Boston Bomber’s Mother Says “America is the Real Terrorist,” Praises Sons

The Wicked Witch of Chechnya: Mama Tsarnaev’s text message rant against the U.S.

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Just as the victims of 2013’s Boston Marathon bombing received a needed sense of closure from yesterday’s conviction of Dhozkhar Tsarnaev — who faces a possible death penalty — the beast that spawned the Muslim terrorist brothers uttered something horrible today that may reopen their wounds.

The Tsarnaev’s  mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaev, unleashed a sick rant in a text message to supporters this morning that shows what she thinks of the verdict. First, the ghoulish mom called the convicted killer ‘my precious boy’ before going on a rant against the United States:

America is the real terrorist and everyone knows that,” she ranted.

There was also some motherly love directed toward her vicious sons,  Dhozkhar and Tamerlan, who planted two pressure-cooker bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013, murdering three people and injuring more than 260, many with horrific injuries and amputations:

I will never forget it. May god bless those who helped my son,” she continued. “My son is the best of the best.

Remember, this is a woman who was shown nothing but generosity and kindness by America — which allowed the Chechen Muslim family in as “refugees,” where they lived on welfare for more than a decade.

In return for our kindness, her sons killed a young boy, Richard Martin, 8, along with Lu Lingzi, 23, Krystle Campbell, 29, and Sean Collier, 27, an MIT policeman.

Twitter respondents don’t believe her son Dhozkhar is the “best of the best:”


Exactly — yet Obama is bringing Muslims in like never before — even though we have no idea who most of them are.

Thankfully, the monstrous troll has stayed in Chechnya for the past two years — because she has an outstanding U.S. warrant in Massachussetts — for shoplifting.

But if Americans don’t want to see more such jihad attacks, they should demand their elected officials put an immediate halt to the importation of all Muslim so-called “refugees.”


  • Larry Strickland

    hey mama Tsarnaev, your precious little boy is going to make some new close friends where he is going. I hope they show him the same kind of compassion to him as when your 2 precious boys did when they planted and set off those bombs.

  • Stephen E Birmingham

    She is a TERRORIST AS WELL….Arrest her and prosecute her to the highest limit of the law

    • madalon baum

      She’s in Chechnya.

      • HarryTheCat

        Yup…there’s a warrant for her arrest in the U.S. for a shoplifting charge. Probably trying to boost some pressure cookers.

  • James Berry

    Evil spawns from the ugliest of people. Whether that be ugly on the inside or outside…which this woman has both in abundance.

  • Otter58701

    I hope they fry her son.

    • Random

      Me too.

      • ak

        Why not apply Sharia law and behead instead?

        • Deb

          No I think they should give everyone in Boston a rock and Stone him to death.

          • Ferrari fan

            rocks coated in bacon grease,

    • Cliff_Skridlow

      I’d give this guy less than a 50% chance of living until his execution. Gen. Pop. will take him out eventually.

      • Jim Nolan

        Sure hope so!

      • Alan

        Naw he’ll go into Punk City. They would never hear the end of it if the put him in Gen Pop and he got popped before his date with “ol sparky”

    • madalon baum

      I don’t think they should execute him. He’s young and a life without parole sentence would be horrible. But He won’t live long in prison. Prisoners seem to have their own code of honor, and this doesn’t fit the code!!

      • Ferrari fan

        I’d rather execute him than have taxpayer dollars be spent to keep him alive.

        • Steve Cain

          But all the money that would cost from all the taxpayers since this is a federal prosecution in appeals can be better spent elsewhere. Let him rot until the other inmates deliver Jeffrey Dahmer justice.

        • Cindy Hager Dorgan

          Execute him and let the judge in heaven judge him, we are not to judge and by putting him in jail, only would allow terrible people to torture him which is also not right, he needs to meet his maker.

        • Kathy

          They should execute and swiftly. Why should taxpayers pay for his room and board, three squares a day, etc.

