BREAKING: FoxNews Announces Replacement for Megyn Kelly

by Jason DeWitt

It didn’t take long for FoxNews to replace Megyn Kelly in the hot 9pm slot.

But it was not who anyone expected.

Tucker Carlson has been a surprise smash hit with his new show on the network, both dominating in the ratings and instantly becoming one of the hottest sources of viral content on social media.

And despite reports from the NY Post that Murdochs wanted another woman to replace Megyn, they are rewarding their new star instead.

Fox is giving Tucker a big promotion to the top slot Kelly left after reportedly turning down a staggering $100 million to join NBC News.


However, they are giving his former 7pm slot to a Martha MacCallum, rewarding a longtime, successful anchor from within.


From The Wall Street Journal:

Fox News has tapped Tucker Carlson to replace Megyn Kelly in the 9 p.m. anchor slot on Fox News, elevating the veteran conservative journalist to a more powerful perch on the top-rated cable news channel.

Mr. Carlson will take over for Ms. Kelly starting Monday. Fox News personality Martha MacCallum will take over at 7 p.m. at least initially for the first three months of Donald Trump’s presidency with a show called “The First 100 Days,” according to Fox News.

Both outstanding talents. Time will tell whether Tucker can bring back hundreds of thousands of disaffected viewers who bolted after Megyn Kelly’s anti-Trump jihad, leading to her losing several weeks in the ratings to the horrific Rachel Maddow of MSNBC.


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