BREAKING: ‘Errors’ Found In Tally Of Dems Iowa Caucus… Could ‘Change the Winner’


by Brian Hayes

The Democrat vote in the Iowa Caucus was beset by controversy. Multiple videos showed a clear effort by Hillary Clinton reps and Democrat officials to deny recounts and otherwise cheat to help the former Secretary of State prevail.

Hillary even “won” six consecutive coin tosses to decide single delegates…on a night she “won” by just a handful.

Bernie Sanders supporters seethed with anger…but Democrat Party officials said it was all kosher.

Well, not anymore…and breaking news out of Iowa tonight leaving national Democrats in a PANIC…

Via Weasel Zippers:

Iowa Democratic Party officials are reviewing results from the Iowa caucuses and making updates where discrepancies have been found, the Des Moines Register reported tonight.

Party Chairwoman Andy McGuire the day after Monday’s caucuses said no review would be conducted, and that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s narrow victory over Bernie Sanders is final.

But as errors are being discovered, the final tally is being changed, party officials confirmed to The Des Moines Register Friday morning. One official said the errors are significant enough to “change the winner” of the caucus.

“Both the Sanders and Clinton campaigns have flagged a very small number of concerns for us, and we are looking at them all on a case-by-case basis,” Iowa Democratic Party spokesman Sam Lau told the Register.

The Register, too, has received numerous reports that the results announced in people’s precincts Monday night don’t match what the Iowa Democratic Party has posted on its official results websites.

Clinton was declared the winner Monday night by just 0.2 percentage points, The Hill reported.

Oh boy. Here we go. As Hillary (D-Goldman Sachs) trails Bernie by 18-30 points in New Hampshire, and her 36-point national lead over the Vermont Senator has all but evaporated, she may be about to retroactively lose Iowa as well.

It’s going to be a very wild ride….stay tuned.

  • PJemmott

    Love for it to be so. Dont care about Sanders but would love Hillary to be put in her place again. Think the coronation could be over, hope so in any case

    • Bessie Reyes

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    • Lizard

      Cruz must be your man. He is a psychopath.

  • Unjust System

    I thought they were NOT going to do a recount! hhhhmmmm….. when the powers that be ‘change’ their mind something is going on they aren’t telling the people about!

    • Scott Davenport

      Probably a private focus group or think tank for HRC found that the shenanigans in Iowa and the cloud of suspicion over the fairness of the caucusses were hurting HRC more than her fractional win. Political gamemanship from a win at all costs candidate if I were to guess.

    • Joe Few

      Yah?…and which powers would those be? The same ones that support the Republican candidates but not Bernie?

      • Unjust System

        And if YOU still believe there is MORE than 1 political system in this country YOU are NOT paying attention! ALL politicians are supporting Obummer and effectually taking OVER this country while you hide your head in the sand and pretend you still have a ‘choice’ of which representative will screw you the least!

  • Mike Cummings

    Well I’ll be damned.. I didn’t know that the voting officials in Florida moved to Iowa!

    • Jack N Sharon Green

      This has got to be the best! LMAO! Thanks!

    • Richard J. Vinci

      Leave Florida out of this.

    • Heylottylotty

      Do you have any idea how long ago that was and that it was computer glitches? That would be as if you glanced down at a man’s zipper and got caught, would that make you a pervert for life? (Don’t look).

    • Joe Few

      This just in…16 years later and people will still accept a rigged election but not jokes about it!!! Alfred E. Newman for President!!!

    • mark wyatt

      Tx has the most rigged elections by far . research diebold voting machines made in Richardson Tx .

    • Lorelle Hatcher

      As Rick Santorum how he feels about vote counting in Iowa.


    That the Clintons, scum that they are, can routinely find so many Hessians to lie and steal and cheat for them is a stark reminder of the deep-psychosis of the ”Liberal”-mind, but is almost enough to make you give-up on Humanity.

    • Linda Starr-Spires

      Eric Blair:
      “stark reminder of the deep-psychosis of the “Liberal”-mind” – say what? You must not be aware that Cruz has also been accused of cheating and that state officials are looking into it?

