BREAKING: 12 States Stand Up Against Obama’s Unlawful Trans Bathroom Decree


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Barack Obama went way too far with his unconstitutional overreach in attempting to require “transgender-compliant” restrooms, showers and locker rooms in all public places across America.

And the massive backlash is spreading fast. So far 12 states have condemned Obama’s outrageous decree.

Most of the controversy began in North Carolina, where the state’s new HB2 law – requiring people to use restrooms consistent with their biological sex – was challenged by the Justice Department, who threatened the state to back down…or else. North Carolina was not intimidated, and immediately filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department for executive overreach.

In the same week, Obama issued a so-called “guidance letter,” to all public schools that they must allow transgender students and staff to use whichever restroom they please. But it was quickly apparent this was no “guidance,” but a threat to knuckle under to King Obama’s edict — or face their Federal funds being slashed, despite having no Congressional authority to do so.

Now other states have jumped on board, defending North Carolina and the state’s rights to set these guidelines themselves without federal interference. At the very least, they want Congress to establish guidelines, as the Founders intended, instead of a despotic executive bent on “fundamentally transforming” us.

At the state GOP convention in Greensboro, Sen. Ralph Hise had a message for Obama and AG Loretta Lynch: “You picked the wrong state to start this fight with.”

Texas was one of the first states to stand with North Carolina. Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted his support:

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick agreed:

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson told his schools to completely disregard Obama’s rules:

Alabama followed suit, saying Obama’s order was “absurd.”

So did Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder

Kentucky stood with the side of States’ Rights as well.

So far, in addition to North Carolina and Texas, six additional states on Friday signed on to a case asking an appeals court to reject a ruling in favor of a Virginia transgender girl seeking to use a boys bathroom. Those states are West Virginia, Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, and Maine, bringing the total number of states fighting Obama to twelve in just the past 24 hours.

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[h/t The Independent Journal, Federalist Papers]

  • Cindy Cron Baker

    Boy will I be glad when January gets here !!!

    • Math & Physics

      With any luck, uncle scam will have passed away by then.

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        • David

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          • Occam’s Razor

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    • Greg Burton

      Yeah, like that’s going to make a big difference.

      • ladylove

        if we elect Mr. Trump things will get better.
        if Hillary is elected, or worse Sanders, things will get even worse.
        so yes there is a big, difference, a big, big difference.

        • yes, they will.

        • Virginia Watkins

          I am voting for Trump. If I had to choose between the other two, I’ll vote for Sanders. At least he is mostly honest and hasn’t been responsible for the deaths of others.

      • Cindy Cron Baker

        At least King Obama will be gone. And with any luck Hillary will be in prison .

    • Sandra Y. Freeman

      You & me both!

    • jeffunde

      Unfortunately once he leaves office, doesn’t mean this mess will go away.

      • Cindy Cron Baker

        Nope. But it will be a good start!

  • Robert Chambers

    someone need to feed this idiot to the pigs

    • LeadZep

      The Media fed this pig to the idiots.

  • Tired.Of.The.Racist.Card

    While I understand many transgender believe or think they are being singled out by not being allowed in the bathrooom of their choice, take a step back and TRY to consider why your choices need to effect the rest of us. Why should we be considered “evil” “haters” or any other name that has been tossed out there because I would rather no have to explain why a “boy is in the girls room” to my five-year-old.

    This is making the masses change for the few. This is like making the children who bring peanut butter sandwiches (because any other sandwich is GROSS by the time lunch rolls around) sit at a different table. You are segregating the ones who can eat peanut butter to spare the feelings of those who cannot. You are making ME have to choose because of someone elese’s choice.

    • Kathy Rust

      There are also people who are starving themselves to death because they believe they are fat. This condition is an accepted mental health issue. So how is it people can choose not to believe respected psychiatrists who have told us the “transgenders” are mentally ill and should not be encouraged to believe they can change their sex (which they can’t, no matter how many hormones they ingest or how many body parts the mutilate).

      • Tired.Of.The.Racist.Card

        People have been given the freedom to make mistakes. Although it’s not our place to judge, I would be happier if I didn’t need to worry about my child seeing things she is not ready to see. I would also prefer to not have their rights and feelings trump mine. I am of the MAJORITY, and yet we do nothing to stop the insanity.

    • Wiggle D

      There is a legitimate reason for keeping peanut butter away from other students. It’s a serious allergy that can result in death. Will a ‘trans’ person die from using another bathroom? Not unless they run into one with a real-violent bigot, but that door ain’t stopping people from murdering you in the ladies’ room or anywhere else for that matter. This wasn’t an issue until Barry brought it up. Can’t they see Barry is only making it worse for the _real_ transsexuals?

      • squishy

        They won’t die because they use any bathroom, BUT, they will die if some asshole touches my little girl–I will castrate and then put him away–for good!!!!! (Used to be the death penalty for raping a child) This is insane–there was a king way back when that lost his mind and Obama thinks he in that insane idiot re-incarnated.

      • runew

        Wiggle D, Barry does what Barry has always done……by trade he is a community organizer……a nice name for trouble maker. This is what he does………..he has divided our nation with religion, class, not one but many wars, the Arab Spring wars and now back to Iraq, race, gender, etc…….the man will go down in history known as “The Great Divider”. Please hurry January.

