t need to waste the taxpayers money by using Air Force One or Marine One, he should of just stood outside and flapped his ears. The only thing Odumbo will go down in history for is being the first president to be able to fly without an engine as it’s source of power. He’s a modern day Mary Poppins. Instead of being a nanny bringing children closer to their father, he brought Islamic terrorists closer to America. Now that we have Donald Trump in office, he will undo the harm and destruction Odumbo did to America. Will Hillary still keep you as her protégé?

          • Jesse

            Someone’s done about as much reading as I have I see. I can verify current facts with the Internet too. It takes skill to remember the past I can see. Obama didn’t create Obamacare but I’ll let your figure that one out. Since that’s the only criticism you actually have in your rant, I’m just going to leave that. I’d rather keep my big boy panties on and make you think I still support Hillary. Good day mate.

          • Lenny Hawley

            Odumbo didn’t create Odumbocare? What an idiot you are. You probably think that Abraham Lincoln created Odumbocare. You must really love that piece of shit Muslim. How many times a day do you suck off that black ass monkey Muslim? I’d say at least 50. Why do you love Odumbo so much? Is it because he’s black? Is it because he’s a Muslim? Or is it because he’s both? Now I see why you love to eat Hillary’s rotten infested pussy. Because you’ll eat anything that comes out of a democrats pussy or dick. Trump will be a much better president than Odumbo ever dreamed about becoming. Trump works for the people. Odumbo wanted the people to work for him. I will not ever work for Odumbo or that evil corrupt Hillary. Their lives revolve around their egos. They want nothing to do with the American people unlike Donald J. Trump. Odumbo and that evil corrupt Hillary wants to see the American people die by the hands of the Syrian refugees while Donald J. Trump wants to protect the American people from them. When your family gets beheaded, you can thank Odumbo and Hillary for that.

          • Jesse

            I love you and hope you find peace. God bless.

        • 4406pak

          He’s not pres yet..just lay’n low till he has the power to change things..killary will be indicted but only after barry’s worthless ass can do nothing about it…

    • bigteep

      He’s not a man of his word. He’s still here in this country with no intentions of leaving.

  • Wiggle D

    That wetback has never been funny. Good riddance…

    • Bob G.

      Ah….if he ain’t moving to Mexico….his homeland……..I guess we can call him a Latinophobe, right? He’s a dirtbag

      • Don

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  • Oreo Boots

    Comedians are in the same class as clowns, ;
    funny one day ,
    sad and drunk without a future the next

  • 4406pak

    Thought he was dead..

  • makiling_sa_cubao

    hey, the ship is getting lighter already….useless baggage throwing themselves out…

  • Michelle Maynor

    He will NOT be missed. Good Riddance!!!!

  • Zelda

    Why wouldn’t he want to drive up real estate prices? That would make his property a good investment! He isn’t thinking clearly right now, but good for him. He lives in a free country and he’s rich and privileged enough to move if he wants.

  • The_Spectre

    Oh no! But Rio 50 is in post production!!! Where will we possibly find a guy that terrible as an actor to crank out another 100?? What have we done?

    Jesus, I never thought I’d see a day where people arguing to simply follow the laws on the books would make them considered worse than Hitler…

  • Greg

    I think it still remains a threatening reaction until he discloses his actual destination. If it’s true, I hope more will follow.

  • Fred Smith

    Where ever he goes I hope the first thing they do is tax the hell out of all the money he brings with him

  • JonInVa

    Bet he’s not going back to that sh*thole called Mexico. Funny how they all want to leave but then allow all the crap they ran away from to come here and destroy their new home.

  • DeanC

    I’ve always thought this guy was definitely not funny and now, obviously a racist scumbag.

  • Karen Millhouse

    What a tool.

  • White ghost

    Bye bye asshole. You won’t be missed

  • Tee Bird

    Good fucking Riddance who gives a Flying Fuck what your stupid ass thinks? all you hollywood Motherfuckers think we hang on your every word….guess what motherfucker you a washed up has been and we dont give a fuck where you go douchebag

  • Willray

    The world will continue to turn on it’s axes because you’re leaving will make no difference. Bye

  • artios48

    Maybe he’s going to Mexico, if they will let him in.

    • No one at all

      Of course not. He’s going to go to some European country.

  • Smokey

    adios whore-haay.

