BREAKING: Identity of Man Who Murdered 80 People in France Was Just Revealed…


by Gina Cassini| Top Right News

On Thursday night, France endured its second terror attack in the past 9 months, and 3rd is the past year and a half.

In the city of Nice, the death toll has now hit a staggering 80 dead and over 200 injured after a man drove a truck at high speed through a closed boulevard on which thousands of French families celebrated Bastille Day with fireworks.

Reports are the driver even shot bullets at screaming pedestrians as he drove his truck at nearly 60 mph.

Now the identity of the psychopathic monster has just been discovered — but don’t hold your breath for Barack Hussein Obama to bring it up anytime soon.

The mass-murderer was a Muslim migrant from Tunisia, 31-year-old Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, according to paperwork found in the truck after police shot him dead.

France’s Nice Matin reported (translated):

A 31 year old immigrant of Tunisian origin was driving the truck that claimed over 70 people on the Prom in Nice on Thursday night.

According to our information,the (man) also fired on the crowd as he drove. More than 70 people died.

According to the AP, his truck was also loaded with weapons and grenades.

Europe has been decimated by Muslim migrants-turned-terrorists, from Paris to Brussels to Nice in the past year.

Barack Obama plans to import another 100,000 Muslim migrants into the U.S. before he leaves office.  And Hillary Clinton wants to increase that by over 600% — to 700,000 in her first term. Trump has rightfully slammed her for it:

Hillary — bizarrely — has not release any official response to the Nice attack Thursday night, but Trump did…

Our prayers for the wounded and the families of the victims of yet another Islamic terror attack.

  • Team Player

    Does anyone know what religion the terrorist was? Baptist, Amish, Mennonite, Catholic? Oh, I guess this is odd, the article says the attacker was muslim???

    • Popcorn

      Yes Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton, maybe it was an out of control mad Amish truck driver….

    • Guy Daley

      He was Pentecostal, babbling something that sounded like Aloha Snackbar over and over again.

      • Cecile Charles

        OMG you won the internet today!

  • Secretsquid

    It’s those Lutherans again.

    • Pegasus999

      Yeah, those dangerous Lutherans!

    • Deceptitech

      I thought it was those radical Amish terrorists. They were last seen suicide bombing RadioShack and Best Buy. Be on the lookout for these radicals. Last seen on their horse drawn carriages cruising Silicon Valley looking for targets. These radicals are armed and dangerous.

  • Charles Sroka


    • Pegasus999

      He’s probably finding out that those 72 virgins are gay men, and he’s the belle of the ball (so to speak). While he’s there he can discuss it with Muhammad.

      • FAAQ2

        actually the 72 virgins are goats 1 – won’t he be surprised.. Aloha Snackbar !

      • Laura Mullen

        Actually it was sturgeons. Hope he hates fish.

  • retbubbleheadss


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  • donzxcv

    so now will obama finally outlaw trucks?

    • Dee Bishop

      Don’t give him any ideas!

  • williambaranowski

    Formez Vos Battalons! March On, March On!

    • She Chism

      Form your battalions!

  • abaton7

    The apologist in the white house will spin this, big time.

  • FAAQ2

    imagine that a terrorist muslim killing innocent people – go figure ! Now watch Obama blow it off again – it will probably be a disgruntled employee according to him.

    • usaok59

      You mean “fireworks-watching” violence?

      • Erika Ireland

        <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!be218p:….,

  • Oingo Boingo

    Send them to Canada they love them there.

    • Jack

      NO, No we don`t !!!

  • PixelPusher777

    Now don’t get too upset folks, remember how horrible we Christians were in the Crusades… (yeah, right)

    • gary dill

      The crusades were the result of hundreds of years of Muslim aggression

      • Sounds like the world is due for another Crusade!

  • I would like to point out that having several guns and grenades in the car meant that he was planning to have help, but like (redacted) shooter in South Carolina, he was unable to find any to cooperate with him in his evil plan.

    • Laura Mullen

      The grenades and rifles were all replicas, not real.

  • BoeingDriver

    Obama has it all under control, don’t worry

  • HawaiianDave

    Oh shocker! It wasn’t a radical extremist Christian? Only a preview of things to happen here if we don’t get a handle on immigration and how to screen out radical islamic terrorists!

