BOMBSHELL: N.C. Sen. Kay Hagan Campaign Workers Caught on Video Telling Illegal Aliens to VOTE


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

“Voter fraud does not exist.”

That has been the Democrat’s Orwellian mantra for years, in a cynical attempt to defeat any and all photo ID laws.

But as Top Right News has reported multiple times, Democrats commit massive organized voter fraud across the nation every election cycle.  With illegal aliens, felons, even dead people. They just don’t usually get caught.

Well they just did — on video.

Intrepid investigative reporter James O’Keefe sent a team to North Carolina’s hotly-contested Senate race — the most expensive in the nation — and found blatant efforts by workers for Democrat Senate Candidate Kay Hagan to encourage illegal aliens to vote — a “Class 1 felony.”

Even a worker for a Democrat candidate for  Sheriff was caught encouraging fraud.


Stunning. But not surprising.

P.S. I noticed in the comments people asking “If they are illegal aliens, how on Earth did they register to vote?” The answer was one of the most nefarious laws signed by President Bill Clinton during his two years with a Democrat majority in the Congress: the Motor Voter Law of 1993. This law allowed people to register to vote at the same time they got their drives licenses,  so long as they ATTEST that they are citizens. No proof of citizenship is required, insanely. And that was exactly the point: the law was designed for facilitating voter fraud, which it has done in spades — which is why it was one of the very first laws the Democrats passed once the Reagan-Bush era had ended.

Now all Obama had to do is grant “DACA” amnesty for 1.2 million illegal alien “youths” and those youth can get licenses in places like North Carolina — PLUS register to vote, which at least 10,000 have already done. Without a photo Voter ID law, NOTHING can stop them from voting. This is your nation on Democrats. Don’t like it? Then FLIP THE SENATE next Tuesday.

If you see or hear of any voting fraud or irregularities, please send them to us at:

  • Jeanne Doyle

    They have NO RIGHT TO VOTE! They are not American citizens!!! This is why we need VOTER ID!!!!!!!

    • Susan C. Mocker

      I agree 100%! They also have no right to have a U.S. drivers license!

      • QUEENjbarnes

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      • BethRFinch

        You can get a US driver’s license and not be a citizen. How do you think people on workers’ visas get to drive around? Having a driver’s license is not limited only to American citizens. LOL

        • Tom T.

          People with workers visas use their DL from their country of origin. You can’t possibly be that stupid not to know that…..oh wait obviously you ARE that stupid.

          • BethRFinch

            Sigh. Another “gentleman” with no manners. What’s with all the name-calling? Don’t any of you know how to have a discussion without the playground-level insults?? Apparently not.

            You can still get a US driver’s license. Or you can get an international driver’s license. The reason is that your license from your country of origin is in your native language, and police may not be able to read it.

            Here’s the evidence.

          • BethRFinch

            Note that laws are specific to states because their own DMV offices are operated by the state government. Look up the rules for each state, and you’ll see what the particulars are for that state. In any event, “illegal immigrants” do not possess the necessary paperwork to qualify for any state’s driver’s licenses. That is, they must possess proper immigration papers, a proper visa, etc. The rules are so tight that, even though I’m a notary, I am not permitted to notarize these types of documents unless I am specially trained to recognize legitimate paperwork. Any notary who breaks those rules is liable to a hefty fine and imprisonment. Very few of us are willing to risk that, especially after having already gone through a rigorous background check and Lifescan of our hand and fingerprints.

          • wolfmunjack

            Wow you’re naivety is astounding…in Colorado you can get a matricula card so you can get a drivers license if you’re illegal and even be hired for teaching jobs for other illegals….

          • BethRFinch

            I’m naive? First, I said that each state has different laws for DMV qualification. Second, your referenced article does not mention anything about driver’s licenses — only about teaching certificates. Third, your referenced article does not say that undocumented workers are now eligible to vote. Fourth, it does not say that undocumented workers are being registered as voters. So please tell me what part of that article proves that I’m naive. While you’re scrambling for an answer, I’ll go make myself a sandwich.

          • John La Frieda

            LOL! I like that reply…. Made for good reading. I hope you made a LONG sandwich, cause it looks like he ain’t never coming back to THIS posting!

        • Rick Phillips

          It should be! At least a drivers license that states their status.

    • Vin B

      The problem is, and they showed it a number of times, she has ID. Really she has all the necessary paperwork. Clinton signed the stupid law that makes it so easy for illegals to vote.

      • BethRFinch

        No he didn’t. Where?? Show me where… except in this story.

        • Jacob

          Go to and look up past senate bills and see who voted for what bill. There is your location for the information you want. If you don’t look it up yourself, you don’t deserve to post anything on the subject. This was signed into law during Clinton with a democratic led house. Deal with the facts.