      • Joe

        there is no such thing as a transsexual, we have had drag queens around forever, they are simply something pretending to be something else. Believing you are something else does not make it so, it is just make believe. If you are a man wearing a dress you are not a woman you are a man wearing a dress, it doesn’t matter if you got hormones and grew tits, then you are a man wearing a dress with tits. Here’s how you tell what you are. Go to a private quiet gender neutral corner somewhere, look inside your underwear, if you have a penis in your drawers and it’s your own, you are a man, even if you’re wearing spike heels and fishnet hose, if you have a vagina, you’re a woman even if you want o lick all over Jennifer Lopez. Get a frigging grip on yourself, live in the world of reality. Playing dress up doesn’t change your sex no matter what you think

        • Wiggle D

          They are called quotations, dumb shit.

          • Joe

            Are you so weak in your mind that you can’t think of a response so you feel like you have to resort to name calling? That’s pathetic
            But predictable after reading your posts

      • Tired.Of.The.Racist.Card

        Mr Obama is making a LOT of things worse. He seems more worried about be divisive and being on television (along with his wife) than worrying about how to build this country back up.

    • WutDixLibsR

      My daughter will DIE if someone just touches her after eating peanut butter. Is a child’s life really so meaningless that we have to have that peanut butter sandwich?
      Schools across the country are going “peanut free” to save lives, not because someone thinks it’s gross.
      Your first paragraph made sense, then your second paragraph just made you look like a lunatic.

      • Julie Smith

        While I don’t believe that people who are allergic to anything should be subjected to it, the point was being totally missed. The point is why should your child who is allergic not be subjected to being removed but my child who isn’t allergic is. The same goes for the bathroom. My child/children who is not transgender is being made to feel set apart because they (we) choose not to subject them to this situation. Whereas the transgender is being catered to.

        She’s not a lunatic, just a mom who is tired of her children being made to feel different so your child doesn’t.

        • WutDixLibsR

          These issues don’t even relate.
          Transgender is not a real thing, it’s a mental illness that somehow
          society has decided NOT to treat, instead they make it normal. It’s a sickness. Peanut allergy is REAL! My kid will
          suffocate to DEATH if she comes in contact with peanuts. There is a HUGE
          Why would you child be “removed”??? All we ask is not to bring peanut butter to school, because it can KILL a child, no one ever said anything about “removing” kids at all. Why would your kid feel “different” eating a
          ham sandwich, a bologna sandwich, a tuna sandwich, a turkey sandwich, a
          BLT? There is a lot more food than peanut butter.
          You really don’t care if a child dies as long as your kid gets peanut
          Are people that F’d up to think that not having a peanut butter sandwich will devastate a child?

          I agree on the transgender thing, my daughter should not have a man in the girls locker room with her, even if he thinks he’s a female. And, keeping him out of the girls locker room wont KILL him.
          Caring about a child who could DIE a horrible death of suffocation is different. All they ask is to avoid ONE food, not because they “think” they are allergic, but because they ARE, and WILL DIE.

          I have to go through the same damn thing you do. I can’t take my daughters anywhere now, because if they have to go in the bathroom, there might be a sick mentally ill man in there who either “thinks” he’s a she, or is pretending to be transgender, and I can’t be in there to see. Tomorrow I’m taking them to see the new Captain America movie, and I have to make my wife go, even though she doesn’t have time, because if my girls need to pee, someone has to protect them in the bathroom, this is a shame, but it’s not even close to having to go without peanut butter.

          • runew

            If touching another person who is allergic to peanuts or peanut butter would kill them then why can’t your child have his/her peanut butter at home and a different kind of sandwich at school? Is that so hard to do? Out of kindness for the health of another? Not much to ask as far as I am concerned.

          • Julie Smith

            We did make concessions, that, too, wasn’t the point. The point being made is why should a child without allergies have to sit at a table (basically) in the teachers lounge so a child with allergies can feel a “part”?

          • WutDixLibsR

            I see idiocy and stupidity here.
            The only way a child would have to be isolated is if the parent is so stupid that they send their kid to school with peanut butter knowing they were not supposed to.
            If the parent didn’t know, then it would be ONE TIME, and ONE TIME wouldn’t hurt anyone.
            Schools across the country are going peanut free, and there is no hassle to normal people, the only ones that have an issue with it are assholes that are so selfish and uncaring that they would rather a child die than deny their kid a peanut butter sandwich.
            I’m amazed at people like you who put a peanut butter sandwich over the life of a child. This country is getting what it deserves because of narrow minded idiots like you.

          • Julie Smith

            I am not an idiot, nor do I not care about people, even your sorry, self-centered self (and offspring). I did stop sending peanut butter and I am even a huge supporter of places that package and LABEL that they are peanut-free.

            What I am tired of is the people who have decided to judge and eviscerate anyone who YOU deem “unworthy”. I am also tired of the minority being able to demand the majority stop doing things or segregating anyone for being normal (your word, not mine).

            It’s attitudes (and blinders to the actual meaning to peoples words) like yours that make rational people want to fight back and stop the excessive exceptions to all the people who feel their needs must be met at all costs. Your child, being severely allergic is truly an exception, but your attitude of how wrong everyone else is out to get your child is very delusional as is your superiority complex.