  • SCYankee99!

    she looks like such a level headed woman surprised to hear her say such nonsense!

  • Scotty P

    What’s amazing is someone actually bedded that Popeye Sea Hag looking b*tch. Hope she chokes on some spicy falafel.

    • WINNER!

    • bob foster

      how about a good pork sandwich?

  • abaton7

    And your little dog too!

  • dan52d

    Ahhh the religion of love.

    • Random

      Anything but…………

  • Douglas Williams

    Our immigration system uniting terrorists with their terrorists families. But the United States government wants to spy on American citizens….

    • My opinion.

      Well said Douglas..

    • Xerocky

      wants to? IS. IS spying on American Citizens.

  • Nancycarol

    What I see there in her photo, is the living face of hate. It’s no wonder her sons have come to such a violent end, look at the hate she reflects there, and then ask yourself how anyone could have bedded such a hateful, ugly woman. The man who sired the children had to be worse than she is. Get rid of these people, get them out of our country NOW, before it’s too late.

    • My opinion.

      Stop all Muslims from entering our country..

      • arnie

        Not going to happen unless the people of the USA kick out all the BASTARD POLITICIANS….especially the demoRATS!

        • Steve Crawford

          No, Immigrants like Cruz and Bastard Politicians specialty RepubliRATS need to be deported.

          • Hiesenberg

            Especially the demoturds from Kenya , millions spent to seal records , something stinks .

          • LORATORNITO

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          • arnie

            Another nut case ….get real….find out what the hell is going on with our country…..

      • Marge Fox

        And get the ones in our country out.

      • Margaret Baker

        They’re already here!

    • madalon baum

      Rest easy….She’s out. As stated above, she’s been in Chechnya for the last 2 years. Can’t come back. There’s a warrant out for her arrest in Massachusetts for shoplifting. (phew! good thing).

      • loverofcats

        Don’t rest too easy. There was a high speed police chase the other day here in Arizona. The man had been deported 22 times!

    • john

      you berate her and condemn her for being hateful, then your response is hate. She is a monster but you are a hypocrite

      • Michael Butler

        hate that is obviously deserved i see no hypocrisy she never said she loved her or her kind as you must surely do

  • Random

    What can you say to ‘super crazy’? Tell her she is wrong? Tell her she should die? Tell her she needed a hysterectomy at 10 years old? Tell her that she needs to get into a rocket to Mars and be the first one there………….? What can you say to crazy? Not much.

    • Guest

      She’s one of millions…

  • My opinion.

    We must stop all Muslims coming into America.. I know, the future will bring more terrorists attacks. Islam really isn’t the religion of peace.. Don’t kid yourself..

    • Kay

      No we don’t need to stop all Muslims, but we need to ask more questions about where these people are coming from and who they are associated with. Newsflash they were here before our retarded leader came into office so even his dumb ass can’t be blamed for this. You can blame this crap on the idiot that was Bush.

      • rochesternative

        Just had three children at my center come from Turkey, The children were removed from the mother’s custody upon ARRIVING in the USA. They are muslims and cute little kids. However, who knows how radical the parents are or if they will eventually become radicalized themselves. (the father is working to get the kids back…but even after two months has no job or place to live)

        • Kathy

          ‘Removed from parents because they’re homeless or abusive?

          • rochesternative

            From what I understand mom had a mental break in the airport. Dad appears to be jobless, but don’t know where he is living. But they are living in foster care, coming to daycare, AND being picked up by medical motors for visits to mom…all on the taxpayer dime. Welcome to America!

          • Kathy

            But let your average, hard working citizen, veteran or elderly person need assistance, you can forget that ever happening

      • Lady Lenora

        not on Bush either, all of the lax immigration since Vietnam. Everyone was afraid of upsetting people who were getting their freeby labor from south of the border… Obama just ramped it up telling people to come illegally, we won’t deport you etc.

      • Mike

        No, no, Kay. The entire problem in this country for the past 6 years has been the arrogant narcissist occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC.

