Bombshell: Roy Moore Accuser Admits She FORGED Yearbook

by Ben Callen | Top Right News

Beverly Young Nelson has finally admitted that she forged a portion of the infamous high school yearbook that she and attorney Gloria Allred used as proof of her accusations against U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore.

And in yet another blow to the credibility of ABC News, the disgraced, left-wing network downplayed the bombshell by presenting this admission of forgery as adding “notes” to the inscription. Worse still, the reporter actually coaches Nelson, puts words in her mouth, downplay the enormous significance of her deceit.

“Nelson admits she did make notes to the inscription,” ABC News tells us. “But the message was all Roy Moore.”

“Beverly, he signed your yearbook,” ABC News reporter Tom Llamas says.

“He did sign it,” she replies.

“And you made some notes underneath.”

Yes,” Nelson says.

“Notes?” What??

Unbelievably, after a woman admits to forging a document used in a campaign to destroy the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Alabama, ABC News quickly moves on as though it is not news of extraordinary consequence.

Llamas also failed to ask any follow-ups, such as “If the explanation is this simple, why wait all these weeks to offer it?” Or, “Why did you lie?”

This is fake news manufactured in real-time!

Nelson is accusing Moore of attempting to assault her when she was just 16-years-old. With the election just four days away, this admission of forgery could not come at a better time for Moore. Nelson and Allred are planning a news conference Friday, but nothing will overcome the forgery admission.

Recall that when Nelson first presented her fraudulent “evidence,” people quickly noticed two different colored inks used:

And CNN was slammed for publishing the photo in black and white…a clear attempt to hide the truth of Nelson’s forgery:

How can anyone believe anything she says after admitting to such a thing? Early reports are that Nelson and Allred will produce an expert to prove the rest of the yearbook is not a forgery. So a proven forger is bringing in her own expert. What an insult to the people of Alabama.

Another problem with Nelson is that she has a motive to lie and forge: as a circuit judge, Moore ruled against her in a 1999 divorce case.

The Moore campaign has been pressuring Nelson and Allred for weeks to submit the yearbook for independent handwriting analysis. Now everyone knows why that request was rejected and ignored.

With Nelson now thoroughly discredited, this leaves two accusers against Moore.

John Nolte details the sketchy credibility of Moore’s other belated accusers:

One is Leigh Corfman, who claims Moore molested her as a 14-year-old child. She is the most credible of the three, but the narrative behind her story, that Moore’s abuse resulted in Corfman’s living a troubled life of “drinking, drugs, boyfriends, and a suicide attempt,” is directly contradicted by contemporaneous court records.

Moore’s final accuser is Tina Johnson, a woman who claims Moore groped her butt in his office in 1991. But, again, as was the case with Corfman and Nelson, the left-wing media outlets reporting these allegations (the Washington Post, either failed to fully vet the accusers or withheld crucial context.

Thanks to New Media’s going behind these discredited outlets to fact check the reporting, we now know that Johnson did not tell the entire truth. She was not in Moore’s office “on business.” If she was in Moore’s office at all, it was due to a bitter custody battle where Moore represented Johnson’s mother, who was trying to gain custody of Johnson’s 12-year-old son based on the claim that Johnson was an “unfit, absent, and unstable mother.”

If the media and the accusers and Gloria Allred told the full truth to begin with, they would all be more credible.

As far as the accusations against Moore involving his wanting to date teenage girls, those are trumped-up charges, utter nonsense. The age of consent in Alabama was and is 16. Moreover, 40 years ago, it was not at all uncommon in the South for a 32-year-old man to seek a much younger bride. So not only did Moore not break the law, he was not violating any social mores. 

So now that Nelson and Allred’s forgery has been exposed…and admitted…will either of them be arrested for their crime?

  • Peter Brown

    Big shocked look.

  • 一言不发岂能证明我来过了?!

  • taxpayer22

    Roy Moore Accuser Admits She FORGED Yearbook

    • Reddkliff11

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  • dan9el

    Well, let’s take a quick look at something simple here, shall we?

    “Implications of Roy Moore Accuser’s Admission That She Doctored Yearbook Signature”

    Sow, what else is new?…course they twist,… lie through their teeth like there is no tomorrow.

    This people [ the liberal sector ] they do not know what else to do.

    Here is the thing.

    During the 2016 presidential elections campaign period the media and the pollsters were presenting Donald Trump as down all over the entire country, and presenting Hillary Clinton as a ‘done deal’ for presidential platform winner;…basically, the so called information was just a monumental load of deception ….bloody lies…..and what did happen?…we all know very very well what the outcome was, don’t we all?

    Well, you see, right now the GOP and their associates ( the liberal dishonest media, and the so called pollsters, had been trying the same thing about Mr Moore … , what is the voters from Alabama ( which are the ones ultimately to decide ) give a surprise to the GOP and Co…..electing Judge Moore for Senate?…it just may happens….and the dynamics are into that vector.

    Now, lets; wait for the outcome, shall we?


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