          • WutDixLibsR

            What your ignorance is keeping you from understanding is that it’s not my child or me that is the only problem. How do you think a child will feel if they know the sandwich they had, killed their classmate? How do you think a child will feel knowing that they killed their classmate?

            Blinders? It’s you that has blinders on because you can’t think beyond the simplest part of a problem.

            This is isn’t some stupid bathroom issue, which kids really don’t care about, it’s their parents who are all up in the shit over. This is death of a child, and if you can’t understand the attitude of a parent that doesn’t want to lose their child, then you are really screwed up in the head.

          • Julie Smith

            You clearly haven’t sat in different cafeteria’s around the country as I have with my children. Sometimes there ISN’T a choice. My children refused to eat ham, tuna, bologna, blt, etc. so it would be fine with you that my children not have anything to eat. Now who is saying their child is more important? 🙄

          • WutDixLibsR

            Oh bullshit, your kids eat other sandwiches beside peanut butter, you’re just being an asshole.

          • Julie Smith

            I’m glad you “know” my children you self-centered moron.

            I stopped sending food so they didn’t get isolated because your child couldn’t be moved. They then were eating almost NOTHING because the choices were gross. The salad bar items were regulated to one piece of watermelon and one piece of cheese. Wow, great lunch for growing kids.

            Life doesn’t revolve around only one set of people. Let’s stop the madness.

          • WutDixLibsR

            Then you just don’t know how to raise children.
            If the only thing your kids eat is peanut butter 3 times a day, then you are a failure as a parent, and your kids will be sickly.

            If your kids do eat different foods for breakfast and dinner, then send those foods for lunch. Wow, so simple. You are either really simple minded, or just being an prick on purpose.

          • Julie Smith

            Actually, you again show simple-minded and ignorant YOU are thinking you (again) know me or my children. My children eat many things but found the lunches provided by the schools gross. They also did not like lunchmeat that sat in warm classrooms for lunch.

            Mind you, this was 10 years ago, so the fancy new cooled lunchboxes were not as readily available. I did end up sending other foods, but why AGAIN must every other child have to defer to your child. Mine are just as special. You refuse to allow your child to be moved or treated differently so mine has to be. You are the closed minded person and the agitator in this thread by making a statement MORE than it really was.

      • Virginia Watkins

        The children that have peanut allergies need to carry an epi-pen. Why does my child have to accommodate yours? I understand that any allergy is potentially lethal. But here we are becoming the Nanny for that child by inconveniently requiring the rest of us to be aware and responsible for your childs well being. Put a damn medical bracelet on them and have them carry an epi-pen. If your child is so extremely allergic to peanuts, Home Schooling would be the best option for your family.

        So damn tired of people wanting the government run everyone elses lives so they don’t have to take care of their own/family.

        • WutDixLibsR

          Why should your child have to accommodate mine? What kind of evil are you? So your child having a peanut butter sandwich is more important than my child’s life? Or any child’s life?
          I’ll bet you agree with clinton and sanders that abortion can be done even in the 9th month as the baby is being delivered.
          it’s not “potentially” lethal, it will KILL HER.
          There are so many foods out there, no one is asking your child to go without eating. It’s just ONE thing, ONE!!!
          Peanut butter is that important?
          You care so little about someones life?
          Think about it, if your brain has any function left in it, we’re talking about a child’s life, and you don’t care if a child dies just so your kid can have peanut butter. This is why the country is going to hell, so many selfish people that have no care for anyone else.
          This isn’t like the bathroom issue, locker room issue, it’s just one food out of all the food in the world. But you don’t care if you kill a child, what a sick bitch you are.

          • GWFHIB

            Again keep her home and safe.

          • WutDixLibsR

            Why should my daughter have to spend her days locked up in the house while other kids are at school, when the only thing that needs to be done is don’t bring one simple food to school, just peanut butter? Why should any child be locked up when the solution is so easy?
            Like I said before, if your kid, or a friend of you’re child had this allergy, then you would understand, but as with most people, you have a lack of empathy.

          • GWFHIB

            Just common sense, home school your child if you have the ability. Hundreds change for one? Sounds similar to the transgender problem we all of a sudden have. Good luck to you and yours.

          • Virginia Watkins

            Here you are, again, having everyone else responsible for your child. There’s no lack of empathy, just an over abundance of self importance on your part.

          • Susan

            There is a doctor in our town that has information on treating peanut allergy so that anaphylaxis can be avoided. This was new information to me. Have you checked recently to see if there are newer treatments for your child?

          • WutDixLibsR

            I brought that up to my doctor, but he says it’s too dangerous.
            The treatment is to give extremely small doses of peanut to the person, then slowly increasing the amount over time. It has worked on several children.
            I still want to look for a doctor that will do it, because even though it’s dangerous, living with this allergy for the rest of her life is more dangerous.

          • Virginia Watkins

            I am merely stating that it is YOUR responsibility to take care of YOUR kid. If my child wants peanut butter, they are damn sure going to have it! Sick bitch…yep, you are right! My child is way more important to me than yours. The discussion is not about abortion or bathroom use.