      It is CAREER POLITICIANS with ulterior motives who lie, cheat and steal – it’s part and parcel of their make-up.

      BERNIE, on the other hand, is staying above the fray and is NOT FOR SALE, until ALL the rest.

      • KingRaatz

        Bernie is not for sale , because NOBODY wants a broken down , old , Crackpot Communist . Except people too stupid and lazy to work for thier own keep.

        • Linda Starr-Spires

          You just proved why we need to spend MORE on education and less on wars, since you clearly do NOT know the difference in a democratic socialist and a communist.

          Oh, and “broken down”?? Bernie walks to work as opposed to being chauffered around.

          And ages are similar of the front -runners.
          Bernie – 75 yrs old
          Hillary – 69 yrs old
          Trump – 70 yrs old

          Epic failure. Try again.

          • lightperson

            ‘the difference between a democratic socialist and a communist.’ Please…..does it really matter which one he is?

          • Livefreeordie Donttreadonme

            Yes. Kind of like it matters whether you drink water or maple syrup.

          • lschelin

            Lightperson: You are clueless

          • Lovok

            When you don’t KNOW there’s a difference, of course not.

          • It is a major difference, to be fair. Be right wing as you want, but be educated.

          • lightperson

            You miss my point. I don’t care which one he is, I want neither, nor do I want Sanders. I did not say there is no difference, I said I don’t care what the difference is.

          • Well why bring it up then? It’s ok to say you don’t know things, you know? Look into his actual stances on stuff before eating the bullshit being fed to you by the media. You’ll be surprised.

          • brian

            definately, FDR greatest president of the last century, elected 4 times and creator of the middle class inamerica was dmeocratic socialist. do you bleieve that the govenrment should represent the will of the people? thats democratic. do you think that america tax dollars should be spent on the americna people and not the corporations and billionaires? thats the socialism. democratic socialism. communism is sopcialism yes, but with a dictatorship and the peoeple ar enot represented by thr govenrment HUGE difference. from the FDR in the 1920s until Reagonmics in the 70s, this was a democratic socialsim. our govenrment represented the people and spent the tax payer dollars on the americna people, roads, bridges, education nationl parks libraries, fire dept police dept… all those things, SOCIALISM, the only thing it means is paid for by and the people. we are currently living ina CORPORATE SOCIALISM, hows tha tworking for ya?

          • Joe Few

            YES!!! It matters a lot.

          • vwood48

            O he’s a dumbocrap socialist? WTF

          • luckydoodle77

            Bernie is 74

          • They’ll all be older by November

          • They’re all a year younger — they’ll be those ages by November

          • madhobbit

            given there ages, wonder who the VP candidates will be?

        • MidgardMortal

          You are ridiculous. I would tell you why, but I have already wasted more time on you than this is worth.

        • brian

          hey fucktard, did you know FDR, greatest president of the last century, elecrted 4 times andthe man who created the middle class as we know it, was a dmeocratic socialist. its not communism, but thank you for showing eveyrone why we need better education in america. try some hisotrical and eoncomic facts instead of that right wing fox news bullshit

        • Joe Few

          Yah…Bernie the communist…lol…it’s honestly sad that anyone this ignorant of ideology actually gets to vote…democratic socialism is an integral part of many of the CAPITALIST countries with the highest standards of living. Communism (as you see obviously see it) is something else entirely.

      • vwood48

        Yessir-Burny the admitted self approved socialist he’s our man. And no one who voted for him even knows what socialism is. God help us.

        • brian

          actually Benrie supporters are the ONLY ones who kow what dmeocratic socialsim is. FDR was a dmeocratic socialist, greatest rpesident of the last century, created the middle class as we know it, and none of us would have a pot to piss in without democratic socialism. do you believe the govenrment should represent the people? do you think that the america tax dollar shold be spnt on the ameircna people? roads bridges public education?? congratulations you are a democratic socialsit, stop letting rich people scare with you big words

          • vwood48

            Yes I saw all those burn supporters on tv when asked what a socialist was? A stutter stutter stutter, well I uh well I’m not really sure, WHY?

          • David Newcomer

            I noticed that vwood48 couldn’t actually address your point.