  • Peter Bayone

    watching the news this morning and they were focusing on the “assault rifle” the guy had in the cab of the truck. that was their focus and what they reffered to as the “commonality in these instances”. What is wrong with these people that they can’t focus on what happened without having to inject some nonsense into their “newscast”?

    • usaok59

      How fortunate for the media that not only did he run down people but used a rifle also. It would not have fit their narrative without the gun in the equation.

    • Mike

      It’s part of their anti-gun agenda.

    • Laura Mullen

      And just to make it even more stupid, the rifles the guy had in his truck were replicas, not real rifles.

    • s mcdonald

      it is a disease , it is called liberalism, it happens when progressives can no longer believe any truth all they can believe , is their own morality,until no truth can be accepted,only the rhetoric of the cause.eventually it gets so bad they can no longer tell right from wrong they are always right those on their side are always right and everyone else is an evil racist ,bigot or worse, basically it causes one to lose the ability to reason or be fair in thinking about an issue.

  • Bobby Morrell

    It will just be a matter of time until such as these start in the USA. We don’t need more of that in the US. If they are allowed in I hope they settle around you know who.

  • “The mass-murderer was a Muslim migrant from Tunisia, 31-years old, according to paperwork found in the truck after police shot him dead.” I know people will say it’s already happened here in Orlando and San Bernadino. But, it’s going to get worse in this country as well as long as we have globalists like Obama, Hillary, Pelosi AND Paul Ryan in leadership positions. It’s sheer madness to continue to allow these savages into civilized society.

    • d.dolcater

      What can WE, as ordinary law-abiding citizens do? All I can do is vote, and if voting really made a difference, the government wouldn’t let us do it.

      • It’s our constitutional right to protect our Constitution. If the nation’s citizens band together against their government, they would have to step down.. There is not a force on the planet that can stop the citizens of the US from invading the capital to protect the Constitution. But people are afraid to stand, and therefore, get stepped on..

        • Robert Maloni

          Actually, it is NOT our right. It is our Duty to protect the Constitution and in failing this, we deserve everything we get.

    • Mike

      Democrats blasted Trump for saying we were at war, but gave Hilldrabeast a free pass when she said the same thing. BTW have you noticed that the media refers to Trump by his last name, but they refer to Clinton by her first name?

    • Steven Wright

      By savages you mean : Obama, Hillary, Pelosi and Paul Ryan!

  • Joe Huss

    I am soooo shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Salvatore Mazzotta

    Obama’s likely response: “Let’s not forget, Christians have driven trucks into crowds too.”

  • Dandydanderoo

    “A” migrant from Tunisia is not identifying the perp! Misleading grabber!

  • Mike

    The news this morning said the white house is with holding judgement on calling this an ISIS attack, like they did in Florida. So far we have seen terrorists use box cutters and planes to kill people, pressure cooker bombs, truck/car bombs, guns and large trucks. Of all of those Obama only has an issue with guns.

  • I-DEFY

    Can any of you bleeding hearts please explain how allowing people into a country that hate everything about said country is a good thing? Difficulty: Use logic to explain your point not your misguided feelings.
    Political correctness only protects feelings, not lives.

    • John Jay

      Your question is inherently flawed but I’ll ignore that for now.
      1) It could undermine extremists’ recruiting. With fewer available people to recruit, terror groups’ numbers will stagnate or dwindle.
      2) Hatred will diffuse if greeted with open arms.
      3) They could provide intelligence on the terror groups that occupied their cities.
      4) Net increase in demand for goods: more jobs, more trade, stronger economy.

      If, as you fear, some of those people hurt the ones who welcome them, so be it. Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.

  • nowon_yuno

    You know Barry is bummed he can’t blame cops or guns for this one. Although, Im sure he’ll find a way to mention himself over 50 times regarding this.

  • ksoileau

    A Muslim! What a shock! ;(

  • John Jay

    This guy was a Muslim in the same way that Klan members are Christian. Either group may call themselves whatever they wish but they are a bastardization of the ideology that they claim.

    Mind you that this comment board is available to public view. If any extremist group is looking to fuel their fire, a screenshot herewith would suffice. Love.

    Gary Johnson 2016.


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