            This country is not going to hell because of me and people like me! You and people like you are. You refuse to take appropriate responsibility of your child then mandating that I have to inconvenience my life to accommodate what you, at best, half-ass do (or don’t do)to protect your own child. I suppose we should ban peanuts across the world for your kid. It really isn’t that no one cares, it’s you demand our time to accommodate you and your needs, regardless of our own situation. I bet you did not vaccinate your child either, that way we can all share in your disregard for anyone else.

            All in all, if your child is so allergic to peanuts, keep them at home and home school. Give the rest of us a break.

          • WutDixLibsR

            Really, if one of your daughters friends were allergic to peanuts, you would still send your kid to school with a peanut butter sandwich? Then, when daughter touches her friend, her friend would die, and you would let your daughter live with the fact she killed her friend, because it’s just too much trouble for you to make something else.
            Yea, you are a sick bitch.

            You say ” My child is way more important to me than yours.”
            This isn’t about how important your child is, or mine, it’s that you think a stupid sandwich is worth killing another child, and yes, that makes you a sick evil bitch.

            You only care about yourself and no one else. Why should my daughter be deprived of an education over a stupid sandwich when there is a ton of other food out there?

            Yea, it is people like you that is ruining this country, you don’t care about anyone, you don’t care if a child dies over a sandwich! Worse of all, you can’t see where you are wrong, you can’t see what a selfish bitch you are.

          • Virginia Watkins

            Well, I guess “Sick Evil Bitch” must be what I am, at least to the Liberal Left crowd!

            How is it that you continue to fail to understand what I am writing? Peanut allergies happen when peanuts are ingested, usually ingested by mouth, peanut dust in the air (like at a Texas Style Restaurant where they throw peanut shells on the floor) or peanut oil applied to the subjects skin in a manner similar to applying lotion. So it would not be accurate to claim that my peanut butter loving daughter, who just ate 5 peanut butter sandwiches, would cause anaphylaxis in your daughter by touching her, or your daughter touching mine. Here is a reputable web-site for advice an tips


            Now, I will continue to send my child to school with peanut butter sandwiches if she wants them. It is your responsibility to protect your child. It is your responsibility to make sure the appropriate school personnel are aware of your daughters allergies and the plan to address her specific needs.

            It is people like you, who want others to be subjected to the needs that only apply to your family, that have brought down America. You are lazy in that you think it is my responsibility to be responsible for your child. And to place blame on a child if another child is allergic and then dies, that is pretty sadistic. I guess it must sooth your ego to blame a child for a poor outcome that you are ultimately responsible for.

            We have rights too, along with everyone else. I expect it would best to classify allergies to peanuts as a disability, that way we can keep all the students with food allergies in their sanitized classroom, with single stall bathroom (just in case there is a trans gender), and lunch brought to them. This way we won’t have to worry about bringing Peanut M&Ms.

            I bet you and your family play games that are “fair” to everyone…If you played and had fun, you won…medallions for everyone!

            The Constitution allows me unalienable rights and it is afforded to you also. What it doesn’t say is that you have no authority over my family or I for any reason.

      • standingintime

        C’mon people have some sense about yourself – Tired.Of.The.Racist.Card statement using the word ‘peanut butter’ was just a word used trying to make a point – could have easily said jelly or bologna!! Now I can see how people go off on 1 word used because they’re not seeing what is really being said. GET THE WHOLE PICTURE before making stupid comments!!

        • Julie Smith

          Totally agree!

          • WutDixLibsR

            You agree? You one of the agitators here.
            I’m not arguing with Tired.Of.The.Racist.Card, I completely understand that “peanut butter” was just an example, could have been tuna. But when Virginia Watkins said she doesn’t care if my daughter dies, that got things going.

          • Julie Smith

            I totally agreed with Standingintime that tired if the racist card was only making a point. You then called tired and myself all sorts of hateful things, but be my guest at stating I am an agitator…or were you referring to yourself?

      • GWFHIB

        You should be responsible to keep her safe not me.

        • WutDixLibsR

          Why? Because no one should care about anyone but themselves? Anyone who feels like you, would change their mind as soon as their child had a friend that is allergic to peanuts.
          To many people just look at this from a selfish angle, because they don’t know anyone with a peanut allergy. If they knew my daughter, they would change their view. If their child had a friend with a peanut allergy, they would change their mind. This shows the narrow mindedness of these people I’m arguing with.

      • Tired.Of.The.Racist.Card

        You should not take my post so literal. I wasn’t stating anyone should die, just that my children should not be excluded EITHER.

        • WutDixLibsR

          Sorry about the lunatic comment. It’s just that people like Virginia Watkins are out there not caring if another child dies, so I get very defensive.

          • Tired.Of.The.Racist.Card

            It’s the “mama bear” in you. I understand that as well, since I do it often for my own. Just understand that not everyone or every comment is stated to hurt. Mine was not.

  • Susan

    And this all started thanks to Target, who already have THREE restroom classifications: Men, Women, and Family. Why, oh why, can the transgendered (who have not yet legally lost the parts that make them their birth sex) use the family restroom? Why?

    • Because its not about tolerance its about forced acceptance.

      • Bobinms

        Yes, these people don’t just disagree, they try to hurt people.

    • Jovet

      Two genders in the same person don’t make a family.

  • Robert LaRochelle

    I know I’m not the only one who’s sick and tired of this willy-nilly anything goes push in our society.