    • David Newcomer

      Hillary Clinton is not a liberal. She is to the right of center.

      • ERIC BLAIR

        David was obviously raised without a father in the home and is off his medication. Be patient with him. H’s a good boy.

        • David Newcomer

          So I guess your resort to ad hominem means that you have no credible evidence to actually refute that Hillary Clinton is not a liberal. Thanks for playing.

          • ERIC BLAIR

            No David, I’m sorry you are correct: Hillary Clinton is NOT a Liberal, she is an a-political socio-psycopath while Liberals are generally just mentally-ill. Oh, you’re welcome.

  • Christus_Regeln

    Say it isn’t so. Libs cheating? Queen Clinton’s paradise is slowly fading. Perhaps she’ll go quietly into the night, unless she decides to unleash a torrent of criminal facts she keeps in her little black book on other libs.

    • MidgardMortal

      Hillary Clinton is not a liberal. She is a DINO and a fraud. Please do not insult the rest of us.
      But having said that… you might want to take a good long look at your own criminals. #PotCallingTheKettle

      • 4august20

        you are all the same just different words they mean the same stupid

    • brian

      if you had half an education you would realize Hillary is nothing but a politically correct REPUBLICAN, she bought and paid for by thr same corporaitons and big banks that own the sniveling little bitches in the GOP. they all represent the rich. Benrie is the only candidate not on the billionaire pay roll. follow the money, if your IQ is over 100 you might figure it out

      • Connie

        Brian, I couldn’t have said it better!

  • Les Williamson

    Yes former Secretary of State, why in the hell do they address her as that when she no longer has that job??

    • Geurge

      Les, I am not a Hillary fan but the word former could be a clue. It is a factual statement. One of a few honest ones with Hillary.

  • Harry

    What kills me is its all fake the democratic side and republican side. This whole Caucusis fake in Iowa. You have no accountability in how votes are counted. In some districts they just rose hands and someone said hey it looks like Hillary won. They write down a number and thats it. My favorite is guy “counting” out which person voted for which. A person write down a check in a box. How do you know if the guy reading the vote or the guy doing checks in a box are actually counting or saying the right vote? Its all fake.

  • honey,how are you

  • jimnbubba

    At this point it does make a difference HILLARY ,LMAO

  • WhatMeWorry

    If you don’t think either one of they would not cheat to win, you are really really blind and sad.

    • pattio666

      Oh yeah? Who’s your pick? Trump?! Hahahahaaaaa!

  • Fred Smith

    Being a former Hawkeye and knowing Iowa politics, when the liberal Des Moines Register endorsed her and now is reporting that something smells, you know it must be BIG, just how big is the question and who is putting up the money?

  • Don
  • Mary McGuirk

    the SIX COIN TOSS IN A ROW is BOGUS…it didn’t happen (and the coin tosses are not even significant. The rest of your argument loses credibility if you don’t know that by now.

  • Timothy L Hughes

    wow if they are willing to screw there own to win just wait until the november election…these are just practice runs to see where they mess up and learn from there mistakes

    • Kim Henshaw Dozier-Fry

      They dont see Bernie as there own, and he is not-thank God!

  • Frank L Ridley

    Can anything come of this? Probably not. The coin toss issue has been sorted. Bernie won some too. That it’s included in this article casts a BS shadow. I’m a Bernie supporter. But unless there can be an official change of tally, this is an asshole article.

  • overit

    Good, can’t stand the crooked bitch.

  • Tom Bezaire

    All brought to you by George Soros lol

  • JimmiJames

    Why on Earth do we let people vote who can’t even count. Especially liberals, who scream voter suppression and yell about Republicans for voter fraud because they essentially believe that blacks and minorities are too stupid to get an I.D.? And worse yet, allowing college students to vote when 90% of them think Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court, and also vote for a pole turtle like Obama… a man that NEVER had any job in his life, yet elect him as a Senator that propelled him to office?

    • Lisa Lewis- Rivers

      same reason your team is still even a team and not kicked out of the NFL….. its called rights.