          • BethRFinch

            So, give us a clue. Which bill was it? We can’t thumb through everything on the site.

          • Jacob

            If you have time to argue, you have time to look it up. It’s more about taking the time to learn things for yourself instead of being fed your opinions. Me telling you to research the details for yourself in hopes you will learn to make up your own mind instead being given your opinion.

          • BethRFinch

            No, you’re wrong. If you tell me to look for something, then it’s up to you to tell me exactly what I am looking for — such as the name or number of the bill or the date when it was passed. If I tell you to find me a widget, I have to be fair by telling you what that widget looks like. Otherwise I’d be sending you to perform an impossible task. You cannot tell me to look up something without telling me what the bill is called or what it’s about or what the number is. That leaves me thinking that you don’t even know what it is, either.

          • SlimWich

            For shits sake. In the time it took you to complain thru three comments you could have typed ‘Motor Voter’ into a google search and had your flippin’ answer. Does your mother still wipe your ass?

          • BethRFinch

            No, she doesn’t. She’s in her 90s. But she did teach me better manners than you learned. I won’t diss your mother for that. Maybe you never paid attention…

            BTW, thank you for providing the information on which bill to look up. I appreciate it.

          • BethRFinch

            OK, I looked it up: “The law expanded voting rights by requiring state governments to offer voter registration opportunities to any eligible person who applies for or renews a
            driver’s license or public assistance, requiring states to register
            applicants that use a federal voter registration form to apply, and
            prohibiting states from removing registered voters from the voter rolls
            unless certain criteria are met.”

            Now tell me where you have a problem with people registering to vote when they apply for or renew a driver’s license. How is it different from registering to vote on the street? Or in a political party office? Or at the county building? Or anywhere else? Isn’t it beneficial to have people register to vote, whether they are liberal, conservative, or moderate? Don’t you want more citizens to participate?

          • Independent

            It is beneficial to have more Legal citizens vote, not illegal ones !!!

          • BethRFinch

            How is signing up at the DMV getting more illegals to vote??? They could just as easily sign up anywhere else.

          • Nannette McGowan

            Because those getting drivers licenses ARE NOT required to show any proof of citizenship, therefore are being allowed to registere to vote.

            Learn to look things up for yourself. How long have you been commenting on threads. Others making comments aren’t required to supply you with information you should be getting for yourself. You complain about others while you have slammed this thread with and excessive number of useless and mundane posts. I’m guessing you’re just a liberal troll.

          • BethRFinch

            Liberal troll. Yup. Anyone who doesn’t follow the stated politics of this site must be a liberal and a troll. Sorry, but I’m just someone who learned how to think critically.

            By the way, I already looked it up and posted my response. Or didn’t you bother to read it? And when someone tells me to “look it up,” I expect them to tell me what they’re asking me to look up. That way, I’m looking at the same information they’re citing. Bahahahaha!

          • Rick Phillips

            Wow Beth! I am sorry but you are as DENSE AS A BRICK!!!

          • BethRFinch

            Why, thank you for the kind thoughts. You sound like a real sweetie pie, Rick.

          • Nannette McGowan

            It was called the Motor Voter Act. Since you aren’t smart enough to figure out how to use Google or your search engine by yourself, Beth, I’ll give you some help.


          • BethRFinch

            Already looked it up and already commented. But you weren’t smart enough to go through the thread and see that. Or do you want me to give you some help??

            BTW, Nannette…. Go look up the news story about how the study cited here has been roundly criticized by legitimate researchers.

          • Guest

            Hey, Nannette…. Go look up the news story about how the study cited here has been roundly criticized by legitimate researchers.

          • Tyrsig
      • Tom T

        Yes, and if you pull up the ceremony when he signed it, both Cloward and Piven were at the ceremony and got one of the signing pens.

  • flowflow

    the people committing this needs some jail time…maybe a while in the slammer will help them get their prioties right.. IS IT WORTH IT……

  • IRightULeft

    And how many times does this go on every day in every state? What a joke this country has become.

    • Betty Weaver Woods

      I wish we had a real Supreme Court who could be trusted to straighten out these laws and not be biased. We have so many laws that are confusing and are not in line with our constitution and need to be defined!!

  • muffy_nutbuster

    not a smidgen of voter fraud anywhere … ugh

  • mtin

    So does anyone seem to think that giving illegals drivers licenses is the problem? If you don’t get a drivers license, then you can’t register to vote.

    • KountryBoy

      Why do you think that so many democrat controlled states rush out and make it legal for illegals to get their license. States like Nevada accept illegals into their mix just so that they will go and vote illegal and keep the democrats in office!!!