      • madalon baum

        I agree with you about not stopping all, but needing to check A LOT better now days. But Bush didn’t start it all. Bin Laden and his boys were around way before George!

        • Steve Cain

          Bin Laden is actually Reagan’s fault.

      • My opinion.

        Stop all Muslims and politician rino’s ..but people like you Kay always blaming Bush.. People are tired of excuses, blame Bush, No…., blame people like you who voted for Obama..You’re the problem Kay..

      • Gammi2Anna

        Just what will it take for you to stop blaming Bush for all the miseries that Obama has deliberately brought to America? When will it ever be his fault? When will you believe that he has done more to destroy America in his 6 years in office than all the combined efforts of the enemies from the countries that hate America. Obama is and will always be a promoter of divisiveness and hatred, especially against America and our citizens. How can you justify your statement that the Boston bombing is Bush’s fault? Did anyone blame Clinton for the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks in New York? Nope, all the libs and media trolls jumped on the blame Bush wagon. Just enlighten me Please, What would have to happen before you would ever put blame on Obama? Is he Teflon coated where nothing can stick to him? What is it that blinds so many to the destructive manner in which he has operated during his reign of being the most controversial president in the history of America?

    • HarryTheCat

      They’ll all detonate, sooner or later.

  • JO

    But what if she is right? Has anyone stopped to ask that question?

  • Winston Null

    Well this is not even shocking. I get sick of people ,especially US citizens, who constantly run down this country and yet the USA is where everyone in the world wants to live. We should ship her over to service ISIS soldiers……………

    • bob foster

      they would probably send her back!

    • Kathy

      Hahahahahaha!!!! They’d probably still rape the poor blessed goats .

  • Scotty P

    *stands back with arms folded*

    Waiting for the “inside job” crowd to arrive.

  • Brenda southerland

    I think America needs to depot every Mualim out of America today. They take food stamps welfare go to our schools and complain about everything here. The Muslims are the terrorists. GO HOME MUSLIMS.

    • Debbie Harris

      Amen to that.

  • Huskergram

    She’s the same witch that claimed the US was supposed to take care of her sons. Well, we took care of one. Soon we’ll take care of the other one.

  • Corey Lampert

    Come on she’s NOT the wicked witch of the west…that’s the witch that gave Snowwhite the poisoned apple.

  • Phil Brown

    how fast everyone has forgotten that these 2 boys where not suppose to be in america.. and obama lost track of them. they where suppose to have been deported on 2009 but obama allowed them to stay.. but illegals wont hurt us..

    • Debbie Harris

      Are we really sure Obama lost track of them? I’m beginning to think not…that he knew all along.

      • Nunyaa

        Conspiracy theorists all over the net, no wonder people think the way they do about redneck comments.

      • Kathy

        They were in college, weren’t they? And getting welfare and other freebies?

  • rich

    hope she chokes on a pig pud

  • RJD

    crazy bitch… do you see (true) American citizens bombing to
    get their way? Maybe the occasional nut-job here or there… but not as a
    rule… they even make bombers out of their children…. Animals !

  • innocentuntilprovenguilty

    I don’t believe these boys did this horrible act, and I probably never will. It doesn’t make any sense, none of it does. Why had the news not followed up with any of the victims? Seems too unreal to me. I think those 2 kids were targeted and set up, but that is just my opinion, I have no evidence either way….

    • Gary Knapp

      Doesn’t his admission of guilt point you towards him being guilty, or are you just not one who believes in that sort of thing?

    • Debbie Harris

      Hahahahahaha…oh wait, you’re serious. FRAMED? Seriously? OK….he was innocent and proven guilty. Not a set up. GUILTY….get it G-U-I-L-T-Y. Now go and read the transcripts of the trial.

  • David Carpenter

    And just think……Obama will be dumping hundreds off thousands of Muslims all over the country! This woman is in mourning. I understand that she lost one son and will lose another. The difference between her and other mothers is, her sons are/were murderers!