    • Linda Hansen

      Where on earth did you get the idea that a LIBERAL thinks that blacks and minorities are too STUPID to get an I.D.? Or Republicans, for that matter? Its not a case of stupidity, its a case of having the resources available to get the I.D., because I don’t know of a state that doesn’t charge to obtain one. Depending upon which state you live in, it could be as little as $5.00 to as much as $30.00. For underemployed or unemployed people, coming up with the money to get the I.D., well, it just won’t happen. Churches and other social service agencies don’t fork money out to help someone get an I.D. so they can vote. Then, you have a situation like Alabama last year, where they CLOSED 29 DMV offices (it was actually more than this but I don’t recall the exact number), ALL in counties that were predominantly black! They claimed it was due to not having money, but sure reeked of racial injustice and voter suppression. So the governor, after getting a lot of backlash from both Bernie and Hillary, decided to have a “roving” DMV go to each county ONCE A MONTH, so anyone could get an I.D. Once a month???? How many people do you think lives in each of those counties? I’m sure more than the number that could be served in one day!!!!!! BTW, I’m a white woman who was absolutely OUTRAGED by this, and wanted to go to Alabama, get residents wanting to get their I.D., and taking them to a DMV office in whatever counties had full service, 5 days a week, just so that they COULD exercise their right to vote!

  • brendaHere Are 6 Ways Drone Ta

    What is this coming from MSNBC Morning Joe commenting that he heard that Bernie had won Iowa, that Reporters were saying Bernie had won Iowa? Oh my!

  • Claude Campbell

    “As Hillary (D-Goldman Sachs)”
    Funniest line I’ve read today!

  • sanduchi

    I am certainly going to stay tuned. I am a great believer of Karma and what goes around comes around and this is my personal prayer that this comes to be. I am quite sick of seeing the Darth Vaders of this world winning. It is time for Obi Kenobi !!!!

    • Margaret Weller

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  • Dan Kelly

    The Clintons have been known to have no respect for the rules that we “Mortals” must follow, all the way back to his days as Attorney General in Arkansas.His speech at the National Convention running right through the time limit to glorify himself, the women of Bill denigrated as Liars, Bimbos, and whores, “I did not have sex with that Woman”, the Mark Rich Midnight pardon, they respect no ethic, norm, rule of conduct, or fellow Citizen. The single binding rule for them is Victory. I, for one, am sick of the B.S. storm. If I have to follow rules and limits, so do you.

  • Richard Andre

    Amazing when the count is voting, might just as well be calculis
    how often it escapes correct!

  • Pavement O’Tool

    Dont think IT wasnt promised the white house and THEY will do everything necessary to make sure IT is the first female president. Including lie, cheat, steal, murder, etc. Clintons business as usual, if I were the socialist involved, I would check under the car before starting it. These THINGS are pathetic and the inevitable cause of our downfall! The only one who can save us is JESUS CHRIST !

  • KingRaatz

    good, throw the bitch out and throw her ass in prison

  • Sam

    F’N lieing cheating bitch, and to think there are people actually going to want her as pres. Stupid bastards!

  • KingRaatz

    even the dead people who voted won’t be tied to hilary’s lying ass

  • KingRaatz

    The Greezy Weasel and her Ball and chain ” The Teflon Schlong” should both be dragged out and shot for Treason, Her for Benghazi, Him for NAFTA.

  • CTYankee

    Its not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes.

    • Joe Few

      It’s both…

  • Elle

    Hillary QUEEN OF CORRUPTION Clinton!!!

  • Pamela Hunter

    This actually will not be that much of a change. Bernie is going to win regardless. Bern Baby Bern. If you read this Bernie is going to be on Saturday Night Live … tonite. 🙂

    • LibsSukDix
      • MidgardMortal

        You got the first part right… Thanks! 🙂

        • LibsSukDix

          The second part is also correct!

          • Mike Maricle

            What is this obsession you wrong-wingers have with sucking dick? Is it that you never receive any, or you want to give some?

          • LibsSukDix

            You got your thinking all wrong Mike. You libtards are the cocksuckers and you know it. You marry your male goat yet?

      • vwood48

        I’d love to see Trump debate Hitlery. I can almost see her head explode.

