After CNN Publishes Disgraceful Smear, Trump Gives Them EXACTLY What They Deserve


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

No presidential candidate in political history was as maligned by the mainstream media as Donald J. Trump. But they still failed to stop his election.

So with just one day before his first press conference as President-Elect, CNN and BuzzFeed reported a disgusting and salacious fake news story — that likely originated as an internet hoax — in order to smear Trump as a puppet of Russia. It was a report so uncorroborated that both the New York Times, and even the far-left, Trump-hating Mother Jones refused to publish it when offered to them 6 months ago…

But CNN ran it!

It didn’t take long for the report to be exposed as a unsubstantiated fraud, and NBC this morning reported as FALSE CNN’s “bombshell” claim Tuesday that Trump was “briefed by the CIA on the report.”

In other words, CNN completely lied to try and harm the next President of the United States.

Well at his appearance Wednesday morning, Trump lashed out at BuzzFeed and CNN, and referenced that they also lied about his attorney Michael Cohen, claiming he “met with Russian operatives in Prague” — when Cohen was in California looking at USC for his teenage son…and even produced his passport to show he had never even been to Prague


Trump noted that Cohen was “up all night” responding to this fake claim, and that he was owed an apology.

Then CNN’s Jim Acosta wanted to ask a question, and Trump’s response was a long time coming…

FINALLY! Trump’s staff applauded as the media throng gasped…and millions of Americans no doubt cheered at home watching this well-deserved smackdown.

There’s a new Sheriff in town to police the #FakeNews industry — and let liberal liars be on notice…we are not taking it anymore.


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