    • Tark McCoy

      “No, I’m pretty sure it’s just you!” -screaming inmate being dragged off for another ‘treatment.’

  • amuncat

    I understand that Bruce Jenner is considering “going back” to being a male because he is still attracted to females and hasn’t had the reassignment surgery! Heretofore, they have specifically told us, “You don’t have to worry about a trans molesting females”, oh really?

    According to the CDC RECENT poll, trans, bi’s gay, whatever’s, constitute 1.6% of the American population! They have to work this out with themselves, just like they did to, “come out”! Remember, there is the rest of the world, so YOU must adjust, NOT us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have personally seen men “hang out” near the women’s bathrooms in parks, waiting for the last one! If he had on women’s clothes, he could wait inside! Oh, forgive me, I’m obviously a racist/homophobe!!!!!

    • Jeff Allen

      more than half of all transgenders are straight

      • amuncat

        Are you referring to crossdressers as opposed to transgenders? Crossdressers can be straight, they just like to wear women’s clothes. See how far afield we have come? Now I’m fine tuning! Ridiculous!!!!

    • Kathy Rust

      I don’t think anyone has put rules on how the people invading the bathrooms should be dressed.

      • Anya Williams

        exactly a guy wearing blue jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes could claim to be transgender. Women wear all types of clothes.

        • ladylove

          Obama does like to wear his wife’s jeans, just saying

    • Jovet

      It’s more like 3.8% on average but that number is likely to be somewhat higher in reality since there is a stigma against admitting one is homosexual or is delusional about their biological sex.

      • amuncat

        This was a CONFIDENTIAL poll!!!! It was only 1.6%!!!! The gay mafia wants you and your children to THINK there are more of them, but there aren’t!!!! They want to blur the lines between sexes and confuse your young children!!!!

      • drjgorman

        One out of every twenty-five people, are transgender? That is ridiculous. The number is (supposedly) .33%, not 3.8%. That is one third of one percent, and that is probably a high number.

        • HardToBeHonest

          lets start with basic honesty and logic:

          do you know that those “females” who you want in the girls room WITH YOUR DAUGHTER ARE:

          1. ON MALE HORMONES

          why is it you want them to go with your daughter again?


          you do know gays already use the restroom of those they are sexually attracted to right dummy?

  • amuncat

    Why is the POTUS involved in this?!!! If he want to go out in a blaze a glory, why not address America’s infrastructure, something for the betterment of all!!! …on your way out.

    • Bobinms

      Simple, he hates American and has found another group that he can pit against others to divide and create strife and dissension. Think about it. This was an unknown issue just 6 months ago. What’s amazing is how the media and public in general will fall right in line with this absurdity.

      • PixelPusher777

        I’ve already seen a couple videos of transgender folks crying to gain public sympathy. One was upset because of his ‘bigoted’ school peers who reject him for dates once they find out he is a he…

        • Jovet

          At least he tells them before his dates discover it the “hard” way.

          • Wiggle D

            Yeah. That would likely result in death….

    • Eskymo

      He;s a pervert ….

    • motorcitydead77

      How about he addresses the Heroin appademic in this country. That’s more important then a bathroom situation.

      • ladylove

        he does seem more concerned with gays, lesbians, and transgender’ s that’s for sure.

      • carolisme

        There are few things that are less of real importance than this bogus issue…

    • ladylove

      because he is an idiot, but more so, because he wants to divert attention to this, so we won’t notice what else is going on.

    • Asphalt_Ranger

      Because the betterment of America never crosses his little muslim mind.

  • HonestC

    I am so tired of the FEELINGS of a few people being put before the SAFETY of many people. It’s just not right!

    • Jovet

      It’s the whitewashing of common sense. That’s what I’m tired of.

  • Occam’s Razor

    I’m not visiting any public establishments until it’s firmly re-established that there is a men’s room and a women’s room. geez.

  • Sameold

    This must be the new “gay marriage” controversy that somehow always becomes an election year issue.

  • Golfer1113

    The other 38 need to get off their butts

  • Anya Williams

    I’d like to congratulate Obama for doing more damage to the Democratic party than any Republican could have hoped to.

    • Kathy Rust

      Oh, please, as disgusting as it is, a lot of Democrats still worship the ground he walks on.

      • ladylove

        sadly they do

  • Nosmoke225

    I have a feeling that the Obmaass family get a lot of laughs out of screwing around with the peasants about things like this, race baiting, the immigration madness, gun control ect. ect. Knowing, when it’s all said and done, they will live like royalty the rest of there lives. Laughing their asses off about the stupid peasants that are paying their way.Sad thing is, they are raising two daughters.

  • Ghost Wolf

    Perhaps bathrooms themselves will have to be redesigned and modified nationwide to accommodate the privacy and safety of every individual? Otherwise, there will eventually be brawls and conflict once people get triggered, traumatized or afraid to use public restrooms.
    These freaks should be banned on the streets, go back to their sordid, underworld hangouts and quit making their screwed up, dysfunctional lives everyone else’s business.

    • carolisme

      Problem is, Obama does not want it that way…he claims that is still discrimination if they make something “different” to more easily accommodate the transsexual…. It has to be the same…Do you realize this is like trying to appease a two year old who is having a tantrum?