    • sixholdens

      Foreign visitors need the ability to drive legally in the US and all states have provisions for them to qualify to get a drivers license OR to use their own from whatever country they are from. Even illegals can get one BUT and this is a big BUT. There are provisions in the law that governs registering to vote at the DMV while getting a DL. Number one is that when they register, they are swearing that they are a US citizen. If they aren’t they just broke the law and should be jailed. Additionally the voter registrars office is required to verify all those who register BEFORE their name is added to the voter roll. IF they are not on the rolls, they aren’t supposed to be allowed to vote no matter how many ID’s they provide.

      Basically the laws pretty much make using a DL as the ID at the polls a stupid idea from the start. Unfortunately all those who cried and moaned for voter ID laws didn’t realize that they were setting us all up for massive fraud, something they were trying to prevent but didn’t bother to research and find out they were attacking the wrong part of the voting process.

      You got what you begged for so live with it.

      • mtin

        Actually no they don’t need the ability to drive here, so there doesn’t need to be provisions for them to have that ability. And the problem is, when they are given the license, they also register to vote. So if you remove the drivers license, you remove the accidental voter reregistration. And lets be clear on this, no one is saying they want a Drivers license used to vote, they want a government voter ID. There’s a big difference between the two. And no I didn’t get what I begged for. If I had, there would be no illegals in the US.

      • BethRFinch

        You have to show a certified copy of a birth certificate or your US passport to obtain a driver’s license. And if you’re registering to vote at the same time, then that birth certificate or passport is valid ID for registering. For all these campaign workers know, these people are legally registered. They ask, “Are you registered? If you are registered, then you can vote.” Most campaign workers are ordinary people like you and me. Many of them have no idea what the law is. If someone is registered, they will assume that they are able to vote. Let’s see them test out some Republican campaign workers and see what happens. I’m betting that the same thing would be going on… likely because the campaign workers don’t know any better.

        • Independent

          Please explain why of the hundreds of people charged and many found guilty so far, happen to be 95% democrats !!

          • BethRFinch

            Really? Please cite your reference. I’d like to see where your numbers are coming from. One of my friends is a federal prosecutor, and in his 35 years, he’s never seen a case of voter fraud come up. If you have proof, please show it.

        • mtin

          Please explain why if you have to show a “certified copy of a birth certificate or your US passport to obtain a driver’s license” to get a drivers license, then why is is that so many illegals with their drivers license are able to register to vote. 90% have no passport, and I bet if you ask them if they have a certified birth certificate, they would tell you no. So that being the case, please tell us all how so many can register to vote. Nah, getting a drivers license isn’t the problem, but it helps with illegals voting.

          • BethRFinch
          • mtin

            Yeah, I’m not going to do your assigned homework. If you want to tell me something, how about you use your words and let me know.

          • BethRFinch

            OK, I get it… you don’t know how to click a link. So let me make it simpler. You’re saying that asking for a picture ID won’t really do anything to stem this so-called massive tide of foreigners who are voting. Right? I mean, if they can get ID so easily, then what’s the point of showing an ID at the polls? Is that what you’re trying to say?

          • mtin

            You should know that I’m not as stupid as you are Beth, I know how to click a link. I’m just wondering if you know how to do something other than linking to a story. Just where are you getting me saying that illegals shouldn’t be getting drivers licenses equates to not showing a ID at polling places? Wait never mind. Actually, what I’m saying is that when illegals sign up for drivers licenses, they also “accidentally” get registered to vote. And the reason that is is because in order to work at the DMV, you have to be mentally deficient enough to not care about doing your job correctly. So, and you might want to take notes, if you remove the drivers licenses, you remove the “accidental” voter registration. Every person, and I can’t believe I even have to say this, every person should be forced to show a ID every time they vote. And if you can’t afford one, put down the weed, or you’re just to lazy that you refuse to go out and pick one up. Then it’s probably in the best interests of the rest of the American citizens that you not vote.

          • BethRFinch

            Oh dear. You’re making my head spin with your lack of logic. Why is it easier for undocumented workers to register to vote at the DMV than it would be for them to register on the street or at the county building or anywhere else? And if even an illegal alien can get a driver’s license (by your own admission), what purpose would it serve to show it when you go to vote? How would that eliminate the imagined flood of non-citizens who would (according to this dumb research) attempt to vote?

            In fact, if you’d read the story I provided, you’d see that the guy who did the research has pulled back on the legitimacy. He even admitted that the number of non-citizens who vote is exceedingly small and that it would be unlikely to tip the Senate race, and certainly not the House race. He also admitted problems with his research methods.

