BREAKING: Democrats CRUSHED After NBC Report BURIES ‘Russia Gate’ Once and For All

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Donald Trump battled CNN and BuzzFeed at his first press conference, after they were caught publishing what turned out to be multiple instances of “fake news” designed to smear the President-Elect.

BuzzFeed published a salacious and disgusting fake news story — which turned out to just be smear-for-hire opposition research paid for by Democrats and #NeverTrumpers.

But CNN also published and promoted reports of the fake “dossier” — and even claimed that Trump was told of its content in a classified briefing with the CIA and other agencies, and the enitre media had a 24-hour field day, talking up the possibility of “impeachment” and “President Pence.”

Then in his conference, Trump blasted CNN reporter Jim Acosta as a purveyor of “fake news.” And soon he was proven dead right.

NBC News reported that CNN’s claim was completely false…at no time was Trump ever briefed on the material.

But NBC reported something else that is causing an earthquake to erupt in the media Meccas of New York and Washington…

Reporter Cynthia McFadden stunned fake news Godfather Brian Williams with the scoop live on the air…

According to a high ranking, senior U.S. intelligence official, and I’m quoting…

Intel and law enforcement officials agree that none of the investigations have found any conclusive or direct link between Mr. Trump and the Russian government. Period.’

Did you hear that?

Not just the “golden showers” hoax, but the entire “Russia Gate” “conspiracy” hysteria we have been pummeled with by the entire media, Democrats and traitorous #NeverTrumpers like John McCain and Lindsay Graham, every single day for two full months since the election.

ALL of it…completely without any basis whatsoever.

This is officially the biggest #FakeNews story of all timea media/establishment plot to take down the President-Elect — finally deflated just one week before he takes office.

Did they know an angry Trump would make heads roll in the CIA, FBI, NSA and DNI, and wanted to lessen the blow? Did they panic when Trump didn’t back down after Sen. Chuck Schumer’s sick threat of CIA revenge against Trump?

Just days ago, Democrat leaders, backed by major news agencies, were demanding an “independent,” “9/11-style Special Commission” to investigate Trump’s links to Moscow.

Will they now support an investigation into the TRUE conspiracy at the highest levels of government and media…to attempt a high-tech coup against an elected president?

Have no doubt…Trump will make them pay for this, and D.C. will never be the same.

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