Border Patrol Stunned After Seeing Whose Identity This Illegal Alien Had Stolen


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Border Patrol agents doing a routine check on a bus full of potentially illegal aliens couldn’t believe their eyes when one illegal handed them his ID.

At the Falfurrias, Texas checkpoint, agents did a double-take as the Houston-bound passenger handed the agents credentials that said he was a 34-year-old Edinberg resident named David and included a social security number and birth certificate.

But they knew the illegal was using stolen identity, because they knew darn well who the real “David” was — he was a fellow Border Patrol agent assigned to the Falfurrias sector.

Totally insane.

Conservative Post reports:

After realizing that the illegal alien had false records, they took him to the local border patrol station for questioning where he finally admitted that he was actually 24-year-old Orlando Castaneda-Diaz, a citizen of Mexico who crossed the border illegally on Apr. 12.

So, where in the world did this guy obtain a border patrol agent’s complete identity? Apparently, for the mere sum of $2,000, he bought it from an identity dealer in Matamoros, Mexico.

After his admission, the illegal, identity-stealing alien was arrested and agents contacted the U.S. State Department’s Diplomatic Security Bureau due to the circumstances.

Castanada-Diaz was charged with making a false claim to U.S. citizenship and was scheduled for a hearing this week.

Hopefully, President Obama doesn’t get wind of the man’s situation, or he might be offered welfare, free college and a luxury apartment before he’s scheduled for deportation because, well, that’s how the Obama administration rolls.

Indeed, that is true. But what should scare most Americans is that: if illegal aliens — right now — are becoming so brazen as to steal the identities of border patrol agents and pass them off like it’s no big deal, can you imagine just how bad this situation is going to be if Obama gets his way and executive amnesty is launched in full?

  • Alex Samaniego

    But I thought that border patrol checkpoints are evil, ineffective and unconstitutional?

    This man must be released because of the un-American way he was arrested! (Sarcasm level at 110% percent)

    • Brenda southerland

      They all need sent home and the border needs seal up.

    • jag1957

      At a border patrol checkpoint AT THE BOARDER. not fifty miles north.

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      • Rexford L

        sure.. not a problem, just secure the border itself so the illegal criminals coming north HAVE to use that border checkpoint.. right now it’s about as like a screen door on a submarine, USELESS..

      • Diana Kerr

        Exactly why does it matter WHERE they’re apprehended (either at the border or 50 miles north)? You think border jumpers STAY at the border??

      • PAMPOI

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      • TabBCat

        I didn’t know that illegal aliens turned into legal residents once they made it 50 miles from the border.

        • Stan Bryars

          But did you know that legal citizens do not turn into subjects 50 miles form the border?

          The supreme court has ruled that you do not have to show your papers to any officer unless they have reasonable suspicion that you have committed a crime.
          Does my proximity to the border make me a reasonable crime suspect?

  • Brenda southerland

    They need to buils a brick wall with barb wire at the top and stop all of them why is it all these people come here why dont they fight for their own country learn to dig clean wells plant crops chop wood and bulid homes how do they think America got started. They need to do something but breed and then bring their burden here.

    • Penny Forsberg

      why should they do any of that when they can come here and get it all for free

      • Sam W

        And immediately receive welfare from the obamy administration. The future demoncraps are coming in to elect hitlery…..

    • Haydee Harris


    • akela

      they also need to find and seal up the tunnels that have been dug under the Rio Grande. Yes they are big enough to send a truck tho.

    • Ron Joy

      WWHHHAAATTTT???? ARE YOU SUGGESTING HARD LABOR??? When they can pay a $2000 fee and get it all free from Obummur? And if they get caught they will just be Pardoned by the King himself!

  • Mike

    It would be funny if next they got someone crossing as Obama.

    • HarryTheCat

      LOL…how do you think Barry got here in the first place?

    • Gatortrapper

      Why not? His SSAN apparently is getting a second use already.

  • Dave Andre

    I hope they put that POS in jail with the meanest nastiest criminals so he’ll remember his time in jail.

  • Tesla Rawks

    Infect them all with Ebola and deport them to their home country.
    Then demand the border be closed because of break outs in other countries.

  • Davey Dunn

    Obama quran pig

  • James Waters

    Sure they catch them… Then they go before a hearing judge.. per orders by Obama they are given a day to appear before a deportation judge and let free out on American city streets.. oh they have to PROMISE they will show up for their hearing…. nine out of ten do not !!!

    • akela

      they broke the law to get here, so why would a judge take their word that they’ll show up in a couple of days to be deported. honestly the stupidity of some of our laws is unreal.

  • Carole Naro

    Where did this illegal get the $2000 to pay for his ID? Not saying that they should let him into the U.S., but if they have the money to cross the border with false documents, how many others are doing the same.

    • Mickey

      They get the money from others that have already gotten into the country and are getting money either from the welfare programs or working and then sending it ‘home’ to bring the next load of them across. Wash, rinse, repeat…

  • Larry C Mason


  • Ann

    No problem. Obama will buy him a ticket to the high life in Merica!

  • L0525111

    So sick of this Sh**.

  • Wiggle D

    Torture them in private for all their knowledge and then drop their husk in the desert. Don’t get that POTUS involved. He’ll just cause us problems.

  • Marvin Thayer

    Dumbest ass in captivity literally

  • Pray Hard

    Seriously, we have enough roofers and yard workers.

  • frances chipps

    the problem is not the name he gave when arrested, it is that he broke our law to enter into the US.

    • dfdffgfy5r

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  • Golfer1113

    obama probably gave him the ID

  • serd

    It is a very common practice to steel identities. All those illegal hotel workers have a ss number they call it “chueco” and they get good tax refunds because they claim lots of kids even the ones that are still in Mexico.somebody has to do something

  • 19mad74

    It always amazes me how the open border crowd claims how desperate and poor these invaders are. Yet, this guy can cough up $2,000 to steal someone else’s identity. They’re also using the internet to file bogus tax returns and are getting money back from the IRS. Nice huh?

  • Jeffrey Oviatt

    we need to cut the benefits they receive and they will self deport and stop coming. problem solved.

  • Guest

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