          • mtin

            Beth are a complete idiot or are you just playing stupid. I need you to quote where I said anything about showing a drivers license when you vote. Please show where I mentioned that right there. Actually, most register to vote when they get their drivers license. Watch, I know what your going to say. Not every illegal signs up to vote when the get their drivers license, that’s true. But the majority do. And no, I’m not going to show you the numbers, go out and find then yourself like I had to.

            Beth, are you ok with non US citizens voting, you seem to be with the fact that you want to point out that number is so exceedingly small that it wouldn’t tip the senate race. What’s your magic number before you say that’s too many. For me it’s just 1 that is voting.

          • BethRFinch

            Thanks for the kind words, mtin, (I’ve noticed that people on this site like to call each other stupid, idiot, etc. Can’t any of you carry on an intelligent conversation without the childish language?? Apparently not.)

            No, I do not approve of non-citizens voting. Some municipalities allow it for local issues only, but no state or federal election permits it. I do not like amnesty programs. I do not like when businesses or individuals hire undocumented workers. (But we all know people who look the other way because these workers charge less. Do we report them? Nope.)

            That still does not change the fact that it’s a miniscule number who do manage to register. Personally, I prefer to set my priorities on issues that have a bigger impact — ISIS threats, childhood poverty, disabled vets who don’t know how to get through the VA system, etc. But if you really want to worry about one non-citizen who might vote, then that’s your priority. Go out and find that person and file a complaint instead of sitting at your computer ranting about it.

            (BTW, it would be nice if you answered my questions instead of continually adding another red herring or two.)

          • mtin

            You want an answer from me, but I’ve given you answers and you refuse to accept them. You say you like to set your priorities on issues that have a bigger impact. So you think letting a few foreign nationals vote in our elections is a small issue. You say you aren’t OK with non citizens voting, but it sounds like your OK with a few Mexican citizens voting, sounds like to me you don’t see this as being any bit of a problem at all. Just maybe you wouldn’t have any issue with members of ISIS voting for who they would like to see as the next president. And it doesn’t matter if its a miniscule number of illegals that register to vote. Fun fact. It’s illegal for a non US citizen to register or to actually vote in a US elections. It doesn’t matter if it’s local, state, or federal.

            I’m not going to answer your question because I have already answered your questions. I’m still waiting for you to show me a quote of me saying anything about showing a valid ID at a polling place. After all you keep saying that I’ve said something along those lines.

          • BethRFinch

            As Ronald Reagan liked to say, “There you go again…” Where did I say that it was OK for a few foreign nationals to vote in our elections? Where did I say I was OK with a few Mexican citizens voting? Where did I say that I would be OK having ISIS vote?

            And you’re wrong that non-citizens cannot vote in local elections. Several municipalities allow it, including some in Illinois, Maryland, Maine, etc.

          • mtin

            You didn’t say it directly, but from this “Personally, I prefer to set my priorities on issues that have a bigger impact”, you must be OK with it. I mean its apparently not even an issue that you worry about. And you know the saying, if you aren’t bothered by it, then it really doesn’t mean anything to you. If you can’t be bothered by the fact that non citizens vote, then you wouldn’t be bothered by both Mexicans and ISIS voting. I mean if it’s not one of your priorities.

            And I wouldn’t bring up Reagan, he did what Obama plans on doing. Giving amnesty to every illegal in the US. Over 3.5 million for Reagan vs 18-25+ million for Obama. And then there is selling weapons to the contras,and letting North take the fall. It’s like Obama selling weapons to the mexican drug cartels by the way of Fast and Furious. Then sealing the records so that no one can find out just how dirty a deal it really was. Yup Reagan was quite a president wasn’t he, almost as bad as Obama is.

            And I will admit you are right, some places allow non citizens to vote. But not in federal elections. Still it doesn’t make my point wrong. It starts with local elections, then moves to federal elections.

          • BethRFinch

            No, that doesn’t mean I’m OK with it. It simply means that the problem is so small that I’d rather spend my energy working on things that have a greater effect on the American quality of life. In other words, I’m not into rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. But if that’s what you want to do, and if the miniscule problem of non-citizens voting is what lights your fire, then you’re free to follow that star. Make a plan for how you want to fix the issue, and then go out and do it. Just think of how accomplished you’ll feel!

          • mtin

            Voting in a US election by foreign nationals is such a small problem that you don’t care to address it. Wow, good to know that you care just enough to say you don’t think it’s even an issue worth worrying about. Beth, whats the number that’s needed to make you care about non citizens voting? I would like to see at what point this becomes an issue for you. Since you brought it up, you know the thing about the Titanic, having not enough lifeboats wasn’t an issue at the time. They didn’t care, they weren’t worried about that fact. And we can all see how that miniscule issue turned out.

