BREAKING: FBI Now Investigating Hillary Clinton’s Email Activities, Classified Data Exposure


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Stunning news is breaking at this late hour.

The FBI is now investigating the security used to protect Hillary Clinton’s private email while she served as secretary of state and the potential exposure of classified materials, The Washington Post reported late Tuesday night.

Citing two government officials, the Post reported that the federal law enforcement agency contacted a Denver-based tech firm that helped maintain Clinton’s email.

More concerning for Mrs. Clinton is that the FBI is also questioning her attorney regarding her possible transfer of classified material to him in potential criminal violation of the Federal Records Act:

[T]he FBI contacted Clinton’s lawyer, David Ken­dall, with questions about the security of a thumb drive in his possession that contains copies of work e-mails Clinton sent during her time as secretary of state.

The FBI’s interest in Clinton’s e-mail system comes after the intelligence community’s inspector general referred the issue to the Justice Department in July. Intelligence officials expressed concern that some sensitive information was not in the government’s possession and could be “compromised.”

Clinton’s dire circumstances recall that of General David Petraeus, who was raided by the FBI.

Petraeus was forced to plead guilty to a Federal felony, pay a substantial fine, and be on probation for two years. As a convicted felon, Petraeus also forfeited his right to vote, including in the 2016 Presidential election where the potential Democratic nominee has apparently acted more egregiously than he ever did.

With the 2016 frontrunner potentially crippled, the presidential race is being thrown wide open.

Donald Trump was the first GOP candidate to call Clinton’s actions “criminal”  — stunning the media a week ago by declaring what she did was “far worse” than what Petraeus did.

On Hugh Hewitt’s show today, the host described to Trump just how serious her actions were, as Trump reiterated that Clinton has “skirted the law for years”:

Could this scandal bring down Hillary’s campaign, or even land her in prison?

One Democrat Party insider confided in me tonight, saying: “(the Democrats) in the know are in a panic. Their key candidate being investigated by FBI during a campaign she was excpected to dominate against a weak GOP field. I can’t tell you how many Democrats won’t  get much sleep tonight.”

And of course Hillary is left to wonder: is Obama and his Rasputin Valerie Jarrett behind all this, in order to remove the Clintons as party rivals once and for all?

Back in March, Top Right News reported how Jarrett was behind the leak of the email server’s existence to the press in the first place, along with convincing the media to re-discover Monica Lewinsky just in time for Hillary’s announcement.


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