    • Michael Johanson

      I think a third bathroom should be installed.. But then they would once again use the same civil rights movement of the 60s bill that was used to push the marriage issue to claim segregation…
      I know that has pissed off a lot of black people that have felt that it demeaned everything they fought for.

      • Michael Johanson
      • Ghost Wolf

        Since Trannies and cross-dressers only represent a tiny fraction of the population, it doesn’t warrant spending billion$ nationwide building a third bathroom that rarely if ever gets used in most places. However, all public restrooms could eventually transition to be built similar to outdoor porta-potties with multiple booths for all individuals.
        To me it’s an outrage that liberal backers of this madness always wish to shove something this distasteful in everyone’s face. Their promotion of obscenity and degeneracy must be confronted head on and given a strong thumbs down..

  • PixelPusher777

    The American Thinker

    (one paragraph clip)
    Escape from Obama’s transgender school bathrooms

    By Daren Jonescu

    The sudden (but long anticipated and well prepared) drive for transgender bathrooms in public facilities is part of progressivism’s final assault on modesty and personal privacy. Train children from an early age that sexual behavior is a harmless physical gratification, no more important than scratching an itch; teach them that there are no consequences of sexual activity that cannot be prevented or “taken care of” with a visit to the doctor; teach them that marriage and family are mere lifestyle choices not at all different from any other, and in no essential way related to the erotic impulse; and teach them that nothing but the old-school morality of racists, sexists, and homophobes stands between their bodily urges and a dream world of polymorphous pleasures – teach children all of that, and you have destroyed the soul of man, sapped a generation of its vital energy, and dried up the primary sources of civility, personal responsibility, and moderation.

  • Marie Beckett

    Obama is simply a VERY obedient butt monkey for the Globalists. Part of their plan is to completely break down family which usually is a mom, dad and children, the idea of male and female and also and this is a BIG one….make pedophilia a sexual preference and LEGAL! This might sound far fetched but it is in their own writings…..and for some reason the “elites” love raping their own children and some of these victims have actually come out and talked about it. Actually being two-spirit is very rare……however there are horrid experiments taking place that are messing with our hormones….not only chemically (see here)
    Bu there have also been psychological experimentations ( mind control) done to produce these results. Bruce Jenner is a perfect example….he is NOT two-spirit…..he has been experimented on…..and has no idea. Public restrooms as they are are EXTREMELY dangerous for children NOW! SO many little boys have been molested by pedophiles in public restrooms….so now we are going to make it even MORE dangerous for women and female children to be raped and kidnapped by doing this!?!?!?!? My lesbian friends are VERY aware….more so than my straight girlfriends……on the dangers that women and little girls face in regards to rape. One in three girls and one in six boys have been a victim of sexual abuse. So for ANYONE that see’s this as NOT a problem…then you are either delusional, a pedophile or a complete sociopath! And I don’t give a damn WHAT you identify with!


    I wonder what really important things are happening while all smoke and mirrors are being used to the max? TPP. TIPP new wars we don’t know about. All this bathroom and locker room crap is a bunch t do about nothing.

    • Jovet

      That’s a good point.

      Another is that there are actually a small number of people who are truly intersex. XXY disorder is one example. Which sex are they, and which restroom should they use? (I’m not really sure anyone cares, actually.)

      • Biff

        They need only to look at their birth certificate.
        “You have a baby, you have to wait until it decides what gender it is” said no doctor EVER.

    • bosunj

      Better credit your last two sentences to Rivero.

      • GWFHIB

        And why is that, I do not watch tv let alone fox. I hope he didn’t use my quote on his show.

        • bosunj

          Mike Rivero NOT that asshole Geraldo Rivera. DUH!

    • ladylove

      I agree

    • Courtney

      3 nuclear power plants leaking in the us currently. I believe it in Florida, North Carolina, and newyork( or near it). Look it up it’s pretty crazy.

    • WutDixLibsR

      Actually more important that most understand. If you’re not a Christian, then you can ignore this.
      What this really is, it’s the country spitting in God’s face. Think about this, our country is now saying that God doesn’t know what he’s doing, he don’t know how to make male and female, so we need to correct God.
      God says:
      Deuteronomy 22:5
      A woman shall not wear man’s clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman’s clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God.

      It’s not just obama or the .5% of the LGBTQ’s that are pushing this, most liberals are. Just go read comments on this from liberal news sources. If we don’t agree they tell us we are haters, bigots. If we argue, they show show hate, they are just a bunch of hypocrites.

      If you know the Bible, then you’ve seen what happens when a country goes against God. That is what obama, his leaders and his followers are doing.
      If you remember, before obama was elected for his first term, he said that “we are no longer a Christian nation”. Well, I’m not sure that was a statement, or just his agenda.

      • Asphalt_Ranger

        You can believe that it’s always been his agenda.

      • Michael Johanson

        I agree with a lot of what you have said, however when you misquote something so easily looked up, you discredit everything you had said up to that point. I would retract that Obama quote and find something more tangible.

        • WutDixLibsR

          I missed one word, sorry. It was a mistake, not on purpose, and yea, it was a key word, “just”, thanks for correcting but I can’t see how it discredits everything I said, but if that’s how you want it, so be it.

          • Michael Johanson

            I am being objective. You are dealing with a lot of liberals here, and as I said, you have a valid point, but a mistake like that usually screws the pooch in their eyes.