        • diablodejalisco

          trump is much more stupid than hillary but bernie will beat them all. he is the only honest candidate for the people.

          • Lonnie

            dropped on your head too many times?

          • LibsSukDix

            LOL!!! It shows don’t it? I bet his mom gave birth to him while she was standing up!

      • diablodejalisco

        keep dreaming. trump cannot beat bernie. the country is not that stupid, yet.

        • LibsSukDix

          Bernie cant even beat his meat!!! lol. Trump is our next president.

      • Pete Hammer

        Whaddya mean? Trump got schlonged by Ted Cruz in Iowa! lol

        • LibsSukDix
          • Pete Hammer

            We all got schlonged on November 8! Lol.

          • LibsSukDix

            All you libtards yeah. The rest of us will be making America Great Again!!!!

          • Pete Hammer

            Am I supposed to take this seriously? The billionaires are making America great for themselves and laughing at the rest of us. Trump has only worked hard for himself and used millions of regular working people to further his cause. What evidence is there to support that he actually thinks/cares about anything else?

          • LibsSukDix

            Are you really that fucking stupid as to believe the tripe just spewed? How PATHETIC!!
            Sit back and watch how it’s done boy!!!! Trump has already done more for the USA in the month BEFORE taking office than your boy Oblamer has in 8 YEARS!!

      • Linda Hansen

        The only way Trump will beat Bernie is if he educates himself A LOT on how government actually works, and gets some better experience in politics! Trump is scared of Hillary, but TERRIFIED of Bernie! Why? Because he knows that if he won the nomination, and got into a debate with either one of them, it would become clear within 30 seconds that Trump does NOT know what he’s talking about!!!!

        • LibsSukDix

          LOL!!! Yeah right. Prepare to say “President Trump”!!

      • Joe Few

        Lol…so far Trump can’t even beat one of the immigrants he keeps blabbering on about…

      • jstewa12

        “We Shall Overcomb!”

      • Brian Cummings

        ain’t happening

        • LibsSukDix

          Would you dare to place money on that????? You would lose.

          • Linda Hansen

            If I had money, I would bet against you. Because you’d be forced to pay!

          • LibsSukDix

            LOL….Sanders taking all your money? Socialists do that. You would LOSE your money in a bet with me!

          • LibsSukDix

            You would have lost your money sweety!!!! LOL!!!

        • LibsSukDix

          It happened cupcake. I bet you cant figure out why either.

      • David Newcomer

        And yet the polls show that in a general election, Bernie Sanders would beat Donald Trump by a wider margin than Hillary Clinton would.

        • LibsSukDix

          You dreaming again????? LOL!! We will make America great again!!!! Count on it!

          • David Newcomer

            Not with Donald Trump you won’t. lol

          • LibsSukDix

            Care to bet money on that?????????????

  • Jim Hull

    at least it’s being recognized for what it is. next step, deny hillary knew anything about it. shouldn’t matter. one more felony in her corner.

  • Iowa_Hawkeyes

    Please be true…..

  • aliceNcantrell

    These comments are absolute proof that we need all the help we can get educating the ppl in our country.

    • River Easton

      I think it’s spelt “People”. Could be wrong on that…

  • Steve

    Sanders Wins Iowa!

  • pluck npick

    Good. She dervies the justice her own party is about to hand her….unemployment.

  • Mahhn

    She’s been getting shut down all over, also by the women she’s hitting on lately. Can’t wait to see that on video. One more lie she won’t be able to deny anymore. (I don’t care if she’s gay, I do care that she lies, about a lot of things)

  • Debbie Dellinger

    Nothing will change. The DNC has this election rigged for Hlllary.Just more corruption in the pathetic DNC.

  • Fast ED

    When They Go To The Iowa Democratic Convention In March The 7 For O’Mally Will Join The Sanders Group To Make Him The Winner…

  • madhobbit

    I can see a legal battle coming that will make the “CHAD” fight with Al Gore seem like a cakewalk. Not taking any side,just saying

  • No surprise here! Our government (both sides) has been rigging elections for a long time! Hillary is just one of the most dishonest ones there is.

  • Looking forward to the post-election concession speech


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