  • Garth Häävelschlockë

    Joker Vaginaev. It’s what it sounds like.

  • Linda Yoder

    That female needs a DICK in that PIE HOLE, there all nuts.

  • Patriot63

    Deport her sorry a$$! Then put her sorry son in front of a firing squad!

  • Twila Diddily Do Flanders

    DEATH to this B**ch and all that are like her/him! Get them out of the USA and keep them out!

  • Harley The Ram Davidson

    send this bitch back to where she came from.

  • Lin

    PLS ARREST HER NOW—– hope I’M wrong that she’s as bad

  • Cheeto

    Maybe she’s waiting for him in paradise, not the virgins he was expecting…

  • Roland Garnett

    Beheading seems appropriate……but we don’t do that. A bullet would work for me. I have not heard what the family members of the victims really feel or want but I know how I would feel.

  • bedfordthegreat

    And just like that, she has replaced Hillary as the 2016 Democrat frontrunner

    • Lenny Dudley


  • Lenny Dudley

    Rolling Stone magazine…called her the love momma

  • Mary Bovary

    I wonder if you dump water on her, will she melt?

    • Kathy

      Let’s not take any chances, make it gasoline and fire

  • Scotty P

    Meanwhile..somewhere in the Middle East (said in my Legion of Super Friends voice)

    Suicide vests are being strapped to children. F you b*tch, F you.

  • wayne8734

    They need to deport the bitch!!!~!!

    • Lady Lenora

      she’s in Chechnyia

  • Jeff Atha

    Did a house fall on her sister

  • Lady Lenora

    Don’t think she loved her kids, they are just soldiers to her. Better off with the death penalty.

  • Kendranunya

    if as you say we are th real terrorists why dwas your cumbad son foun guilty

  • Sandee Sutphin

    Let’s start with this ungrateful, delusional, hatemonger paying back America’s welfare system from which she bilked untold thousands. She had no issue w/ us, then!

  • bigsurprise

    And THIS is why her son is like he is…WHY are they allowed to be in America….or any others of them who speak like this…After all , freedom of speech is one thing…and is for Americans, and those wanting to become Americans…NOT for FOREIGN TERRORISTS who have infiltrated our land !!!! This is treasonist warmongering anti american hatred spreading people and shoudl be promptly escorted out with their entire family !!! LISTEN TO ME goverment of MINE…OURS ….WE THE PEOPLE ARE SICK TO DEATH OF THIS…SEND EVERYONE HERE ILLEGALLY AND WHO SPOUT DEATH TO AMERICA< AND SHARIA LAW, AND WHO ARE TRYING TO TAKE US OVER FROM WITHIN ….OUT N O W !!!! AND stop ALL IMMIGRATION and SECURE OUR BORDERS !!!

  • Patriot

    Oh this dude is FUCKED, literally and figuratively!!
    I hope he likes lipstick and ponytails!!

  • arnie

    Go back to where ever you bitch came from……MUSLIM SCUM BAGS….GO HOME!

  • George Hunt

    Shove a brick of C4 where the sun don’t shine on Him and set it off!

  • Pat Hollingsworth

    not only halt to all future refugees but deport active muslims back to their country.

    we don’t need their hate and more killings.

    • Debbie Mccormack

      I too agree that these people should go back to their country and no more refugees coming here. They don’t agree with how we do things so they should go back!

  • Colleen Cardoza Souza

    They should deport her back home!

  • Jerry Gowins

    Here, maybe this helps.

  • cfrench1

    We should end her suffering by putting her on a flight to the muzzie hell hole of her choice. Tomorrow.

  • Mike


  • Jeff

    Deport her ass to hell.

  • reichmarshall

    and this is what Obama is letting into the country….we’ve got a war coming and we better be ready!!

    • Steve Cain

      They were here WAY before President Obama. Quit projecting.

  • dvillediva

    Now that’s a face crying for a burka.

  • madalon baum

    Besides being drop dead nutz, ain’t she purty???