          • WutDixLibsR

            This is why I apologized and thanked you for pointing it out. I do the same thing too. When I see someone posting or reposting a lie about hillary, obama or any of the other liberal ass’s I can’t stand, I still correct them. There is enough true stuff to knock them down with, we don’t need to step to the liberals level and start making things up and spreading lies.

    • Asphalt_Ranger

      Seems pretty simple to me….

  • William Stearns

    The U.S. Constitution was written to provide for the general welfare of our country. I ask how allowing men who identify as women to use a womens restroom provides for the general welfare of my daughters? I say it doesn’t!!!!

  • Dotson

    someone child going to get raped before some one stands up and put a stop to that asshole obama just wait and see what happened something happen to my grandkids someone going to get hurt bad

    • bosunj

      Illiterate much?

      • carolisme

        We aren’t running a classroom here…leave people alone..

        • bosunj

          Damn skippy this isn’t a classroom where mistakes are supposed to be made. This is the real grown up world where if you’re unable to express yourself effectively you fall by the wayside. This Dotsun wrote gibberish.

  • bosunj

    Time after time your attention to IMPORTANT things is diverted by silliness like this and you fall for it every fucking time. Putting the DUH in DUHmerican.

    • carolisme

      Sorry for misunderstanding your intent…now we are even…

  • sidearm45 .

    Transgenders outside of schools have been using the restroom of their choice for decades. WTF is Obama trying to pull while everyone is freaking out about this. Diversionary tactic.

  • Obama just wants his tranny wife Michael to be able to drain his noodle and poop with the women he identifies with.

    • Occam’s Razor

      geez, why didn’t he just say so… drama.

  • Guillotine_ready

    Obathroom has just cemented his legacy we had Obama phones, Obamacare,
    now the all new Obama Bathroom brought to you by Obathroom the toilet
    bowl president

    • carolisme

      Very clever…I think that should be made official somehow!

  • SonsofAnarchy5768

    This clearly shows that the “states” don’t understand they are above the so called fed gov because the states are we the people and the people are what made the federal government.
    Not to mention this will probably be like when not to long ago some states said they were going to stop the mass invasion of all the supposed refuges, the states need to get a f**king backbone!

  • Melanie Tubbs
  • Sandra

    I just went on a road trip yesterday, and of course had to use public facilities. This is the first time in my 54 years that I have ever worried whether I might encounter a man as I opened the women’s restroom door. In a bathroom in a public park there was a connecting door to a janitorial closet, and I saw a man enter the closet from an outside ďoor. The whole time I was using the bathroom I worried that he might come in through that connecting door. Very unnerving. I tried to get out of there as fast as I could.

  • Zaphod Braden

    They scream “tolerance” but they are INtolerant.
    They scream “HATERS” but look at their twisted faces and spittle dripping mouths.
    They scream “democracy” but they refuse to accept the will of the MAJORITY.
    There has been ZERO “tolerance” or concern for the RIGHTS and FEELINGS of the NON-lbgtafd People, So I see ZERO reason to give a Flying FIG about theirs.
    There are TWO sexes. Male – Female. Anything else is an aberration or a mutation. A man in a woman’s clothes does not make him a woman. Men should not get to be in Women’s bathrooms or lockers!
    There should be a sign available saying: If You’re Not Sure of Your Gender, Stay Out of Both Bathrooms!
    Where is the TOLERANCE for the belief systems that built the Civilization.Show that THEY benefit from?

  • CarolinaPride

    South Carolina would have been first on this list before the disgraceful Nikki Haley. She must go.

  • Covertjeff

    I self identify as a dog, so I just go outside and piss on a fire hydrant.

    • olddog

      Piss on a LIEberal (D)umb-@zz (D)em-wit..THEY LUV golden showers..

    • carolisme

      Good for you! At least you know your place…and you can always carry a port-o-hydant with you to places like Target…

  • Dalton

    I think this is all about Michelle Obama being a transgender and Obama being a homosexual – this pair needs to come out of the closet and admit it.

  • NobodysaysBOO

    The FAGS have been bothering kids in the PUBLIC TOILETS for 60 years that I personally know about, every parent knows NOT to allow their KIDS ALONE in QUEER areas. PROVEN NO QUESTION. You want COPS to do their JOBS put a straight COP in EVERY PUBLIC TOILET!

    This stupid EXCUSE for a president is DISGUSTING impeachment is his legacy.EVERYTHING this fool has done is in the words of that silly asshole G.W.Bush “IT’S JUST a GD PEICE of PAPER!”

  • ladylove

    so it comes out this week that the Iran deal, which most of us knew was nothing more than some backroom deal, that was bad for AMERICA, actually was a backroom deal, that is bad for AMERICA, and that Obama lied to us all, as usual.
    and suddenly Obama creates this whole new drama to get us to look over here.
    I think his mandate, and it is a MANDATE, is wrong on every level., but I have to wonder what it is he doesn’t want us to see or know, so he did this to distract us from something else.
    it is the Rules for Radicals way

  • ladylove

    remember Obama does like to wear his wife’s jeans.

  • One third of one person out of a hundred people are LGBT. That is like one arm and one leg out of four hundred limbs. How is it that this 33.3% of the one person can affect the lives of the other 399.67% of the 400 people?

