BREAKING: As Promised, Jordan Says Will Execute All ISIS Prisoners Tonight


Above: Jordanians overwhelmed by grief after news of their pilot’s gruesome murder by ISIS

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Note: You can view the full, uncensored video of this ISIS atrocity at the bottom of this article

Only three days ago Jordan was trying to broker a deal whereby their pilot held hostage by ISIS would be released in exchange for a woman terrorist whose attempt to blow herself up in nursery school failed, as ISIS had demanded.

Then the ISIS Nazis changed their minds and refused to make the deal.

Jordanian officials then threatened to execute — not just the female terrorist — but all the ISIS prisoners in their custody should any harm befall the Jordanian pilot captured by the barbaric group.

Breaking today the world has been stunned by unspeakable video footage of the pilot being burned alive in a cage.

Fox News’ Katherine Herridge described the video as primal, and fought back tears as she told of how he grabbed his head as he collapsed under the flames (you can see the uncensored, graphic video at the end of this article).

Well now the devastated and enraged people of Jordan are responding — by keeping their word.

It is now breaking that Jordanian officials announced that — TONIGHT — they plan to execute EVERY ISIS prisoner, according to Sky News Arabia and the Associated Press:

Sky News Arabia  and AFP are reporting that the kingdom plans to execute all ISIS prisoners including Sajida Rishawi, a would-be suicide bomber arrested in 2005 in connection with Al Qaeda in Iraq’s attack on schools and hotels in Amman that year which killed 60 people. 

THAT is how you avenge your fallen hero.

This in contrast to an American president who refuses to even call ISIS “Islamic extremists”, or “terrorists.”

In fact, the feckless Obama actually downplayed ISIS, calling them a “JV (Junior Varsity) Team,” in an interview.

An Obama who refused to even call the brazen, admitted Muslim jihad slaughter of 13 of our troops at Ft. Hood in 2009 as “terrorism.”

With the Middle East continuing to implode, can we expect the Obama administration to take IS seriously? And properly identify the enemy as the “Islamic State?”

Before his reelection Obama claimed he had Al-Qaeda on the run. That was before he permitted these heirs to Adolf Hitler to overrun Iraq and threaten the entire region. Many say Al-Qaeda has simply evolved into Islamic State. Here is more information.

Until we properly identify the enemy, we won’t be able to win this battle.

As a friend noted on their Facebook page:

“Locked in a cage and burned alive. Film and photos proudly produced and released by ISIS. Will you now call them terrorists, Mr President? I call them demonic evil representatives of satan. That’s what they are–that’s what it is. It’s not “hate,” it’s not “religious intolerance,” it’s not about politics. It’s evil, pure and simple. Call it what it is, and know that it does exist in this world.”

Here is the evil whose name Obama will not speak. These are the heirs to Hitler.


PLEASE do not watch if you cannot handle it. But if you can, please share the face of evil for all to see…

Editor’s note: This man was a hero, who may have fought valiantly. Notice before his killing, he is sporting a black left eye, which no previous person executed by ISIS has demonstrated. He also appears drugged before the event, staring listlessly into space.

(Note: the first 17 minutes are propagnda, then comes the murder, then ISIS reveals the names and home addresses of other pilots IN Jordan, offering rewards for their deaths)


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