  • MontieR

    Hansel and gretel anyone.

  • Transplanted Yankee


  • Jim Miller

    Great to know the young terrorist was convicted, his mother looks as evil as the 2 brothers but, the obama Adm. also share the blood on the Boston Bombing, the Russian intelligence informed the Obama Adm. twice of Tamerlan tsarnaev

    But, the Obama Adm. opted to ignore the Russian warning and didn’t arrested him when he returned back to the USA, Obama guilty by Assn. although the DoJ & the GOP “Gutless Obama’s Puppets” looked the other way.

    • Kathy

      They couldn’t help it….They just needed jobs for building their self-esteem!!!

  • John Cheek

    Why is this itch in this country? if she thinks it is so bad, PACK YO STINKING UGLY ASS BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY !

  • Margaret Baker

    They’re coming across our open borders like a tsunami.

    • dareisay

      With their hand out, our gov will give them whatever they want…They all know how to scam us because our government doesn’t’ care!

  • David Mulloy

    The Photo shop stuff is cool; bitch still needs a hat and a broom!!

  • dareisay

    We need to get our money back from her someway!

    How stupid can we be, that we pay tuition for these people to go to college here, food stamps, etc…..and pay them to blow us up?!

    Are our D.C. ELITES ever going to quit taking from us to give to the world?

  • Roger W. Hamilton

    I wonder if she knows what DEPORTATION means.

  • jeanette zobjeck


  • HarryTheCat

    They should check with Florida and ask about borrowing “Old Sparky” for a couple of days.

  • Bob Markle

    Deport the bitch, after her sorry ass kid is put to death

  • Bob Markle

    Welfare queen

  • Tony

    I think she meant to say that he was the best of the best bombers that her family has turned out so far.

  • chris

    So boston, the hotbed of support of ira murderers and butchers now know how it feels to have their people murdered on their streets the same way the ira murdered the loyal protestant people of ulster. Some people would call that karma. So my question to the American people who support the ira, do you still class them as ‘freedom fighters’ after all the scumbags who bombed boston are claimin to be ‘freedom fighters’ to

  • Guest

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  • Dean R White

    Extremist Radical Islamic Muslim,s or any Muhammedan or Daesh – Sharia Law – Hamas – ISIS and Boko Haram have NO place in American Society or any Civilized Society and should be culled with Extreme prejudice

  • Yazra

    lol… cant take this serious. the txt message shown in the first picture was in Russian….

  • Oklahoma

    just throw her a ham hock wrapped in bacon and tell her to go home……..

  • sgb1

    Deport her?

  • Debbie Mccormack

    A lot of people from their country and other countries as well feel animosity towards us. They’ve been taught to feel we are the enemy. I don’t understand why we even try. We should just focus on our people and take care of the hungry and injured of our land.

  • FollowDaMoney

    If Barry had a sister this is what she would resemble.

  • FullRoost

    Somebody punch that b*tch, quick . . .

  • Davey Dunn

    piss on obamas goat fling allah

  • Eagle MacCallister

    The stupid Bitch comes to this country and sits on welfare. Her son is a terrorist and murderer; then has the nerve to say that America is the real terrorists! Throw this filthy pig faced cow into shark infested waters. You think America is terrorists. Whore,! I could become your WORST NIGHTMARE!!! And your final last one, too!!!

  • Brennen Hankins

    My best friend’s family all grew up on welfare. He repaid that debt by signing up for the Air Force alongside of me. Compare my buddy to this douchebag and his mother. They’re not even worth the dust his shoes kick up when he walks.

  • Hack

    They should send her a picture of a pig kissing his ass good-bye in the electric chair!!

  • Darrell

    She is lucky she is in a country where she can speak as freely about a murderer as she does her son

  • Pete Sikes

    If America is so bad, why did you come here?

  • Dave McManus

    If I had a face like hers I would be angry too…

  • Hank Beukema

    Never should have been allowed in this country in the first place.. Give her a pork chop, and send her home…Hang her and her son together.