          • BethRFinch

            Maybe I’m just a big-picture person. Maybe I’m much better at math than you are. Maybe I don’t force my priorities on other people like you do. Maybe my logic is more mature because of being on this Earth for so many decades. Pick one. Like I said, if you are so concerned about it, what actually have you done to address the issue? I mean, really. What concrete steps have you taken besides posting your complaints online?

          • mtin

            Know what happens when you only think of the “big” picture, all the little things you refuse to take serious, well they build until they become so big that you can’t deal with them. I’m sure that when Hitler was just starting out on his road to world domination. The people that were in charge in Germany at the time, well I bet they saw Hitler as a small issue. I bet they thought he was nothing to take seriously. I know for a fact that when Clinton was offered Bin Laden back when he was president, he thought he wasn’t anything to be worried about. It’s the little things you claim not to worry about that are the real issues you need to be worried about.

            Oh and I’m not forcing my priorities onto you. I’m just suggesting that maybe you shouldn’t discount the issues you feel are unimportant.

            I can ask you the same thing. What have you done to stop the ISIS threats. I mean you say you are focusing on that issue. Well at least you’ve claimed that ISIS is something you focus on. What have you done to stop them “besides posting your complaints online”.

  • Richard Kilgore

    Dumocrats will allow anyone dead or alive to vote

  • kakren


    • Susanm621


      • Panors77

        I smell bananas………..feels now like I’m in Venezuela.

  • John McMickle

    They need to round up every campaign worker in the video and put them in prison.

  • John McMickle

    Well if Obama says there is no voter fraud then that proves that voter fraud is a problem. Everyone knows he can not tell the truth.

    • proudvet

      Your an imbecilic LIAR!

      • John McMickle

        So you think Obama ever tell the truth? Voter fraud does happen. the only question is how much. At least with Voter ID we would have proof it happened and could prosecute the poll workers if a dead person voted or some unauthorized person voted.

      • ArmedAmerican

        And you’re a worthless pos

      • Panors77

        You’re a communist obamabot and an enemy of the Constitution.

        • BethRFinch

          I’m always amazed by people who claim to be big supporters of the Constitution, but they still don’t know what it says. All they know are the First, Second, and Fifth Amendments. And even at that, they have no idea what the contents are. Doesn’t that make you laugh, too?

      • nails159


  • libhater

    Thank God we have Eric Holder. I’m sure he’s sending some guys down there right now to investigate this, and prosecute anyone committing voter fraud.

    • nkj767

      Tee hee

    • nails159



      libhater, Sarcasm is lost on Liberals.

  • tracymae

    Rules and laws do not apply to “Democrats” what is the matter with you people?

  • kidcat24

    Big deal, you’re just talking to people who didn’t know you need a birth certificate. Now quit BSing that you have a license or a voter card.

  • ArmedAmerican

    In defense of Democrat cheats….they couldnt win elections without fraud.

    • Dale Burris

      You got that right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • proudvet

      Hey punk got the lies down to a fine art, don’t you wuss. Idiot!

      • ArmedAmerican

        Wimp cheating liar liberal filth.
        We see the video proof moron

      • Panors77

        The video proof up a above “comrade”, plus you’ve never heard of Melowese Richardson of Ohio have you? Move to Cuba if you like socialism so much.

        • BethRFinch

          The video is one-sided… biased as hell. If they tried the same thing on Republican campaign workers, they’d find the same thing. Know why? Because the people were saying, “I’m registered to vote.” As far as the typical campaign worker knows, people who are registered can vote. Now, the real problem would come when they go to the polls. Would they be able to vote if they were not properly registered?? No, they wouldn’t. Having a campaign worker say it’s OK, and having the polling place say it’s OK are two completely different things.

          • Jacob

            Are you too stupid to see they used democratic and his republican opponent in this video? Obviously you were too stupid to watch the whole thing. Good job on keeping yourself ignorant.

          • BethRFinch

            Jacob, I didn’t insult you. Why do you feel it necessary to insult me? Can’t people have a reasonable discussion without name calling? This isn’t a grade-school playground.

          • Jacob

            As for why I insult you… it is because your false information spreads worse then any disease. It spreads more ignorance. You claim to be a scientific researcher but yet you seem to forget that when you research you have to look at all sides. You are viewing one side, with partial information due to not watching the entire video that put down not only the democratic candidate but his republic opponent. Sorry if you find that offensive, but it gets really old having to deal with ignorant masses getting their information from half informed, unresearched sources. Ignorance is something no one can take away from you but yourself. If it really mattered to you, you would research or look at the entire story. But instead you’d rather give an unsupported opinion. I will apologize for calling you stupid, but I hold true to calling you ignorant, because that is what having a lack of information due to your choices would be considered.
            So to express my first point, the only thing that was biased was your opinion. Not this video. The democrats get the brunt of this because they are the ones pushing for the illegal votes, they are the ones that are having voter booths rigged to gain their votes, they are the ones trying to gain even more control of the senate. Sorry if they made themselves so hated by those that actually look information up for themselves instead of being fed what to believe.