  • HeyJudeOregon


  • moostrength

    It is one thing for an individual to embrace a fictional identity.

    It is another thing for the federal government to coerce everyone else to embrace it too.

  • moostrength

    The real irony is that while we all argue about the merits of where to poop, Obama’s real agenda is pushing Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) thru Congress, just like he did last year when he brought up gay marriage and banning the confederate flag in order to get the Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP) passed thru Congress.

  • Stacy Talton

    If anyone needs to be IMPREACH, it’s that idiot. Obama is not the person we needed in office 7 years ago. And all he had done is undermind the constitution in this country. He has made it a law that people can sue a gun factory for their guns that kill people. When are we going to realize this man is the devil himself. Revelation said it best when the disciplines described the ending of the world. We as “The People” have 90% to 10% to lgbt people. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am sick and tired of my rights as a heteralsexual being violated. Just because I don’t want to see a penis in the girls bathroom, I’m the bad person. Well, fine, let me be the bad person. And I got news for you, you keep this up and the boys in schools are going to have to have eye surgery, because all the girls are going to be carrying mace!

    • Ghost Wolf

      “The devil himself”? lol
      You are giving far too much prestige to Barry O. – TV figurehead, spokesman and teleprompter reader for the regime in the White House. The devil wouldn’t allow that fool to polish his hooves!
      Otherwise – good post!

  • dustin
  • see John Haller, Prophecy Update for May 15, 2016. Good review on this current situation.

  • Gregoryjford4

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  • wally1121


  • Occam’s Razor

    For Sale:

    Ur In Luck! Just wear and pee. Pee wherever you stand. This one has a radio and speaker so you can enjoy the sounds of men or women only in your personal bathroom while enjoying your pee.

  • John Timothy Cyfers

    You would think since Target lost so much money in the last month. They would think before doing this.

  • justathought22

    What the motus did was say that women and children DO NOT MATTER!!!!! Is this the first step to sharia from the motus????? He has made this statement over and over by his actions and yet people are too stupid to even see it. I will not shop at target. I would pull my children out of public school and home school if this is what they had to deal with. Time to make some sacrifices and do with out to stop this BS.

  • rottenrollin


    Such a…….

    Such a……

    Such a……


  • coffeebeans41

    Sometimes people’s remarks make me speechless! Obama has done so at least 100 times.

  • akoby

    If a transgender has no male “parts” then no problem. But this bill wants any male, with all his parts, dressed like a male, as long as he states that he “feels female” to be able to pee and shower with your little girls. This is just plain wrong and needs to be stopped.

  • Dean

    Stand strong conservatives. I would encourage the other 38 states to join in on the common sense train. Obama needs to be put in his place, he has grossly over reached his authority.

  • Robert David

    Obama… IT IS WRONG……

    … to force men and women to have their nakedness exposed to “surprise visitors” of the other sex in sex-private changing rooms.

    … to put them in a position where they can not avoid seeing the other gender uncovered.

    … to force husbands and wives, who desire to remain covered from the opposite sex by all but their partner, into nakedness before other men and women.

    … to take from parents the right of decision making in when it is appropriate for, and to what degree, their children to be exposed to the opposite sex + sexuality.

    … to take from little ones the right to chose to keep their nakedness covered until they desire to disrobe before a member of the opposite sex.

    … to turn the safety of a school environment into a place of embarrassment, shame, lust, bullying and danger.

    … to insist on the “right” of confused individuals to be able to change with whoever they please, and to ignore the right of every other individual to have a sex segregated privacy space.

    … to take from parents the right to know (+ of veto) if their child will be sleeping in a room with the opposite sex on school trips.

    … to force children to sleep in the same rooms with other sexes when it is against their own moral values.

    … to force the normal person to use gender terms e.g “zee” referring to something that doesn’t exist, and is in rebellion to God.

    … to force liberal evil upon a Christian (yes, still) nation. YOU declaring the passing of christianity does not make it so!

    “So here, in a nutshell, is the government’s new policy with regard to sex and sexuality among youngsters:

    • If you’re a boy who shows a picture of your penis to a girl in your class, you have likely violated both federal child pornography laws as well as local sexual harassment laws. If this happens consistently in your school, the school has violated Title IX.

    • If you’re a boy who says he’s a girl, the girl must be placed in position to see your penis and testicles. If the school does not allow this, the school has violated Title IX.

    • If you’re an adult who sexually touches a child with the consent of the child, you have committed a crime, since children are incapable of consent.

    • If you’re an adult who gives a child hormone therapy or surgery to prevent normal development of the genitals, with the consent of the child, you are a hero.”

    “It’s interesting that it’s the very same liberal voices who have in recent years been so agitated about girls’ rights — who’d call a wolf-whistle assault, let alone a grope — now say any worried women should pipe down”

    “At least one of the plaintiffs, a female student at the high school, was harassed and bullied because she is uncomfortable changing in the same locker room with a biological boy.

    “While she was in the changing stall, other girls who were in the locker room began calling her names, including ‘transphobic’ and ‘homophobic’,” the lawsuit states.”

    You want proof? Look how many men have this response on comments sections” “Wow! Now I really do miss school!” … You see the problem?!?!?!

  • Jim Keller

    States where you get to procreate with your sister


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