BREAKING: Identity of Germany Truck Terrorist REVEALED… CNN CENSORS…

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

German authorities released the name of the man responsible for the brutal truck attack in their capital Berlin that killed 12 and injured 55.

And he’s still at large.

German police are searching for a 23 year-old Muslim, Anis Amri — a Tunisian national — in connection to the terror attack in Berlin. Amri is considered “armed and dangerous.”

But if you watched CNN for the news, you missed some key details.

They reported:

  • Amri is 1.78 meters (5 feet 10 inches) tall and weighs about 75 kilograms (165 pounds).
  • The suspect was arrested in August with forged documents en route to Italy, but a judge released him, an official says.
  • Police at one point noticed the suspect because he was looking for a gun.

But CNN did not think it relevant to viewers to mention that he was a migrant who entered Germany along with over 1 million other Muslims claiming asylum…part of the disastrous policies of German president Angela Merkel.

Are they trying to protect her politically — along with other leaders like Obama who insist it is safe to import massive numbers of so-called “refugees” into the West?

FoxNews, however, reported the truth:

The suspect, a Muslim, arrived in Germany as a “refugee” in 2015 and was known to be in touch with radical Islamist groups, a state minister says. Amri’s asylum request was refused this year and deportation was attempted, state minister says.

The suspect in the Berlin Christmas market truck attack appears to be linked to the terror group which allegedly inspired last year’s Tunisian beach massacre which left 38 dead.

Anis Amri is at the centre of an international manhunt after Monday night’s tragedy in Berlin in which a lorry was hijacked and ploughed into wooden stalls and crowds of shoppers.

He has reportedly been linked to Islamist preacher Abu Walaa who is alleged to have given mosque sermons urging people to travel to Syria and fight for Islamic State.

But it gets worse…MUCH worse.

German officials reportedly “tried” to deport Anis Amri for his links to radical Islam but Tunisia wouldn’t take him. So Amri stayed in Germany!

They didn’t even jail him!

But again…CNN is NOT reporting this! They should just rename themselves FNN, the Fake News Network.

What’s more, when he was caught using fake documents to get to Italy — a liberal German judge (in Angela Merkel’s party) RELEASED HIM. And now at least 12 Germans are dead as a result of Merkel’s migrant disaster. Liberalism kills.

Via Fox Business Channel:

CNN is CENSORING the truth about Germany’s Muslim migrant disaster..
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