          • BethRFinch

            Bzzzzt. Wong. I am only pointing out that there is only one side to this so-called research. If I point out the falsehood of the research, it does not mean I am biased. It means that I expect the research to be based on evidence and to be unbiased and to draw logical conclusions. This video meets none of those criteria. And if you’re calling me ignorant, then I will wear that badge proudly. By the way, I still refuse to insult you because that’s not the level on which I operate. Whether or not you operate that way is entirely up to you.

      • nails159

        * ,punk,
        * art;
        * you,
        * wuss?

        Hey, “proudvet,” your stupid little rants make you sound like an all-out retard. NEVER go full retard.

    • BethRFinch

      This makes really interesting reading, if you want to know more about the poll:

  • John Fucci

    The problem here is that this person is registered to vote. And that was pretty much the question every one of the people asked. And since she said yes, she was registered to vote, there is actually nothing that the campaign workers could do about it. I have worked a few election sites, and if a person shows up to the polling site, and it is the correct polling site for them, and they are on the registered list, or if they are not on the registered list but present a valid voter registration card, then we must allow them to vote. We are not allowed to check the validity of their status. If they are on the list or have a valid registration card, then they are allowed to vote. The campaign workers have really done nothing wrong, as they are most likely given the same instructions – if a person is registered to vote, then they can vote. What should be investigated is how this person got to register to vote in the first place. The voter registration people are supposed to validate and document the person’s eligibility to vote. Not the campaign worker. Not the polling site worker. This is where Veritas Action should be looking.

    • G-TownHacker

      John, you need to watch the video again and comprehend what transpired. Did you not see the law that was flashed up on the screen? Did you not hear the lady explain when asked, how she got her voter registration card? She told each campaign worker that she was illegal. Regardless if she is registered or not or how she got registered doesn’t preclude the fact that they knowingly encouraged an illegal to vote. That is unlawful.

      • John Fucci

        I fully comprehend what transpired. And the problem is that she DID get a voter registration card. Doesn’t really matter how she got it. The fact is that she does have one, and if she shows up at the correct polling site, it would be unlawful for them to prevent her from voting. And encouraging an illegal to vote is kind of stretching what happened. Most of the responses were Oh, you’re registered? Then yes you can vote.

        I’m not saying there isn’t a problem, I’m just saying that they are looking in the wrong area to correct it.

        • delores001

          The problem is they get these registration cards illegally. This government has no right issuing them to illegals coming into this country. They get the works and all they have to do is vote democrat. This is the scam Obama has been pushing, he does not deport these invaders and never will….

        • KountryBoy

          But the law also says that if they allow a illegal to knowingly vote it is breaking the law. Even after they asked if they were registered, the next comment was that she is illegally here… That should have been the key right there. Now what i would like to have seen in this video also is them try and talk to some republicans as well… See if they would stand up and make it a point. I sure wish that we would get our country back. Voter fraud is just the tip of the ice burg here…

          • sixholdens

            Five years, Fine of $5,000 for allowing this person to vote. Once she said she was illegally in the country, which means she is not a citizen, her access to voting machines should have been barred/denied.

            I bet the Republicans would have brought her a cold drink and a doughnut AFTER they let her vote.

          • Panors77

            No…..Republicans would have denied her to vote per the law.

          • Jacob

            So the republicans are just being nice and allowing 4 states voter booths to change the republicans vote to democratic? You aren’t too versed with what is going on, are you? Or that it is the republicans allowing illegals to take advantage of American citizens benefits? Don’t even get me started on your ignorance. You would be so easy to burn with your lack of research.

        • ArmedAmerican

          Not very bright are you son ? If it is ILLEGAL to encourage or instruct someone who isn’t lawfully allowed to vote then REGARDLESS of the supposed registration it remains ILLEGAL.
          A person working at the polls should know the LAWconcerning voting

        • BethRFinch

          John, you are completely right, no matter what these people say. Most campaign workers are volunteers who are just ordinary people with little knowledge of the law. If someone says, “I’m registered to vote,” most campaign workers would think, “Well, if they’re registered, then they can vote.” Telling someone they can vote and actually having them vote are two different things. When you get a driver’s license, you must present a certified copy of your birth certificate or a copy of your US passport. If you are a foreigner here, you may get the license, but you may not be registered to vote. So this “test” in the video is completely invalid. My bet is that if they tested Republican campaign workers, they’d find the exact same result. Research is not valid unless you test both sides. These guys need a lesson in how to prove their cases. Nowhere in here did they show that the illegal workers actually voted. Nowhere!