  • shirleybrown111
  • shirleybrown111
  • shirleybrown111


  • shirleybrown111

    The quick brown fox jumps over 13 lazy dogs.

  • Frank Hill

    Scientists have cloned George Lopez’s DNA with an octopus. They don’t know what to call it, but it can shingle a roof like a motherfucker!

  • BuddyLuv

    Hasta la vista, baby!

  • Clyde Hanks

    Adios, amigo. You’ll be back.

    • lindaking11

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  • lindaking11
  • lindaking11
  • lindaking11
  • lindaking11
  • yossarion

    This is the same George Lopez known for stealing jokes? Begone.

  • Wes

    Good Never liked his dumb ass anyways . The sooner he goes the better Don’t come back…

  • om·i·nous/deplorable

    It’s a start.

  • Linda

    What a pompous ass. He’s so full of himself.

  • CinemaNoir

    Perhaps he can convince Obama to join him!!!

    • theresa.petit

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  • Candyman101

    George Who?

  • azrajo

    I’ll bet he is nt going back to Mexico.

  • 你的博客就像冬天里的一把火!

  • Jeannette Lozeau

    Hey George!–Hasta La Vista baby!

  • Phil Kroff

    Why isn’t he moving to Mexico? Cause it’s a cesspool like Lopez

  • jthawke

    What country did George earn the money to buy property abroad?

  • RightofAttila

    Clearly he is not going to move to Mexico, there is no way real estate property values will ever escalate with the drug cartel problems.

  • Ex Cdn Mil

    When he can’t find work anywhere else he’ll soon come crying back to the US.

  • Frank Tran

    Nahhhh, can’t trust this guy, Tell Mr Trump to hurry and built the wall, before he snick in again

  • Mike

    Washed up…So sad. Adios Jorge.

  • Floordoc808

    Jorge is moving to Canada.

    • T Mee

      He can’t, he was arrested in Las Vegas for public intoxication.

  • kasualobserver

    why go abroad, go back from where either you or your ‘family’ came from. prove your point that way

  • Tom Murphy

    George Lopez should make some jokes about the Mexican drug cartels. Maybe that would make Mexico a better place to live.

  • Dvwrld

    My ass. Just like all the others, his word is as good as his “” career.

  • Bill

    Lopez is a has-been. I think it’s funny he idolizes El Chapo, A known mass murderer and drug lord.
    This shows the world what kind of scumbag he is. As always he’s nothing but a self-serving POS. Go kill yourself PEZ do us all a favor.

  • Dman

    Who gives a crap. This punk thinks it’s ok for illegals to just stream across the border and kill the economy and take the jobs of hard working americans. This lazy bum will be dead before Trump leaves office anyway. He claims to have a genetic kidney disorder (alcoholism is probably the truth) that killed both his kidneys and gets a kidney from his wife only to divorce her soon after. Now he only has one and it’s an implant. That one will fail before too long and he’ll be pushing up daisies. No wonder he’s a mean bastard.


    He isn’t telling you where he’s going cause it ain’t Mexico. He don’t wanna live in that rat hole either.
    Back in the 80’s he was my favorite Mexican comedian/actor, but he got racist in his later years. Not as funny and much more bitter.

    • Diane Frank

      saw him do standup in nyc some yrs ago..after paying good money for front area seats had to listen to his racist rants,and he spoke half in spanish…he s a has been,was good yrs ago,now,dont waste your money,he just wants to talk politics..

  • Proud_to_be_American
  • Proud_to_be_American
  • Grace Handy

    Looks like George Lopez has actually done it, but he moved to Canada, not Mexico (he must agree that the place is a pit). Only thing is, no one cares.

  • sgb1

    Let us hope that those from South of the border will no longer want to be here.

  • George Manont

    Jorge, you PUTA… get the fxck out or you will be so freaking sorry…

  • Shirkahn

    Good riddance, hell he isn’t funny anyway. Maybe he should take Sally Field and Kanye West with him.

  • RonKeffer

    I would bet he is not going to move to Mexico

  • JJRaccoon

    Well, George Lopez is now on my list of people to NOT see. I may as well sell my television. What a hateful little man. Go back to Mexico and take Miley, Joy, Whoopie, and the rest with you. You are irrelevant to me and so are your opinions. I can turn you off with the click of my remote. Go away and stay away.


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