BREAKING: ‘Errors’ Found In Tally Of Dems Iowa Caucus… Could ‘Change the Winner’


by Brian Hayes

The Democrat vote in the Iowa Caucus was beset by controversy. Multiple videos showed a clear effort by Hillary Clinton reps and Democrat officials to deny recounts and otherwise cheat to help the former Secretary of State prevail.

Hillary even “won” six consecutive coin tosses to decide single delegates…on a night she “won” by just a handful.

Bernie Sanders supporters seethed with anger…but Democrat Party officials said it was all kosher.

Well, not anymore…and breaking news out of Iowa tonight leaving national Democrats in a PANIC…

Via Weasel Zippers:

Iowa Democratic Party officials are reviewing results from the Iowa caucuses and making updates where discrepancies have been found, the Des Moines Register reported tonight.

Party Chairwoman Andy McGuire the day after Monday’s caucuses said no review would be conducted, and that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s narrow victory over Bernie Sanders is final.

But as errors are being discovered, the final tally is being changed, party officials confirmed to The Des Moines Register Friday morning. One official said the errors are significant enough to “change the winner” of the caucus.

“Both the Sanders and Clinton campaigns have flagged a very small number of concerns for us, and we are looking at them all on a case-by-case basis,” Iowa Democratic Party spokesman Sam Lau told the Register.

The Register, too, has received numerous reports that the results announced in people’s precincts Monday night don’t match what the Iowa Democratic Party has posted on its official results websites.

Clinton was declared the winner Monday night by just 0.2 percentage points, The Hill reported.

Oh boy. Here we go. As Hillary (D-Goldman Sachs) trails Bernie by 18-30 points in New Hampshire, and her 36-point national lead over the Vermont Senator has all but evaporated, she may be about to retroactively lose Iowa as well.

It’s going to be a very wild ride….stay tuned.


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