    • ArmedAmerican

      Wrong…the law is the law

    • sixholdens

      Don’t know where you live but in Arkansas if they show up with a registration card they don’t get to vote until we DO verify it. They have to know their information (name, address, birth date) and be at the right polling place AND be on the list before they get to vote. If anything is questionable, we make a phone call to the registrars office and have it verified.

      I think this is where other states are screwing up. They don’t require verification if they have an ID ANYONE can get.

      • BethRFinch

        No, you must show an ID to register to vote. And you can’t register to vote unless you can prove your citizenship. Showing an ID at the polling place means nothing except to verify who you are. The point where it really counts is when you register. And to do that, you need proof of citizenship.

    • Panors77
  • SLG

    I’n confused, how did they get “registered” to vote if they are illegal?

    • SLG

      In Colorado, when they handed out photo IDs to illegals, they have a black strip on them that says the person can not vote.

      • KountryBoy

        North Carolina has admitted that these people were issued Drivers licenses and were added on to the voter list illegally. They are in the process of trying to get this straightened out, but hard to say if it will be in time or not. The voter registration is aware of it, And hopefully will follow up with it. But this is just one state. So many other states do not even have ID laws to find out if its a problem!

        • BethRFinch

          If it’s true that North Carolina did it illegally, then they have to clean up their own mess. This does not mean that Democrats are causing fraud. It means that North Carolina (a Republican state) had a glitch in its system that has to be fixed.

    • Panors77

      ACORN tactics.

  • Bote

    these people – the campaign workers and their constituents – don’t have any ethics !

    they would do anything!

  • Jesse

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Voter ID will do NOTHING! Fake IDs are easier than crap to come by. Unless you want to violate some major privacy laws, you can’t verify anyone’s identity. The only 100% sure way to prevent voter fraud is embedding voter chips in everyone’s arms.

  • formercanuck

    This is why drivers licenses shouldn’t be used as ID for elections.
    Anyone that comes over the border, whether its ‘DACA’, or ‘worker VISA’ can get a drivers license. If/when they’re filling out the drivers license card they happen to check to ‘vote’, they’re recieving a voter registration card, and drivers license.

    A voter ID card should be created JUST for the purpose of elections, and there must be some form of validation of these ids besides a drivers license check box.

    • delores001

      I have a voter ID card and have had it for my entire adult life.

  • Richard Closser

    All the states that OBUMMER did not win, had voter ID required..

    • BethRFinch

      Really? When?

  • PatriotOne

    I hope you are reporting these crooks to the authorities so they can be prosecuted for this.

  • Ritzcraka

    And this, is precisely why they want to take our guns. They (democrats) have stolen the integrity of this and all other elections.

    • proudvet

      You need a gun wuss? Get back under your mama’s skirt weakling.

      • Ritzcraka

        You must be an OWS vet.

      • Guest


      • BethRFinch

        They always need guns. It’s compensation…

  • Jim McCartney

    When will these people be arrested??????

  • Susan C. Mocker

    A while ago when I heard on the news that the gov. is going to start
    giving people living here illegally licenses so they can drive to a job.
    I said “what job are they going to get, when it’s illegal for any
    employer to hire anyone in the U.S. that’s here as an illegal
    immigrant?” I knew they had a hidden agenda!

    • BethRFinch

      Yeah, right. If you can find that bit of news anywhere on the Internet, and if you can post the link here, then I’ll give you my next paycheck.

  • Mike Santino

    The only way those dem bastards can win an election, ask Al Franken

  • Dot Dot

    Stupid story with no basis in fact. In order to get a driver’s license or a state ID, you need to have a social security number. Undocumented people cannot get social security numbers. And in order to apply to vote you need to enter either your state ID number or social security number. Do your research, people, before you start believing in fear.

    • Susan C. Mocker

      It’s not that hard for someone to have 2 SS #’s all someone has to do is steal someone’s
      I. D., I once worked at a job with someone who was from Liberia (I don’t know if he was here legally or not, he worked in Mass. and lived in R.I., he got caught after a year. He got hurt at work and was collecting workman’s comp. from mass and was collecting unemployment under a different name and SS # in R.I. at the same time.

      • BethRFinch

        All someone has to do is steal your ID? How would they do that? Maybe the guy from Liberia looked enough like you to steal your ID. Is that what you’re trying to say?