  • Billie F Smith

    Your sons were murdering thugs! You raised them to be that way, they were doing what they were trained for, You surely cannot think any one of you is best of the best, unless you are all tertrorists and jihadists!

  • Cliff Gridley

    Now you know why their men make them wear bags on their head !!!!!!!!

  • Sendthemallback

    Be nice, the poor thing has to be on the constant lookout for falling houses…

  • byebyebigred

    Damnable hag!

  • Kathy Buddensick Hamdy

    She does not give a crap about the lives her “”precious baby boy” destroyed, I hope she is haunted with the fact her sons are scum and one is burning in hell!

  • Jerry Pettigrew

    Get on your broom and fly back to your home country.

  • Roger Bence

    death to all muslims there is no such thing as moderate they either commit acts of war and aggression or stand by and celebrate and rejoice at the results of such acts islam is satan personified



  • Joan Bryan

    We are all hoping you go to Hell woman, where you son is, and hopefully, the other one will so be.

  • Barbara Ann Ballard Lehman

    What a real bitch sick is all I can say and GOD BLESS AMERICA and our ways+

  • Brenda Golden

    This woman would look good in a full face berka. Well maybe not good but less offensive. She instilled hate and violence in her children and now blames others for what she did. She needs to be the one in prison as she had the primary hand in killing her own children.

  • Cindy Coss

    Take her citizenship away. And put her on the no fly list.
    Why is it that people who believe that even move here. If you don’t like America, leave or just stay out.

  • Tim Culbert Sr

    Islam is a “dynamite” religion…I hope she see’s her son’s execution (coward that he is)…what a twisted cult Islam is…

  • Tallfritz

    Her son should be executed along with her and both buried in lard.

  • uglyamerican

    Muslims are not refugees. They are doing all of the violence in their countries to their own people as well as everyone else. They are fifth-Column Invaders. Want evidence? Look at what’s happening in France and all over Europe.

  • uglyamerican

    We stopped getting ‘immigrants to the USA last century. People coming from foreign nations now are settlers who want to make our country a perfect copy of theirs so they can feel at home.
    Smart people would see that for what it is,,,invasion and colonialism.

  • Kenneth Crouse

    This isn’t their mother, but their father going incognito! He is also an ISIS leader going drag.

  • William

    how about spraying her with muriatic acid.

  • Schooner1984

    She raised two terrorists of course she isn’t the problem.

  • Jay

    She looks familiar:


    Is she obama real mother

  • Edward Dawkins


  • ki-lee

    now I know where the idea of evil witches come from in the story books

  • stuck in la

    stick a bomb up her ass and ship her back to the middle east then call her……..than BOOM fry her asshole son first so he hear about it

  • John Bloom

    Maybe he needs a little pigs blood thrown on him as he frys…

  • Ron Bannister

    And why is this woman still on US soil? Deport her!

  • Guest

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  • Cindy Hager Dorgan

    If she is caught in the United States, they should allow her to be stoned by all of the victims of the children she instilled such senseless hate into.

  • tgm103

    our officials only worried about filling their pockets and emptying ours.

  • Gary Bell

    She should have been charged too and be sentenced to death along side her son.

  • Stan Bryars

    It does my heart good to see how much love she has for her son and how much anguish she has over the verdict.
    Will make it that much sweeter to know how much torment she will feel, not only when he is finally put to death, but every day that he languishes in prison awaiting that sentence to be carried out and knowing that she can not comfort him in any way

  • Xerocky

    Hey you ugly old miserable wretch, if the United States are the real terrorists, then why didn’t you insist that your children not live here?

  • Guest

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  • Jonathan Arthur

    Honestly you have the nerve to spew all that hate, living here as a refugee on welfare then gtfo ASAP and stay there they’re are plenty of grateful people happy to make a living in the U.S. enjoy the lesser then less life in your pathetic dwelling witch ass hoe,


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