  • PaulArnold

    URGENT ACTION NEEDED ! Please follow instructions below !
    Go to Kay Hagan’s FB campaign page, post the link to this vid, along with your comments.
    Watch the video here:

    Find Kay’s campaign page here:
    Join our group and ‪#‎MakeThemListen‬ :

  • Janettamc

    Are we going to give this election away again…this has to stop!! If your not a citizen it is illegal to vote in our elections!!

  • DanaLanders

    smh…Pathetic to know that the liberal media will say nothing about this travesty.

    • BethRFinch

      Because it’s so obviously biased and full of holes… Sucker!

  • Steve Cornelius

    They stole the last two elections. This one they will have to pay for in spades!

  • John La Frieda

    “P.S. I noticed in the comments people asking “If they are illegal aliens, how on Earth did they register to vote?” The answer was one of the most nefarious laws signed by President Bill Clinton during his two years with a Democrat majority in the Congress: the Motor Voter Law of 1993. This law allowed people to register to vote at the same time they got their drives licenses, so long as they ATTEST that they are citizens. No proof of citizenship is required, insanely. And that was exactly the point: the law was designed for facilitating voter fraud, which it has done in spades — which is why it was one of the very first laws the Democrats passed once the Reagan-Bush era had ended.” communists…. the NEW democrats. bill clinton should have been run out of office within the first 6 months of his political carrier. How is it, that democrats get into office to begin with? They are the scourge of this country. THEY are the reasons, that the bleeding heart liberals got their way when it came to keeping people with AIDS/HIV from being quarantined, and NOW they are doing it with Ebola! Talk about needing to “Cut out the infection before it spreads”!

    • BethRFinch

      Oh no!!! You’re telling us that if you register at the DMV, it will be easier for you to commit fraud than if you register at a booth on the street or maybe at the county building? I mean, I can just see non-citizens flocking to the DMV as an easy target for voter fraud. In fact, they’re standing in a long line every day, just itching to register and cancel out your vote! Go down there now! File a protest! Bring the cops with you! Now that you know where they gather, you can stop the fraud this very day!

  • Panors77

    Even LEGAL green card carrying resident aliens like my British wife can NOT vote!! Let alone illegals.

  • Ed

    They’re all corrupt, We’re screwed. The only way to solve the problems is to deem public unions a conflict of interest and put the public in charge of oversight.

  • Harleyrose

    Only the white guy at the end will be prosecuted for facilitating voter fraud…you KNOW that!

  • harriet

    My country doesn’t make sense anymore!

  • Food Stamp President Baraq

    now, one could get the impression that democrats endorse and encourage voter fraud……but they say it doesn’t exist…….perplexing

  • JustTheFactsMa’am

    Annddd, when is O’Keefe going to look at Republicans doing this? Oh, that’s right, that would be never.

  • BethRFinch

    Um… she said she was registered to vote. He said it was OK for her to vote if she is registered. For all they know, she really is registered. I’ll bet my entire month’s salary that if they tested the Republican campaign workers, they also would give the same answer. Most campaign workers have no idea what the law is. If they hear that she’s registered, they likely assume that the state or county registered her properly. How come they didn’t test the Republican workers?? I mean, they should have done that if they really wanted to be fair.

    • John Urban

      Nonsense. She clearly told them she was NOT legal. They clearly knew what she was saying and realized that she was home free without a voter ID law — and told her so.

      • BethRFinch

        OK, here’s a question. If this is legitimate research, then they should tell us how many people they approached, how many were Republican volunteers, how many were Democratic volunteers, and how the numbers compared. But what we see are only the Democratic volunteers, and only the volunteers who thought that if a person was registered, then they could vote. Did they edit anything out? Maybe they did and maybe they didn’t. But they don’t say. Did they approach Republicans? How many of them thought the illegal person could vote, and how many thought they couldn’t? How many Democrats did they approach, and how many gave one answer or the other? That’s what valid research is about…. It isn’t about coming up with a conclusion and going out to prove it by false methodology. It’s not rocket science. It’s what you learn in high school.

  • Richard A. Fletcher

    I would like to have Atty. Gen. Eric Holder’s balls in a vice grip right now, for his idiocy in saying that fraud doesn’t exists in voting!

  • Paul Phillips

    The laws should be clear! I’d like to make it 5 to 10 in federal prison. Illegals will be deported after.

  • tom

    Those people need to be arrested! Turn their names into the police.

  • BethRFinch

    This makes really interesting reading if you want to know more about the poll.

  • Κράτος

    I think we should just euthanize Illegal immigrants and their children.

  • John Foley

    Duh!! why do you think asshole Obama is breaking the law to let 15 million illegals vote…the stupidest people on the planet!…soon you will see why the communists and homos have destroyed what used to be the best place on Earth…

  • Joe Boss

    They have no right to even be inside the USA.

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  • Inez Jordan


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